R'jahkob Nunh

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R'jahkob Nunh
Terror of the Rhotano

Name... (ruh-jah-kOHb)
Age... 61
Race... Miqo'te
Clan... Seeker of the Sun
Tribe... Raptor
Orientation... Straight
Marital... Separated
Deity... Althyk
Birthplace... Cieldalaes
Occupation... Pirate
Alignment... Lawful Evil

R'jahkob is every bit as imposing as his terrifying moniker suggests. The grizzled old pirate is short (5 fulm 3 ilms), muscular (225 ponz), and physically healthy for his advancing age. Even as his joints begin to wear from arthritis, the Miqo'te seems to only get stronger and more savage. Unlike many males of his race, he does not slouch or pass up an opportunity to show off his physical prowess. He was a breeding nunh after all.

Scars & Markings: "Hmph, a scar juss means ye've made a mistake. Yah see any scars, scrag?" -R'jahkob
R'jahkob only has one scar, but he will never let you see it.

Voice: R'jahkob's voice is raspy and airy in quality. It can dip low when angered or growling, but otherwise has a high-pitched quality about it that is often off-putting or unexpected. R'jahkob would claim it came from previous fights, injuries, or being held under seawater too many times, but in reality, his voice has always been this way.

Clothing: Most often, R'jahkob can be found wearing his heavy travelers coat, leathers, with metal sabatons and gauntlets. Rich jewelry, gold, precious stones, and earrings adorn his head and arms also in homage to both his history as a feared pirate king and to his current profession, a treasure hunter of the new world. He may dress down when on a boat or in a safe place, but his torso always remains covered.


  • Jewels.
  • Bloodshed.
  • Salt.


  • Thalassocracy.
  • Non-Miqo'te.
  • Children.


  • Death.
  • The Navigator and the Wanderer.
  • Never finding his daughter.


  • Favorite Food: Shellfish
  • Favorite Drink: Pale Ale
  • Favorite Color: Lapis

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "The Terror o' the Rhotano? Been near thirty bless'd summers since I 'eard that curse. Thanks to each o' the Twelve in order!" -Old Sailor
    "Yer talkin' about the savage pirate what dismembered the crews o' a hundred galleys! Aye, he's still out there, no one knows where though." -Gossiping Salthound
    "What happened to the Terror o' thirty years past? Most think the Barracuda got 'im. Some say he's terrorin' in the East." -Lalafellin Hawker

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "R'jahkob? He ain't no pirate. He's one o' them treasure 'unters what went to the western continent durin' the gold rush." -Self-assured Miner
    "The Terror's last attack was nearly thirty years ago. We found over a dozen bodies washed ashore, hacked and cleaved and picked over by the fishes. All Miqo'te. All women." -Sober Yellowjacket

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "He butchered my family because he could not keep his. I will never forgive him. I hope he finds his daughter mangled in the worst ways. No..." -Raptor Miqo'te


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

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    "Add rumor here." Name


The Legend of R'ooma, the Nunh of the Sea:
There is a legend in our tribe, very old, of the beginning when R’ooma claimed the sea. No great warrior was he, nor wise as our elders who came after, but R’ooma was clever and was strong in his love for R’mahalla, our mother. Like all Miqo’te, we Raptors respect those of us called Nunh, men blessed by Azeyma to bear the tribe’s most prized qualities and keep our tribes strong. But R’ooma was no Nunh. Together he and R’mahalla had grown together from kits and had forged a deep friendship in their young years, but they could not be joined together.

R’mahalla bid him challenge the Nunh and claim her as his own, but no matter how hard he trained R’ooma could not best the Nunh of the Raptor. “Go,” said the Nunh, “Go and be happy with R’mahalla away from the tribe.” But R’ooma would not bring shame to her by leaving the tribe. “I am a Raptor and so is my love, even if she cannot be mine she is my family,” he told the two, but he was met with a laugh and a jeer, for the Nunh thought them only young and foolish and dreamers. R’ooma snapped back at the Nunh fiercely and cried, “I will prove myself a Nunh! I will claim new territory for our tribe to hunt and grow and thrive!”

R’mahalla looked upon him in dismay. There was no land left to take! And he possessed no skills or armies to take the land of another tribe. R’ooma smiled at her and told her, “Worry not, I know of a land vast and bountiful which no tribe has ever claimed.” R’ooma travelled into the woods alone and found a fallen tree, which he cut and dragged through the wood to the edge of the sea. For a week he worked and whittled the trunk without rest until he was found by R’mahalla. She had packed and left the tribe, content to shame her name and leave her family to be with him. He welcomed his old friend’s company, but assured her he would not abandon her or the tribe. He would take her instead to this vast new kingdom he promised her and it would be for them and their children and their tribe would thrive ever stronger.

Having fashioned the great tree into a boat, he set out to sea. R’mahalla asked him, “How do you know of this kingdom where you’ve never been?” He said, “I am here now.” They journeyed across the waters that no man had yet thought to claim until R’ooma found what he sought, a great monster of the sea, the whale. With spears they had fashioned, they slew the beast and returned it to the shore. The Nunh awaited the pair, baffled. R’ooma and R’mahalla presented their deed together hand in hand. “R’ooma has claimed the sea,” she announced, and with the bounty of their hunt laid in the sands before them, who could deny that R’ooma truly had done so. The Nunh, pleased, said R’ooma had earned the right to be Raptor Nunh and take R’mahalla as his own. But R’ooma shook his head one last time and said, “I did not do this for R’mahalla’s heart for she has given it to me already. I did this for the heart of my tribe.”

And many joined R’ooma, moved by his actions. No great warrior was he, nor wise as our elders, but R’ooma had won the heart of his tribe and became our Nunh. Our tribe has lived on water ever since R’ooma, Nunh of the Sea.

-R’jalaa Maeigo

Tribe Lore:
A small sect of the much larger canon “Raptor Tribe,” these seafarers have broken away from the tribe at large and live almost entirely upon the Rhotano Sea. While the seafaring tribe was originally lead by men, Nunhs and Tias, the last four generations of leadership have fallen to women who were, in order: a peerless whaler, a navigator of uncanny nautical orientation, a woman who only bore male children, and the current Chieftain – a clever leader who has aggressively expanded her tribe’s territories geographically, as well as into matters of business and politics. In the early days of the tribe, most male Chieftains were replaced by younger, stronger leaders every few years, stunting the tribe’s growth. So far each of the tribe’s female leaders have survived to die of natural causes and held fast to their Chieftainship for the duration, despite many, often vicious, attempts to displace them.

Since its origins, the tribe has subsisted on whaling, fishing, and piracy. Often times too poor to purchase large vessels from Naldiq & Vymelli’s, most Raptor vessels are boats the tribe’s carpenters and shipwrights have built themselves or have stolen from rival pirate gangs. Most Raptor ships are small, fast, and agile – frigates, brigantines, and cutters. The tribe’s original totem – the Raptor – is still very important to R'ooma's seafaring sect and raptor motifs can be found throughout their culture. Raptor ships are painted with blue and white stripes, for example. Tribesmen wear raptor leather, and jewelry and weaponry makes use of carved raptor and whale bone. Even their preferred naval strategies mimic that of their raptor totem. A small group of quick, attack vessels will lure or chase a pirate or Lominsan vessel into the path of a waiting party of Raptor ships.

Since female Chieftainship of the tribe began, Nunhs have been separated into groups who manage various functions, essentially forming smaller units within the tribe. R’haalhza Whalechaser, the first female Chieftain, gave each Nunh a ship to command under her so that no more squabbles over who was fit to captain would be had, or at least fewer. When the next Chieftain, R’waahl Stareyed began settling the tribe on isolated islands of the Cieldalaes, the tribe’s Nunhs were divided between land and sea. One unit remained in their new island village, farmed the land, fished the waters, and began trades both honest and not with other sailors who came to port. The other units continued life at sea, whaling, pirating, and establishing new territories. This new raptor village, named Jalaa, after R’waahl’s firstborn daughter, became the heart of the Raptor tribe for years to come. By the time R’lusaab the Matron took the Chieftainship, the Raptors had well established themselves across the Rhotano. R’lusaab, a farmer by birth, had leadership thrust upon her and was the only leader of the Raptors who was never challenged during her reign. She was merely a proficient fighter, but was better known as an exceptional lover. During her twenty-five years as Chieftain, she produced eight children, all male, before dying of complications in the birth of her ninth child.

Nunhs of the Raptor are chosen by the female Chieftain, after witnessing a display of strength, courage, or leadership. Not all Tias take a trial by combat approach to leadership. Some ambitious Tias will hunt for great whales with but a single ship and present the spoils to the Chieftain. Others are appointed, in the case of R’lusaab’s reign, because they were aesthetically pleasing to her. Though the current Chieftain, R’suvrooh Seaflame, has weeded out most of these. Regardless, Tias who wish to become Nunhs will display their best qualities to the Cheiftain, and she will choose who she will take as her Nunhs. Once chosen, she will eventually bed each Nunh exclusively, though they are free to mate with the females of their respective units. The Chieftain’s children rarely go on to become Chieftains themselves, but many of the male children go on to become Nunhs.

Famous Raptor Chieftains:
R'ooma, Nunh of the Sea (1225-1278) >

R'haalhza Whalechaser (1387-1454) R'haalhza became the first female chieftain of the Raptor in the Year 1414 of the Sixth Astral Era. Already a grown woman, a successful whaler, and a born helmswoman, R'haalhza set the tribe on a new course towards its prosperous future. By now, the tribe was well known in the free port of Limsa as being reliable whalers, but also formidable pirates on the seas, having taken to stealing new vessels and weapons by force since the last chieftain. For years, R'haalhza faced heavy opposition from traditionalist Tias and indignant Nunhs over her firm hold of the Raptor leadership, but many and all attempts at displacing her failed. Eventually, R'haalhza implemented new edicts which divided the captaincy of her fleet among her Nunhs and with the promise to bed each Nunh exclusively, Tias and Nunhs began to place their energies into vying for the privilege instead of attempting to displace her.

R'waahl Stareyed (1432-1510) The second female chieftain of R'ooma's Sect. A year separated the death of R'haalhza from R'waahl's rise to power, owing to R'haalhza's second in command and youngest of her Nunhs, R'maeigo Nunh, taking a brief stewardship of the chieftain's crown until the traditionalist Tias and supporters of Haalhza's Way, as it came to be called, could decide on a new method of succession. After a year of indecision, R'waahl acted on her own, taking over the tribe with a bountiful feast of foreign delicacies her crew had scavenged from lands afar, laying it at R'maeigo's feet. They would eat and then she promised that she would topple him and rise above the rest. Seeing the fire in her eyes, R'maeigo gave up his plate to her and passed the leadership with it. R'waahl later took him as her first Nunh and gave birth to two of his children. R'waahl went on to expand her tribe's territories far and wide across the seas to the south and east. And it was she who founded a small port on a distant isle of the Cieldalaes for their tribe to call home.

R'lusaab the Matron (1494-1535) At once the most unifying and divisive of the female Chieftains. R'lusaab remains the only chieftain to have never been challenged over their rule. Born a farm sister within the Cieldalaes territory R'waahl had settled years before, she possessed few of the qualities expected in leadership of the seafaring tribe. However, she had an industrious mind for business and uncanny knack for making things grow, even the tribe. In her short tenure, which began in the Year 1510 following reluctance from the tribe members to step up as successor to what they considered their greatest leader since R'ooma, several Nunhs (and Tias...) who had been sleeping with R'lusaab brought her name forwards as a candidate. Unwilling to dishonor her tribe, R'lusaab accepted the responsibility and used her influence to build relations and trade with neighboring factions, building upon the foundation that R'waahl had built before.

R'suvrooh Seaflame (1517-present) R'suvrooh took the position of Chieftain in the Year 1535, a moon following R'lusaab the Matron's death. R'suvrooh appointed her childhood friend, R'jahkob the Fourth Son of R'lusaab, as Nunh of her pirate forces in the Rhotano. Through him, she conducted fear as a weapon against the Thalassocracy, placing her tribe in ever greater political and economical power all the while blameless of his deeds as a faceless, nameless terror. Though R'jahkob was R'suvrooh's favorite Nunh, she bore no child by him. In the thirty years since R'jahkob's banishment from the tribe, as well as the subsequent beginning of Merlwyb's regime, the once mighty Raptor pirates are a shade of their former ferocity. However, there are many still at large, and R'suvrooh was cunning enough to subvert the Thalassocracy from within while her famed R'jahkob distracted it from without. As such, R'suvrooh has maintained the chieftaincy well into middle-age, her nine and thirty years old life partner, R'jaanda Dihwa, steadfastly by her side.

Personal RP Limits

I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.
Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.
I won't play permanent character death.
■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion. R'jahkob is purposefully an evil character.
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