Yukio Tsukimi

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 Yukio Tsukimi
"I-I know, I'm unreliable at the best of times... but if I don't try, who will do it in my stead?"
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Hingan
Nameday 16th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Height 4 fulms, 10 ilms
Weight 82 ponze
Class/Job Samurai; Marauder

Yukio Tsukimi is a very short and frail male raen from the Far Eastern land of Hingashi, having since traveled to Eorzea to live a fuller life. He's presently eighteen years of age, and he is an aspiring adventurer and ecologist.


Early Life

Yukio Tsukimi, or merely "Yuki", was born under troublesome circumstances within the large estate of a Hingan magister, who Yukio refuses to specifically name. While normally Yuki would have lived lavishly as the son of a rich man, his father was in fact a lecher who breeded with an auri servantwoman of his, while still being married. The man's wife, and Yukio's mistress and half-mother, refused to acknowledge Yukio as her son, instead having him grow up as a servant to the magisterial estate, like his true mother. The father, of course, acquiesced, wishing to retain his marriage and make up for his misdeed.

Yuki grew up doing his absolute best to please his mistress, who continued to refuse to truly acknowledge him in spite of Yuki pushing himself hard. Even his father, the magister, took his wife's side and did not praise Yuki nearly as much as the other servants. This gradually gave Yuki quite a bit of an inferiority complex, believing himself to be unworthy of affection and appreciation. As he grew older, his mistress only grew harsher toward him, and there was even physical abuse placed upon him by his father as the marriage between Yuki's superiors languished, the blame being placed upon Yuki's birth. This culminated in a still-continuing fear of men, and the feeling of being inferior to women, while the stress and lack of true nourishment greatly hampered his growth.

Flight from Hingashi

As might be expected, Yuki languished under the abuse he suffered within Hingashi, the tight grip of his father and half-mother ever present in his life. A miracle, however, came at the hands of none other than his true mother, who was very quickly discharged from the magister's estate after Yuki's birth. Wishing for her son to find a new life far away from his "home", she managed a successful smuggling of Yuki aboard a ship of Limsa Lominsa's "Kraken's Arms" crew, using an exorbitant amount of koban that she had saved up for years. After a tender loving moment upon briefly re-uniting with his true mother, Yuki was whisked away to Eorzea.

Life in Eorzea

Now in Aldenard for three years thus far, Yuki does his best to not let his mother's monetary sacrifice be in vain, but the realm is certainly vast, and he's still crippled by the circumstances he grew up in, physically and mentally. In spite of the challenges, Yuki refuses to give up, and even gained some new skills along the way: chief among those, is his training in the ways of both the sword and the axe... albeit a rather small and compact axe suitable for his size. He has become quite a bit more healthy since arriving, too, making sure he eats a little more substantially and keeps up with his exercises. He's even grew a little bit toned in the abdomen and limbs!... but is still rather twiggy for a male. Finally, he has grown a bit more happy, enthusiastic, and optimistic in the few years, though still bears some issues with timidity in a few situations.

Yukio is currently residing within the Winds of Hope estate under the employ (?) of Reppu Hijiri.


An artist's sketch of a smiling Yukio.

Yukio Tsukimi, or merely "Yuki", is an androgynous late-teenager who stands at an incredibly short height for his race, at only about four fulms and nine ilms. Such can likely be attributed to malnutrition while growing or genetic defects before birth. He can easily be lost in a crowd due to his low height, much to his dismay. "Complimenting" his lack of height is, in turn, a lack of bodily weight. Should his clothing be absent for whatever reasons, his ribs and hips are quite visible through his pale flesh.

Despite his defects, Yuki has an appearance that can be described as cute or pretty for a boy. His pale visage is unmarred by scarring or other blemishes, and he seems to have been rather careful in the spars and minor conflicts he has been a part of, and is often seen in coats, robes, and other adornments. He also bears features that can be attributed to a highborn person, such as a sharp-angled chin (however short) and a dainty nose. His eyes can be easily called 'striking', as the icy-blue hues seem to almost glow at times, complimented by dark eyeliner and shadows around his eyelashes and brows. He bears long, beautiful locks of hair, colored snow-white with streaks of ash, of which some say gives him the appearance of a particular yokai. Said hair reaches his shoulders and the back of his neck. Pale-white scales adorn the sides of his face (albeit covered by his hair), as well as his horns and long, spiked tail.

Due to his effeminate appearance, Yuki can oft-be mistaken for a girl. Though it bothered him once upon a time, he has since grown complacent with such a thing, taking it as a bit of a little compliment.


Yukio is a rather kind, friendly, and straightforward boy most of the time. He's upbeat and optimistic about becoming stronger and surpassing the low expectations set for him at birth, but suffers from a bit of shyness and meekness. Trusting at times to a fault, he's often one who sees the good in others before he sees the bad, and is quick to recognize his own mistakes before those of others (to the point of over-apologizing at times). While he's rather intelligent when it comes to "book-smarts", he unfortunately is a bit dense at times, getting him into a bit of trouble even when he means well.

While Yukio bears a surprisingly strong will, he is unfortunately a victim of becoming flustered incredibly easily, especially around women, and is honestly rather timid at his heart. His cheeks are quick to flush with color, and his words are even quicker to stutter and stall upon being embarrassed, flustered, and/or teased. For the most part, however (and outside of these scenarios), he remains calm, level-headed, and gentle.

Yukio, in addition to enjoying nature, also loves reading, baking, and taking naps. He possesses quite a large collection of soft romantic novels (and ecchi), which he enjoys but refuses to tell others about. He enjoys cutting pastries that he bakes into cute shapes like hearts, small animals like rabbits, or other simple shapes.


Due to Yuki's small and relatively frail frame, he has a little bit of trouble using massive weapons like greatswords, spears and the like. Instead, he uses a smaller, lightweight axe, or an even lighter sword. Though he might appear waifish and more suited to using spells, he seems to vastly prefer wielding his own body and a physical weapon; it's probable that he has some kind of handicap that prevents him from casting spells frequently.

Yuki's combat style is far more on the defensive side. He prefers blocking, dodging and parrying blows wherever he can as he learns his opponent's own style and pinpoints their weakness. Once he's more confident, Yuki goes all out in trying to exploit said weaknesses, out-maneuvering them at every turn and overwhelming them with quick yet precise slashes.

Dress and Equipment

Yuki can be seen in a wide variety of clothing, some looking just a bit ornate and expensive. His range of clothing is quite large, with ornate designs, flowy cloth, tight leathers, and even the occasional cutesy accessory in his flowing hair. The only thing he will not wear are outfits that expose his chest or too much skin while in public, as he appears self-conscious of his small and weak frame compared to other males, despite being relatively healthy and toned

In particular, he can be known for his pretty blue coat and a beautiful gold-hilted steel saber complete with a gilded black, blue, and gold scabbard.

Trivia & Notes

•Yuki's favorite colors are blue, gold, and silver.

•Yuki finds auri, elezen, miqo'te, and hyuran women to be quite attractive. He greatly favors curvier, bustier women with very "full assets", but would rather not let this be known out of fear of being teased for it. Sometimes, light shines through the curtains, though...

•Yuki's favorite animal is the rabbit, admiring how cute and lovable it is. He is, however, flustered by just how often and quick they are to mate with others of its kind...

•Yuki has an soft but rather boyish voice. Due to his appearance though, it can be hard to tell whether he's a boy or a girl at times.

•Yuki has a very noticeable little way of laughing (though some may call it 'giggling'): "Ehehehe..."

•Yuki has a love for old Hingan tales of yokai and kami, loving their supernatural and sometimes silly, outlandish themes. He particularly loves the tale of the "Yuki-onna", of which he relates a little bit to.