A'kora Chespyr

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png A'kora Chespyr
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The Sparrow
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 18
Nameday 27th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Height 4 Fulms 11 Ilms
Weight 96 Ponze
Occupation Spy, assassin, and information broker
Alignment True Neutral

Basic Info

Birthplace: The Shroud

Current Residence: Limsa Lominsa

Education: No formal education

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Marital Status: Single

Free Company: Pirates of a Wayward Star

Pronunciation: (ah-KOH-rah CHESS-per)



Kora was born to a branch of the Antelope tribe, located the Black Shroud. She was sired by A'chespyr Nunh, a cruel Miqo'te male who still rules over her tribe with an iron fist. Her family, save for the father, was kind and caring towards her, especially her brother, A'razhyr. Kora, as well as all the other females in the tribe, was forbidden from learning to hunt, fish, and other activities reserved for the males, as decreed by her father. As such, she spent her time back at home, helping her mother with household chores. Her father rarely visited their home, but when he did, it was to give her mother what he called "reminders" of who she belonged to. Her mother passed away soon after Kora's turned 8, leaving her the only woman in the household. As such, Chespyr's abusive actions turned to her. Her older brother began to remain home with Kora, always prepared to fend off attacks from Chespyr should he arrive.

Later years and servitude

Around age 12, Kora ventured outside of the tribe to seek outside employment. She wanted to get away from the abusive household, as well as take some of the strain off of her brother, Raz. Her brother accompanied her to Gridania, where she was hired as a servant for the Dunsmonts, a wealthy, noble, Elezen family. The Dunsmonts were kind, but firm. Kora was trained by their head butler, Quenten Tristelle, who she grew attached to as a second father. During Kora's time away from home, her best friend, Yata, would fill perform her daily chores after she finished her own, making it seem as if Kora was still staying at home. Although she found a sense of happiness in her duties for the Dunsmonts, any sense of pride and accomplishment was thrown away the second she returned home. Chespyr was often waiting for her, Raz not always able hold him off.

During downtime at her job, Quenten would give Kora fencing lessons. Her observant and bright nature had impressed the Elezen, and he wanted to assist the girl in developing some skills beyond cleaning. The Dunsmonts allowed them the use of their expansive library, where Quenten taught Kora the basics of magic. Kora picked things up surprisingly quickly, mastering the magics (white, black, -and- arcane) and her fencing training at an alarming rate.

Raz's departure and Sonata

At 14, her brother left the tribe, without a word or explanation to the girl. She now had nobody to protect her from Chespyr, save for her best friend, though Yata was much too afraid of the Nunh, much like everyone else in the tribe. At 15, she made a decision to leave the tribe as well in search of her brother. She made a final visit to the Dunsmonts, where Quenten gifted her with Sonata, a magical, ornate rapier which she wields to this day. The blade was passed through generations of the Tristelle line. Quenten had no children of his own, and thus decided to pass the blade on to Kora, who had surpassed his own fencing skills at this point.


Kora's travels brought her to Ul'dah, where she began asking around for information regarding Raz's whereabouts. Though she had repeatedly failed to find any leads, she found that she was very good at remembering things, even small details and conversations. She began to listen in to others, picking up information on her own. Eventually, she found herself slipping into high class events, blending in easily as a waitress or server. It was then she decided to enter the field of information brokering. She was able to pick up important conversations regarding business dealings, political agendas, and war movements. She established a front for her business, wishing to create a solid income for her search. She became known as The Sparrow,  the one who knows and remembers all. She hoped this front would allow her to pick up information regarding her brother.

Three years passed, and not a trace of her brother had come by her. Her business thrived, however, and she became a feared name in the city. She had acquired dirt on everybody, and as such, nobody wished to oppose her for fear of having secrets revealed. She grew wealthy, and began to dress in higher class clothing, wishing to live up to the standards she witnessed in the Dusmont household. She grew cold, always wary of others and steeling herself for her lesser known business: assassination. She never fulfills assassination contracts herself, though, outsourcing them to a pair of Miqo'te twins under her employment.

Maelstrom and the Wayward Star Crew

Frustrated with how slow her progress was in finding Raz, Kora decided to expand her business to Limsa Lominsa, purchasing a second apartment in the city. She enlisted in the Maelstrom, hoping that her duties would somehow bring information regarding her brother, as well as having an advantageous position for her business. Although she never mingled much with the other privates, her ever aware ears picked up their names, their problems, and she felt a one sided sense of comraderie with them.

She saw the same opportunity arise when she met Saefinn Liljasson and the Wayward Star Crew, offering her services to them. Since then, she began to view the crew as a place for her to belong. She strives to become accepted by her crewmates, wishing to be brought in as one of their own. 


Hair: Spikey and stylish, with a long busy tail.

Hair/Fur Color: Midnight blue with red highlights.

Eyes: Bright yellow, with slitted pupils.

Face: Smooth and unmarked.

Figure: Lean and athletic.

Complexion: Fair and smooth, with no marks to be found. Her skin is fairly bright, having grown up in the forest without much sun.

Clothing Style: Refined tastes. She enjoys wearing expensive clothing.

Voice: Smooth and polite tone, often cold and calculating. She is soft spoken, rarely raising above a normal talking voice.

Fighting Style: Fencing, wields an ornate rapier. Her movements are quick and graceful, moving effortlessly along the ground in a gliding motion. She also wields magic-imbued throwing daggers to add a ranged component to her fighting style.


Kora, for much of her life, has been cold and calculating, never opening up to anyone in case of letting them get too close to do harm. She often searches for the most logical solution to a situation and has been very good at keeping her emotions in check (until recently). Her hardened nature stems is necessary for the work she does, but is also a wall to prevent herself from being hurt by anyone ever again.

Although she acts and speaks with a tone expected of one beyond her years, she is still quite naive in many areas. She still makes foolish mistakes at times, and takes failure extremely poorly, being the perfectionist she is. She also dislikes talking to crowds, often finding reasons to excuse herself or just simply falling silent, preferring to listen in rather than contribute herself.

She has an appreciation for the finer things in life. She spends the money she makes from her contracts on expensive clothing and lodgings. She is good at what she does, and as such, she charges high prices for her services.


  • Nice clothing
  • The ocean
  • Sailing
  • The city
  • Fine wine
  • Fencing
  • The rain


  • Gamblers
  • Alcoholics
  • Using time poorly
  • Tribal life and customs, specifically abusive nunhs
  • Losing
  • Crowds


  • Photographic memory
  • Quick reflexes
  • Sleight of hand
  • Fencing
  • Strategy and business minded
  • Knowledge of healing and black magics
  • Highly acrobatic and sure footed
  • Keen sense of hearing and awareness
  • Very observant - picks up on body language well
  • Logical thinking


  • Mentally unstable (recent)
  • Not very strong, physically
  • Insomniac
  • Poor comforter
  • Untrustworthy nature
  • Perfectionist, doesn't take failure well


Friends and Family

  • A'chespyr Nunh - Her father, Nunh of her sect of the Antelope tribe. A cruel and abusive father, Kora despises the man greatly.
  • A'nyla Rosch - Mother, deceased. A kind, but weak willed woman, an easy foil for A'Chespyr's nature.
  • A'razhyr Tia - Brother. Kora left the tribe for the purpose of locating him after he left without a word. She holds contempt towards him for this reason, but also cares for him deeply.
  • A'yata Chespyr - Kora's half sister and best friend. She was born through another female in the tribe. As far as Kora knows, she still remains at the tribe, though she may have left as well at some point.
  • S'anhu Tia - A Miqo'te male Kora met recently after she was accepted into the Star crew. She has developed feelings for the man, him being one of the very few she has ever opened up to.
  • Baer Reddicta - A bartender from Ambrosia. She doesn't know what to make of the man, though appreciates his attempts to care for her well being.
  • Ha'dhami Cehtov - Another bartender from Ambrosia. Kora feels much sympathy for the girl after gathering she was in an abusive relationship with her Nunh, something Kora has experienced herself.
  • S'hynh Yosh (Sue) - Kora met the girl in a strange fashion: Sue attacked her in public while Kora was in uniform. Since the strange encounter, she has cared for the girl as a younger sister, allowing her to stay in her Limsan apartment.


  • Arisran Crycreed - A Maelstrom commander whom she works under. She uses her position in the Maelstrom to spy on Crycreed for the Star crew, as well as procure information for her own business.
  • Eugene Fitzherberg  - A criminal whose mere presence drives Kora to murder. She loathes him entirely, no longer aiming to bring the man in for justice. Eugene apparently "loves" Kora, which is very one-sided.


  • Pirates of a Wayward Star - Kora joined the crew as a spy and informant. She has since found it as the place she wishes to belong to, no longer wishing to work alone.
  • Ambrosia - Kora frequents the bar, finding its location in Costa del Sol to be relaxing.
  • The Maelstrom - Kora enlisted for both the purposes of gathering information to sell as well as the opportunity to go sailing, a passtime she rarely experiences.



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