Z'zhumii umi

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Pronounced Z ' z-hoo-me oo-me

Ul'dah-transparent.png Z'zhumii Umi
Z'zhumii Umi
Courtesan of Thanalan
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Age 29
Height 5'1"
Nameday 20th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Orientation Asexual/Aromantic
Occupation Courtesan

Basic OOC Info

This character is based off of a mix of Arabic and Indian cultural history as well as historical courtesans (Tawaif).

The player of this character is a sexworker who studies sexwork in history- Any whorephobic, sexist comments or behavior on an OOC basis will result with an addition to my blacklist.

This character is now retired and currently does not exist.


Dark skinned and of dark hair, Z'zhumii Umi can come off a little intimidating at times. Coming from the Sagoli desert in the south of Thanalan, Z'zhumii is used to dressing for the heat- wearing purdah veils or fanciful turbans often to block the sun's harsh rays.

Built for a life more of comfort than combat, Z'zhumii Umi is a cushy hour-glass figure; soft and supple where others are often hardened. Five foot one, she's average height for a miqo'te woman. Her bosom is full and round, and her hips are wide. Zaftig would be the best word to describe her. Her long, strong legs are often underestimated and her feet are dainty. No one could mistake her for a pleb. Z'zhumii's hands are free of callouses and scars, silky smooth to the touch and tipped with gold-painted nails. When she is on pilgrimage, or at a special occasion, Z'zhumii Umi paints her hands with gold in intricate designs.

Her long black hair, thick and glinting in the light, is bound back in a long braid that reaches just below her midsection. Often flowers or gem-encrusted broaches are set into the pleats, offering a unique look every day.

Contrasting with her dark complexion, Z'zhumii's eyes are icy blue. Wide-set and regularly lined with black kohl, her frosty eyes are always adorned with gold dust at the outer corners. She is almost never seen without her face being made-up. Her nose, unlike many of her kind, straight and slightly hooks at the end. Her left nostril is almost always adorned with a golden stud; on special occasions, she wears a large golden ring with a chain connecting to an ear.

Truly a woman of Ul'dah, her fashion sense is born of the Weaver's guild and is often on the cutting edge of the times. Billowing pants, pleated skirts, and dresses embroidered with scenes of her home-land are her favorites, and are usually paired with a plethora of jewels.


While Z'zhumii Umi was born and raised in a wandering Sunseeker tribe, she has not held onto the ideals of her family group. She is not fond of the idea of Nunh/Tia dynamics, and did not fit in well with her tribe as she grew older.

Clever and hungering for knowledge, Z'zhumii Umi is constantly collecting and reading tomes on various subjects. She can match a chirurgeon in a discussion on the body, and trade historical stories with scholars. It helps with her business greatly.

Very proud, and perhaps a fair bit vain, Z'zhumii holds herself in high regard. She would never dare to throw a tantrum or harass anyone who might insult her, but she might never speak to such a person again, and perhaps attempt to ruin them socially through rumor and wit.

Z'zhumii is a pious woman as well. Taking pilgrimage to the Sanctum of the Twelve at least twice a year, Z'zhumii also practices in private with a small altar and various sacred rites. Much of her income, when not dedicated to her lifestyle and standard of living, goes towards her worship of the sun goddess. She wears a red bindi at all times in honor of Azeyma.

Z'zhumii is flirtatious and coy, especially with customers, but she holds a secret; She is actually asexual and aromantic. She harbors no lust for anyone, and does not yearn for romantic love. Platonic is the farthest she can feel for others, and that suits her just fine.


Z'zhumii Umi is a courtesan. She is not ashamed to be a sexworker- on the contrary Z'zhumii works hard to both educate others on her profession, as well as help her fellow courtesan and lesser escorts keep safe.

While Z'zhumii Umi was born a tribal Sunseeker, she managed to crawl her way up the ranks of Ul'dahs social sphere with education and primal wit. Having studied dance, music, singing, politics, history, military fare, and courtly manners, Z'zhumii now sits comfortably as an Ul'dahn favorite with a few very rich patrons. She has a library full of books on various subjects which she loves to share, and is happy to bring some along for appointments who wish to learn something new.

While not a natural at the talents she now has, Z'zhumii Umi is a skilled artisan of various catagories. She can play the harpsichord, harp, and drums. Umi performs as well, noted for her sultry Sagoli-styled dances, but can also dance to more modern, courtly fashions. Her skills are not just for titillation, either; Umi is a learned woman who can talk politics and history with those interested, and is often hired not as a carnal companion, but as an adviser and confidant.

With an eye for business, Umi has intentions of opening up her own high-class bar. Investors and staff are already being sought out.


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