Vivi Vhal

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 Vivi Vahl
"Nymeia has plans for us both."
Gender Female
Race Viera
Clan Veena
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Server Balmung
Age 36
Guardian Nymeia, The Spinner
Namesday 15th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Artist (Art provided by the talented Allu. Check out his Twitter~!)


♦ General

  While her generally quiet and distant behavior makes her seem aloof and odd, Vivi has her reasons. Having horror-filled visions tends to make one distance themselves. Rarely are these nightmares of any danger to her, though. In fact, they're just that: nightmares, dreams, visions of things to come, and while not all such visions are unpleasant, most tend to be. She makes an effort to keep her visions a secret; only a select few outside of her now-distant family know of her gift, and she prefers to keep it that way. Even still, Vivi has seen fate change through the sheer willpower, or luck, of others before. That, and her unquenching thirst to learn more about Nymeia, her gift, and the nature of fate itself drive her to seek out the places her visions show. This face-first, consequences later attitude tends to get her into trouble more often than not, but it hasn't killed her yet.

♦ Appearance

Vivi's usual attire.

  Adorned in strong blues, striking reds, and soft yellows, it's not hard to pick Vivi out of a crowd. It also helps that she's Viera, and despite being on the shorter end of her kind, she's still about as tall as an average Hyur male. Many of the traditionally rabbit-like features her kind are known for are on display, most strikingly in the all-too obvious ears on her head and the shape of her face. An uninformed Hyur may find it surprising to hear that Vivi is almost 40, given her kind's lifelong, youthful appearance. An intricate bow often rests on her back, along with a quiver filled with arrows. 

♦ Behaviour

  Vivi's intense infatuation with her fate and those around it comes with the downside of lacking any interest in things outside of it. Towards most, she's quiet at best and unpleasantly cold at worst, uninterested in many joys or pleasures the world may have to offer. For this reason, she usually tries to stay in quiet, secluded locations, spending far more of her time with books, practice, and prayer than with others. Indeed, towards an average stranger, Vivi comes across as something of an awkward recluse, uninterested in companionship and eager to escape most conversations she finds herself in. Of course, there is one scenario in which her true nature shines...
  Many nights, Vivi dreams of people, or creatures, far away from herself, maybe even far away in time. On those rare occasions that visions with recognizable languages, faces, or locations are granted to her, however, her entire demeanor changes. The usually aloof and quiet Viera becomes a bit more of a focused and outspoken one, hot on the trail of discovery. Those whom she meets along the way, especially those she's dreamed of, she follows with a fascinated fervor, eager to learn who they are and witness their fates unfold. It can prove trying for people to have a curious Viera stalking them, especially when said Viera refuses to explain why she knows their name, or things that nobody else even should know. Though, she comes across as harmless otherwise, which is likely how she's survived this long.



Books, art, and education


The color blue
Most animals
Freezing temperatures


Excellent planner
Sees the best in people


Favourite Food/Drink: Something with a copious amount of spice on it.
Favourite Place: Somewhere quiet and away from it all.


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Alignment: Neutral Good

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