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Latest activities (RP hooks): Suen has been working hard on her ceruleum propelled craft and is starting to turn into a fledgling pilot, obsessed by speed and over-sized engines. She is also taking on a fair amount of salvage or courier missions.
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Birth Name: Sune Szihu (hyur handle: Suen Shyu, informal: Sen)

Gender: Female

Race & Clan: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon

Age: Twenty

Height 4 fulms 11 ilms

Weight: 95ish ponzes

Nameday: 9th Sun of the Fourth Astral Moon (Byregot ascendancy)

Guardian deity: Oschon, the Wanderer

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Birth Place: North Shroud, Lucky Autumn

Citizenship: Gridanian

Free Company: Machina & Magitek

Residence: Her sister's apartment in Gridania, or various inns

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Uncertain

Job: Improvised Tinkerer, Magitek Rigger, Sky Courier

Hobbies: Journeying, Racing, Tinkering, Haphazard archaeology

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral / Autonomous

Suen NorthShroud 2.png

Suen is a Keeper of the Moon, tomboyish and mousy-looking miqo'te girl born in the North Shroud in a small family of botanists living on the outskirts of Hyrstmill.

Oblivious of everything by nature, Suen is the perfect example of scatterbrain and clumsy, often obsessed with Magitek, engineering and tinkering, spooky lore, cool adventures, as well as her roguish style.

Very self-driven and independent, she is also somewhat sassy, cheeky and crafty, as well as incredibly nosy. Considering herself a traveler, she set herself on a lifetime journey across Eorzea and beyond, with her custom racer at her side.

Suen workshop.png

Rather small in size for a miqo'te, somewhat frail in stature, Suen still developed the necessary stamina to fish in the Shroud and wander the roads everyday, giving her typical chiseled miqo'te muscles. She tends to exhibit a mousy, nerdy and tomboyish appearance. Her long ears and fangs, and her round hazelnut eyes are typical of the Keepers of the Moon. Suen's sleek, delicate features are often hidden behind dust, dirt or soot, and her taupe-coloured hair most of the time disheveled and running wild. The time spent on her journey out of the Twelveswood gave her skin a tanner complexion than she used to show.

Scars & Markings: A few cuts and marks hard to define can be found all around her hands and limbs, which are probably the product of her inability to deal with manual labor without hurting herself in the process. A more recent scar on her shoulder was left by an arrow. She also has a few freckles as well as your typical average female Keeper markings on her cheeks, but those also show a few mild boxcar scars, probably a leftover from her teens.

Voice: Suen speaks with a deep Gridanian accent that can also show hints of Miqo'te Keeper tongue, but somewhat tainted by street talk. Her voice tends to be surprisingly deep and slightly hoarse.

Clothing: Flat chested, Suen is often seen wearing simple, ample, yet sturdy clothes either cut for workshops, or travel and woods which gives her a rather scrawny but rugged, roguish aspect that she arbors with pride.

Quirky, Nosy, Crafty, Scatterbrain, Punk, Self-driven, Assertive

  • Scary and conspiracy tales
  • Spooky and obscure lore
  • Garlean Magitek
  • Allagan technology
  • Spriggans
  • Traveling
  • Touching things
  • Fishing
  • Looking cool and classy, no fucks given
  • Rainy and stormy days


  • Seeker and Coeurlclaw societies
  • Her past
  • Her clumsiness and bad luck
  • Thanalan sun
  • People showing off
  • Mushy things
  • Being scolded/scorned
  • Looking stupid
  • Vexation
  • Indecency and public obsenity

Distinctive Features

  • Facing her past mistakes
  • Being excluded / marginalized
  • Personal attachment
  • Mirrors (Cataptrophobia)


  • Favorite food: sweets, honeyed bakeries and garlean garlic
  • Favorite drink: mead, cider
  • Favorite colour: yellow
  • Vices: unquenchable curiosity, nosiness, snooping around, not thinking about consequences
  • Possible alignment: chaotic neutral

Suen portrait2.png

Suen is a spirited girl that enjoys satisfying her curiosity while fleeing her responsibilities. She cares very little for luxuries or mannerisms, can eat for two and be infinitely nosy over anything, which tends to make her behavior rather unpredictable.

In spite of her nerdy ability to get overexcited at the mention of new horizons, obscure lore, and technology, Suen shares the solitary nature of her kin with great zeal, often gone wandering around by herself. She can sometimes be found lost in her thoughts, or outright living in her own world. Her clear lack of realism can make her engage into incredibly risky situations that no sane person would consider even vaguely safe to do, but she has now learned through hardships to somewhat temper that tendency of hers.

Due to her awful clumsiness, she is for most people a walking danger that should be kept away, which often prevented her to make a lot of friends. In direct relation to that, she lacks of self-confidence and tries to overcompensate by acting tough, cool and rebellious with a 'No fucks given' mentality, but will turn very awkward every time her personal feelings get put on the table, or just around lewd double-entendre.

Suen tends to loath conformism and authority and is a bit of an anarchist. She is pragmatically disillusioned with any form of higher ethics and honour - concepts she finds utterly naive, hypocrite, self-deceiving and stupid. She usually puts the emphasis on her own well being, but can also show an infinite amount of devotion to her few friends.

Skills & Abilities

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Suen has a serious knack for machinistry and firearms, for which she shows an innate affinity despite her clumsiness. She has elementary knowledge in botany - especially in her native land - and as the eccentric she is, somewhat well read.

Under her propensity for the worst to happen and her utterly clumsy manners, Suen hides a keen and cunning mind: she is way smarter than she lets it appear. Left alone, she remains rather resourceful and can get as crafty as foxes. Her pragmatic upbringing in the woods taught her to do with very little and simple things, and she rarely requires a lot for subsistence, used to take from nature what nature gives.

Like most of her kin, she inherited of some of their traits, like powerful legs, ears and smell, a good sense of balance, although certainly not in an order of magnitude similar to those shown by the Keeper hunters. Suen was not especially favored among her kin for her martial or hunting prowess. While not outright weak, she remains a frail individual, but her constant vagrancy on the road coupled with her miqo'te legs gives her a surprising amount of endurance.

Like for most manual labour, aetheryte travel is something that eludes her, not that because she lacks in anima or connection to aetherial powers, but simply due to her rather random ability to teleport herself everywhere but at the destination she had initially planned.

In spite of her butterfingers and a mild lack of formal knowledge and theory, as well as being a tad too eager for anything Magitek, Suen is a natural when it comes to empirically understand how devices and machines work, and can show a real spark of genius when it's about to turn the improbable into the realm of possibility. Most of her creations, while shabby-looking, pretty beaten and busted at first glance, are often if not of an oddity, then somewhat ingenious... when one doesn't take into account their instability and propensity to malfunction at the worst time.

Makai Hand Mortar Icon.png
Kinetic Handgun
A slugthrower hand gun that Suen keeps at her hip most of the time.
Steel-barreled Carbine.png
Kinetic Carbine
A slugthrower carbine that Suen sometimes uses for long range duties.
Molybdenum Rimfire Icon.png
AT Rimfire
A slugthrower carbine that Suen sometimes uses as anti-armour.
Titanium-barreled Snaphance.png
Magitek Repeater
A magitek photon-stream custom SMG that Suen uses for most short-ranged combat purposes.
Ironworks Magitek Rod.png
Magitek Plasma Cutter
A long magitek custom cutting tool using extreme heat to cut through almost anything, bare a few rare or magical alloys.
Portable inventory
Allagan ring of healing.png
Allagan Recording Tomestone
A special tomestone that Suen found near Castrum Meridianum and uses as a journal.
Ceruleum Tank.png
Ceruleum Canister
An metal can filled with ceruleum. Can be used as a powerful (and expensive) makeshift grenade in dire situations.
Garlean Fiber 43.png
Garlean Fiber Rope
A rope made of garlean fiber. Far more lightweight and durable than its eorzean counterparts.
Tarnished Midan Chain.png
Machinist Toolkit
A toolkit of screwdrivers, hammers, precision cutters and other tools used for various engineering skills.
Tarnished Midan Bolt.png
Junk and salvage
All kinds of scrap salvage parts and junk that Suen regularly finds on her journey.
Personal Vehicle
Manacutter Patch.png
Custom Magitek Courier
Suen most treasured possession. It has not much left in common with the manacutter model of origin.
Personal Room

Suen occasionally squats the fancy gridanian apartment of her God's Quiver of a sister.

Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Trusted Friend
Lost contact


Suhyi Szihu ( ) - Mother
Position: Elder Matriarch, family head.
Seloh Szihu ( ) - Older sister
Suen's sister, 2 Twelvemoons older.


Arzilia in Gridania.png
Arzilia Rausten
The Mythril Blades

Arzilia is a midlander fallen dragoon that passed for dead to her kin. Her and Suen met while traveling and the flirty Hyur stole Suen a kiss or two, leaving the Miqo'te overly confused about the whole ordeal. They continue to enjoy each other to that day.
Liselotte Avagnar

Lise is a freeloading Xaela from clan Avagnar who used to play detective when Suen met her. She tends to be clumsy and inexperienced about everything in Eorzea, but Suen believes she just lacks a lot of self confidence and she loves her colourful imagination and happy go lucky mood as well as her crazy and over-the-top antics.
Raih Unaze

Raih is a Keeper from the Shroud. She was the first person Suen met on her arrival in Thanalan. Sharing a passion for spooky tales and rogue feats of all kinds, they immediately turned good friends, enjoying each other's company, although Suen fell completely and unflinchingly for her. Suen eventually had to confess her love.


Das Blacksmith.png
R'das Sahazrh
Machina and Magitek

An engineer Seeker that convinced Suen to work for their engineering company. She swears a lot and got a strong accent, but Suen got along very well with the Seeker's personality, and their dedication about everything Magitek.
Lucia Redfield
Magna Carta

A knightly white haired miqo'te Suen stumbled upon while looking for reagents. She was immediately interested in her magitek camera and discovered pretty quickly that she is loyal to Garlemald.
Auristela Profile 01.png
Auristela Tullia
Winter's Wake

Looking for ceruleum supplies, Suen met Auristela at Camp Bluefog, where she learned that the Raen works for Garlond Ironworks, which immediately piqued her interest. Suen managed to make Auristela indirectly admit that she lived in Garlemald.
Oyuu Dataq
Order of Ouroboros

Oyuu is the one that brought Suen to work with the Order. That somewhat jaded Xaela is not very talkative and forthcoming and prefers to keep everything up to the point, but otherwise proves surprisingly considerate toward Suen.
J'takra Tia
Order of Ouroboros

J'takra is a wise-ass, snarky Seeker that seems to accompany Oyuu everywhere he goes. Suen finds his snipes often funny and pretty spot on, and appreciate his realistic, cynical views on morality, but Suen can also be seriously annoyed at his insufferable, whiny side.
Arthur in the Pillars.png
Arthurioux Duchamps
Order of Ouroboros

Arthurioux is a young elezen also part of the order. Suen appreciates that he proved to be a learned man able to discuss on intellectual subjects, while staying pretty modest.
White space height.gif
Ferus Ironlash

Ferus is a cold, no-nonsense Mighan bastard. He used to belittle Suen at the first occasion, but his grumpy and cynical side actually made Suen change her mind progressively. He has always been ready to help her without any questions though, and he might have accepted her as part of the group since she killed someone.
Rei'li Niraj

Rei'li is Leon brother. Suen met him a few times during her time at Aeon and they got along well, although his sudden shows of affection tended to freak her out.
As'elena 61.png
As'elena Hyun
Winter's Wake

Suen met As'elena in Limsa Lominsa, where they discussed about the Maelstrom and her work there, as well as her tribe of Seekers. She met As'elena a few times after that at meetings of the Order of Ouroboros.
Tira Nophi
Wayfarers of Eorzea

Tira and Suen met in Hawthorne's Hut, caught out in a thunderstorm. She is a gridanian orphan and turned very friendly with Suen. They wandered around in the Shroud, even flirting with the outskirts of Castrum Oriens, and promised to see each other again for a discovery trip in Ishgard.
Aurou Mhirata

Aurou is a sharlayan Keeper of the Moon, experienced in conjury and dating Leon. She is a quiet and nice girl that likes making everyone happy, and cares a lot for her entourage. She proved to be an unyielding compassionate confident for Suen, even if they do not agree on everything.
Leon Mug-shotz.jpg
Leon Greymoon

Leon - or 'Laid-back' Leon as a tease - hails from Ishgard and is Aurou's significant other. He is cool headed and fun, easy going with everyone. Leon is a lot into allagan technology and proved to be a weathered, insensitive to pain machine. His past probably seems to hide a darker side that Suen is unaware of.
White space height.gif
Sami Rokha
Evenstar Institute

Sami is the cool-headed and cute daughter of Yashaix, and proved to have quite a different personality. Suen immediately got along with her easy going and tough, "shrug it off" nature. They recently saw each other again on a mission to slay a coerthan dragon.
Ffxiv 17042016 130512b.png
Howling Wind Vayne

Suen met Vayne in Lemieux' den of sky pirates. The elezen does his best to piss everyone he meets and reeks real danger in Suen's eyes, which didn't exactly prevented her to make a deal with him on possible Magitek exchanges.
Brave Horizon
Dufresne Bellworks

Brave is a laid back and considerate Hellsguard. She used to work for the Aeon company and took care of the Airship maintenance. Suen paid her a visit at her new place, Dufresne Bellwork, where she got introduced to Barev's group, some of them ex Aeon members.
White space height.gif
Tristanaud Lemieux
Lemieux Skytrade

Tristanaud runs a privateer and trading air company, hiding yet another skypirate den. Suens immediately got along with his flair for tales and adventure but she quickly got a glimpse of how dangerous the man seemed to be under the mask.
Culann Steele

Culann is a dashing but hung-up and polite ishgardian blacksmith that happens to work on airships and Magitek, which immediately caught Suen's attention. She hopes to work on possible projects with him with the goal to learn proper theory, or to share tricks together.
Kareinollerus baseimage.jpg
Kairen Ollerus

Kairen is another member of Aeon, an she is bonded to with Ferus, to Suen's uneasiness considering their race and age difference. Suen thinks she really should get to know her better.
White space height.gif
Lute Hyrie

Lute acts as a liaison for the Maelstrom and is quite versed into Arcanima. Suen mostly knows that she is very wealthy and proved to be nice enough every time they had to work together.
Khuja'sae Fashonti

Khuja'sae is the son of an intricate Keeper family. He is a young boy but already lost an eye and gets into a lots of trouble constantly. Suen found him somewhat whimsical and whiny, but sweet otherwise.
Haydn'to Kalmar

That nice looking Keeper guy is an acquaintance of Raih that Suen met a few times. He also shares the same homeland and Suen liked talking about all those spooky tales on the primal Odin with him. Like with Raih, Suen felt aat ease with him.
White space height.gif
Yashaix Ki'lari

Ki'lari is a Keeper matriarch that mistook Suen for someone else and abducted her, almost torturing the young Keeper. Albeit definitely shaken and wary, Suen learned to see how caring Ki'lari was for her group, that she is without news from since then.
Paul Desmond
Aethereal Warriors

Paul caught Suen in Uld'ah when she got the attention of the authorities by sneaking into the area around Castrum Meridianum. Fortunately not really interested in taking her to the Blades, he offered Suen that she do some investigative work for him instead, as bait.
Suen bandana.png
Common rumours & quotes

  • "That?... It's a Morbol, mom." 7 year-old Suen quietly telling her mother what the 'cute animal' she drawed is.
  • "The Twelve know why, but the child suddenly decided not to eat meat again and live on vegetables! What got into her this time?" Suhyi Szihu, during her daughter teen whimsical crises
  • "My destination? How should I know??" Suen's answer to a concerned inkeeper on her pilgrimage.
  • "I would bet my wages that's fucking garlean tech she snatched!" An observant patriot.
  • "That gun? It doesn't matter what it does. What matters is that yer enemies are gonna say 'Ooooh what a sleek-ass gun', right?" Suen being nonchalant about her gun.
  • "Gotta adjust the bullet-to-air ratio a bit." Suen being casual about combat stories.
  • "When ye worship the biggest asshole of the Twelve, no wonder ye eventually turn into one yourself." Suen, about Ala-Mighans.

Rare rumours & quotes

  • "How did that stupid Miqo'te scrub got near that reaper? I am not really sure how that shite did ever happen to begin with... The last thing I saw was her, sitting on the sodding reaper, and i'm not even sure she was more in control than us... Kind of embarrassing, when you think about it." An anonymous garlean evocatus
  • "Savages. And since you asked, no, I don't know how it self destructed." An anonymous garlean triarus speaking with the same evocatus

Players rumours & quotes

  • "Mor Dhona is a silly place." Suen to various people.
  • "A lot of things seem to go above her head." Leon Greymoon.
  • "Suen? Ah, she's a funny one. Cute, too. Kinda reminds me of my sisters a little bit, I think that's why I try to keep an eye out for her. I'm pretty sure I just end up giving her bad ideas, though." Raih Unaze.

6th Astral Era & 7th Umbral Era - Gridania

Born near the small village of Lucky Autumn bordering Hyrstmill in the North Shroud. Suen was raised in the art of botany along her only sister so that she could take part in the family business by helping her mother. Small in size and all but wealthy, the Szihu family was nevertheless recognized and appreciated in small circles of the botanists guild in Gridania for its usually unconventional take on the trade. This made them naturally part of the Keepers integrating and meshing well with the gridanian society.

Suen was mostly known around Gridania for working as the little delivery girl sent by her mother to replace her sister that was dead set training to become part of the God's Quiver. She quickly got quite fond of scaring little gridanian children with all kinds of twisted spooky tales, and used to spend a lot of her leisure among the fishermen in the forest, developing a certain fondness for fishing or just navigating in the narrow, serpentine water streams of the forest. What people chose to remember though was her uncanny ability to mess things up at the most random times, and her rather strange obsession with the nearby Castrum Oriens and garlean things, which didn't exactly help her making many friends.

Her beloved sister departed the house to go train in the Archers' Guild, and her hyuran only true friend she used to spearfish with died in a tragedy, leaving her forlorn and stranded at home. Her mother decided to give in to Gridanian way of life and invited a new lover to live with them. Slowly drifting into an aggressive and bitter resistance against her new, unnatural step father, Suen got more and more distant from her home, neglecting her studies as a botanist, fleeing any painful responsibilities and putting her own future into jeopardy. For her coming of age at around sixteen Twelvemoons, Suen refused to play the family game with a wandering male, a last attempt from her family to bring her back to a new start. Added to the whole lot of her eccentricities, she got into heated arguments with her mother over tradition, responsibility and hypocrisy.

That proved to be the last straw for the young Keeper, which leaded her to the rash decision of enlisting into the garlean military just before the end of the 7th Umbral Era as a middle finger to everyone, but an incident involving a magitek Reaper cut everything to a closure and in a hurry, Suen left the Twelveswood on her own with the intention to lead a new, free life on a journey across Eorzea.

7th Astral Era - Uld'ah

  • Suen began her journey after leaving the Twelveswood for good. Her mind is carefree and has yet to truly face the necessities of life as she arrives in Mor Dhona, where she meets Sigurd Sundsteigen, who presents himself as a Vintner. She finds weird that a simple Vintner and wine connoisseur clads himself in heavy armour.
  • She eventually arrives in Vesper Bay on her way to Ul'dah, where she stumbles on Raih Unaze, another Keeper from the Shroud. The two connect immediately and share a bit of their respective stories, promising to see each other again in Ul'dah.
  • On her way to Ul'dah, Suen cannot resist taking a peek at Castrum Meridianum, and tries her hand at salvaging and finds an old allagan tomestone. She is unfortunately spotted by a garlean detachment as well as a flame brigade, and both groups start attacking each other. She takes it as her cue to leave.
  • Suen reaches Ul'dah and discovers a place she deems as filthy and a cesspool overall, where her gridanian upbringing shows. She meets Leon Greymoon and Aurou Mhirata around Aeon's HQ - Cliffperch - as she is looking for an inn.
  • Going back to Vesper Bay in the hope to see the extent of the damage she caused, she meets Mariyaa Genhu, a paladin from the Sultanate, accompanied by Leon Greymoon. She talks about all the modern war equipment that Leon is using, especially that homemade flamethrower.
  • On her way back to Ul'dah, they meet an elezen,Draco Nobis, and a roegadyn hellsguard, Shattered Sword, two men from Leon's company of mercenaries. Suen's easy-going personality meshes well with the extroverted Hellsguard and she shows curiosity for the huge zwei-hander carried by the elezen man. Shattered Sword literally drags Suen on his shoulders back to Aeon's HQ, where she is invited to taste his cuisine with the others. She finds their little family to be rather joyful and welcoming and even cracks a few jokes with them.
  • After the little incident at Castrum Meridianum, the Brass Blades are now looking for Suen, and she stumbles on Raih Unaze chilling in the Quicksands. Suen can't hide that she is pursued by the Blades as Raih brandishes a wanted flyer of her. Raih offers to help Suen as much as she can, removing all the flyers she finds. She also invites her for a drink at her own company estate, the manor of the Dreadwyrms, a bunch of skypirates that immediately piqued Suen's interest. She starts to feel a strong attraction to Raih.
  • Having a drink at the Coffer & Coffin in Central Thanalan, Suen is approached by a flirtatious wandering bard named [[U'xi Krash]. The Miqo'te bard manages to slip something into her drink and Suen falls asleep. The bard abducts her and brings her to the den of a gang of Keepers that seemed to be looking for someone looking like Suen. She almost gets tortured and threatened to death by the matriarch, Yashaix Ki'lari, before they take note of their mistake. They apologize and offer Suen any help she would need from her 'kin'.
  • Still shaken by her chaotic arrival in Uld'ah, Suen meets Liselotte Avagnar while chilling near the airship landing. The xaela girl presents herself as the best detective eorzea has known, and offers her services. Suen is puzzled by her apparent silliness and redirects her to Ki'lari's band so that they can find the lass they were looking for. Yashaix presents Sami Rhoka, her daughter, and her and Suen get along well while eating local miq'abobs.
  • In a frantic way to get rid of the - pretty harmless - warrant after her, she is noticed by a private detective by the name of Paul Desmond, and she eventually reluctantly agrees to his innocent blackmail to act as a bait in the hope to catch a serial rapist and murderer, or the masked vigilante that seems to look for him. The murderer shows up but is killed in plain sight in the Steps of Thal by the vigilante, that manages to slip away, much to Desmond's lawful annoyance, which Suen's find utterly rubbish - if a vigilante is doing his work, why complain? The detective uses his connections to clear Suen's case with the Blades. She turned very wary of the man, considering she was used in the man's little detective games.
  • Suen starts to get more and more regular headaches, and begins recording her journey in her banged up tomestone.
Aeon Free Company
  • Everything having gone upside down for Suen since her arrival in Ul'dah, she got a bit disillusioned with her journey and seriously thinks about learning to defend herself, she sneaks one more time around Meridianum as a last ditch to find a suitable weapon, and stumbles on a busted Magitek repeater. She also gets lucid dreams and visions about Leon Greymoon, Aurou Mhirata and various other people she doesn't know. Her headaches get worse.
  • Suen meets Raih once again in the Quicksands. She is happy to just share a drink and have a talk where she explains that the troubles she got herself in got solved. Raih tells her how her admiral shot her in the foot when she didn't want to dance for him, which angered Suen, but she reassures her and say that was Suen interested she would be pretty welcome in the Dreadwyrms. They are interrupted when Tyonis Magstrom intrudes at their table and introduces himself as a thief, while provoking the ire of both Keepers with slurs on Miqo'te. Haydn'to Kalmar shows up and Raih introduces him as a fellow thief of hers.
  • Something really eerie happens: as Suen is walking through Pearl Lane, she suddenly hears Leon and Aurou talking, and then talking to her. She freaks out and thinks that her allagan device is talking to her by emulating the people she has recently met. She eventually finds out that it was not the device, but something else that made the actual Leon and Aurou reaching her out. They invite her again at Cliffperch to talk about it and inform her that she may be a 'Shard Bearer', a person carrying any kind of device left as remnant to an ancient artifact that broke into multiple pieces. Those pieces, or shards, connect to people and enables them to share a mental link of sorts, until those merge with their Bearer to turn them into Branded. They also inform her that the tomestone she found is probably the source of it, and her migraines, and that she should get rid of it. Pretty casual and curious about it and not taking the full measure of the enemies of the Branded, Suen dismisses the concerns even if she knows that it could mean the end of her journey. She is eventually introduced to the Aeon company, full of Branded.
  • Suen continues to think about the Branded and goes to the Quicksands for a drink, half looking for Raih Unaze, where she stumbles on Haydn'to Kalmar instead. They talk casually and manage to spook Caen Jabari, a guy apparently selling buttons that showed up at their table. Suen gives Hayn a linkpearl so that he can hand it to Raih if he sees her before Suen. Suen is eventually called back by Raih later, and they meet again at the Quicksands. Haydn'to is still there and Raih is accompanied by a part of her crew from the Dreadwyrms that Suen is seriously considering to join. She is introduced to L'rah Tia, a friend of Raih, as well as Artoria Tumet, her girlfriend. When Suen learns about it, she dies a little inside but manages to retain most of her composure. Haydn and L'rah seem to be arguing over Seeker men, and L'rah leaves soon after, followed by Haydn. Artoria proves friendly and invites Suen to come again to their estate.
  • Back in Cliffperch, Suen reluctantly talks to Aurou Mhirata about matters of heart as it was pretty obvious that Suen is in a dreamy mood. Aurou tells her about her own case with Leon.
  • As Suen is coming to the decision to get rid of the cursed tomestone and the shard with it, it proves eventually too late as she turned Branded herself. She resigns herself to join the Aeon family and takes upon herself to train as a mercenary.
  • Suen accomodies herself badly with how the Link proves intrusive in all details of every Branded life. She learns that its access can be blocked or shielded when needed, but she proves incapable to do so. Leon Greymoon shows himself as a grey wolf on the Link with Aurou Mhirata as a white fox, and they teach Suen how to manipulate the Link. Suen instinctively turns into a white stoat.
  • Leon Greymoon organizes a martial training session to train all the Branded without proper combat training and insists that they can't just rely on luck to save them every time, and that they have to defend themselves against their enemies. Suen thinks it is the perfect occasion to try out the Magitek gun she fixed with makeshift repairs. Suen is eager to start her first missions, hoping to share what Raih Unaze experiences with the crew Suen couldn't join, even if not physically.
  • Suen soon gets the occasion to put her training in application: as she is wandering around Highbridge in Eastern Thanalan, she gets attacked by several hooded individuals in black garbs. They seemed somehow related to the Shards, and she manages to elude them long enough for Leon Greymoon, Lute Hyrie, Kairen Ollerus and Ferus Ironlash to come to her aid, but Suen gets taken as hostage and slightly cut on the throat before being freed.
  • Suen gets to be part of her first mission for Aeon: a contract sends them to Bronzelake to find an old archaeological artifact called sunstone. They eventually find it in the nymeian ruins, but fall directly in an ambush. Their assaulters seem to use other sunstones to shoot aetherial beams at the group. Aeon however repels the attack successfully and Suen gets to kill her first human being. She gets her first doubts on living a life as a merc.
  • Ferus Ironlash brings up a mission asking Aeon to get rid of several enemies of them infiltrated into a Flame brigade assigned to the Silver Bazaar. The mission feels like a slaughter to Suen, who fights with the others until she gets knocked off and badly injured by a fireball, leaving her unconscious for three suns. Her concerns about her mercenary life grow stronger.
  • After being invited by Mariyaa Genhu Suen attends to her Ceremony of Eternal Bonding, but feels pretty much like an outlier and slips out just after the end.
  • Aeon travels to Oakwood this time, following on the trail of the people that ambushed them at Bronzelake. Suen follows Leon Greymoon, Aurou Mhirata, Ferus Ironlash, Khuja'sae Fashonti, Najila El'azah and Oyungunjin Kha and they manage to catch an ishgardian elezen before the yellowjackets do, who seems to be their leader and uses another sunstone as a magic shield. Leon Greymoon manages to chop his right arm off before he flees. The group gets their hands on more sunstones, and there seems to be different kinds.
  • Liselotte Avagnar shows up again in Suen's life and seems to have met Ferus Ironlash at Cliffperch, asking him to train her in the ways of the two-handed sword, to much of Suen's surprise and amusement. Lise doens't seem to be able to read, or at least not standard eorzean, and while not outright admitting it, she entrusts Suen to read the fencing manual to her, basically asking her to train her instead of Ferus. Suen reluctantly agrees to put that in application in the days to come.
  • Suen meets Rei'li Niraj and Khuja'sae Fashonti along the rest of Aeon gathered for a mission to help Sonu'a Viqqoh, a deserter that was part of Aeon's enemies. Aeon heads to Hammerlea in Thanalan to face his pursuer, Mohn Fashonti, who wasn't expecting them and gets defeated.
  • Ishgard organizes a tournament against all 3 Grand Companies of Eorza and wins. Nidhogg assaults the Peace Summit at Falcon's Nest.
  • Aeon is unexpectedly contacted over the link by their elezen enemy. The man offers to collaborate and gives them everything they know about those sunstones - that they call shardstones, related to the Shards - and admit their defeat as their covenant is pretty decimated. He agrees to meet over Oschon's Embrace in Vylbrand. Aeon sends a group composed of Ferus Ironlash, Leon Greymoon, Aurou Mhirata, Lute Hyrie, accompanied by Najila El'azah, a new Branded, as well as Mariyaa Genhu and Liselotte Avagnar that was hired as a detective by the elezen in question to find his lost comrades after the last incident. The group and the elezen together get ambushed by a wave of cloaked figures, that they managed to ward off long enough for the yellowjackets to show up. The elezen doesn't survive the day
  • The leader and founder of Aeon resurfaces after moons of absence through a cryptic vision over the Link, where she seems in dire troubles. The Branded decide to go on a search for her.
  • Liselotte Avagnar and Suen go on their trip to find a quieter place for the xaela to train with her greatsword. Suen chooses a remote location in the mountains of Vylbrand with a little shed and hot springs nearby, much to Lise joy. Suen is very satisfied of her plan to chill in impromptu vacations while she watches Lise training and gives vague directions. Suen tries to heat miq'abobs she brought with ceruleum and swears to Lise that she will never ever do something like that again. In the morrow, Lise goes back to training, scantily clad under a waterfall while Suen thought it was a joke at first. Lise's happy go lucky mood suddenly darkens and she sheds a few tears at the remembrance of something that Suen is oblivious to. While rather embarrassed about it, Suen shows sympathy for the xaela and feels a little attracted to a side of hers she seems to keep deep inside.
  • Visiting Vylbrand, Suen stumbles on the sigh of a manacutter, and she swears that one day she would own one as her own.
  • Sonu'a Viqqoh and Maloh Fashonti, two friends of Aeon, have disappeared and his trail leads Ferus Ironlash, Leon Greymoon, Aurou Mhirata, Lute Hyrie , Rowan Sharpe, Sasa'li Dhumen, Morgana Veros and Suen to Urth's Font, where they confronted a masked presence. During combat, Suen's aetherometer falls into the water and discharges a thunder aspected load in the pond under her feet, knocking her off. The group get Sonu'a and Maloh back, but Sonu'a's mind got messed with. Leon and Ferus break almost every bone of his body just to keep him still.
  • Leon Greymoon offers Suen to make a tour of Ishgard, his native land, and Suen gets to visit the city for the first time.
  • Aeon goes venturing deep inside the East Shroud this time, looking for another disappearance: Oyungunjin Kha, who tried to flee his employer. The group is ambushed several times and Suen takes an arrow in the shoulder.
  • Looking for sky crews all around the Goblet, Suen eventually finds Lemieux Skytrade, and airship freight company and probably a not so hidden den of skypirates. She meets captain Tristanaud Lemieux as well as Kei Aozora and L'Tohk Roto, and the dashing elezen captain shares stories of their skypirate feats before being interrupted by a newcomer, Howling Wind Vayne. The man is deadset in causing an incident with Tristanaud, and the loaded history they both share as business partners seems to seep all around until they come to hands and have to get out to settle their accounts. The remaining crew offer Suen to come by another time since they indeed have manacutters that they got their hands on, and one of them is in need of repairs. Suen's skills as a tinkerer prove to be valuable and cause the interest of various people.
  • Passing by the Mizzenmast Inn in Limsa Lominsa, Suen makes the acquaintance of Culann Steele, an ishgardian blacksmith and airship engineer student. Impressed with Suen's innate affinity with mechanical devices and Magitek, he offers to share with her his theoretical knowledge. They promise to meet again, after he presents her a few of his company mates.
  • Suen meets Raih Unaze in the Quicksands, as it has implicitly become the usual for them. Raih gets worried seeing the wound in Suen's shoulder. Both talk about their respective lives, and how Raih left her crew of skypirates after she broke up with Artoria Tumet. Suen has more and more difficulties hiding her blush and attraction for the other Keeper while Raih makes Suen tell about her dream of owning a manacutter. Still in their excitation, Raih gives her the idea to set up an underground ring of racing manacutters where the races would be rigged and they would make lots of gil. Suen tries to show her that she is actually more serious than childish and tells her about her plans to approach sky crews that own manacutters to see if she can do anything to even just see one. Raih gives her the idea to actually steal one, and while Suen is not totally convinced by the idea, she rolls with it as Raih insists and offers her help. She can't really say no to her anyway.
  • Suen gets back to Lemieux Skytrade and meets Howling Wind Vayne again. Wary of the man, she eventually hears what the elezen has to tell her and finally agrees for limited deals with the smuggler, in the form of Magitek exchange: Suen brings him the salvage she is used to find, and exchange what she doens't need against something else.
  • Ferus Ironlash looks worried and asks for help reluctantly as Kairen Ollerus, his fiancee, has vanished too, possibly in the Shroud. Suen also reluctantly accepts to help him as it will bring her back to the Shroud that she swore to avoid.
  • Suen eventually gets back to Lucky Autumn near Hyrstmill were she eventually gets reunited with her mother and sister. She is surprised to see her small village and family living their lives like nothing happened. She gets an awkward but warm reunion with her sister Seloh, but gets into a heated argument with her mother, and eventually freaks out and runs away.
  • Wandering around the Mizzenmast Inn, Suen meets As'elena Hyun, a Seeker woman that has worked for the Knights of the Barracuda for twenty years. They exchange mostly small talk about her work as a 'cuda and her roots in a almost extinct tribe of mages Seekers.
  • Suen gets to meet Morgana Veros a bit more and her first impression gets confirmed: the both of them can't stand the guts of each other, and the words exchanged are more and more vitriolic. While the witch spends most of her time taunting and trying to bully Suen and trying to prove herself superior, Suen sees her as an arrogant and vain nuisance that eventually goes to systematically rub her off the wrong way by twisting the knife in every wound she can get.
  • Aurou Mhirata and Suen get to discuss a bit in Cliffperch, and Suen confides that she doesn't see the point to stay in Aeon anymore. She is not cut for that job and she debates a bit of the actual advantages for all the Branded to gather together. Raih Unaze's idea that getting involved into people's problem only brings bad stuff makes her way back to her mind.
  • Following the attack on Oschon's Embrace, Aeon gets new leads pointing at one of the fishing hamlets of Crescent Cove in Western Thanalan. One of the ex members under the orders of the elezen that attacked them got stuck in one of their magicked vaults in a shed of Crescent Cove. He asks for Aeon's help and offers them all the content inside. Rei'li Niraj, Aurou Mhirata, Najila El'aza, Leon Greymoon, Khuja'sae Fashonti and Suen get to eventually know more about the shardstones and these vaults, that were possibly crafted by the same people that created the Shards and Brands. Unfortunately, they can't reverse the process of autodestruction initiated by the security magicked Daemon Door and the only object left after the deflagration is a small, eerie carillon of mysterious nature.
  • Suen decides to uses an aetheryte against her better judgement and get sent in the Sagolii desert, fortunately reappearing in Forgotten Springs, a Seeker village. Her she meets Suyiketu Avagnar, a xaela traveler and beast huntress. The xaela makes snarky remarks on Suen's apparent clumsiness but doesn't insist as the Miqo'te proves to be resourceful and looks sure of herself enough.
  • Suen decides to change her mind by offering to go on a picnic in any place the free company chooses. They settle for Costa Del Sol much to her dismay, but she doesn't complain as everyone makes food preparations. Ferus Ironlash, Morgana Veros, Aurou Mhirata, Kairen Olerus, Oyungunjin Kha and a new Branded, Suyiketu Avagnar, accompany Suen to the beach in a remote cove, where they also meet Brave Horizon, an ex member of Aeon that they invited. Brave offers Suen to make her visit her new company, Dufresne Bellworks, that happens to be the home of a bunch of other ex Branded. Suen is even more interested as Brave is working with Garlond Ironworks and that Dufresne Bellworks can very well help her to get her hands closer to manacutters, or at least nice engineering feats. She gets however to deal with Morgana that stops her muscle contest with Suyiketu to argue with Suen again. The discussion gets downhill very fast and hateful words get exchanged. Suen decides to just leave the event, too furious to stay.
  • Suen makes her final decision to leave Aeon and the Branded and stay absent. She jumps on the occasion to pay the visit she owed to Brave and Bellworks, in their secondary office in the Goblet. They are celebrating their one year of existence, and Suen meets a few ex Aeon like Graeham Ridgefield, Arcian Martell, the head of security, and most importantly Eliane Dufresne, the ishgardian noble owner of Bellworks. She also meets Hyrtwyda Eyhafrynwyn, the engineering head of the company. After a few awkward remarks on garleans shared with Graeham - a garlean expat - both come to a mutual, formal understanding.
  • Ferus Ironlash and Kairen Olerus eventually marry after Kairen comes back to Aeon and explains she was too ashamed to have still been working for Garlemald as spy even after having met Ferus, which made her freak out when Ferus eventually proposed her. Suen as well as various other Aeon people are invited to the ceremony. Shortly after, bride and husband announce that Kairen is pregnant, much to Suen's discomfort.
  • Altani Mol, xaela shaman working for Aeon, organizes a potluck and Suen is invited. She brings her favorite miq'abobs and is rather pleased to keep good relations with her acquaintances and friends there even if she doesn't really show it. There she meets Jayson Cross, the engineer that elaborated all the protective wards and other effects around Cliffperch. Before people start sharing the potluck itself, he brings up the old Aeon alcohol reserve. People start picking bottles and flask randomly, and Aurou Mhirata gets quickly tipsy. People eventually eat and Suen makes a short work of Aurou's honeyed pastries.
The Order of Ouroboros
  • Suen stumbles on Sami Rhoka in the Goblet and after a bit of small talk about companies and jobs, Sami offers her a place on an important coerthan leve to hunt down a dragon causing a ruckus in the area. Suen reluctantly accept, despite her insecurities about mercenary work. She desperately needs money to survive and pay for her tinkering.
  • Suen stumbles randomly on Raih Unaze and F'koja Tia on their way to the Quicksands. Here they greet L'rah Tia, and Suen and F'koja start doing small talk until after a few drinks L'rah makes lewd jokes on the relationship between Raih and F'koja. Suen comes to the realization that both are into a relationship and gets pretty crushed. She can't really refrain from acting flustered and remains silent until it gets obvious for everyone but Raih, and F'koja starts rubbing it into her face at every opportunity, until Suen eventually snaps. She watches them all leave while feeling terrible.
  • The group lead by Sami Rhoka departs from Fallgourd Float in direction of Coerthas to execute their leve. They pass Florentel spire and eventually reach the cave where the ice dragon retreated. They managed to corner it inside, leaving it very little leeway to fight, and after a few cuts and bruises and an ice breath, they manage to cut its wings to pieces and finish it. They get their reward (7000gil per person) at the Observatorium.
  • After a few days, Suen eventually tries to reach Raih out through linkpearl to apologize. She refuses to apologize to F'koja as well however. Suen has eventually to confirm what Raih started to notice too, and both hope that this will never get in the way of their friendship.
  • Wandering in the honey yards of the East Shroud, caught under the storm, Suen stumbles on Tira Nophi in Hawthorne hut. The hyur girl explains that she comes from an orphanage in the vicinity, and now lives as part of the archer's guild of Gridania. Hearing Suen mentioning Magitek, she manages to convince her to go take a peek at Castrum Oriens, and Suen agrees reluctantly. Suen spooks Tira by making up imaginary enemies once in Larskall. Returning quite happy to Gridania after their journey in the wood, they end the day talking at a table at Carline Canoppy. Tira vaguely mentions an event that traumatized her as a teenager.
  • Still in the Carline Canopy and due to all tables being taken, Suen ends up at a table occupied by Arzilia Rausten who presents herself as an ex dragoon from Ishgard. Exchanging a few words on their respective travels and endeavors, Arzilia offers to assist Suen in her salvage trips. They promise to meet in Mor Dhona to that effect.
  • Back in Thanalan, Suen is testing one of her latest finds, a busted aetherometer, near the Burning Wall. She is surprised to stumbled on two individuals who seems to be good pals, Oyuu Dataq and J'takra Tia. Initially mutually suspicious of each other, Suen and J'takra eventually come to agree that it was probably a misunderstanding, and talking about the aetherometer Oyuu decides to introduce Suen to their secret society of Magi, the Order of Ouroboros, dedicated to track lost and dangerous magical artifacts or entities. He explains to Suen that while the job is not literally paid, they could need her skills with technology, and what interests them the most is her aetherometer. Out of curiosity and her interest piqued by the perspective of obscure and spooky magic, Suen agrees.
  • At the next meeting of the Order, Suen discovers the estate of Sahael Nevara,the young mage financing the organization. She meets him as well as other guests or members, Aryiaa Avernus, Arthurioux Duchamps, Oyuu Dataq, J'takra Tia and Haydn'to Kalmar who she hasn't seen for quite a while, and is surprised to stumble upon just like that. The Keeper was apparently hired as a thief to located and steal a cursed axe, and the Order is planning to rob the owner of the weapon of his possession. They also evoked a voidsent horse that comes haunting Sahael and they would need Suen's aetherometer as to gauge its nature and power.
  • End of the Dragonsong War.
  • The time has come for the Order of Ouroboros to get in possession of the cursed axe they were looking for, and they follow Haydn'to Kalmar in Central Thanalan to the estate of a rich lalafell merchant. While Haydn, Sahael Nevara and J'takra Tia try to infiltrate the place, Oyuu Dataq, Arthurioux Duchamps, Aryiaa Avernus and Suen get on a position overlooking the scene, ready to make a diversion when the infiltration turns sour. Suen reluctantly offers her ceruleum canister to that effect and the mages detonate it to create a powerful deflagration. After a short battle inside and outside, they get the better on their enemies and get their hands on the axe.
  • On her way to explore a bit the ruins in Mor Dhona and salvage, Suen calls Arzilia Rausten that promised to accompany her, and both meet on the terrace over the main plaza. Arzilia talks a bit about her lost life as a dragoon, the way her friends think she died, and how she is afraid of the shame she would have to bear by coming back in Ishgard and face them. She also adds that her family of minor nobility would probably try to marry her and Suen asks jokingly if Arzilia is not into elezen males, to which the ishgardian answers that she has other preferences. They then proceed to the salvage part of their trip and Suen stumbles on very valuable parts. She gives one to Arzilia so that the dragoon gets something out of that expedition too. They both look at the eerie crystalline night of Silvertears Falls and the flirtatious ishgardian eventually manage to throw enough innuendos at Suen for her to throw back her fair share, and both share a kiss or two. Arzilia breaks the moment as it is getting late and leaves the Miqo'te very confused about the whole scene.
  • Suen decides to use her 7000 gil to hire Aeon to go on a trip in Dravania in the hope of getting salvage out of a garlean corvette she saw plummeting in the sky a few days before. Aurou accepts, and the next day Lute Hyrie, Armel Winterson, Najila El'aza and Koro Tumet, a new recruit, follow Suen into the Dravanian Forelands and start their journey at Tailfeather. They quickly spot the column of smoke in the sky and unable to reach their elevated destination, they have to make a long detour passing through Anyx Trine, a den of Hraesvelgr dragons. They start their ascend on the mountain of Sohm Al and after a long walk, reach their destination: old ruins, but no sight of the crashed corvette. They conclude that the garleans must have made repairs and fled the area, to Suen huge disappointment.
  • The next meeting of the Order of Ouroboros - they happen every sennight - they discuss of the axe they got and do not really know what to do with it, deciding to keep it sealed into the company vault. They also talk about the voidsent horse that seems to have fed on lalafell faces, and that seems to appear whenever Sahael thinks about it. They ask Suen to take measurements with her aetherometer, and the device shows a huge aetherial spike, umbral aspected. They start devising on what to do, some willing to just nuke it while some other ask for caution.
  • Suen contacts Arzilia Rausten to inquire awkwardly if the ex dragoon needs something in counterpart for her help in Mor Dhona. The midlander just tells her that she could just need her presence and chill a bit in the Goblet, where both are located. Arzilia seems hurt at the shoulder and asks Suen if she can help her take care of the bandages, which she does. They start to flirt again and it soon turns into a taunting game.
  • The Order of Ouroboros welcomes a new member, Ellere Valahan, who is a sharlayan scholar with her own aetherometer and the knowledge to use those properly. Suen is interested.
  • For some reason, Suen visit Cliffperch and stumbles on Aurou Mhirata, Rowan Sharpe and Ferus Ironlash. She asks Aurou if they received her payment, then they all talk about Ferus other skills as accountant, and how that can serve him when he will not be able to fight anymore due to old age. They talk a bit about retirement, which Suen founds a bit depressing.
  • The Order of Ouroboros cuts their next meeting short to help Sahael Nevara who is near Highbridge in Eastern Thanalan. Oyuu Dataq, J'takra Tia, Ellere Valahan, Aryiaa Avernus, Arthurioux Duchamps, Pan Ysbrid and Suen go on their way to meet him and he shows them the runic contraption he designed in the hope to banish the voidsent horse. Uncertain on what to do, the group reluctantly agrees to do it, and while Sahael summons the horse, the contraption is not enough in itself to send him back to the void. The group have to fight it with all their strength until it eventually gets loose and vanishes.
  • A new meeting of the Order of Ouroboros. Oyuu Dataq, Arthurioux Duchamps, J'takra Tia, As'elena Hyun and Suen make plans to deal with the cursed axe. Suen is surprised to find As'elena here. Arthurioux tells the group about his task to find spring water in Coerthas to date it through aether as an exercise and asks for help. He also offer to accompany Suen in her next salvage trip in Mor Dhona.
  • After having vanished for moons without a warning, Liselotte Avagnar gets back into Suen's life when the latter stumbles on her in the Brume. Suen at first gets angry at Lise for having bailed on her, but they soon get back talking, taking refuge in the Halonic church where Lise explains she got abducted but got the better of her attackers and fled. Though surprised, Suen reluctantly shows a bit more of her protective feelings and they end up enjoying the moment. Confused about her newfound feelings for the xaela, Suen jumps on another subject and both end up the evening eating all their heart's content at Sahael's estate. Lise eventually gets back to their old habits and freeloads into Suen's room.
  • Arthurioux Duchamps brings the Order of Ouroboros to help him collect water samples in Coerthas for his aetherial researches. Suen ends up being paired with J'takra Tia and she soonstarts tossing veiled sarcastic snipes at the snarky Seeker, pissy about the cold.
  • The Order of Ouroboros is lead by Oyuu Dataq to investigate the sighting of a Void gate near Thal's Gate in Ul'dah. They stumbled on a few imps that they take care of fast before a man appears and 'fuses' their remnants together as to form a more formidable foe. The man manages to escape while the group deals with their voidsent enemy.
  • Suen calls Arthurioux Duchamps to honor the promise she made to take him into one of her salvage runs in Mor Dhona, so that the elezen can get garlean steel plates.
  • The Order of Ouroboros gathers to discuss the matters of the Voidgate and the people that seem to have opened it. They learn that their leader is an outcast from the Thaumaturges Guild.
  • Suen stumbles on Liselotte Avagnar in a bad mood and her mind obviously brooding over something. She tries to cheer her up awkwardly by bringing her to a hat shop, where she notices that Lise already have them all. Frustrated, she drags them all the way to the Quicksand to make her have a drink and forget her worries for a moment. It all goes downhill when both prove to be lightweights and start competing with each other on the amount of drinks they can get. After a few louds and alcoholized comments, they kiss in the back alley before the xaela eventually gets scared of what she is doing and flees.
  • Liselotte Avagnar eventually gets back to the only home she gets - Suen's room. After an awkward meeting where Suen eventually admits to feel miserable for what happened, and Lise that she doesn't remember anything, they both get along and talk about Suen's Magitek workshop of sorts as well as the true xaela name of Lise, Yesuntai. Suen returns the favor and tells her own. For the first time Suen starts coming to terms with the feelings she had for the xaela and that she kept buried.
  • The Order of Ouroboros decides to track the outcast void mage they learned about previously, and corners him and his followers in a cave, in Nophica's Wells. After a brief confrontation, they manage to subdue the group.
  • Under the impulse of Sahael Nevara, the leader of the Order, the group goes to follow situational, improvised training in Southern Thanalan.
  • In order to find the missing brother of Arshtat Ejinn, the Order of Ouroboros takes the heed of Sahael Nevara and go to summon a voidsent entity called 'The Eye'. Albeit all-knowing, The Eye is also stupid enough to let slip some of the information the Order was looking for, but almost breaks loose under Sahael's control.
  • Arzilia Rausten and Suen see each other in the Goblet and Suen asks the ishgardian soldier about first aid basics. They promise to meet someday near the Haukke Manor and tell each other of their own tales.
  • Suen meets Arzilia Rausten near Haukke and they sit there, telling each other spooky stories that happened in their younger days.
  • The Order of Ouroboros is called by their thaumaturge contact of the Ossuary. He asks them if they could inquire in their stead in Lost Hope where a plague of green rot has appeared. They are specifically looking for a 'miraculous healer', and also learn that someone is selling imperfect remedies at insane prices and are racketeering their buyers. As they eventually find the so called healer, the latter gets ambushed by a group of assassins and a fight with the Order of Ouroboros ensue.
  • The Order of Ouroboros investigates the Ruins of Gelmorra in order to find more clues on the disappearance of Arshtat Ejinn's brother, cursed by a Mhachi amulet. They stumbled on a group of malevolent Duskwights and have to fight their way out of the situation.
  • The Order calls a meeting and Oyuu Dataq brings up the Mhachi amulet, only to see people attuned to magic to start bickering and fighting each other, probably influenced by the mere presence of the amulet.
  • The Order of Ouroboros continues their investigation of the Green Rot plague around Lost Hope. Their prisoner confirms that they were hired to kill the mysterious healer, and the Ossuary calls them to investigate further around a pond in the Clutch where supernatural healing was supposed to happen. Instead of finding the mysterious healer there, they find a benevolent elemental entity that seems to be revered by some of the local refugees, tainted by the Rot. The entity informs them of a camp nearby, used by the racketeers the group found the last time. After taking care of the two guard left, the group gets told that the main troop headed in the direction of the entity with the intend to get rid of an 'abomination'. Back on site the group stumbles on the hidden face of the entity, which is actually a huge slime ashkin with a demonic intelligence, and the huge cesspool of corpses it ate over the weeks of the Green Rot by baiting refugees or locals to do its bidding. Unable to find a way to vanquish it, the group retreats.
  • Having left the Goblet estate, Suen heads over to Blue Fog station in order to get her hand on a flask or two of ceruleum. She stumbles on Auristella Tullia who happens to work as a Magitek engineer for Garlond Ironworks. They speak a bit of their respective experiences and origins and through a slight slip of language of the Raen, Suen concludes that she might well come from the Empire itself. She is left quite intrigued and excited to learn more.
  • Back from her trip, Suen stumbles on Oyuu Dataq and Nehsa'to Yohri fighting an intruder miqo'te, Sohail Ghanim, in a devastated entry hall. The latter seems to have come inside thinking the mansion was empty, craving for forbidden magic knowledge. Oyuu eventually neutralizes him and eventually warily extends him a hand after concluding it may have been a misunderstanding.
  • Oyuu Dataq decides that the Order of Ouroboros should train in fistfighting. He decides to pair everyone present randomly and asks them to fight. Very reluctantly and quite ruffled, Suen accepts to spar with Kyt'ir Jakhya, another Keeper of the Moon. She takes the opportunity at the end of the fight - that she lost - to sneak away.
  • Gone to gather acidic reagents in the Alchemists Guild in Uld'ah, Suen meets Lucia Redfield and gets immediately fascinated by her Magitek camera. It doesn't get long for her to understand that the white-haired miqo'te hails from Garlean territory, which doesn't prevent Suen to go test the camera in Thanalan desert.
  • The Eorzean alliance storms Baelsar's Wall in the East Shroud and a new Eikon is summoned.
  • Suen and Lucia Redfield meet again in Black Brush Station, after Suen tried to gather copper ore there.
  • Suen stumbles on Auristela Tullia and both talk about the recent events on Baelsar's Wall and Auristela's employer interests in the matter. Suen reluctantly asks for her help in order to understand the underlying mechanics of manacutters, while promising to bring her something valuable in exchange.
  • The Order of Ouroboros gathers with the aim to solve the mystery of Madoc Parnell cursed two handed sword, and starts experimenting in order to do so.
  • Suen refuses to take part in an unprepared expedition to the Sylph Lands and stays behind, talking with Mistress Koko of the Shroud as well as their mutual dislike of Seekers of the Sun.
  • The Order of Ouroboros tries to set up a contingency plan after Madoc Parnell succumbed to the power of his sword and went in rampage. A group departs for the ruins of Qarn to find anti aetherial relics under the direction of Ruran Vas.
  • Suen meets R'das Sahazrh in Camp Black Brush as both were looking for supply deliveries. They discuss about engineers, their business, and R'das mentions her company mandated by the Flames to advise and supply the Grand Company with Magitek. Rather interested, Suen gets handed a linkpearl so they can stay in contact.
  • Suen decides on a whim to make a detour by Cliffperch and give a visit to Aeon. They end up mentioning Triple Triad, and she ends up trying her garlean and allagan decks with Ferus Ironlash, Zander Zeautaux, an ishgardian elezen minor noble, and Rei'li Niraj and his cousin Nemoh Nodaya.
  • Suen visits R'das Sahazrh's housing in the Goblet, that the latter just acquired for the operations of her company, Machina and Magitek. They discuss of the various new devices seen in the Garlean military around the Wall recently.
  • The trapped Eikon floating above Baelsar's Wall bursts out of his cocoon and is confronted by the Omega Weapon above Gyr Abania.
  • Told that the Order went to the beach, Suen peeks her nose there only to find that they are throwing a beach party. How odd. She only stays the time to laze about.
Machina and Magitek
  • Machina & Magitek holds a company progress review and Suen brings forth her ideas on how to approach the heating issue on one of the company projects she has been assigned to, along R'das Sahazrh.
  • Machina & Magitek sends a small team to break in Castrum Occidens, garrisoned only with a skeleton crew, in order to pillage Magitek equipment. Suen finds that plan crazy and makes herself a look-out for the group.
  • Suen meets R'das Sahazrh in the workshop and they test some of the materials the group got from a disabled Magitek Claw, and try to see how they can adapt it to the same company project - the aether manipulator designed as 'The Gauntlet' - in order to fix its heating issues.
  • Machina and Magitek hols another meeting where R'das Sahazrh explains that she aims to get her old airship back from her old associates. For that to happen, she wants the company to build a whole brand new airship, Invincible class, and sell it along with the remnants of the Magitek Death Claw. Suen gets assigned to work on the propellers and the bulkheads.
  • A progress review is held in order to judge of the airship assembly state of advancement. They also evaluate the company assets in terms of piloting and airship crew skills.
  • The Eorzean Alliance assembles near Baelsar's Wall and makes camp on the other side, preparing a war campaign in Garlemald controlled territory. They make contact with some of the local Ala-Mighan Resistance fighters, but their efforts are crushed by the imperial Viceroy in Rhalgr's Reach, the Resistance HQ. This bring their advance to a halt.
  • Machina & Magitek are mobilized and assigned two missions from Immortal Flames command: make their insert at the back of the frontlines in The Fringes and salvage what they can, setting their sights on a colossus wreck, while another group has to investigate aetherial disturbances somewhere else. Suen is part of the engineer group sent for the colossus target, and they manage to avoid confronting local giant antlions in order to sneak on a garlean salvage team already gathered around the Colossus. Unfortunately, they get noticed in spite of the dust storms, and have to fight their way bitterly in order to get their hands on the colossus unknown core.
  • The Free Company gathers to review the current state of the war. Suen's fear and views over what she considers to be a suicide move from the Alliance put them at odds with some members like Aysun Demiir, Fenix Darkfire and even R'das Sahazrh. She leaves the meeting brooding and unsure of herself.
  • Suen stumbles on Arzilia Rausten in the Fringes, after having lost sight of her for moons. While Suen is trying to fix her new whimsical manacutter that overheated once again, Arzilia was on patrol on her side. The two meet and talk a quite a bit after that reunion. Before long, Suen offers Arzilia to use the manacutter to take them to an apartment of the miqo'te's relatives, for more intimacy.
  • Arzilia Rausten and Suen decide to do something together and Suen reluctantly offers to go spearfishing in the Shroud like she used to a long time ago.
  • M&M organize a corporate meeting where new members are introduced as well as the contractor that is to handle the sales. Suen is tasked in crafting nullspheres, devices that siphon corrupted or saturated aether until they are full, to sell them to the Flames or other clients.
  • Investigations around the Omega Weapon and the Flames duties of M&M being in a lull, Suen decides to embark in a trip to Kugane, where she meets Rhela Nebuko, an eorzean courtesan that offers her to stay for free in their inn.

Suen's Journey

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