Zasha Hope

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Ishgard.jpg Zasha Hope
"Even if people let you down, even if the world seems to fall apart, always remember: your smile will enlighten the shadows. Be the light. "
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ishgard
Age Twenty Two
Guardian Halone
Namesday The Twenty Fifth Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon
Known Aliases The Ninty Ponze of Fury

Adlynn Akamie



Little Princess

Otome Kishi

Lady Bird


♦ Beginnings

Zasha in the Ishguard Prisons

On the Twenty seventh sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon, Farrson Odim brought Zasha to the Order of the Sword and Rose barely able to sit up and knowing nothing of the common tongue. He found her starving and barely alive in an Ishguardian Prison when on a mission from another employer. With the promise to bring Zasha to the Ul'dahn Syndicate to retire from his work and involvement with them, he decided to ignore the details of his contract and bring her to his Free Company's care as he noticed how aetherically imbalanced she was and believed she was desired to be turned into some kind of weapon.

Due to a deep scar on her head noticed by Konner Kinkaid, the Order's leader, it was soon the safe assumption that Zasha suffered from amensia and for x amount of cycles locked away in the dungeon did nothing in helping her regain any memory or even know language. Through the experiments of another member, Amelia, it was discovered that exposing her to language and activity helped brush away a lot of the mental dust she had though as she relearned the common tongue, her speech pattern began to become a melting pot of the rest of the member's own personal speech patterns. It would not be till half a cycle later that it was discovered that Zasha's true identity was that of Konner's missing child, Adlynn Akaime. Upon learning this, she took her birth name.

♦ Appearance

Art by Marina D'arca

Standing only four fulms and nine ilms, Adlynn is very petite compared to most others around her and has earned the nickname amoung some as the 'Eighty Ponze of Fury' due to her strong will in such a small body. A deep scar runs diagonally on her forehead and has glossy raven hair that is very soft to the touch. Her ivory skin shows a lack of sun and is very delicate so it can get cut or bruised very easily. Her aetheryte blue colored doe like eyes tend to be one of the first features many notice as well.

Taking heavily in appearance of her birth mother, she is often times considered a great and exotic beauty, having full pink lips and a soft round face. Though aside from her blue eyes from her father, she also inherited his slightly crooked nose which makes her very self conscious when someone talks about it.

♦ Behaviour

Art by Luua Mhin

Almost every single one of Adlynn's emotions and behavioral patterns are mimics of the people she is exposed to. When coming out of the Ishguard Prison, as she calls "The Dark Place" to many others, she knew nothing of what to do other than sit and lay down very still like many of the corpses around her that had been long forgotten in the prisons. Excelling in mimicry, Adlynn learned the common tongue by listening to speech patterns and meshing all the surrounding forms of speech into her own personal which often comes off as broken, doll like, and childish.

With the ability to hear, see, and touch aether around her as well, Adlynn can look at a spell that could take someone many moons to master and copy it with ease in a moment by mimicking the way they manipulated the aether around them to copy cast the spell herself. Aerostein and Anne'ya, well versed aether casters, had taken to teaching her but went through special precautions to keep their lessons from being her copying their own actions and forcing her to learn and practice spells through her own ability and not the mimic of others.

As she has matured and learned more of the world around her and how to interact, mostly, properly with those around her all her her emotions and thought processes are mimics as well. Depending on what she believed the other person wants to see and hear in a situation has on a few occasions offered a merry smile when the mood is sad or a furrowed brow with the mood is happy when she misinterprets what she believed the situation calls for.

When she was restored her memories after dying and being brought back to life, Adlynn's behaviors and speech patterns changed drastically. She didn't confuse or mimic what she believed people wanted of her anymore, even holding to a more elegant and flowing speech then her old melting pot of accents and broken common tongue.

She became very duty and honor bound as well, looking to the path of justice and only wavering from the honorable paths if tactically there was no other way to go about it. Her loyalty to the Order of the Sword and Rose and those in it being a fierce love which lovers in her past led her to having to choose between leaving the Order and following with them, or parting paths for her to remain with the Order. Her fierce loyalty and honor had her choose the Order every time however, as she can not turn her back on those in need. Choosing to draw a circle around herself that stretched out to everyone, rather then just around herself and a few select people. These decisions never coming easily, as she believes she cannot afford to be selfish for herself.

Huli Jing

During times of great amounts of stress that cause Adlynn's seals to break and change color, another side of her came out that retained all her memories of her time before the Ishguard Prisons. Anne'ya had named this side of Adlynn as "Other Zasha".

Other Zasha was serious, sharp tongued, judgmental, and filled with fury when others have come across her. She was very fast to deliver insults and tried her best to make everyone that speaks to her, hate her. The only time she had shown a softer side was the few times she has spoke with Felix Drake, even confessing to him that she was a necessity that Adlynn herself created at the age of three to protect her from something called The Red Curse. There were times that she would come out during moments of extreme stress and channel the signature abilities of primals that Adlynn has been exposed to and seem to take on their personality and temperament as well until the threat that caused her to act in such a way had disappeared.

While Other Zasha was completely aware, intelligent, and the retainer of all old memories, Adlynn herself had no knowledge of her existence and often met others with confusion if they tried to tell her about Other Zasha and would not remember what happened around her that created the stress that brought forth Other Zasha. In a conversation between Other Zasha and Astorin, Other Zasha told Astorin that the real Adlynn was simply asleep when he demanded to know where she went.

Other Zasha also had an odd attunement to Adlynn's Carbuncle, Ryu, which gave Adlynn the ability to summon the carbuncle without the use of a focus. Ryu seems to have an advanced intelligence over other summoned beast and shows an increase of strength and agility as well, especially when he morphs into knock off versions of a summoner's egi. Adlynn herself seems aware, speaking another language that only is understood by Ryu and she explained to Deirdre, Astorin, and Felix that if Ryu is to be hurt she, she would feel the pain as well.

Other Zasha would later begin to reveal to the Order that Adlynn required to "eat" the aether of Primals and gain their powers and strength and after consuming so many she would be able to break free of the Red Curse. A curse that was making her ill and killing Adlynn slowly while prophesying that the Red Curse would make her witness horrific deaths of anyone she held dear. The Order aided in Adlynn taking the aether of Ramuh, Ifrit, Leviathan, Garuda, and minor primals Fenrir, Siren, and Enkidu. She having had already at this point Shiva and Odin's aether within her. When they went to get Titan's aether, Ryu lashed out and attacked Adlynn before she could attune with the primal.

Adlynn loosing control to Huli Jing
In a conversation between Ryu and Adlynn, Ryu tells her that a primal that had been dormant within Adlynn since her birth was controlling him and that Adlynn must not fight Titan and make her stronger. Other Zasha takes control of Adlynn in the choas of the situation, destroying Ryu's carbuncle crystal and banishing him to the aetherial realm. She reveals herself to be Huli Jing, a minor primal of the Far Far East that lost all her followers in a genocide that happened long ago.

She goes on in saying that Adlynn's mother had found Huli Jing as a child and made a pack with minor primal. To give her first born child to minor primal in exchange, Huli Jing would aid her mother in restoring her nobility titles that had been ripped away from her by the murder of her parents who were Warlords defeated by the Warlords of the Hare Clan. As she had brought Adlynn's mother to regain her titles once more by marrying her to a Lord and making her a Princess through that marriage, Adlynn's body and soul belonged to her.

She then rips out Titan's aether from his aetheryte and devours it, claiming that she now had the strength of a full primal and that she would gain new followers to worship her now. Afterwards, she tries to take Kin's sword from him to use for the power within it. The blade however burns her hand and Huli Jing ports away without it. The encounter however showed Kin that Huli Jing had spirited Adlynn away to the Boulder Downs in Coerthas.

Huli Jing Revealed
There, the Order followed suit to find Huli Jing controlling Adlynn's body still to draw out residual aether from a fallen piece of Dalamund to gain power from Bahamut as well. Once finished, the Order unleashed an assult on Huli Jing to try and capture her. Huli Jing did not want her beloved vessel to be injured and left Adlynn's body in her true, Kitsune like form.

The Order charged into battle against the primal, though a few stayed behind to tend to Adlynn, her hair turned her natural hair color, black, as the primal was no longer possessing her. Weak and dying, Adlynn was held by her Father and shared a few last words. Upon Huli Jing's defeat, she went back to the aetherial realm of primals where, with no followers, would never be able to be summoned again. When those who fought the Primal came to rejoice in victory, they learned one last attack done in by Huli Jing.

Adlynn Reborn
Before her dying breaths, Huli Jing made the corrupted crystals around react to Adlynn. The corrupted crystals wrapping around Adlynn and killing her as she was turned to crystal in her Father's arms. Heart stricken and defeated, the Order grieved the lose of Adlynn before believes and non believes alike bent knee and prayed desperately to the Twelve and Hydalen to give back their friend. Crystal reacting the the prayers of the Order and the will of their hearts, Adlynn was freed from her crystal prison and restored life with the image of seraphic wings of light on her back. Memories of her past restored while also holding the memories of the long life among mortals that Huli Jing had.

Upon requests for her carbuncle, Ryu, the shattered remains of her carbuncle crystal were given to her. Knowing that without Ryu's specific crystal, she would never be able to bring the creature back. She however vows to find a way to bring Ryu home one day.


First summoned when Adlynn was Three Cycles Old, Ryu has been Adlynn's constant companion in life. Adlynn named him such because she often heard the people she believed to be her true parents (Though had not been) speak of someone named Ryo. Though, through the muffled voices and whispers they shared, Adlynn understood the name to be Ryu instead. After their death and her adoption by a elezen by the name of Zeserra Shynt, she clung to memories she could, knowing as she grew older they would faze and fuzz of them.

Ryu was at first, a typical carbuncle. Non serious and aloof, enjoying playing along side his toddler master. As Adlynn grew as a prodigious arcanist under her new adopted mother's care, Ryu grew along side her, becoming stronger and stronger and growing a more mischievous nature to him to help balance out the serious nature Adlynn was maturing into.

When Adlynn began to grow an interest in summoning as a child, she traveled for a brief time with the Sons of Saint Coinache as they helped her attune Ryu to various spots around Mor Dhona that were drenched in primal aether. These experiments led to a increase in intelligence to Ryu, making him regal and prideful. His mischievous nature coming out to people he decided to mess with for deeper intent rather then the short attention spans of carbuncles in general. Thanks to these experiments as well, he could transform himself into primal egis, though not as strong as a true egi.

When Adlynn was thrown off Monument Tower, Huli Jing lashed out her powers to Ryu and connected Adlynn and Ryu together in order to perserve Adlynn's life and keep her from being killed. This process transferred all of Adlynn's memories to Ryu for safe keeping, and made Adlynn become a shell.

Ryu when not fully summoned
During the 9 cycles of imprisonment, Huli Jing hid the carbuncle stone and allowed Adlynn to play with it and partially summon Ryu to keep some mental stimulation going for Adlynn. During this time, Adlynn was able to hear Ryu's voice as they were now connected thanks to Huli Jing, and he taught her to speak in a tongue that Adlynn later describes as 'the tongue of aether'.

Once saved by Farrson and brought to the Order, Adlynn is able to fully summon Ryu in time. The carbuncle acts as her protector, trying to slowly give Adlynn memories that were sealed within him in the form of dreams. He finds pleasure in keeping Adlynn safe and happy, and tormenting anyone he feels adds to her stresses in life.

Ryu fighting along side Adlynn
As Adlynn began to eat primal aether however, Huli Jing began to use the connection the two shared to take control of Ryu and use his body to watch the Order through his eyes. Slowly completely over whelming Ryu until she had complete control over him. Though, during that time he worked slowly on his own to gather strength to regain control of himself and when Adlynn went to take Titan's aether, he was able to break free for just a moment to warn her.

Upon being warned, Huli Jing destroyed his crystal which released Adlynn's sealed memories to return to her. It was not until Adlynn found a ritual deep in the Gubal Library that she was able to summon Ryu in a fully physical form.

He now resides, unable to be dismissed, in a fully physical form that makes him a bit smaller then your normal carbuncle and no longer glowing but instead of fluffy fur that he takes great pleasure in having brushed regularly. Since returning, he is still able to turn into primal egis however they as well hold a physical form rather then a glowing form of a normal summoner's egi.

He enjoys being pampered above all else and bullies Adlynn about to have that pampered lifestyle if he feels he doesn't have it. He also enjoys creating trouble and causing pranks, usually to help made Adlynn laugh when she's feeling depressed or insecure.

Revival and the End of an Era

Adlynn, since her revival, struggles with identity. She does her best to follow the code of honor she has as well as have that code fit to what her Father expects of her. The insecurities of that often time having her be far too harsh on herself. Using her ability to see, hear, and touch aether she has evolved far past the titles of Summoner or Arcanist, deeming herself as a Arch Mage as she is versed in all schools of magic. Though she is not the strongest in some schools, Summoning is still her strongest abilities and there are far few who can surpass her in these arts.

As she summons, she had began to instead of summoning Egi, be able to use their aether inside her to summon full creations for powerful attacks though their duration of appearance is limited to only one attack. With Odin and Titan never having been challenged by her to test her strength though, they lash out inside her and attempt to control her. These attempts use to be stopped by Huli Jing, but with no primal to lead them, they rebel and make Adlynn ill.

As a way to balance these issues, Adlynn looked to Marina D'arca and binded the paladin to her as her Warder. The bond that was created connects Adlynn and Marina together. The two can feel eachothers emotions and pain and know the direction and location of each other even over a great distance. Marina balances the primals within Adlynn and acts as her personal knight, protecting her from any danger that should befall Adlynn. In exchange for this, Marina is able to access Adlynn's aetherial strength and primals to use them as she sees fit. Her reaction time, speed, and agility is also heightened to better protect Adlynn as well.

The downside however to this bond is that, should Adlynn be killed, Marina will be blinded by suicidal revenge. This will make Marina's sole purpose to be avenging Adlynn's death and taking down her killer. Not caring at all if she dies in the process, just that it is done. For Adlynn, if Marina is killed, she will fall into a deep depression. Though Adlynn's concerns on the imbalance of the deal, Marina accepted glady, knowing the life of a Warder is to protect their Ward.

For awhile however, Adlynn was married as well to Astorin Ebrelnaux. The two heavily devoted to each other. When the topic of children arose however, Adlynn was barren and unable to give him children and they looked to adoption. Adlynn learned of twin seers named Micah and Pythia Delphi after recieving a letter from Micah, begging for her to come across the sea to save his sister. The two being studied by scholars and tortured in the process of these scholars wanting to learn how the twins had visions so that they could replicate the process. Adlynn left immediately to save them, though Micah died before she could get there. She brought Pythia back to Eorzea and Astorin feel easily into Fatherhood. He left the Order to dedicate his life to raising his daughter, while Adlynn picked up his responsibilities.

Aside from being the Order's head tactician, she became as well their Field Commander and the Caretaker of all the members and the Order's hall. She balanced this life and motherhood, but when Pythia's visions grew darker and darker, making the child wake screaming with nightmares of possible futures, Adlynn and Astorin sat down and discussed the visions she was having. They both concluded that having Pythia exposed to the Order would only keep these visions to continue, but because of Adlynn as well Pythia would never had a chance for a happy life with her influencing her life. The dangers that still follow Adlynn would not stop and her best bet for her own survival as well was to be near the Order. The two annulled their bindings and Astorin left with Pythia to take her far away from the influences of the Order to give her a chance for a normal childhood.

As she continued her life in the Order, a series of unfortunate events began to occur towards her however. As she struggled to figure out an identity for the woman she's become, she found herself more alone. She built a wall around herself that kept her from having close companionship and threats to her life began to become more frequent upon missions the Order would go on to help aid people.

After events in which a Cultist Leader from a religious group calling themselves the 'Church of Gaia' called her a 'Primal Heretic' and sent a mob of people to attempt burning her at the stake. Following after, she learned her birth mother had been resurrected by necromancy in the Far Far East by people who wished to create a rebellion against the Garlean Empire that controlled them. They needed a figure head and reached out for Adlynn as a symbol of the old ways as her mother had been a Princess to a Warlord in their lands. When Adlynn had declined however, not wanting to lead the life of a Princess like her mother or be the figure head to a rebellion in a land far away, the rebellion groups chose necromancy to bring her mother back. When she received this news from her father, her heart grew heavy as she tried to figure out what could be done before being told her 'selfish choices and actions' where the reason why her mother was brought back in a unholy manner.

The relationship between Father and Daughter became strained after that conversation as Adlynn felt the pressure then to take up her mantle of Princess. She struggled forward, needing guidance on how to proceed and receiving little to none from her father. Her step mother, Rhisi, however became a pillar of support for her as she tried to find a balance in her life and started the building blocks for her to figure out the woman she needed to become. Her work and efforts on Adlynn however fell short after another attempt on Adlynn's life happened, this time by the resurrected corpse of the Merchant that had raised her as a small child in Hystermill. A short time after, Adlynn's heart could not bear the struggles of the world nor her father's expectations as a leader of the Order and announced her decision to leave the Order.

Her Father and Stepmother chose then to move out of the home they all had created in the Lavender Beds. When asked about what happened and why her father and step mother chose to abandon her in one of her greatest times of need, Adlynn struggles to answer but will always smile and say 'They are my greatest loves so it's best I do not stay, not while I am still Red Cursed.'

★ Current Life ★

After leaving the Order of the Sword and Rose, Adlynn fell to a small depression and kept to her home in the Lavender Beds. Surprisingly for her, she learned that her Warder Marina D'arca left the Order as well to focus on work in Ishgard as well as make sure Adlynn would be okay as they still held the Ward and Warder bond.

Following Marina, was Grissom who had been upset with how Adlynn's dismissal was handled and Lucerna who left who felt like she was a burden to the Order because of how often she got injured. The three of them, along side a neutral friend Felix Drake, helped bring her out of the depression. When Lucerna told Adlynn in one of their talks that she missed being in a Free Company, she asked Lucerna to seek out her old friends in Amatu Trading Group and seek their aid in alliance for supplies.

Adlynn after dying her hair red and taking up the name Zasha Hope again
Following that, Adlynn pulled Marina aside and told her the desire to start up a new Free Company. Deciding to follow in her Father's footsteps, she made a company with Marina called 'The Wandering Bloom', dedicating their mission to helping those in Eorzea that required aid.

With the start of the Wandering Bloom, Adlynn's focus became making contacts for funding and remodeling her home to become a Homestead for those who joined the Wandering Bloom. She made an alliance with Lucerna's aid with Amatu Trading Group to gain medical and food supplies for the new members of Wandering Bloom with the price of offering their services to Amatu when called upon.

Part of the deal with Amatu as well though was seeking information on a few wanted targets that the trading group was after, and while out on trying to find some of this information in the Shroud, Adlynn fell into a trap. As everyone came to Amarissaix's Spire in the East Shroud, the Adder officers there requested help with strange activity around the animals while a Garlean dressed as a Adder Lieutenant asked to speak with her on the spire top alone about the information exchange. While Adlynn went up with him, the rest of the Wandering Bloom stayed below and began to deal with gnats that were attacking at the spire.

The Garlean would then show his third eye that had been hidden by the Adder Uniform Hat, and revealed to Adlynn that he did not want the Far Far East to rebel if she returned back to be a figurehead for that rebellion. He decided that killing one lost princess would be better then having to kill hundreds in a rebellion. He stabbed Adlynn then threw her off spire where her Warder Kagato Jurai caught her. During the fall however, she broke the Warder Bond to try and protect both Kagato and Marina from the negative effects of what would happen should the bond break by result of her death.

The Garlean had be questioned and shortly after killed, while Amatu's healer Lerran came on scene to remove the serrated blade that barely missed Adlynn's spinal cord. Once she was brought to a stable condition and healed, Adlynn knew she could no longer keep her birth name and retook the name Zasha Hope, dying her hair red to hide her Far Far Eastern features.

She continues to lead as the Bloom of the Wanderers, and now seeks a way to expel the primals inside of her without the cost of her life.


Konner Kinkaid giving Zasha a Tin Horse
The first thought among most when they first encountered Adlynn back in the day was they believed her to be "simple", having her called a 'child' to more motherly figures. When she was first to come to the Order of the Sword and Rose, many took to interacting with her like she was a young child while others realized there was a deeper thought process to her past her ability to learn through mimicking.

People like Quarimar, Deirdre, or Konner took to her intelligence in the views of a child and helped with her learning of the world around her. Konner even going as far as giving Zasha a tin horse to play with to encourage her more creative side of the mind like a young child would do. People like Aerostein and Farrson focused on the deeper thoughts and philosophical views she had to even sought advice and guidance from her. When she was given the chance to expand her mind, it becomes apparent that Zasha has a genius IQ and a tactician's mind. Once she understood what the conversation at hand is about, and she chose to join in as a participating speaker, it could startle and even leave some unsettled by how thick a grasp she had to a subject that she was asking questions on not moments before. Especially when it had to do with war and battle strategy.

At her full mental potential now, Zasha is very sharp and attention focused to the things that matter. Matters of the heart however, Zasha skips out on all detail and can be considered almost air headed because of it. She is a talented Tactician as she's grown, having led many successful raids through castrums with minimal injury.


Spreading cheer
Reading about Hildibrand
Helping friends and strangers
Learning about new things


Others suffering alone
Being helpless to aid someone in need
Acts of needless self sacrifice
Getting picked on about her height
Being called 'Princess'


Playing the harp and piano
Aether Manipulation
Making jewelry out of shells


Favourite Food/Drink: Dried Fruit
Favourite Place: The Homestead


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Fan Art

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Foot Notes

Alignment: Lawful Good

Theme song: Playlist of Zasha's songs, updated often