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Ishgard.jpg Yasashii Yukikuma
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Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 22
Marital Status Single
Occupation Machinist, Mercenary, Cook, and general nuisance.
Orientation lesbian

Basic Info

Yasashii is a Auri refugee from Doma; after both her daughter and Husband were killed in the carnage of what happened in Doma regarding the Imperial Legion's march on the country. She was trained to be a kunochi since her third year of birth. However she is not only skilled with just dagger play, she has precise marksmanship, able to narrow down foes from yalms away. She's hardly ever serious, and tends to be a bit brash on occasion. Yasashii is a Machinist by birth, able to disassemble, or assemble weapons, tools, even clock-work dolls as if it were child's play, she tends to use her gift for a hobby then a way to make money.


Collecting Triple Triad Cards.


cheap wine.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Vice(s): Gambling
Favorite Food: Rolanberry Cheesecake
Favorite Drink: Chamomile Tea
Favorite Color: Violet, black

Appearance & Personality

Yasashii is an Au Ra of above average Height, she has pale white skin, similar to fresh snow on a winter's morn, light blue eyes that glow as bright as the day's sky. Like most Raen, she has white scales covering various parts of her body. She commonly wears her hair in a short, choppy fashion. Yasashii has a short temper, and is rather impetuous, makes her a bit of a threat when provoked, however, she tends to blow over insults, from cynical, or innocent people alike, with her own insults, mostly in a playful manner, but most assume it's a taunt. Yasashii is brash at times, and due to such, that gets her into fights, most of the time it's fights she cannot win. While she may not seem to be bright, that is quite the opposite, she's quick-witted, and calculative. At times she is able to predict her opponent's moves. Even to the point of where she'll predict what they will say. Despite all her faults, she is kind, and honest, saying what she believes is true bluntly, even if the person would not like to know the truth. Feeling that even white lies will cause disaster.



Yasashii was an adoptive child of a Doman couple, due to her parents dying to an Xaela tribal attack, she holds no grudge against her black scaled kin, infact she generally enjoys them, she was raised in a small village along with her adoptive parents, the other children about would tease her due to her scales, and horns, for she was different to the rest of them, the Adults in her small village was more accepting, regardless she was happy even if the other kids could be cruel. At an early age; she began training endlessly to become a shinobi, to blend in the shadows and to be as quiet as the night.


Yasashii at the age of sixteen completed her training as a ninja, or shinobi, able to blend in crowds, and shadows alike, though her greatest tool in her arsenal was her brain, she did not resort into hiding in combat, but she used the environment around her to confuse, and trick her opponents, as well as her calculative predictions. That was not enough to save Doma from the Empire however, her mental advantage was overpowered by sheer number, devestated, she fled to Eorzea along with other refugees to seek shelter, Yasashii did not grieve hard for her homeland despite how proud of it she was, She grew attached to Eorzea quickly, adapting to their culture, and differences, she blended her homeland's culture, and Eorzea's together to make her own. And while it may be confusing to others, she is perfectly happy with that.


Now; Yasashii typically wanders about, doing whatever she feels like doing, either flirting, fighting, tinkering, she tends to assist free-companies and their allies with jobs, typically without pay, due to how she feels like she did it only to suit her own needs, and not the needs of others, thus her reward is confidence.

Miscellaneous/Noteworthy Comments

YES I know my character In Game has a last that is of Xaela origin, I do not have the money (At the moment.) to afford a name change to make it into Yasashii Yukikuma, so please understand that.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

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"A rather eager and respectful woman, both kind and disciplined. A proud sister of mine, though I hear she's a wonderful cook." — Orenji Kharn
" Yasa was once the lightning to my thunder. The perfect pair we were....ahh the good ole days. It does me a lot of good to have her back in my life, she's a very dear friend to me." _ Nataru Rahz


  • Romantic Interest
  • Platonic Love
  • Good Standing
  • Poor Standing


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