Kotoko Kodama

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Seye Qhesu
The Mute Keeper

Name: Kotoko Kodama
Alias: Koko
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Seeker of the Sun
Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital: Single
Deity: Rhalgr, The Destroyer
Nationality: Ala Mhigan
Occupation: Magitek Mechanic, Machinist
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



Comm foofy R.png

  • Magitek
  • Guns
  • Inventions
  • Sugary stuff


  • wip
  • wip
  • wip
  • wip


  • wip
  • wip


  • Favorite Food: Candies
  • Favorite Drink: Energy KokoSoda
  • Favorite Color: Black

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Personal RP Limits

I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.
Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.
I won't play permanent character death or rape plots.
■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion.
■ If an aspect of RP makes me feel uncomfortable, I reserve the right to stop said RP as well as if I should feel harassed in anyway (Including OOCly), I also have the right to remove my character from all interactions with your own.
■ Before anyone may believe their character has interest in Seye, I want to make sure that anyone reading this aware that due to several previous toxic RP partners (Possessive, verbal and emotionally abusive, ones trying to control what my character should wear and how she should act/trying to force change on my character, etc . . .) I have several things I would look for in a possible partner. This means Roleplay will not be something instantaneous but earned and respected.
Time Zone/Server
■ Eastern Time Zone (EST)5pm - 12am [M-F] Open [Sat/Sun]
■ Balmung

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