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Birth Name: Wenn Dh'i ( Introduces herself as Wendy. Prefers to go by Wendy.)

Gender: Female

Race & Clan: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon

Age: Twenty-Two

Height 5 fulms 1 ilm

Weight: 90 ponze

Nameday: 13th Sun of the Second Astral Moon

Guardian deity: Menphina, the Lover

Wendy misc header.png

Birth Place: East Shroud

Citizenship: Good question...

Free Company: Ironclaws

Residence: House Argent Summer Home

Marital Status: Gemdy: Gemini Argent x Wendy

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Job: Professional Songstress of WYNG, part time pastry chef and store attendant at Kupocakes Pattisserie, and aetherical threat =P

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, reading Magitek Knights comics, watching Magitek Knights program on sabovision, eating, sleeping, getting into things she's not supposed to, pushing buttons she's not supposed to.

Beast Tribe Alignment: Moogle Bloodsworn


Wendy overview.png

Wenn Dh'i, or as she prefers to be called 'Wendy', is an Eorzean songstress and member of all female vocalist group WYNG. Originally from The Shroud, Wendy always felt a little out of place in the typical Keeper of the Moon lifestyle, and so left it behind to pursue her dream of singing professionally. The road has its ups and downs, but there is no low Wendy's sunny disposition does not illuminate. Bringing light wherever she goes, Wendy has come into the guidance and care of the Ironclaws free company, a meeting she believes was fated.


Wendy appearance.png

The runt of her clan, Wendy stands at five fulms and one ilm- and that’s in her shoes. The others of the ‘Sirens of the Shroud’ boast an imposing, strong, and athletic figure, whereas Wendy is small, scrawny, and with a consistency compared to mochi. Though she tried with her all to achieve the same physical prowess as the other females in her family, it seems it is just not in Wendy’s genetics. A trait, the other woman claimed, must be from her father.

In addition to her diminutive size, Wendy has an unusual coloration for a Keeper of the Moon. Her skin is fair, but peach rather than of darker tones or ivory undertones found in most other Keepers. While her preferred, and favorite, hair color is blonde highlighted in pink, her natural hair color is a snowy white- another anomaly among her clan. Her eyes are big, bright, and blue. They seem to take in everything at once and are windows into her emotional state. Between her expressive ears, tail, and eyes, Wendy cannot hide what she is feeling and in some cases thinking.

It is not uncommon to see Wendy’s hair in a rainbow of colors. Due to her profession, she frequently changes its style and color via glamours. Typically, she prefers to wear it in blonde and pink curls.

Scars & Markings: Wendy is relatively unscarred, but will recount the tale of her elbow scar with anyone who will listen. She also has a strange pale birthmark on her left shoulder blade.

Voice: Wendy’s voice is one of the most cherished pieces of who she is. As a vocalist, she is a soprano with a range as high as whistle notes. However, while her speaking voice is typically in a higher register, she has been known to have quite the variety of tones based on her mood.

Wendy's English Voice ( Speaking)

Wendy's English Voice (Singing)

Wendy's Japanese Voice (Speaking)

Wendy's Japanese Voice (Singing)

Clothing: One thing Wendy is not short on is wardrobe options. She prefers to wear ‘cute’ clothes that encompass dresses, skirts, shorts, and slim pants or leggings. The primary color in her palette is pink- both a representation of her color in WYNG and her favorite hue. Wendy’s favorite pair of earrings are made of a spinel gifted to her by a geologist. She fashioned them into dangling earrings with gold fastenings. Wendy also has an affinity for charm bracelets and is hardly ever without one.

Excitable, Playful, Fun-Loving, Unshy, Curious, Marches to her own beat, Friendly


  • Magitek Knights ( The pink knight is her favorite)
  • Sabovision
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert
  • Moogles
  • Touching things
  • Singing & music
  • Dancing
  • Getting mail


  • Pistachio flavor
  • Rain
  • Itchy clothes
  • Being told she cannot pilot the airship
  • Being left behind
  • When she is lied to
  • Being asked to spell words
  • Running
  • Villains

Distinctive Features


  • Lightning and thunder storms
  • Being excluded / left behind
  • When you can get your fingers out of the Doman finger trap
  • Her voice being used to do wrong


  • Favorite food: Kupocake: Original Flavor
  • Favorite drink: Anything with cream
  • Favorite colour: Pink
  • Vices: curious to a fault, out of her damn mind, over eating
  • Possible alignment: chaotic good

Wendy music.png

Wendy personality.png

If energy were gil, Wendy would be amongst Hydaelyn’s wealthiest. Often, those around her wonder where she draws her enthusiasm and unwavering lust for life. To Wendy, everything is a new adventure just waiting for her to embark. She harbors very little reservation or hesitation about the unknown and embraces the journey to explore it. Some would question Wendy’s sanity because of her eagerness and disregard for potential danger, but Wendy seems to be guided and protected by some unseen hand of fate. She seems perfectly content to trust that everything will work out. That being said, Wendy is extremely spiritual. She believes strongly in the aether’s will, and will do just about anything she believes it asks of her.

Wendy may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but what she lacks in common sense she more than makes up for in heart. She is extremely intuitive when she wants to be, and understands the hearts of others more than their minds. Those around her have quickly come to find that Wendy’s path of logic and reason is by no means conventional, but her heart is in the right place. The songstress would never turn her back on a friend or someone in need, and is more than happy to go out of her way to help a complete stranger- a trait that has made her many friends. While she is often considered ‘peculiar’, she doesn’t seem to mind… or maybe she doesn’t even realize! Marching to the beat of her own drum, Wendy will find a way to draw others- willing or not- into her symphonic circus!

Personality Type: ENFP

Western Zodiac: Pisces

Eastern Zodiac: Rabbit

Skills & Abilities

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Unlike her sisters and cousins, Wendy is not a natural born hunter. Rather than being gifted with a strong body and sharp senses, Wendy was born with a sixth sense- an aether sense. From before she can remember, Wendy has been attuned to the aether, and believes it to be a living force she openly listens to. She possesses a unique ability to ‘hear’ the voice of aether, though what that sounds like is impossible to describe to anyone who asks. Whatever aethertical sound Wendy is capable of hearing, or thinks she is hearing, is a language of feeling and intuition that she seems to speak fluently and exclusively with the aether through song. This is not to be confused with the Echo.

In addition to ‘hearing’ the aether’s song, Wendy can also carry her side of the conversation by singing. Wendy possesses a rare soulstone passed down through her clan, a songstress soulstone. Like a bard, Wendy is able to manipulate aether to her will via music- in this case, her voice. However, her abilities extend beyond a songstress’ typical arsenal. Incantations written into songs of an ancient and forgotten language come to Wendy naturally from the voice of aether, and she has the ability to use them to commune directly with the aetherical sea. In order to open direct communication, Wendy must be in a place of a high concentration of aether. If the occasion calls, she can serve as a medium for translation- however she can only do this for a short duration of time. Passively, she has become a mouthpiece for the aether for the Ironclaws or serves as a battle songstress, boosting allies in the heat of the battlefield.

Outside of her aetherical abilities, Wendy is a talented vocalist whose register sits in the soprano range. What she may be vocally best known for is her ability to tackle whistle notes and maintain high energy during even the most rigorous dance routines. Wendy, along with the other members of WYNG, is one of the lyricists and composers for the pop group’s music. Aside from her voice, instruments she is familiar with are the piano, drums, and pianica.

Domestically, Wendy is a skilled pâtissière who works part time at Kupocakes Patisserie. While she is able to cook a wide variety of dishes, she has an affinity for delicate cakes and breads. If you ask her why, she will tell you because she also enjoys eating them the best. Wendy is also excellent at handicrafts like sewing and jewelry making. She is, however, horrendous at organization is best described as ‘messy’.

Wendy personality banner.png
Battle Songs

"Meet me under shining lights, I've been waiting right here all my life...".
"And when the weight is like a million ponze, I'll stand behind you...".
Fire & Gold
"Even in the dark we shine, with fire and gold in our eyes...".
The Beginning
"Don't worry, it's safe right here in my arms...".
All My Love
"Sometimes, I think we're the brightest stars..."

Non-Battle Pop Songs

Northern Cross
"Chosen by destiny, the Northern Star burns..."
What 'Bout My Star?
" Don't keep me guessing. I've been waiting on standby..."
Break Free
"Tried hide it, fake it, I can't pretend anymore..."
How To Love
"Your love's worth saving, darling..."
In The Name of Love
"Would you rise up, come and meet me in the sky?"


"Anywhere, whenever. Apart but still together..."
"Under the bright but faded lights, you set my heart on fire..."
Out of The Woods
"When the sun came up, you were looking at me..."
Diamond Crevasse
"If we're reborn, we'll meet again someday..."


Aimo (Aether song)
"Aimo Aimo ne de rusche..."
Currents (Clan song)
"The heart has its secret current, deep and without guide..."

Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Casual Promiscuity
Sexual Desire
Trusted Friend
Lost contact


Chez Dh'i ( ) - Mother
Position: Elder Matriarch, family head.
Cynn Dh'i ( ) - Older sister
Eldest sister. 10 years older than Wendy.
Sahn Dh'i ( ) - Older sister
Second eldest sister. 8 years older than Wendy.
Lynn Dh'i ( ) - Older sister
Third eldest sister. 5 years older than Wendy. Twin of Mynn.
Mynn Dh'i ( ) - Older sister
Fourth eldest sister. 5 years older than Wendy. Twin of Lynn.
Khassi Dh'i ( ) - Older sister
Fifth eldest sister. 3 years older than Wendy.
Khae Dh'i ( ) - Older sister
Sixth eldest sister. 2 years older than Wendy.
Chez'a Dh'i ( ) - Younger Brother
Little brother. 3 years younger than Wendy.


Gemini Argent
The Boyfriend

Gemini Argent, or as Wendy calls him 'Gemi', is Wendy's boyfriend, and the heir to House Argent of Ishgard as well as a member of The Lights. The pair are polar opposites but connect on a very deep spiritual level.
Place holder.png
Khidyr Dotharl
The Bestie

Khidyr, or ' Khiddy', was Wendy's roommate and her best friend. Khidyr believes Wendy has survived this far because she is chosen by the Dusk Mother. Khidyr and Wendy's studio was destroyed by Khidyr's ants...
Place holder.png
Gwenneth Hurst

Gwen is Wendy's band mate and co-worker at Kupocakes. Gwen is sweet enough to humor Wendy's antics most times, and Wendy appreciates that.
Place holder.png
Daliqara Vachir

Dali is Wendy's band mate and free company superior. Dali's deep understanding of aether aided Wendy in recovering her voice. She is often the voice of reason when Wendy's circus is in town.
Place holder.png
Y'zhara Zekial

Zhara is Wendy's band mate, and the lead dance choreographer of WYNG. Zhara's fun loving personality often compliments Wendy's excitability, which can lead the pair to hijinks occassionally. ( Doman finger trap)
Place holder.png
Zana'to Razuli
The Lights

Zana'to, or ' Zanny', is a member of Zhara's band, The Lights, but is also a close friend of Wendy's. Zana'to's kind and sincere temperament put him in high regard in Wendy's books.
Place holder.png
The Lights

Kibaa is a member of Zhara's band, The Lights, and good friend to Wendy. Kibaa's jokester antics can rile Wendy up, but it's all in good fun!
Place holder.png
Kieran Connor
The Bodyguard

Kieran is WYNG's official security detail and Gwen's boyfriend. Wendy holds Kieran in high regard due to his willingness to help and dedication to Gwen.
Place holder.png
Durendel Bladebreak
The Dragoon

Dura is one of Gemini's knights and bodyguard. After being caught up in a few of Wendy's great ideas, he has learned to just go with the flow and hope for the best and not death. Wendy appreciates dragoon jump piggy back rides.

The Ironclaws

Vilette Laurent
The Hero

The Commander of The Ironclaws, and Wendy's hero. Despite Vilette being an astonishingly young commander, Wendy believes she is capable of anything.
Sil Ascheblade
The Protector

Sil has time and time again proved her willingness to defend and protect those who cannot do so for themselves. Wendy places a great deal of trust in Sil's abilities and feels safe in her presence.
Place holder.png
Estelle Guichard
The Beloved

Wendy believed Estelle to be a guiding light in life, and saw that even those who first held distaste for the Ishgardian came to love her. Estelle sacrificed her life to ensure the other Ironclaws could live on. Wendy hopes to hear her in the aether someday.
Place holder.png
Arcadius Vernos
The Noble

Arc and Wendy met as children in The Shroud, though Arc does not recall this interaction. Wendy was happy to see how far Arc had come as an adult, and that despite his ill treatment he carries a noble heart.
Place holder.png
Owen Winters
The Grumpy-cat

While Winters keeps a gruff exterior, Wendy understands what is at his core. She sees his casual hazing in good humor.
Mei Nejahn
The Fire

Wendy and Mei are often left waiting or on the backlines of things, and that in of itself has built a sort of kinship in addition to both being Keepers. Wendy enjoys when Mei is her partner in crime and curiosity- and when she sets Ryn's tail on fire.
Place holder.png
Rynathan Eluhandir
The Rogue

Ryn is on of Wendy's oldest friend's since she has been in Eorzea, and she cares a great deal for his well being. However, she still harbors some guilt over the Calcifer incident. Wendy enjoys picking on Ryn as he reminds her of her little brother.
The Food Maker

Wendy met Mari around the same time as Ryn, and has been through multiple adventures with the woman. She identifies Mari most with large quantities of delicious foods. When Mari is in the kitchen, Wendy will not be far.
Blade Henge
The Storyteller

Blade is a source of many tales of great adventure and battle. While he is about eight times Wendy's size, she is not afraid to climb this giant or ask to pet his warbear.

Common rumours & quotes

  • "Why does she still work at that bakery? What is she spending all her money on?"
  • "I saw Wendy and Ser Gemini Argent sharing a hot cocoa! Are they a thing now?!" Ishgardian teenager.
  • "She's sweet, but dumb as a sack of rocks." Former co-worker at Eorzea Travel Agency.
  • "Everyone thinks her first performance was when she got into WYNG. Actually, Wendy was in a theatre production of I Want To Be Your Canary first, but I heard it got cancelled." A fan.
  • "That girl, huh? I remember when she used to tour guide here. She used to hand out whistles to the group. Wonder what they were for." Limsa dock worker.
  • " I heard she speaks fluent moogle." A fan.
  • "When you're lost in the dark, let music light your way." Wendy's trademark quote.

Rare rumours & quotes

  • "Blonde? Pfft. Her hair isn't naturally blonde. She dyes it." A die-hard fan.
  • "She's a songstress. You know what that means? She learned to sing from a Siren, which means she's hypnotized WYNG's fans. Someone should lock her up." A hater.

Players rumours & quotes

  • "Don't touch the button." Most of the Ironclaws to Wendy.

Early Life Shroud Life


There is a hunter’s myth, that deep in the thickest part of the Eastern Shroud, reside mystical creatures who hunt beast and man alike by luring them out and entrancing them with a beautiful song. The tale cautions lone hunters from venturing too far into the bramble alone. They call the creatures these hypnotizing voices belong to, The Sirens of the Shroud.

The truth of the myth comes from a very real clan of Keepers who have made their home in the deepest parts of The Shroud. The predominantly female clan are indeed fierce hunters, but Spoken are not part of their diets. The clan possesses a unique ability to manipulate aether with their voices through song to calm their prey, and can sometimes be heard by passing hunters. The clan holds a very close relationship with aether, and believes they must come to the aether’s call in exchange for their gift. When in need, the aether will call upon one of their daughters. This chosen daughter bears the responsibility of fulfilling the aether’s will as their first matriarch did years and years ago. In order to do this, the chosen daughter will inherit the first matriarch’s soulstone- which only she will have the ability to understand. For the Sirens of The Shroud, this is the highest calling.

Wendy is the youngest of seven sisters born to the clan’s current matriarch, Chez. Wendy is the only daughter to be born of a different father- a traveller from a far away land. While she is the youngest, she is also the smallest and unlike the rest of her family in appearance. This caused Wendy a great deal of trouble in her youth. Often outrun and left behind by her sisters, or crowded out of gatherings, Wendy spent much of her childhood excluded. In addition to what was already setting her apart from her sisters, Wendy also developed the unique ability to ‘hear’ aether at a young age. This strange gift made socializing difficult for the young miqo’te, and further alienated her from the clan. Despite being physically less capable than the other daughters, Wendy often explored The Shroud on her own and did her best to make her own fun.

During one of her adventures in the woods, she came across a young moogle tampering with a small void fissure. Curious about the creature, and somehow able to communicate with him, Wendy joined the peculiar investigation. When the fissure tore wider, and voidkin began to cross through, Wendy saved the young moogle and the two escaped the danger. The moogle showed Wendy to the leader of the Shroud moogles, who granted Wendy one wish in gratitude for saving his son. Wendy’s wish was only for the friendship of the moogles. Touched by the girl’s request, the moogles in the Shroud granted her bloodsworn status and consider her to be a princess of kindness and heart. A lifelong friendship was forged.

No longer alone, Wendy spent her days with her new friends, unbeknownst to her that another party had taken interest in the peculiar Keeper. The clever voidkin, who had opened the fissure, kept a careful eye on the young miqo’te, seeing potential in her abilities. When the time was right, the voidkin made himself known to Wendy. Fooling the child, he befriended her, and introduced himself as Calcifer, then began to guide the development of her gift. It wasn’t long before Wendy’s family caught on to the voidkin’s presence and drove him away. Wendy would not see Calcifer again for many years.

Just after the Battle of Carteneau, the aether called to the Sirens of the Shroud. The balance of light and dark was shifting. Each daughter was presented with the soulstone until the aether chose. It chose Wendy.

After receiving the soulstone, Wendy’s clan life improved somewhat, though she had long since come to feel out of place. While her duty weighed heavily on her, she also longed to use her voice for more than communication with the aether. She longed to use her voice to move people. She wanted to write music and perform it. This seemed impossible…

Until, one day while singing to the aether, Wendy was given a task. The aether told her to find a warrior with a light inside, and to help grow that light and to strengthen it. Wendy decided that if she was to fulfill her calling, she would need to venture out of The Shroud- and it wouldn’t hurt to pursue her own dreams at the same time!

Her clan gave her blessing to set forth on her journey to see to the aether’s will with the understanding she would return when the task had been done. Afterall, she held a great responsibility to her family as well. Eager and excited, Wendy embarked on her grandest adventure yet.

Leaving The Shroud & New Beginnings

Wendy tour guide.png

Wendy soon discovered what made the world outside of The Shroud revolve. Money. Needing a place to stay and a way to get by, Wendy took a job with the Eorzean Travel Agency as a tour guide. She worked primarily out of Linsa Lominsa, but guided tours in all three major Eorzean cities. While not exactly her calling or dream job, Wendy worked hard in hopes she'd be scouted by a talent agency.

With the travel agency, Wendy was often stuck with the tasks the senior guides couldn't be bothered with. It wasn't uncommon for her to be asked to deliver leaflets between cities or work the under booked tours. It seemed she was again the black sheep of her peers. Despite her friendly and outgoing personality, Wendy still had trouble making friends and was criticized by the other tour guides as 'dumb’. While the treatment hurt, Wendy did not lose heart!

Her persistence to stay positive won her a friend in Khidyr Dotharl who soon became Wendy’s first roommate. The two girls with strikingly opposite demeanor somehow found a common ground in which an alliance of the strongest friendship was formed- and so the Bestie bond was forged.

Shortly after meeting Khidyr, Wendy was offered a part in the classic theatre production, I Want To Be Your Canary. Little did Wendy know she was being used for her voice’s unique effects. Word about hypnotized audiences and missing coin purses soon caught the attention of The Ironclaws who began an investigation. Their leads led them to Wendy whom they discovered was being fooled by a pair of con artists! The Ironclaws stopped the operation and took Wendy in as a ward to prevent others from using her gifts for nefarious deeds.

It was shortly after this that Wendy answered an audition call for a new all female songstress group under the Shooting Star Eorzean Talent Agency. The audition introduced her to two of her bandmates of WYNG, Y’zhara and Gwen. WYNG was formed shortly before The Rising tribute, and debuted their first performance at the ceremony. Now, her dream on the right track, Wendy quit the Eorzean Travel Agency to turn her focus to her new responsibilities as a professional songstress.

The Ironclaws

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The Siren & The Songstress

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Recent Activity

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Wendy's Photo Album

OOC Information

Stances on RP: I am probably a medium-heavy rper, and can jump in character upon request. Across the board I do not ERP, and for Wendy's purposes I also do not RP over the top gruesome scenes. PG-13! I value OOC communication when it comes to planning things, so please DO ask me questions or make suggestions for ideas.

Hooks and relationships: Wendy can be just about anywhere, so if you'd like to rp, worry not! Wendy will do the heavy lifting for the when,where, and how. She has zero issue with pulling a stranger into an adventure. The biggest hook for Wendy would obviously be music or performing. HOWEVER- she's got a lot more going on than just that, so if you're a big aetherical mess... Well come on over! But really... if you want to rp with Wendy, I encourage you to just walk up to her, or whisper me if I'm on and ask where Wendy is. It's very easy to get involved with Wendy, I promise.

RP combat and injuries: It all depends on the situation. Serious injuries I reserve the right to decide for Wendy- and I will be upfront here, I stray away from any serious injuries due to needing the ability to perform sometimes last minute. Sorry =(. BUT, I am a strong advocate of making the most of a scene, so I won't let you down!I can roll or not roll, I am fine with either.

Miscellaneous: Wiki page is pure OOC knowledge unless your character specifically knows or learned about it.

Important! If anything that my character does or says unsettles you in an OOC manner, or if suddenly you are not okay with something in my RP, please let me know right away! Communication is key!

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