Abaigeal Causland

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Abaigeal Causland
Sword Dancing Bartender
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Employer Xenedra Ambreaus
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Age 26
Nameday 14th Sun day of the 1st Umbral moon (2/14)
Hair Color Russet Base with Raspberry Highlighting
Eye Color Emerald Green with a Dark Hunter Green Outer Ring

NOTE: This Wiki is always changing and updating!!

(Abaigeal Causland is a rather playful and flirtatious Highlander Hyur who specializes in swordplay, she is also a fan of daggers and throwing knives in which she incorporates into her dancing. She is always found with a warm smile on her face and bright and sunny disposition that she ebbs and flows onto others around her. She tries to understand and grasp the events of Eorzea through her friends and patrons, though she still misunderstands or is ignorant to some events.)


Height: 6 fulms, 2 ilms - for a Highlander she is one of the tallest females. She usually stands slightly taller than a tall male Midlander and slightly shorter than a short male Elezen.

Weight: 145 ponz – She has a dancers build. Muscle tone where expected, a round bottom and a modest amount of breast. She tends to be more muscle then most would assume.

Body: Abaigeal is slight of frame and often considered rail-thin, Compared to most of the Highlander race that she takes after on her mother's side. Though this is often deceiving s most of it is solid muscle. Her thighs and calves are well tones from the dancing skill she has acquired. While she is thin she does however have curves in the right places with soft round hips, a modest and perky bust. Her upper arm strength is attributed to the sword handling while dancing as she has to be able to twist and twirl any size blade about. She does however pride herself on her long legs.

Complexion: Pale, peaches and cream with tints of rose upon her cheeks. There is a small and light smattering of freckles that cross the bridge of her nose and dissipate gradually under her eyes. She had small scars that have grown faint over the years upon her hands and forearms which are also calloused from working with blades. Her feet are usually calloused and often dirty as she parades about barefoot. At first it was because of lack of affordability. Now it's more a preference as to not hinder her while she dances.

Face: Abaigeal's face is youthful with full rosy cheeks, freckles, and full pouty lips. Her eyes are a bright and vibrant emerald green with a dark hunter green rim on the outside. It is often said that if someone looks upon them for long enough they will swear that her eye are smiling themselves. Her ears are pierced three times each: two holes on the bottom of her lobe with silver rings in them. And two conch piercings in the cartilage with silver ear cuffs.

Hair: While the color is often described as russet or a deep burgundy, it's often changes color depending on the time of the cycle. While colder times it's darker in nature the warmer seasons its lighter. Still she has the same reddish highlighting. Her hair has been usually worn short with her natural curls causing a state of perpetual bed head. She is constantly debating on whether to grow it out or not. A ruthless battle that it is, of course when it gets to the awkward point she chops it all off. Though, she does have a single braid that hangs down on the right side of her face.

Clothing&&Apparel: Abaigeal's fashion is more performance geared. She had several flowing skirts and tops made of chiffons and sheers. The skirts are long full circle skirts that fall to her ankles with high slits up to her hips. Underneath is a pair of small form fitting pair of shorts that appear painted on; if she is not wearing matching dance bottoms. The slits are for access to throwing daggers that are strapped to her thighs when out on excursions. When she is not wearing them the function is dance related and offer gratuitous peeks to her lengthy legs.

When adventuring which she hasn't done much of she tends to dress practical, for once wearing proper shoes and clothing conducive to actually climbing about and running through who knows what. Though As of late she has found to take a liking to the sword and shield often donning plate armor.


Speech&&Accenting: Abaigeal has an accent that is noted as foreign by most. She will often replace "I's" with "Ah's" and shorten some words while using "Ye" for "You". Along with her accent she will also use her country's colloquialisms which can often be misinterpreted. The sound of her voice is often cheerful and energetic. Though, it can be sultry when with ones she is intimate with.

Demeanor: Abai is drawn to the concept of living life outside the box. She resists being caught up in conventional boundaries and rules, and actively seeks out change for her benefit and often for the benefit of others as a whole. Abai just doesn't sit around hoping for things to come to her. She is more of a go-getter that will do what she can and what she wants. Hence one of the reasons she has left Eri'Lan'.

She has a bit of a playful jesting streak that causes her to constantly go head to head in a battle of witty retorts. Mostly at Soliloquy Tavern one can find such banter and back and forth's between her and other patrons. Abai is determined to stand her ground and eventually get you to believe her. If she tells you the sky is Neon yellow by the end of the night you just might thinks so too, unless of course ye took a bad dose of Rocky Chocobo. That also comes from being a true Eri'ish bony lass. She can develop quite the temper and tear you a new one when you least expect it. Something about Eri'ish women and bad tempers, you know hell hath no fury like a woman scorn. Note of advise unless you enjoy getting your head torn off don't piss off the lass.

Abai does posses a sweet natured side. Her mother bless her soul said it was because she is everyone's sweetheart being born on the start of day of Valentione's Day. She can be the one to let you cry on her shoulder, tell your secrets too. Or hell just enjoy being in her company. She can give you the warm fuzzies.

Quirks&&Ticks: She has a strange affinity to walking about barefoot. Twirls her hair around her finger when annoyed or thinking, at least when it's long. When she wears it short she plays with her braid. Abai also tends to make a TSK noise when she doesn't agree with actions or words. She picks at her nails when nervous or thinking of what to say. Stammers and blushes when extremely nervous, flustered, or in the presence of someone she...fancies.
  • Children
  • Dancing
  • Stories- Telling and Listening
  • Drinking
  • Peach Scents
  • Learning new things
  • Fairy tales and Whimsy
  • Fresh Flowers
  • A man with a level head on his shoulders
  • Those that pick on the weak just because they are strong
  • Stubbing her toes
  • The smell of wet dog
  • Banana's they leave a chalky flavor in her opinion
  • Men who try too hard...but then not hard enough either.

  • Teaching
  • Dancing (all forms)-Though it is nice to have a partner
  • Training
  • Cooking
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Favorite Food/Drink: Sour Red
  • Favorite Creatures: Cats
  • Least Favorite Food: Onion's..they make her crey. & Bananas.
  • Least Favorite Creature: None, Known.


  • Gladiator
  • White Mage/Conjurer
  • Daggers
  • Sword/Shield
Quick and nibble on her feet allows her to "dance" her way out of most combat situations. However, she is known for using her loud mouth to taunt and hold attention...in other words she makes good bait.
As someone has recently pointed out to her there is a difference in gladiator and Gladiator. She knows enough from her child hood hunting with daggers and using throwing knives to use the pointed end. However, She recently has taken up the sword and shield and is not quite used to the weight of armor and actually having to wear shoes. She's rather green, but in a way it also adds to her strength as she in unconventional in her tactics.
  • Weaver
Having had to tend to her father and brother since she was young it only made sense she had to do the tailoring and mending of their clothes. Often times she could be found taking some of her father's shirts and recreating them into something new.
With recent events finding time to actually do it.
  • Bartender/Server
  • Lousy Singer
  • Poet
  • Dancer-Sword Dancer
Dancing is something she finds she can get lost in. She can find and create a beauty with something dangerous like live steel and show off its more docile qualities with a strong reminder that it's still lethal. Much like herself if need be.
Sometimes she will push herself to the limits and realize that she over exerting herself. This usually ends with her passing out on the floor or collapsing on the nearest person.


  • Father: Killian Causland (50's)—Born in one of the City States associated with the Island Clusters off to the North-West. Native folk know it as Eri’lan’. Not well known as outsiders, as they have yet to give it a name or put it on the map. It's got a blend of all sorts much like Eorzea. Its believed that long ago there were quite a few Eorzeans had traveled North-West in expansion to claim the land for Eorzea, only when they arrived they fell in love with the land and the natives it was had to leave. Killian is a good natured man business man who married a young foreign woman who landed off the coast of his village when he was just a young lad of 19 cycles. A striking young woman that towered above him caught his eye and he had never regretted it. He currently still resides in the Island Clusters, only traveling to Eorzea for Merchant trips and to check on Abaigeal.
  • Mother: Sabine (Rainer) Causland (Deceased) Highlander Hyur that was a part of a nomadic tribe of peoples. A ruthless and almost savage people one would say. While amidst a squirmish with a group of Sea Wolf's that eventually ended on their ship, a storm had struck and set the ship off course to the North-West landing them on a place the natives called Eri'Lan'. Upon landing and waking up from the ship wreckage she found the people had taken a kindness to her and her people. Assisting to the wounded and tending to the weak. The people went as far as to offering their supplies and homes to the taller robust strangers and the remaining Sea Wolf crew. She had met Killian and his family that day, eventually falling for and wedding into his family.
  • Brother: Faolan Causland (31)—Oldest child of the Causland's. Faolan while five years older than his sister had always felt the need to protect her. While he never really saw her as "sister" he had always seemed to note that she was able to keep up with him and his best friend Ayden. As years went by his need to protect and look after his sister faded as it proved she could do more and more herself; almost becoming more useful and better at things that he was supposed to be good at. While he never showed his jealousy or resentment he often wished that Abaigeal would fall from her pedestal that their father had placed her upon. A month before her 16th birthday, that day would come. He regretted harboring any ill feeling and has strived to at the very least keep in touch with his Sister. He has since married and has produced a daughter. One whose spirit reminds him very much of his beloved sister.
  • Sister: Isabel Tolen -(22) Adoptive While it started as a harmless joke between Abaigeal teasing one of her patrons into thinking Isabel was her sister, the two have actually grown quite close. The small joke has since carried over into Abai's mind where she does indeed regard the younger woman as her sibling. Friends of the two often can hear them refer to each other as "Sis" or "Seester". She enjoys her company and hopes that some day Isabel may actually regard Abai as sort of an adoptive sibling of sorts as she has told the lass on many occasions that she is always there is she needs "family".

Friends and Associates

  • Xenedra Ambreaus - Abai's closest thing to a best friend when it comes to females with in Limsa. Not only is she her boss, but she almost is regard like a sister in Abai's eyes, even when she is maliciously teasing her over a certain lad. She affectionately calls her "Red".
  • Zesiro Ghalib - A miqo'te male that arrived shortly after she had started working at the tavern. She is most fond of the lad and is often seen giggling and laughing with him before and after hours. At one point the two were inseparable.
  • Kari Illderthane - One of those people that you mean and you feel as if you could have been friends for all your life. Abai feels a peace around Lady Kari and enjoys her visits to the tavern. She has also bestowed Abai a silver bracelet with her initials stamped in it which she can be seen wearing. Well that was teh beginning. Since then. Abai and Kari are thicker thank thieves and the bestest of friends as so far to be roommates.
  • Saitou Yoshida - At first a friend of Red's that frequented the tavern. Then an interesting person she found she enjoyed picking his brain. Now a Co-worker that seems to have her in a constant state of blushing and a fit of stammers. Still a good friend, even if she has a way of forcing him to think!
  • U'zhan Tia - A fun starlight haired maleqo'te that she enjoys making flush. Though often times she feels that he is also a comrade. Everyone seems to like making the two their targets!She does however enjoy the lad as a sparing partner.
  • Miname Yaero Quite the Motherly figure often offering a warm smile and an ear. She the chef at the tavern. Often Patrons can hear her cackling whenever a "Miname's Revenge" is ordered.
  • Yssen VanSomeone she respects. His strange quirks draw her to him. She has a soft spot for the elezen as she enjoys trying to figure out what makes him tick. Recently he has taught her a thing or two. What cannot be divulged as that was part of the bargin~
  • Daghbheri Himalspyr - Someone she rather enjoys going off on adventure with! She enjoys his company and his quips. He too seems to have a way of making her blush and fluster. She finds him to be in her close circle of friends.
  • Scarlet Willow - Friendliest Female Roe ever. Abai adores her and her kindness. She is always there to lend a helping hand.
  • Fearless Wynn - A rather handsome and dashing Roe that she enjoys bantering with. Surprisingly she runs into him the most when not at the tavern. she is starting to think he has a built in Abai locator.
  • Myllor Aurelion - The owner of five cycles of Soliloquy in Red's absence. While Abaigeal would keep the tavern running Myllor was the financial support. He is not only just her boss, but she regards him close as well. Someone she often worries and frets over, as she has often said. "Ye aren't taken care of yerself, then Ah'll have te take care of ye!"
  • Endemerrin Rosethorne Ser Captian Wacky McNoodly Arm. She doesn't hate him per-say, but she does feel that Xenedra can do better. The two have talked briefly and have come to the conclusion he hurts Xenedra...Abai breaks his face.


((Please feel free to add you name and leave it blank~ I am in the process of collecting names and adding folks. But since some people aren't counting it as cannon. I'll leave it up to some of you to add your selfs and Abai will put up a blurb about you~!))

  • Alothia Starkwood - one of her favorite patrons that has a cheerful demeanor and is certainly a blast to play games with.
  • Paradyme Capellago - The vibrant haired hyur that helped her come up with the famous "Tonberry Tourch". She enjoys listening to his banter with Alothia.
  • Rakka'li Kuhn - One of the keeper twins that amuses her. Though he is more vocal than his brother she likes to watch him hit on all the ladies.
  • Rakka'sae Kuhn - The silent maleqo'te twin that Abai has a soft spot for. Though he is silent he has a huge and bright personality.
  • Ryuki Minami - A flirtatious maleqo'te that sometimes flusters her. She had a small interest until she realized one of her dear friends was interested more.
  • Kassandra Dawn - Abai is finding that this woman is rather interesting and enjoys her company more and more. As much as she sees Kass at Soliloquy she hopes maybe someday to count her as a friend.
  • Tyriont Gaidal - Sexy Pirate King. She truly enjoys his antics and find her self either full of giggles or full blush when he comes around. Some times both. Regardless, She could see him becoming a potential friend.
  • Xha'li Moui - Wither soft spot for Miqo'te and Carbuncles, Xha'li in a way reminds her of Zesiro and the days he would waltz in the tavern with his studies and summons trailing behind. She enjoys chatting with the lad and petting his summon as if it were a pet. Her favorite thing is to watch him blush was she servers him tea with "sugar"




Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png


Given Name: Abaigeal Causland '[Ah-bee-gale Kahs-land]': Her first name means “joyful or Joyous”. The name Abaigeal is spelled with the Gaelic pronunciation. The rough form that would have come from her mother’s “Highlander” side is Abigail. Still, the same meaning but with her father’s origin. Her last name has a few interesting meanings. Some believe it's from a derivative of the trade "carpenter". Though others know Causland is more widely known for Northern Eri'Lan', but has been found in some Southern Eri'Lan' linage. The Original origin of the name is unknown though thought to be nomadic people who had migrated about.
Abai: The shortened version of her name that started off only being used by family and those she is familiar with. However it is now used at Soliloquy Tavern by her patrons as it's easier to understand slurred. Either way she often feels that most of her patrons that come around regularly are her friends.
Abs: Only her father and Myllor call her this and gets away with it. Anyone else she will kindly correct and ask to please be called Abai or Abaigeal.
Current Residence: Soliloquy Tavern, Gridania, or The Goblet in Uldah
Marital/Relationship Status: In a relationship with Jayce Lightfall
Religion: Follower of Menphina, The Lover
Eri'Lan Early Years:
0 - Joyous is she who was born on the day of Valentiones.
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5 - Death of her Mother, A Lass is raised a Lad.
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7 - Learning the ways of the house...someone has too.
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10 - Me & My Brother &--& His Friend.
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15 - A Proposal one //can// refuse.
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16 - Always keep moving. Traveling Performance.
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18- A knight not forgotten...
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EORZEA Pre-Calamity:
21 - Dancing to thy dearest diversions...A Soliloquy
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22- A Promise Not A Threat
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22 - 26 A Tavern's Life for Me...
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Rumors&&Allegations&&Hints of Truth:

Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
  • "Strange girl that one...often off with her head in the clouds. I hear she takes in all sorts of strays"
  • "She's sweet at first...but watch it. Ye' don' pay yer tab, hell really hath no fury!"
  • "Aye, Abai...I think that's what she's called. Here her dancing isn't the only thing that good, ye should see her with sword."
  • "I heard she knows a thing or two about weaponry, heard she once laid a bandit on the flat on his back too"
Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear):
  • "I hear she keeps a man pet in her inn. You know one of them maleqo'tes—ye never hear what they do though"
  • "Don't think I've ever seen her leave Soliloquy! I hear she sleeps under the bar...her boss must be a slave driver"
  • "Yeah, I've heard she knows how to play a good card game, friend of mine lost even his small clothes to her...Poor lad."
  • "I wonder where she comes from...I have never heard of this Erriee Land...perhaps it's just a rouse. Either way, I think she has come to steal our men!"
Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard):
  • "I heard from someone, who heard from another...she's already married. At a young age at that too! Poor girl must be one of them run away brides..."
  • "I heard she is the daughter of a dark enchantress. One that left the battle fields coated in blood."
  • "Abai? Ye mean the sweet lass that would give ya her shirt off her own back. NO way she's been arrested. No, She wouldn—maybe she would...Hmm..."
Player Character Rumors (True or false just make sure it's IC!):
  • "She lets me sneak drinks when dad isn't looking. For this, I owe her shoes. Really nice shoes." - Hope Van
  • "The reason Abai doesn't like to wear shoes is because a sorcerer charmed her feet with a dancing spell. If she covers them up, the spell doesn't work!" - Xenedra Ambreaus
  • "I think lady Abaigeal would gain the eyes of many, more so than she already does if she would let her hair grow more." - Kari Illderthane
  • "Thankfully, the *one* competent bartender this city has also happens to have the sharpest tongue. If you tell her I said that, I'll fu-" - Rhu'to Brom
  • "Abaigeal? Most expensive piece of Arse in Limsa.. Half a million gil!." - Mirion Black
  • "Of course she's me sister! Have'n ye seen how similar we look?" - Isabel Tolen
  • "I think she might be half Hellsguard, have you seen how red she gets?" - Leander Prideblade
  • "I've only known her a short time, but she's proven to be a caring and loyal friend that inspires the same in others." - Daghbheri Himalspyr

Behind the Scenes (OOC Information)

Name Scheme for Abaigeal and her Family:
As when Abaigeal was created , her intended was to be an Irish like hyur. Her speech was to be a replication dialect and lingo of such. Especially with the term “Highlander” for a Clan descriptor. My head immediately took it to “Gaelic Highlander’s” However, with the name scheme info that was released, It seems I lucked out and don’t have to change anything really! Except for finding Germanic-Irish names, which are often associated with Palatine Germans, (Lutheran’s who were prosecuted by the French and driven from Germany to England. Who migrated to Ireland) Anyhow on to explanations!
Abaigeal Causland- (“Joyful or Joyous”) The name Abaigeal is spelled with the Gaelic pronunciation. The Germanic form that would have come from her mother’s “Highlander” side is Abigail. Still the same meaning but with her father’s origin

Sabine (Rainer) Causland – (“Tribe of Sabine” “Advice-&-Army”). The name “SABINE” itself is a female Germanic name as well as the surname RAINER. They are referenced to be kind of brute force and tribal with names that instill fear or are graphic. While SABINE is the name of an actual nomadic tribe that existed throughout Europe, it seemed appropriate.
Rainer- Is name that can be interpreted as “Wise Army” Or “Army Adviser” Which fits with the powerful connotation that is supposed to be shown in the “HIGHLANDER” name scheme. It’s origin is also Palatine, but leans more towards Germanic.

Killian Causland (“Associated with Church” “[absolom] Peace”). This is the Huge tying in factor to the whole name scheme of tying Irish and German names together to create Abaigeal. Killian or Cillian means “associated with the Church” and comes from A missionary that traveled across Europe and about the Rhines. The Rhines is where the Palatine people had roughly originated.
The name Causland is more widely known for Scottish, but has been found in some Irish linage. The Original origin of the name is unknown though thought to be nomadic people who had migrated from Europe.

Faolan Causland –("Wolf" or "Follower of the Warrior") It seemed like something a Highlander would name their son but incorporates “Eri’lan’” naming.

Name/Alias: Elle/Lauren or you can call me Abai.
AGE: 28
Wanted for Interesting Roleplay: Everyone&&Anyone!
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