A'khirho Elil

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 A'khirho Elil
The Medic
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Tribe Antelope
Nameday 10th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon, 1561
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
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Given Name: A'khirho (ah-KHHEE-rhoh; the "h" represents the hissing/spitting sound miqo'te sometimes have and can be disregarded)
Nickname: Aki (by those who assume "ah" is part of the name), Kiro (family and close friends or those who bother to ask about his name)
Religion: He prays to Oschon to guide him while travelling but he's not too pious. He does, however, revere the elementals of the Twelveswood and tries to adhere to their will.
Height: 5 fulms, 2.8 ilms
Weight: 112 ponz
Complexion: brown
Hair: black
Eyes: green
» He is a short miqo'te but that has not stopped him from believing he'd still get taller... someday. He has brown skin probably due to growing up in the baked plains of eastern thanalan. He makes it a habit to keep his hair relatively short but cannot be expected to fix it, leaving it perpetually unkempt.


» He is a very energetic young man which is likely common for people his age. He is quite the optimist and tries to see the good in almost every situation. He can be idealistic at times and his naivete shows during moments of realization that not everything can be resolved in a peaceful manner. He can get emotional when his positive energy is diminished considerably, most especially now that he is learning more and more about the world around him. Nonetheless he will try to the best of his ability to do good to others.
Quirks & Tics:
» Due to his belief on the Elementals, he has a certain limit to hunting game and would sometimes be seen giving his thanks
» He has that trademark miqo'te hiss-spit and it shows when he's very happy or very drunk... or both.
  • Forest miqa'bobs
  • Almonds
  • Antelopes (he finds them majestic)
  • Swimming
  • His chocobo, Cennin
  • Water sprites (can sometimes be found staring at them for a while...)
  • Funguars
  • Loud explosions
  • Closed spaces
  • Being incapacitated
  • Self-centered people
  • Water sprites (because they are freaking distracting!)
  • Meditating around the Twelveswood or within Stillglade Fane
  • People-watching (in a hopefully not so creepy way)
  • Water sprite watching (against his will most of the time)
  • Basic mending and brewing herbal potions -- he learned these from his mother who is a healer
  • Hunting and Foraging for food and materials -- he learned both from his father who was a fledgling merchant and mostly gathered stuff to sell on his own


Background info that he deems unnecessary to share with others (unless you're super close already I guess)

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Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
  • "Those Duskwights are up to no good bringing this miqo'te here. He better not try anything else he wants a good beating."
Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear):
  • "I heard he had a lover who got turned into a water sprite that's why he often follows one around. How tragic."
Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard):
  • "Some say you can procure somnus from him if you know what to say... or what to give."
Player Character Rumors:

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