Zansei Asano

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                 Zansei Asano
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Othardian
Age Middle-Aged
Height Tall
Build Athletic

Zansei Asano (Zansei (残生) meaning; the remainder of one's life. Asano (浅野) meaning; superficial, plains, field) is a Raen from the continent of Othard. Rumours tell of the mystery behind the samurai emerging from the mountains, affiliated to neither Doma or Hingashi, but rather his own, isolated village. For whatever purpose, the Raen is seen around Eorzea as of late, acquainted with a Free Company called Rhapsody and its owner. The samurai is a rare sight, but occasionally appears every now and then.

Zansei is tall and athletic, and appears to be in his middle-age. Often clad in a haori or other Far Eastern garbs, and usually equipped with a katana or other blades. A blonde mane and golden coloured eyes with similar golden limbal rings, with tattoos adorning the lower lids of both eyes, in the fashion of a carefully drawn line. As a Raen, he is adorned with beautifully patterned bright scales, sharp horns pointing forward, and a thick, sturdy tail. He appears adamant in his movement, and keeps a calm, but perhaps a bit condescending demeanour.