A’nzil Oenomaus

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 A’nzil Oenomaus
"A’nzil the Coward"
Gender Male
Race Miqo’te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Patron Deity Azeyma the Warden
Age 16
Namesday 16th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Height/Weight 5', 1 / 114 ponz.
Occupation Indentured Servant / Mercenary

"A’nzil Oenomaus" is a little known slave hailing from the coastal regions around Limsa Lominsa. The small renown he does have is for his hyper-sensitivity over the matter of his survival, and what is a threat to it. His penchant for running away from even the slightest of ‘threats’ has had some label him as ‘A’nzil the Coward’ among other things. As a wise man once said however, the surface of the ocean that forms a man’s soul is nothing like what is to be found at its crushing depths. He has reasons for his demeanor, and while certainly not solely responsible, his cruel and draconian ‘master’ R'mah Tameo gives the Miqo’te youth plenty to fear in her quest to make the boy a more profitable venture since obtaining his life.



Given Name: A’nzil Oenomaus (Ahn - zill | ON - knee - MAY - us)

Common Monikers:

'Fraidy Cat
Scardy Cat
Pussy Cat
A’nzil the Coward: Unlike the mere name calling of the above, this nickname is derived from his practice of fleeing at the slightest hint of a threat, even an imagined one. Any who witness this obviously labels him as a coward. Even if said right to his face, he is much too scared to do anything about it.


Siobhain in Combat (Artwork courtesy of Shawnzy)
Height: 5 fulms, 1 ilms - relatively short for Miqo’te males, but he is young yet.
Weight: 114 ponz - a lithe build to be sure, but agile.
Body: Slim. He isn't fed much or often so the lad is quite slender. He does have a slight tone to his form from the physical exertions that are forced upon him by R'mah. Like most miqo'te his legs are still quite muscular, allowing him to jump easily. Outside of this he looks thoroughly average. His tail is a typical length and naturally very neat looking, the length of his fur is even all the down its length. It simply grows this way, he hardly grooms it. Given his love for heavy wear to fend off pretty much everything very few will ever have the opportunity to view A'nzil's natural form.
Complexion: The boy's skin is a tad on the pale side. His poor diet and staying hidden out in some dark nook or cranny takes it's toll. He is not as white as a sheet however. His skin is smooth in his adolescence, though it can be rough around his hands from forced labor or the action he is made to undertake as an indentured servant.
Face: His face is rounded and youthful due to his age. His soft ocean blue eyes are deep set in head and his nose is quite slender. The natural markings under his eyes are also not yet that long due to his adolescence. His mouth is enclosed by two lips, much like anyone else. The boy's lips are very full, especially his lower lip. R'mah always “jokes” that she's going to pop his lip if he keeps whining. Needless to say, a smile is a rare sight upon his face, as is a laugh a rare sound to escape his lips.
Hair: Not much attention as ever been paid to A'nzil's hair. He cuts it it with a knife when it gets too long so its messy and unkempt, tufts of his chocolate brown locks going every which-a-way at varying lengths. He keeps it out of his eyes in the front and the back naturally spikes out in a type of cowlick that has developed over time due to how he sleeps.
Fashion: Given that A’nzil is most assuredly a man of very limited means, he wears whatever he can get his hands on. By and large, the majority of his garments come from R'mah, who is quite frugal. This doesn’t mean he is without preferences however. The Miqo’te enjoys loose or open clothing that allows his skin to breath, finding garments that are too tight or stuffy uncomfortable within the menial and laborious tasks so often set to him by his master. If forced into a combat setting, as he sometimes is, his preferences are quite the opposite. A’nzil prefers the thickest and most protective armor money can buy, paranoid for his safety as always. Unfortunately there is not much money for such luxuries, and so he must make do with what he has, much like his every day apparel. This is often mismatched salvaged or bargain bin armor. As a youth of course he desires clean cut and fashionable clothes, but reality has thoroughly driven home that such indulgences will not be a possibility anytime within the near future, causing him to leave those desires by the wayside.


Voice: When not in a panicked or horrified state A’nzil has a soft, youthful voice that addresses others in the most respectful manner possible. However given that he is nearly constantly in some level of panic his voice come across as loud and whiny. While in the grips of fear he often stutters or malforms sentences. The more afraid he is, the greater his inability to speak becomes. At near hysteria anything he may say is fairly unintelligible entirely, making communication difficult.
Demeanor: Within a public setting A’nzil comes off as paranoid or timid. He’s jumpy around others he doesn’t know and his jerky, hyper-alert movements only increase with amount of people added to whatever crowds he happens to be nearby, especially if composed mostly of races he finds fearsome or intimidating. If any kind of attention comes from a stranger he often shies away from it. If the attention is overtly negative he will outright flee the scene and avoid whatever locale at which it took place for a few days at least if he has a choice. Any combat that is joined against Eorzea’s beasts or brigands is normally performed under duress. In battle he is shaky and uncoordinated, often only posing a minor annoyance or even amusement to any opponents while his master does the real work from afar. If any engagement looks as if it might not pan out in the slightest, he will retreat immediately. As far as swords for hire go, A’nzil is considered one of the worst for now.
Personality: Internally the young Miqo’te is deeply troubled. For the vast majority of his brief existence it has been made abundantly clear that most of those around him considered him both useless and worthless. Spending much time in such an environment has led him to take that notion as the truth. The boy has no self confidence and no real sense of self worth. His fear for his survival and safety are driven largely by his instincts alone. He realizes in self pity the harsh reality that if he does get killed the world will still spin regardless. The only vague drive he has to survive outside of his instincts is his sense of religious purpose. While far from being as pious as he could be due to his upbringing and shortcomings, A’nzil does pray often. Granted this is normally within the height of a panicked retreat. He knows no official prayers, but genuinely begs for protection in offer of service in his own plebian way. While no light has literally shot from the heavens to prevent an injury or dissuade any that would harm him, he has remained alive this long despite his obvious weaknesses. This he considers a miracle and proof that the Twelve, more specifically Azeyma, must have some purpose set aside once he is free of his trials and tribulations. It is this ambiguous reasoning that steers him in some semblance of a forward direction. He is very loyal thanks to his childhood teacher. Though his required loyalty to his various masters over the years has been more or less forced for his safety and survival, he is truly loyal to those who prove to be trustworthy. Thus far, such trust is currently only given to Azeyma, and the Twelve to a lesser extent. Mere mortal beings have a much tougher time circumnavigating A’nzil’s paranoia driven defenses to gain his trust themselves, and none have ever really bothered to try. Many have found it much easier to threaten their way to his compliance than deal with his teenage emotional baggage. Having rarely been earned by anyone he has met, there is no way to yet measure the youth’s loyalty to those that he trusts. Given that he automatically assumes all intend him some harm, physical or emotional, at first contact, such trust is difficult to work towards indeed. Though that isn’t to say it’s impossible.
Quirks: Outside of his normal paranoia, A’nzil’s harsh but interesting life style has led to a number of interesting quirks. After learning a great fear for pain and distaste for being harmed with little reason, the youth has developed a somewhat pacifistic approach to everyday creatures. Unlike many within Eorzea, A’nzil is a vegetarian, or at least attempts to be. Financial circumstances or R'mah Tameo’s malice often removes his choice in the matter of cuisine. In his ideal life however, he eats vegetables only. He also had no desire to harm the other races he shares the world with, though he has a great fear for the taller, more intimidating races. He finds the Roegadyn, Elezen, and Hyur to appear fearsome, brutish, or both. Fellow Miqo’te and Lallafell are deemed as far less of a threat in his eyes. He will often flee immediately in the presence of the former three races depending on how they present themselves.
Flaws: Again outside of his deep routed fears, the boy has few personal flaws. Anger is not something that comes naturally or often to A’nzil, but his despair can occasionally lead him there. When cornered or trapped the fight section of his instincts kicks in since flight is no longer an option. If there is no other way out of his situation than through the enemy, he will often attack recklessly and head on, throwing his normal overzealous caution to the wind. After all, he really doesn’t want to die. Often a rage is channeled into this as A’nzil unwittingly uses his self pity and the poor circumstances of his life to fuel a fire that he can direct into any present enemy, making normally weak blows a little more powerful. That always ends with an emotional and physical exhaustion that leaves him both drained and vulnerable, or more so vulnerable than normal.
Intelligence: Formally A’nzil was never educated. This means he has a woeful lack of book smarts. At no point within his existence thus far has he been taught to read or write, putting him at a serious disadvantage. While illiterate he does have his own brand of street smarts. He often knows the best places to hide or short cuts to avoid crowds once he’s spent some time in a locale. It is the first thing he looks for once arriving somewhere. In addition to this he has also watched R'mah negotiate deals for their services on a number of occasions and can, in theory, put together a deal on his own if he so wished. If only he could communicate properly. He has observant eyes, careful ears, and fairly quick hands. The boy’s hand-eye coordination is excellent. His last teacher was a ‘retired’ poet and writer, and A’nzil has committed some of his work to memory out of his childhood, the only memento he has of the man. Even so, he does not always understand what it all means. The Miqo’te is sharp in a general sense however and can grasp at more advanced ideas if they are properly broken down into laymen’s terms.


  • Solitude
  • Soft Music
  • Vegetables
  • Azeyma
  • Sweet Foods
  • Warmth
  • Lalafell
  • Miqo'te
  • Old Stories and Legends


  • Himself
  • R'mah Tameo
  • Rain
  • The Open Ocean
  • Water (and to some extent bathing)
  • The Outdoors
  • Cold
  • Feeling Vulnerable
  • Spicy Foods
  • Meats
  • Bullies
  • Bugs
  • Sahagin
  • Serpant Reavers
  • Beastmen


  • Lance Skills (mediocre)
  • Cooking (mediocre)
  • Hiding
  • Agility
  • Running
  • Prestidigitation
  • Caution



H’nanis Oenomaus (Mother)- A ‘lady of the evening’ born and raised within Golgollada. She wasn’t the brightest Miqo’te one could meet but her beauty was something to behold, even by the standards of her species. Being birthed into a poor family in the small coastal town as largely an accident of passion herself, H’nanis never developed the sense or ability to form deep personal bonds with many around her due to her negligent and uninterested kin. While the trait helped her out greatly in her later career as a strumpet, it made her into a poor mother figure. A’nzil was never close to his mother. Other more affectionate comrades within her evening troupe took care of the boy for a time until later on in his development. While somewhat naïve, H’nanis was talented at using her looks and feminine wiles to get what she wanted, but sadly could not achieve what she wanted most: to leave Golgollada free of any burdens. Sadly, this likely would have included her young son. When the Serpent Reavers razed the villages along the coast of La Noscea, Golgollada failed to escape and H’nanis did not survive the hostilities.
Sovet Vobet (Mentor/Adoptive Father)- An old and wise Lallafell that resided in the village of Golgollada. Once a poet and writer by his own admission, he had long since lost his sight to age. Unable to continue his trade while blind, Sovet lived off of the money he had made in his heyday while making small sums off of those within the village, or travelers to it, by offering his hard won wisdom and advice. In this manner he functioned something like a village sage. Out of pity for A’nzil and disgust for the boy’s mother, the Lallafell began to look after him not long after his fifth namesday. He looked after the boy’s well-being and tried to teach him lessons about life with stories, parables, and poetry, many written by Sovet himself. There was a valiant attempt on his part to help A’nzil overcome his fears of nearly everything and perhaps if he had been left to his tasks, something might have come of it. At any rate, he soon became a safe haven for the boy and one of the only people he had truly trusted. He desired to teach the boy to read and write, as communication key for an easier existence. However, as a blind man no longer able to write in any real capacity himself, there was little that he could do. At the very least he could teach the boy to count. That he could do as long as he had fingers (and sometimes toes). Because of this A’nzil can count as high as he likes. Sovet had other hidden talents however. On the night the village was attacked the Lalafell revealed he could utilize magic. Roughly going off sound alone, as well as A’nzil’s panicked directions he managed to hold off the Serpent Reavers until the boy and a few other survivors of the village had a window of escape. Sovet opted to stay behind to ensure the Sahagin’s mercenaries did not have an opportunity to pursue. Surprisingly, A’nzil had trouble leaving the Lalafell there on his own. Despite being more scared than he had ever been in his life, he didn’t wish to leave his teacher to die. After several moments Sovet convinced the young Miqo’te to go with carefully chosen words, both solemn and sincere. Though no one ever personally saw the man fall, A’nzil has never seen or heard from him again.


Gharen Wolfsong - A'nzil's teacher and mentor within the Grindstone. He has taught A'nzil a lot in only a few meetings and actually encourages him to think, an activity he's normally discouraged from. His lessons are never harsh like R'mah's, making them easy to digest and encouraging the learning process. Though it's a new experience for him, A'nzil can tell Gharen actually cares about him.
A'khenna Khai - His typical sparring partner, A'khenna is much braver and daring than he is in A'nzil's own eyes. While he's always manages to do well enough against her in a fight she always defeats him in the end usually through her own creativity and superior skill. A'nzil looks up to her.
Davian Ackerman - The two met when A'nzil first began training with Gharen. Left in the care of Val, who has some very different training methodology, Davian pulled the older miqo'te off of A'nzil while the two sparred. Though he is unsure if what the Hyur did was kosher, he is thankful none the less for getting a free pass from his specialized "endurance" training.


R'mah Tameo - the possessor of A'nzil's indentured servitude, basically his master. The female miqo'te has done some foul things in her time and she isn't that much older than A'nzil. She's greedy, pragmatic, intelligent, and very clever. Her skill with the bow is also quite potent. She terrifies the hell out of A'nzil, and that is definitely on purpose.


Val Nunh - A man who took on the role of A'nzil's substitute trainer in Gharen's absence. In some ways he reminds him of R'mah, in other ways he reminds him of Cold Flame. Mostly he doesn't know what to make of Val. Up until recently his training methods didn't seem all that harsh. Their first spar changed all that. While R'mah might be cruel she's never delivered such a beating upon A'nzil. Hearing Val's reasoning he can almost understand where he's coming from, but he's not sure if the hurt is worth it or even if it will have the desired affect.


  • Style:
With no talent in magic and having never been taught how to use a bow, R'mah normally has him employ melee weapons as these are simple in function. All one has to do is slap the enemy with the sharp or pointy end. It seemed simple in theory at least yet the youth still manages to be terrible at it. A’nzil mostly employs a lance or trident. He likes the distance the weapon allows him to maintain from the opponent. Though a long handled axe offers some of the same appeal, the Miqo’te is not really strong enough to wield such a weapon effectively. A sword and shield he considers outright foolhardy. Having to get that close is beyond the normal levels of unacceptable. A’nzil prefers to poke the target from afar and then move to avoid their angry retaliation. If he were not so terrified in the heat of battle or perhaps been taught a little more about vital points on a target then maybe he would be far deadlier than he is. His battlefield jitters do play to his caution and agility however. He is very observant of an opponent if somewhat distracted by his terrified imaginings. While his slender arms might not make for powerful blows, he is very evasive and puts a strong priority on making sure he sets out of the way of an opponent’s attacks. Given that R'mah is normally striking from afar (hardly ever is he fighting something unless by her directive) the enemy’s attention is usually split between the two, allowing A’nzil to avoid their full wrath.
  • Specialization:
Colloquially A’nzil is a lancer by trade. His weapon never really leaves his back unless his master directs him to draw it however. Though far from what some could call masterful, the Miqo’te employs something like hit and fade tactics. If the worst happens or for whatever reason he is caught unarmed, the boy will employ whatever is handy at the time if he cannot simple run away, even if it’s his bare paws. He focuses heavily on his right hand when fighting since he is right handed and similarly powers his evasions with primarily his right leg.
  • Strengths:
As a young and normally horrified Miqo’te, A’nzil is very agile and often flits and dodges around a target, usually while murmuring prayers or pleading for mercy from whatever deities will hear him. He has careful eyes and careful ears, as well as a keen sense of smell, though this rarely aids in open conflict. These senses allow him to keep excellent tabs on the enemy, at least if he pays enough attention over his own whining. The adrenaline that fear brings with it powers his swift Miqo’te feet to even higher levels of agility and evasiveness, making the boy nigh uncatchable under normal circumstances. If the battle seems to be going poorly it also allows him to run away at great speeds. It is sometimes joked that if you put a big enough threat behind him, he could outrun a chocobo.
  • Weaknesses:
Given that he is an adolescent Miqo’te, A’nzil’s primary flaw is a lack of physical power behind his blows. His strikes might be enough to pierce flesh, but more heavily armored targets will largely nullify his blows. Then of course is his inherent fear of being killed or maimed constantly clouding his judgment and curtailing what could be a promising mercenary career. He is willing to retreat from a conflict at the earliest possible convenience, or in some cases, inconvenience. The paranoia is well founded however. As a small and young creature, A’nzil cannot withstand many, if any, full blows from most large opponents without being critically injured or killed.


  • Lance/Spear/Trident
  • Whatever’s handy if he’s desperate


Given that he is not particularly great at what he does, R'mah does not provide him with the best that money can buy. He is not really a financial priority at all in fact. While A’nzil might desire the thickest armor that could ever be made, he often receives either hand-me-downs from R'mah (which at least compliments his figure) or whatever is available for the cheapest price. Normally this is light leather or chain armor, and even then only armor that protects the most vital areas of his body. This does however play to the boy’s natural agility and allows him to move more easily across the battlefield. At a glance it is easy to see that A’nzil is a bargain bin warrior.


While he does use a lance, A’nzil fights as such only because he is more or less forced to as R'mah’s indentured servant. Having no choice of his own in the matter, he has not really selected a discipline of combat or non-combat that best suits him, as he believes he will never be free to really do so.


Rumour Mill

Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
  • “That kid? ‘fraid of his own shadow ‘e is. And yet some’ow ‘e’s s’posed to be a mercenary?”
  • “I asked him where to find that older Miqo’te he’s always with. Took a bloody bell to get a response!"
  • “Heard he browned his pants fighten’ a Ladybug. Some warrior, eh?”
Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear):
  • “Once heard that if you stick a fierce enough beastman behind him, the boy can outrun a chocobo! Ha!”
  • “That woman that’s always dragging him around is a bloody fierce one. Not sure why she bothers pulling around his dead weight.”
  • “Might have seen school girls that could fight better, but never seen that boy take a solid blow. Quick on his feet he is.”
Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard):
  • “Knew his mother I did. Ah, she was a lass of right fine beauty she was. Pity her heart was no deeper than a lagoon. I wonder whatever became of her…”
  • “Heard from a sailor that kid used to serve aboard the Renown until that bad-mouthed lass won his life in a game of chance. What a poor prize that was for the both of them.”
  • “Once had him ask me where the Mizzenmast was while sanding right across the street from it. Seems pretty daft if you ask me.”
PC Rumors:
  • (feel free to add your own)
  • "The Warden has led him unto me. Best let the boy be or incur my wrath." - Siobhain Surtsthalwyn
  • "Th' boy has th' heart o' a Coeurl in there somewhere. Short 'o diggin' it out o' his chest with me bare hands I intend te help him find it." - Gharen Wolfsong
Wanted for Interesting Roleplay:
  • A father would be interesting, but I am unsure how either party would ever really know.
  • Sovet Vobet could still be alive somewhere if you have a hankering to play a blind Lalafell poet and mage.
  • Someone willing to wager for my freedom would be right nice 


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