A'kyri Jhed

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 A'kyri Jhed
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship La Noscea
Nameday 19th Sun of the Third Umbral Moon
Age 22
Sexuality Pansexual
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Serving her eccentric Midlander father for most of her young life, A'kyri had never set foot out of the warm La Noscean climate. The majority of her childhood was spent along the glistening, peaceful coastline of Vylbrand, a gentle paradise for a young Miqo'te to thrive in.

With a largely sheltered upbringing, she never truly grew up; despite the scarring death of her birth parents, she maintains an optimistic view of Eorzea. Having finally attained some form of maturity, A'kyri recently departed her adoptive family home in search of adventure, brimming with enthusiasm for the road ahead.




A'kyri is characterised by the silky lilac hair that drapes down over her shoulders, streaks of icy white intertwined throughout. The motif is continued in her long, overly pampered tail. She adamantly maintains that it's natural, however whether or not there's truth behind her statement is yet to be established. Wide, fiercely violet eyes compliment her coat, often seen to be flashing in times of intense emotion. A natural beauty, her sun-kissed skin is nearly flawless, stemming from a lack of combat or struggle through her life. Softer features perpetuate her kind-hearted personality, giving her a permanent pleasant expression.

There is clearly some level of care implemented into the way that A'kyri presents herself. Whilst she spends much of her time perfecting her appearance and selecting outfits that she can purchase (or, in most cases, steal), the young woman equally enjoys being dressed in heavy armor. Especially when training, she takes every opportunity to get suited up, although insists upon never wearing a helmet. She usually has a warm aura floating about her, always relaxed and at ease in a crowd.


A lack of interaction with others has severely impeded her social judgement. Living on the coast, the only other sentient that she had the chance to converse with was her frail father, leaving her poorly prepared for the malicious nature of some. She's easily manipulated and fooled, following anyone who piques her interest enough. Historically, this has led to many dangerous situations for the young Miqo'te, however nothing that she couldn't sneak her way out of.

A'kyri can be very manipulative at times, especially if her target possesses something that she desires. She's quite aware of her effect on many men, and uses this to her advantage where appropriate (and often, not). Overly playful to the point of aggravation, A'kyri is an acquired taste to some who struggle with her affectionate attitude to... everything. She has a tendency to act quickly - regularly without thought - and regret her choice later. Prone to intense emotions, she can quickly change from pleasant banter to aggressive displays, especially when intoxicated.

Above all, A'kyri is spontaneous, fickle, and unlikely to respond the same way twice to a specific situation.



With her early years tied into the seafood trade, A'kyri slowly developed a keen affinity for harpoons. By her late teens, the Miqo'te had taken over most of her father's workload, diving deep into coastal waters with little more than a sleek spear to gather unsuspecting sea life. After leaving home, she has since honed her skill with polearms, regularly training alone to further her understanding of the weapon. Although by no means perfect, A'kyri is a formidable opponent with a lance in hand, capable of incredibly swift movements in the heat of battle. Simple mistakes have always been her downfall, however, known to trip over her own tail at times. A'kyri is most at ease in the ocean, an unrivaled swimmer, and able to hold her breath for extended periods of time. Her skills come into their own primarily in the water, as most of her practice had been within the confines of the sea.

The young Miqo'te has been seeking someone to guide her, after her last instructor ended up with a harpoon in his foot (accidentally, of course... at least that's what she says).



  • Friendly people
  • Anywhere near the coast
  • A steamy seafood soup
  • Attention, and plenty of it
  • Gifts of any kind
  • Power


  • Fire
  • Excessive violence
  • Lalafell (only when she trips up over them)


  • Spear fishing
  • Swimming
  • Shopping, for any and everything


  • Pyrophobia
  • Claustrophobia
  • Monophobia



Flynn Miller - Adoptive Father - An eccentric old Midlander man living in an equally ancient shanty on the La Noscean coast, renowned for providing Limsa Lominsa with some of the freshest fish available in the state. He assumed the role of A'kyri's guardian for 21 years since the tragic passing of her parents.


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A'kyri lost her parents (and to her knowledge, her brother) to a ravaging fire before she had even reached one year of age. Found and taken in by family friend Flynn Miller, an aging Midlander, her dreams were forever plagued by imagery of flames, reaching into the heavens, and the dying screams of her mother and father. Whenever interrogated about the matter, Flynn would always state that her parents were simple farmers, and that he was only able to save the young girl despite his best efforts to rescue the others. Nonetheless, she was permitted to retain her birth name, a small form of tokenism for the life that could've been.


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