Xavieraux Reinardes

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Name..Xavieraux Reinardes
Alias.. Xav
Age.. 27
Gender.. Male
Race.. Elezen
Clan.. Duskwight
Orientation.. Bisexual
Marital.. Single
Patron Diety.. Hyadelyn
Location.. Wandering
Occupation.. Adventurer/Secret Noble
Alignment.. Chaotic Good

Xavieraux Reinardes is a lithe and dark-skinned Duskwight at about 6’3 tall.

When traveling, fighting, or adventuring, he tends to wear a mixture of dark-colored plate and chainmail in order to allow for ease of movement and protection, enough to fight nimbly with his chosen weapon, or cast a spell if need be.

When in highly-formal occasions his dress also drifts towards a more darker and classical manner reminiscent of Ishgardian nobility, or that of a bar-obsessed romantic when he attempts to blend in with more average people.

Xav has always sought to do good, as someone born into a relatively privileged position. He has found helping those of lesser means to be a calling of his. However, he has always found the law to be somewhat problematic to work within, so whether by day or night we works outside the law to help those most in need. In demeanor, Xav is noble and polite, eager to understand others and meet new people, but he is not without his sadistic side, taking the most devilish glee from those whose stomachs turn at the sight of monster dissections. He's a sadist, though at worst a very polite one, taking pleasure most from the suffering of those who rightly deserve it.

He was born into a moderately notable house within Ishgard. Alongside noble lineage, many past ancestors had been merchants, alchemists, scholars, and smugglers. While this made for a wealthier than average house, it also made Reinardes a house that was often snubbed by some houses of both similar and higher position, for a history of less than reputable deeds and association with the general peasantry. Seeking a life outside the gaze of rivals from other houses, and those within the house who would demand behavior "more befitting a noble" Xav left to travel Eorzea, his reticent younger sister left to tend to the house in his stead.




Martial Ability: From his travels Xavieraux has developed a mastery of both axe and rapier, training both to an incredible degree through combat, adventuring, and the tutelage of those he has encountered over the course of his journey through lands both new and old. His style is like that of a poised dancer and drunken brawler, weaving in and out of attacks, using the momentum of his weapon to his own benefit, or that of his opponent to their detriment. In many ways watching him fight is perhaps less like watching blood sport and more like watching art.

Healing and Destructive Magic: While he was an upstart youth in Ishgard, Xavieraux's father brought Sharlayan instructors to tutor him in the ways of the arcane magics, as well as history, mathematics, politics and the other basic of nobility from a young age. Whole math may not (often) be the best weapon against monsters and rogues of all sorts, the magic certainly helped to develop as refine Xavierau'x martial ability, intertwining together to create a unique method of hurting foes and healing allies, and channeling energy through his body more efficiently.

Arcane/Aetheric Lore: From both his scholarly upbringing, and the chance to read new books and investigate all sorts of monsters, Xavieraux has developed an acute knowledge of the inner working of The Aether, mana, and various monster biology. Following the tried and true wisdom of "Waste not, want not" most slain monsters, if they aren't cooked, are dissected and studied by Xavieraux.

Personal Limits

I will play mature content and themes (drugs, alcohol, violence) so long as it makes sense. Temporary injuries are alright. Temporary imprisonment is also fine. Both are fine as long as they are discussed beforehand or afterward at the very least. A walkup is fine as long as I am asked first.
Ask about anything that would permanently affect my character. ERP.
I won't play permanent character death, non-consensual sexual encounters, almost any type of lore-breaking content.
Other Notes
■ If something I am doing is making you uncomfortable or I overstep boundaries, please let me know in a /tell.
■ I love tanking and doing dungeons, I will do them with you if you wish.
■ I'm fine with being friends with any person I meet in-game OOC and out of the game.:
■ Since I'm not a member of any FC currently, I'm open to any FC trying to recruit me. I have room for quite a few linkshells. Important: Any FC or Linkshell I'm part of needs to be LGBTQIA friendly and to have some standards to prevent racial, gendered, and other slurs from being used OOC.
■ My Timezone is EST I'm most often on during the weekday evenings and weekend afternoons.

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