Waggi of the Sanga

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Biographical Information
Birth Name Waggi of the Sanga
Guardian None
Birthplace Rabanastre, Greater Dalmasca, Dalmasca
Born 1500
Nameday 13th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Race Bangaa
Clan Sanga
Physical Attributes
Hair None
Eyes Yellow
Height 6'8"
Weight 245 ponze
Career Information
Occupation White Monk, bodyguard, bartender
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone GMT-5
Server Balmung
Profession Pugilist
Job Monk


At the cusp of the century, a Bangaa hatched from an egg. This was a relatively rare occurence, especially following the events of the Bangaa nation's annexation by the Kingdom of Dalmasca. Nonetheless, a Sanga clan couple found there to be suitable conditions for their offspring under the prosperous reign of the B'nargin dynasty. The capital of Rabanastre was more tolerant of their lifestyle than that of other clans, being laid-back and well-integrated into the society. In fact, they had found much use for them. Many Bangaa were employed as security and masonworkers for their powerful physiques, as well as their unyielding patience. Such this newly-hatched Bangaa, Waggi, was raised, honing their skills in close-handed combat.

During this era Waggi lived that many Bangaa were chosen to work as retainers to the royal family for generations to come. At the age of twenty and five, Waggi was specifically selected to be among the guards tasked with protecting the delicate courtesans of the Desert Sapphire's palace. Waggi would consider these their golden years, earning respect for the next twenty cycles as both a dedicated warrior and a source of guidance. Waggi was a nadlee, an androgynous third gender of the Bangaa race. They were revered for their understanding of the balance of male and female, often being assigned as tutors regardless of their clan. Albeit, unlike most nadlee, Waggi was immersed in the rich cultures of other races at the capital city, their teachings finding purchase in the minds of the courtesans they'd protected. They'd even taken a side job as an artist, coloring elaborate tattoos and providing piercings for a variety of wealthy upper-class clients. The codes of self-expression were not strict for the Bangaa, even when working as fusiliers in the House of B'nargin.

This would all come to change when the Garlean Empire sent airships over Dalmasca's northern border in 1547, when Waggi was yet serving as a royal court guard. They'd defended the palace alongside soldiers; Bangaa, Hyur, Viera, or otherwise. Waggi's duty was to ensure the courtesans escaped the razing safely, lest they be labled prostitutes and thus imprisoned by the Garlean military. The Bangaa Sanga succeeded, but only to find themself captured in their stead.

Waggi could never forget all the other bruised Bangaa lined up to be registered for the labor camp established several malms south of the city. Saepimentum Ferrum, a name burned into their brain. There weren't only Bangaa, but among the group, all were considered savages. The Bangaa and the Seeq were nothing more than beasts for breaking. The resilient temperaments of the Bangaa, especially Waggi, made this a challenge to the camp officers. They were all too obliged to correct this. Waggi and other Bangaa were put to work quarrying darksteel ore, though many Bangaa would collapse from exhaustion or the shock of their beatings, never to rise again. Yet Waggi never saw their captors as evil; they were worse. They were indifferent. From the cruelty Waggi witnessed, they were certain life wasn't at the gods' command. The true masters of the physical realm were those that occupied it, understanding violence for the sake of violence.

It was a grueling three cycles that Waggi endured at the camp, having come together with some Hyur who worked at the palace as well. Though they were kept apart in barracks, they met at the filthy latrines, exchanging whispers ever since they have arrived. It was the twenty-seventh sun of the 4th Astral Moon that three Hyur had managed to smuggle uniforms for themselves, disguised to collect weapons to help stage a rebellion. Waggi gathered the Bangaa to rise up, allowing them to shed their muzzles and shackles at long last. Many of the prisoners escaped from their confines. Many were killed. From hundreds, only ten escapees survived. Waggi was among them.

Together with the others survivors, they'd went with their stolen magitek to resell and harbor supplies for a small airship. The Adamance was a vessel almost overequipped for its size, but it functioned with such eficiency that the crew, under Waggi, became the scourge of the skies over Greylic's Bend. They'd collaborated with Lente's Tears to operate an underground network of resources for other camp survivors. That is, until said resources became the source of infighting for the crew. Intent on avoiding the conflict but maintaining survival, Waggi took The Adamance by themself and fled. What happened to the rest of the fallen cell was unknown to Waggi, but they had realized they'd become the very thing they despised; indifferent. As the ship crashed not far from Kuganese shores, Waggi laughed. From there, if Waggi was cursed enough to survive, they could find a ship to the West. From there, they could perhaps start over. From there, they would live.



It isn't clear whether Waggi values life or is simply too stubborn to accept death. Though pessimistic, their upbringing as a retainer for the upper-class has left them with a yearning for achievement. If they put their mind to an endeavor, they will do everything in their power to enact it, even if it is not on their own behalf.


Waggi could easily be considered the direct opposite of reserved. Not even stopping at gossip (or perhaps especially not stopping at gossip), they have to share their opinion about everything. They'd even share a drink with a mortal enemy under the right circumstances. What those circumstances are, exactly, isn't obvious.


Though they had a history of being surrounded by educated and talented high-class courtesans, Waggi doesn't really censor themself for anything. They might come off as aggressive in some cases, but they mean well. Usually.

Notes & Trivia

  • Their body is littered with scars from any kind of wound a person can name. The most notable are the raised scars on the back of the Bangaa, as well as two slash marks going down the right side of their jaw. Meanwhile, their face and tail are both decorated with elaborate piercings, usually in gold to contrast their ash grey complexion.
  • Waggi was trained to be ambidextrous, but was born favoring their left hand.