A'khenna Khai

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Ul'dah-transparent.png A'khenna Khai
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Patron Diety Azeyma, The Warden
Age 18
Namesday 15th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Height/Weight 5 fulms, 1 ilm / 127 ponz
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Given Name: A'khenna Khai [pronounced Ah-kin-nah Kye]

Etymology: Khenna of the Antelope tribe, daughter of Khai.


  • Khenna - used by those who are a part of her tribe. If others use this name, she will correct them as she considers someone not acknowledging her tribe to be disrespectful.
  • Blyssnstyrn - used and given to her by Siobhain. It means Blossoming Star in the Roegadyn language. A'khenna is very fond of this one, but would be very confused if anyone other than Siobhain started to use it.


Height: 5 fulms, 1 ilm - a little below average for a female Miqo'te.

Weight: 127 ponz - close to average, perhaps on the light side.

Body: ...

Complexion: ...

Face: ...

Hair: Growing up, her hair was always disheveled from her many adventures with the other children of her tribe. It wasn't until she began puberty that she started to take care of it. Her mother had made her a white ribbon, tying it into her hair as a headband and telling her that she was a young lady now, so she needed to look like one. She started brushing it every day and never went out without the ribbon. Now, her hair is a thick blonde mane, laying flat and reaching just above her shoulders. She has straight bangs that fall just below her eyebrows and the tips of her hair are a brown that matches the tip of her tail.

Fashion: A'khenna cares very little about how clothes look. She cares much more about comfort and effectiveness. Since she spends much of her time practicing fighting or actually fighting, she is almost always in armor, but she had no problem wearing something more revealing should she need to. When she is practicing her tree strikes, she will often remove everything except her pants and undergarments so that her armor won't get in the way. When she was younger, she opted to wear boyish clothing while she ran around outside and was often confused for a boy because of her lack of curves and short, disheveled hair.








  • Red Meat
  • Sunny Weather
  • Being Warm
  • Generosity
  • Honesty
  • ...


  • Rain
  • Deep Water
  • Being Cold
  • Selfishness
  • Pity
  • ...


  • Gathering/Trapping/Hunting
  • Agility
  • ...


  • ...
  • ...
  • ...



A'khai Nunh - A'khenna's father. He is the person A'khenna admires most. Ever since she was young she has wanted to just like him, even going so far as telling everyone that she was going to be a Nunh, too. Of course, her plans changed when she realized what being a Nunh entailed.

A'molosi Hahma - A'khenna's mother. When A'khenna's younger sister was born, her and her mother grew apart a bit. A'khenna didn't like the lack of attention and growing responsibility of being older, but by the time her brother was born, they had found a happy medium.

A'myhoi Khai - [aka Myhoi, prononunced My-oh-ee] A'khenna's younger sister, age 11. She is the opposite of A'khenna, admiring and wanting to be just like their mother as much as A'khenna wants to be like their father. A'khenna had some resentment toward her at first, but now adores her. However, there are times when she wonders if Myhoi is the daughter her mother wished she, herself, had been.

A'myaka Tia - [aka Myaka, pronounced My-ah-kah] A'khenna's younger brother, age 9. He's much like most young boys and a lot like A'khenna when she was younger. He is always running around with the other boys and getting scrapes and dirtying his clothes. He always wants to do everything that A'khenna does and was heartbroken when he couldn't go with her to Ul'dah.


A'ashton Tia - [aka Ashton] A'khenna's childhood friend. He still teases her the same way he did when they were young, though they hadn't seen each other for many years because his family left the tribe. She was happy to see him again and hopes that they can keep in touch.

Gharen Wolfsong - The first person A'khenna fought. She was wary of him at first, thinking that Siobhain disapproved of him, but she has come to see that he is kind and a good fighter. She's looking forward to fighting him again once she has gotten stronger.

Siobhain Surtsthalwyn - [aka Miss Cold Flame] A'khenna's fighting teacher. She reminds A'khenna a bit of her father, which has made her become attached to the woman faster than she normally does, since she's away from home. She is tough, but fair, and so far the only thing that A'khenna doesn't like is her large vocabulary.




Common Rumors

  • "Every time I see her, all she has is a little bag of coins and the clothes on her back." - Quicksand frequenter.
  • ...
  • ...

Moderate Rumors

  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Rare Rumors

  • "Khenna's been wantin' to fight like her father since she was little. She used to tell everyone she was going to be a Nunh someday." - Miqo'te of the Antelope tribe.
  • ...
  • ...

Player Character Rumors

  • "My apprentice. A good, strong girl. She will surpass me one day, and I aim to live long enough to see it." - Siobhain Surtsthalwyn
  • "Th' lass'd be a little younger than my sister I think if'n she were here. So I'll be teach'n her what I can, she'll nae face life's challenges unprepared." - Gharen Wolfsong
  • "She a-always seems to b-beat me when we s-spar. S-Sometimes it s-seems like she'll go way f-farther to win than I ever could..." - A’nzil Oenomaus
  • ...
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A'khenna was born on the 15th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon, 18 years ago. The first 13 years of her life were very simple. She played with the young tias of her tribe and then started gaining responsibility by learning to gather. As she grew older, she learned to trap, and then to hunt. She also learned how to read and write, but once she felt she knew enough to get by she refused to keep studying. She spent almost all of her time gathering, trapping, and hunting to provide food for the tribe.

When the Calamity happened, a decent amount of their tribe's people died. Many others were hurt. There was only one healer in the tribe and, though that healer had an apprentice, they needed extra hands. Since her father forbid her to fight, she volunteered to help the healer. She learned how to patch up smaller wounds while the healer and her apprentice used magic to mend the larger ones.

For the last 5 years she had watched the older members of her tribe fight against beast attacks, that have grown more frequent since the Calamity, while she learned to magically mend their smaller wounds. Though she was helping, she felt restless and wanted desperately to fight along side the others. She asked her father to teach her to fight, but he told her that she would learn more by going to Ul'dah like he had to learn to fight. With that, she made a plan and took the steps to see it through. Her father helped her learn the currency used in Ul'dah, the healer taught her a protection spell (which took a bit of time to get the hang of), she said her farewells and she was on her way.

She lived hand to mouth for a while, selling any extra food that she gathered or hunted, but she then spent the gil on armor and weapons and a place to sleep and was back to nothing until she hunted again.


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