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Born in the vague area of forestry where tribes often live, Rhis was raised as any other tribal would be. Lots of moms and some survival. Unfortunately for all parties involved, this did not create a normal Miqo'te. Her curiously wired head sparked to life once it was fed teachings. These wires gently pulled her away from the other children. Her questions were uncomfortable and her stories were frightening. Her favorite animal was a snake and she couldn't be trusted for more than fifteen seconds with a sharp object in the room. Every other child surrounding her eventually found itself estranged by something, somehow.

With adolescence's arrival, Rhis' peaceful surroundings grew more hostile. The tables had turned! Kids no longer feared what they had come to call the cursed child when they could simply force it away from their world. They could push and shove their old phobia as they pleased, abusing it in the hopes that one day, it would stop smiling back and finally flee. Thankfully, before too long, the tribe's curse would follow their wishes and disappear thanks to their elders, who had the wisdom to see good in the child. Rhis spent the rest of her time among her kin with the artisans and hunters, hidden away inside of workshops and butcheries. From this, she learned of craftsmanship, of the ways to turn darkness into beauty... She made very beautiful things.

A few years later, as her adolescence began to wane, the elders found themselves forced to make a decision. Their secret prodigy had grown big, adventurous and impossible to hide away for much longer without conflict from their tribe. Despite their love, they would have to kindly set her free. She had three days to make her goodbyes, take anything she needed and leave. Rhis took a single afternoon thanking the ones who had raised her well and on the next morning, she was gone without another word. Off to the great city-states with a change of clothes and a small knife, the artist would not be prepared for what lied in wait. The tribes were a serene haven and now she had jumped into the lion's den. There was no love to be had, here, but after a few restless days learning to survive in the busy and uncaring streets of the city states, she found a boundless supply of inspiration.

The first year was the hardest, starving in Gridania, but as the moons went by, Rhis learned more than just survival. She learned of profit. By the end of her second year, the exile had procured a ticket to Ul'Dah, where the weather was always comfortable, the people were rich and the booze was cheap. She would easily make a living selling anything her little knife could carve, saving up to buy more little knives, window shopping for the big ones. On a day like any other, barging into every smithy in town to see their work, she ran into a smith unlike the rest. A smith that had caught enough rumors to know who the guest was. A short-tempered Hyur that would come to offer her an opportunity, a home and the reputable career Y'Rhis still holds today.


Rhis only stands out on a second glance. She is average in most regards, no shorter or taller than any would think, nor strangely postured or built. A cursory check shows an average, messy Miqo'te. The details come out after a proper look at the figure. Her messy, yet clean hair. Her old, perfectly maintained clothing. The ornate sheathes that would never belong on such a tattered, disorganized stranger. The same goes for her face, a set of empty eyes forever hidden away behind a red pince-nez, leaving only an amused expression lingering on her lips. If one was to remove the glasses, the tatters and the priceless blades at her sides, they would see a story. Beneath her clothes lie skin covered in all sorts of scars, all made in different events, too many events to remember. Behind her shades, a thousand yard stare far more observant than even she could realize.
Remarkable traits:
Her sunglasses only ever leave her face by force. To a stranger, they may as well have replaced her real eyes to complete an unforgettable blank stare.
Her past is well hidden under sleeves, but an observant spirit may notice an old injury or two.
Despite having clothing of little value, she always seems to have at least one knife sheath at a thigh. A sheath that at a glance, carries something far more ornate and valuable than someone of her stature should own.


Y'Rhis may have some obscure and possibly complicated interests, she herself is a rather simple woman. She is easy to please and hard to anger, going out of her way to find happiness in the little things. She is a stoic figure, rarely exuding more than a glimpse of real emotion, always projecting a dead stare and a blank face outwards, often with a little smirk of amusement at things most would find irrelevant. Behind the stone cold, deathly bored and undisciplined aura lies something a bit more human. After a while, becoming accustomed to the little outward emotion shown, one would notice Y'Rhis' more important traits. They will usually come to notice her obsession with bladed objects, her willingness to offer favors to complete strangers, her unhealthy work ethic and her endless resolve. Rhis can see something beautiful in even the bleakest of pictures, in fact, with enough time, one would eventually notice her attraction to misery, where she observes the burning passion and touching conviction of the people within it.


Misery... It is in the woeful world of horror and despair that emotions burn at their brightest. Her fascination begins in the real world, but extends itself to the tales better left told at night. She seeks to unsettle herself, and as a result, the people around her.
Sharpness... Some people love theatre. Some love gems. Some can't get enough of great food. This one wishes to witness the sharpest and shiniest blades around.
Outings... Rhis isn't so insane as to always surround herself with death and suffering. Often, the forest trails and the sunset are just as satisfying. Any venture away from home is a venture towards pleasant surprises.


Betrayal... Of course, nobody likes a liar, but Rhis has a rather intense disdain for broken trust. It is a commodity she finds too valuable for a price, too rare to throw away.
Fairytales.. Y'Rhis holds a special grudge for happy endings. Perhaps she stopped believing in them, perhaps she's bitter it never came. She couldn't tell you where it stems from, but blind optimism never ceases to bring forth a little frown.
Machines.. They never work right. They don't make any sense, they take away her landlord's job. Nothing good comes out of those damnable things.


Gazing... Many folk, especially regular patrons of the various bars around the world engage in what they would call "People-watching." Rhis takes it a step farther, going out on long, quiet journeys in the streets to watch people's daily lives. She makes her way off a forest's beaten path just to see a bird, or a flower that wouldn't have been around otherwise. She finds solace in being an observer of the living world.
Sculpture... Her job may involve much carving and sharpening, but that is for gil. Outside the shop, Rhis often finds herself a block of soft material to carve into a shape, tiny works that she leaves around, finding no value in hoarding them. If provided with an area and some proper tools, all bets are off. Stone figures, metal engravings, pottery, you name it.


Stability... Never will someone run into the cat without it's temper. Even if she were to lose it, it wouldn't show. Impeccable self control would lead any stranger to believe Rhis is an infinite well of resolve and patience. This isn't the case, but her blank face would only show it to someone who knows what to look for.
Honor... Rhis considers trust sacred. It may not be harmed. Promises must be held and favors must be completed. Trust is her most valuable possession, and she would hold on to such a thing for better or for worse.


Empathy... Being such a consistently stoic person has many advantages, but it is a double-edged sword. Shaped by her childhood, her heart has built around itself an impenetrable barrier, preventing her from showing distress and sympathy without distinguishing between either.
Leithargy... Rhis has spent too long being thrust with conflict to accept any more. An argument may pass, but escalation is out of the question. She will fold and concede to any show of force, not out of fright, but out of a deep desire not to be involved in such things.


Duty... Alice, Rhis' acting caretaker, makes many demands. Rent must be paid, rooms must be tidied and errands must be made. The artisan is bound to these demands, for she is also bound to their issuer.
Reason... All her life, Rhis has been working for herself. Even in completing favors for her landlord, she is working for her betterment. Unbeknownst to her own mind, this artist searches for something to live for.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Alice Arahrte, acting guardian.
( )
"Boss. We live together. I do what she says, I try not to complain and I get someone who cares in return. Pretty good deal." " ."
Alice and Rhis are a strange pair. From the surface, it seems like an unlikely business partnership. Two people who spend their day telling eachother off passive aggressively. Beneath these shallow assumptions, though, there is an undying bond between the two. They care for eachother in their own little ways. They understand eachother in ways other never would. They know the value of such a rarity.

The tribe, estranged.
( )
"I don't hate them, I just don't belong. Nothing more to it, really." " ."
Rhis harbors no ill-will towards her old home, she has come to understand herself and her world enough to see things for what they were. Children will be children, after all. Despite all this, she would not consider the tribe a home anymore, only a birthplace, and a memory.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Oh, Y'Rhis? Yeah, I've heard the name. Makes knives. Fucking expensive ones, too. Never saw the point. It's a knife, not a jewel. How nice can they be?"
~Ul'Dahn Merchant.
"The one with the shades, right? She's probably slouched on some floor drinking. If it isn't mine, it's someone else's. One's gotta wonder where she gets all that money..."

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Oh! I know the name. My boss owns a Niei knife. Works of art, those things. Boss calls 'em unicorns, collection pieces. He wears one 'cause they're the scariest sidearm gil can find you."
~Local bandit.
"I've seen her! She's the one with the sunglasses inside. Always looks like something's caught her eye... Spoke to her a bit, I don't think her head's screwed on right, to be honest with you."
~Quicksand patron.
"Y'Rhis... Oh! The smith's apprentice, or whatever. Gives me the creeps, that one. Saw her during a shift once, she just... Sat in the street with a piece of wood and a little knife, shaving off pieces for hours on end. Probably stops her from carving out her own arm, if you ask me! Hah!"
~Sapphire Exchange Guardsman.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Y'Rhis?! She's here?! Listen. Don't talk to her. She's... Not right. Cursed, even. If you knew what it was like back then, you'd believe me. I'm not going to defend what we did, back then, but we had to. She had to go."
~Young tribal seeker.
"Girl's got more skill than any of us. I seen her work. Spends some days slouching around acting like a fuckin' hobo for half a week, then locks herself in Alice's rickety old place for three days and sells a mogul a dozen thousand gil piece of art out of a fucking knife. Give her a real canvas and honestly, I think she'd starve herself to death before we saw an end product."
~Alice's neighbor.


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
Hi! I RP Y'Rhis. I'm not too sure what sort of notes this is for, but here goes!

Much of the information here is left deliberately vague as to either allow freedom in RP or create interesting questions to pursue, but that doesn't mean it's all up in the air! If there are any questions, just send me a tell, there isn't much I don't have an answer to.

Actually, if there's anything about anything at all, just send me a tell. I don't hand out out-of-game names to strangers, so that'd be the best way to catch me.

If you want to approach but don't have anything to start with, that's fine too, /tell and I can come up with something. Y'Rhis is quiet, not shy.
Personal RP Limits
Well, Y'Rhis' whole thing is being awfully morbid and dark. There's a lot of freedom in what to do with her. In terms of hard limits, it's hard to say. Just ask, if anything.
I will playAny interesting story, provided it makes sense to play. Seriously, I'm really not picky at all, I just want a cool plotline.
I won't playMetagaming and Powergaming is an instant abandonment. I won't play anything with significant impact to the character's story without prior warning. I won't play any combat scenario without a result decided ahead of time, sorry. I just really don't like the whole dice thing standard.
Little Tidbits.
Uhhhhhh. I like screenies a whole lot. Is that a tidbit?
This one's a timbit, not a tidbit. Hah.


Potential Plot Hooks
Y'Rhis isn't famous, but she definitely has built a name for herself. Anyone who knows artisan weapons and roam around Ul'Dah has had a fair chance of hearing the name before.
Being a maker of scary looking knives, Rhis has found a fairly sizeable market in the underworld. Criminials with a reputation to make and some gil to spare often commission her work. She thinks very little of them, but from both an insider or peacekeeper perspective, it would be easy to assume Rhis has involvement with the underworld.
Y'Rhis either binge drinks, or binge works. If she isn't binging, she's wandering the poor neighborhoods and the nearby wilderness. Finding her anywhere out of sheer curiosity wouldn't be so far-fetched.
Knife-cat often looks around her with an air of feint amusement, even when looking at grief and sorrow. Of course, would her eyes be visible, they would tell a different story, but one could think of her blank expression in front of sadness as an insult.
Character Lore Adherence
I adhere to the set of lore where some sense is made. No WoL, no MSQ NPCs, etc. I'm sorry, voidsent and echo-bearers, I'm just not feeling it.
No changes required.

Name - Y'Rhis Niei
Race - Miqo'te
Age - "No more than thirty, I promise"
Name Day - TEXT
Deity - TEXT

Alias: Knife-Cat, Niei.
Citizenship: Ul'Dahn.
Occupation: Artisan.
Hair color: Purple.
Eye color: Blue. Red, with the shades.
Complexion: Fair.
Piercings: None. Maybe some, eventually.
Marks or tattoos: Many minor scars under clothing.
Alignment: Chaotic good, true neutral. Something like that.
Key Items: Knives, red tinted pince-nez.
Favorite Food: Red meat.
Favorite Drink: Cheap beer.
Favorite Color: Orchid.
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