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— X'kriss Tia —

"Never forget what you are,
the rest of the world will not."

Desertborne brawler. With strange unearthly eyes, he is marked with tell-tale essence belonging to what some whisper to be Azyema herself. His fists churn with resolute flames, generating from roots within his priestess mother's bloodline. Lacking the necessary connections with his family due to a tragedy befalling their tribe since birth, X'kriss finds himself wanderlust. The Tia shows great potential, and although his youth may come with trial, his heart never lacks in turn for it.

Race miqo'te
Clan seeker of the sun
Age early 20's
Nameday 9th Sun, 6th Astral Moon
Deity Azeyma
Marital Status single
Occupation hunter of beasts and treasure
Height ~5 fulm 8 ilm
Weight ~160 ponz

General ☢

Kissed by the sun, the Miqo'te's complexion is a heavy bronze - peppered with freckles across cheeks, nose, and high on the tops of the shoulders. Crafted in the poise of a brawler, he carries a lean amount of muscle balanced between speed and strength. True to his Lynx kind, X'kriss' tail is exceptionally and comically shorter than any other tribe. Rich golden hair rivals the color of gil itself, cut short at the sides and spun forward in a lazy tussle.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, as some say. The Tia's are sharp, wild and hold a ghoulish green tint to them; perhaps a gift from his late mother. And from his father, scars carved across one side of the mouth and face to remind the boy of his place in the world.

Clothing ☢

Living in the desert doesn't give you much of a broad fashion-sense. Usually, X'kriss sticks what was is most comfortable. Darker hues of clothing, some loose fitting while others might be clingier depending on the functionality. Earthy tones mixed with greens, now that he's becoming more accustomed to civilian life -occasionally a dab of jewelry can be seen. At times, the Tia can be caught barefoot even in the most heated weather.

Voice ☢

A little on the rough side, still young sounding with a scrap of alto-tenor if you ever catch him humming or singing. (*in progress, seeking a voice claim)


Honest, emotional, energetic, and loud, the blonde might seem like a nuisance to some who aren't accustomed to the ways of the Tia lifestyle. He can be a bit overwhelming at times, but X'kriss is of good nature and generally balances seeing the good and bad within strangers. It takes a bit for the man to open up to anyone on a personal level and trust is only earned through time and action. Open-minded, this may cause some conflict between the more traditional Miqo'te that demand respect or a certain viewpoint on how the world works. X'kriss has never been one to conform quietly and has bouts of stubborn, hard-headed, and aggressive tendencies.

While he'd enjoys being diplomatic, there's a violent streak that more often than not comes to life on impulse.


good food
honest people
treasure hunting


early mornings
attention-seekers / try-hards
cold weather
liars / thieves


Alignment: chaotic neutral
Faults: tactless, hot-headed, not educated in worldly customs
Favorite Flavors: savory, citrus
Favorite Color: green

Backstory ☢

tldr; Exile son of a dead priestess of a Lynx tribe branch. His father murdered both X'kriss' mother and the former Nunh out of jealousy and contempt. Complicated and mangled connections, this Tia seeks retribution for the death of his mother. But only time will tell when he'll be able to get that chance.


Firstborn male of the well respected priestess, X'neeva, and X'rhenzek Tia before he (Rhenzek) became the next Nunh; the boy (Kriss) took to his clan duties from day one. Take up arms, take up a skill, or becoming one of the laboring caste fated to burn in the sun with sweat on their backs and nothing more. Many expectations were pushed upon the young Seeker, though his familial ties are ones born in blood and not love. For the dune cats, those who are strongest claim the right to breed with the females of the tribe and lead them down a new path. X'rhenzek was an exception; wily and clever, he used subterfuge tactics in order to reach his goal. Tradition was not something he had in mind when he took the head of X'sho (the now former Nunh), slaughtering him in his sleep along with X'neeva(Kriss' mother).

Females that become priestesses are given the innate option to breed with whomever they choose, while other females are usually promised to the Nunh. Essentially, X'neeva had a soft spot for X'sho, favoring him over X'rhenzek after they coupled. Word has that it enraged him enough to seek vengeance after X'kriss was born, years of preparing and psyching himself up led the jealous Tia to take the life of his Nunh and out of rage, X'neeva as well. This sparked controversy in the tribe for awhile, but given that the details were not spared so carelessly, X'rhenzek became the new tribe leader and protector. His first order, given tradition, was to purge all of the children that belonged to the former Nunh and Priestess so to see no revenge or competition.

During the slaughter X'kriss, now older, was out on a coming of age hunt with a few other males of the tribe. He came home to mourn dead kin, mother included, while his tyrant of a father took command over the dune cats. The only reason X'rhenzek spared his son was due to their shared bloodline; unable to destroy something of himself. From there on, X'kriss was given the short end of the stick, given harder tasks, bigger expectations, burning him out of spirit and strength. A backhanded way of torturing what remains of X'neeva's blood.

In the past cycle the Tia has learned a lone sister has managed to evade the purge of the Nunh's volatile temper. Word of her being a 'shadow priestess', cursed with the twisted specter blood of their shared mother, has branded her as a crazed outcast. X'rhenzek has spared her as a show of faith to his people, a farce of a mercy message that he is not the monster his son knows him to be. X'kriss has gone to hunt her down in hopes of finding some kinship between them, and for other personal reasons - be it to escape his X'rhenzek, or become something different.



X'kriss has located his sister, though any hopes of them harnessing a familial bond has been tarnished in the wind with the woman's all-consuming madness and witchcraft. He buries her memory in the dunes of the Sagolii from whence they came and now attempts to find his footing in the desert city of Ul'dah and beyond.


(easy to overhear)
"The guy seriously has a bottomless pit fer' a stomach."
"He's got a real good punch. Saw him knock out a Hellsguard fella' in one go!"
"Them eyes on that Tia ain't a good omen. You see the way they glow?"
"What a pain in the ass! Feckin' Miqo'te can't hold his liquor!"
"Dunno' what he does. Sometimes he's wanderin' the streets, sometimes he's sellin' to merchants some pelts."


(moderately difficult to overhear)
"I think he got kicked outta' his tribe for causin' trouble."
"Spied him eyin' up more than just the girls around here. I figure he's not picky. Or just one of them weirdos."


(very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Not surprised he's training so hard. I'd be mad too if my old man off'd my mother."


(rumors from the characters of other players)

Notes ☢

NO: Fetish or underage characters. I don't RP with 'female Tia' or 'female Nunh'. Nope.
Plot is nice. I'm basically open for anything. Darker themes are A-OK.
FC =/= not RP group. Do not hold the entire FC group responsible for the sole action of a single person in it.
ROLEPLAY HOOKS: Relic/treasure hunting, sparring partners, friends, rivals, Keepers (interested in them), romance, traveling companions, mercenary work and odd-jobs.

In-Game ☢

Balmung Server
EST / NYC Time
Discord is available upon request.

Outgoing Links ☢


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