A'lyhhia Asah

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 A'lyhhia Asah
'"Come now, Pet. Is that really all you've got?"
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 27
Occupation Black Marketeer, Ex-Courtesan
Place of Residence The Mist
Free Company Dunehowl

Basic Info

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Reading people;


Disrespect towards peers;
Overpowering scents;
Loud noises;


Lack of sight;
Morally ambiguous men;


Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Favorite Food: Unsure
Favorite Drink: Fond of most things with gin or dry wine
Favorite Color: N/A


Oft' has her complexion been compared to that of a porcelain doll, with flawless, fair skin; both soft and delicate from years of guarding herself from the harsh glare of the desert sun. Not only that, but her blindness has left her clear blue orbits glass-like, cool and serene, with an eerie vacancy to them that would seem to 'fixate' almost hauntingly on nothing in particular, and ringlets of spun gold seem to forever form perfect coils that sit daintily upon slim shoulders. The comparisons to porcelain end there, however, for despite how fragile she might appear, she has the body of a dancer; with long, lean muscle beneath ivory skin, graceful and strong and obscenely flexible.


Initially, A'lyhhia comes off as a kind and tender soul, with an open mind and a kindness that is, at times, almost baffling. She appears unflappable, and eager to lend a helping hand to those that need it despite her 'handicap.' So oft' does she don a smile that it would seem as if it were etched upon her person, a stain upon her flesh as any other. However, despite all of her niceties, she certainly has a darker side to her. Often is she playful and does she tease in jest once she has broken through initial barriers, but peel back those layers further, and there is a vast mystery to her actual nature. Though rare it is for her to dirty her own hands, she does have a taste for violence, and an insatiable lust for flesh. As a courtesan, the latter of these might be expected, however it bends at times to extremes, where it seems more an addiction she is unable to break from than it does a healthy sexual appetite.

Naturally, she is submissive at heart, and within those darker layers of her mind, one might discover her need to be controlled and bent to another's will, hungry for pain and punishment alike. However, it is not uncommon for her to seek dominant roles on occasion as well, favoring her walking cane as a tool for discipline. Contrasting jarringly to her usually demure, polite mannerisms, she can become quite the sadist when power is placed in her hands, and similarly does she occasionally indulge selfsame mannerisms in gambling.

She is clever, and at times, terribly manipulative, and good at getting her way. She has an ego to rival Gods themselves, although she may never, ever mention this, as she carefully keeps a thorough mask of modesty and humility in place in both public and private, and only with her most trusted companions does she show traces of her truer self.


Ali was raised in traditional Seeker fashion within an offshoot of the A tribe, and spent much of her early life amidst the sunny climates and rolling dunes of Thavnair. Born both blind and of fair complexion, she was wont to wear concealing garments to protect both eyes and skin alike from burn, drenching her features in shadow, although oft' was the material itself thin and loose, so as not to restrict airflow and to stave off heatstroke. It was until her thirteenth cycle that she spent her suns with siblings and father, when she was bartered off to another tribe's leader as payment for her father's debt.

Although through perhaps non-ideal circumstances, she did not seem to lament her lot in life. In fact, she had always had a good relationship with her father and understood his situation, and she was swift to enjoy both familial and romantic avenues with the male she was offered as reparation to. Never was a cruel hand lifted to her, nor was she slave to his whim. Despite her youth, she stood by his side as the Alpha's woman, respected by her lesser's. For a time, at least.

When she failed to bare their leader's offspring, word began to spread among the burgeoning Seeker tribe, bringing their leader's virility -- and thusly his station -- into question. Despite their affections for one another, Ali's mate was forced to cast her aside to maintain the reverence of his rag-tag followers, taking a new mate who was quick to swell with child. A'lyhhia herself was forced into prostitution, her blindness leaving her little other value among her new tribesmen, and helped to bring in gil to make up for losses, essentially paying off her Father's debt on her own.

She lived with the tribe for many cycles, before a traveling courtesan took a fancy to her and offered gil as trade for her permanent company. They traveled together as companions then, Ali both pet and protege to the more matured woman, who mentored her in their art, until her Mistress opted to dissolve their contract when they settled down together within a brothel in the Lavender Beds


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◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

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Mated/Lovers/Dating    Romantic Interest/Crush/Affectionate     Sexual Desire    Friendly     Neutral     Negative

Quenzal Tahnjuyn Ali met Quenzal while she was yet a member of the Keeper's Kiss in the Lavender Beds, and while she admired the woman for her strong and independent nature, she also enjoyed her sense of humor and light-heartedness at times, as well. She views Quen as a woman of her equal, without feeling threatened as a romantic rival towards others. She connected with the woman swiftly, and maintained a somewhat flirtatious, occasionally sexual relationship with the other. Although they have grown somewhat distant of late in regards to intimacy, she still considers Quenzal to be a reliable friend and confidant, holding high affections for the pale and intelligent Keeper.
S'lai Mifuzu Originally a slave to another woman, she encountered them having a small altercation within the Quicksand, and she purchased him swiftly upon witnessing. Although she could have easily set him free, her sadism opted instead to keep him as property, often referring to the androgynous young boy as 'It,' rather than acknowledging them as a full-fledged person. Over time, however, she developed a fondness for them, and although she considered them a toy of sorts, she often treated them as a friend, instead. Still, after a conversation in which S'lai asked if he could buy back his freedom with his allowance from her over time, she laughed at first, but soon caved, admitting she would consider it. However, when the boy was near to paying off their debt, her sadism spiked once more, driving her to sell him to another company instead. Although she feigns disinterest with her decision, a part of her laments the hasty action, perceiving it as having lost a dear companion.
G'whain Tia A young doctor whom she has taken under her maternal wing. She sees him as a son, although they hold no relation. Although prone to feigning compassion towards others, her concerns for G'whain have always been genuine, and she tends to want to protect him from the horrors of the world, even if that means hiding much of herself from him to prevent jading his perception of her, as well. Although she teases him to great extents at times, she feels no attraction towards him -- sharing an entirely familial bond with the tender-hearted and oftentimes silly medic.
Flynt Reddard - When first they met, Ali could tell fairly quickly that Reddard was not a man to be trifled with -- albeit due in much regard to his haste in announcing his less than reputable affiliations. Of course, being the type to go weak-kneed in response to men of dubious moral alignment, she was eager to get to know him better. Though she fears him, this fact only excites her about him further, and the constant repertoire of wit, sass, and danger keeps her ever intrigued by the mysterious stranger, enough so to accept a potentially dangerous ultimatum from him that essentially makes the pair of them an "item," despite barely knowing the man.

Update: After some time together, planning potential child and marriage, her lover had grown distant towards her. Despite her efforts to fix her eyesight to be of more use to him and ending her courtesan work to appease his jealousy, he eventually left her behind to become a man of the cloth, and shortly thereafter, vanished without a trace, leaving her mourning his loss. She still maintains strong feelings towards this man, considering him yet to be the perfect mate, and although he is gone, she idealizes him to an almost unhealthy extent -- occasionally dressing as he would, continuing to wear his old glasses despite not needing them for sight, and holding other men to his standard.

Septimus Nerva - Once again, another fondness for a man of questionable background. Still, he has been kind to her since day one, and her penchant for strong and powerful men has kept her coming back for more of him. Originally a client, she has long stopped charging him for the nights spent in one another's arms, seeking only his company and companionship, albeit she grows disheartened by what she assumes from him to be disinterest. Regardless, she yet considers him a paramour and friend.

Update: Eventually, Ali made the difficult decision to pair off with Reddard instead, preferring his more open affections to Septimus' distant nature. She had heard, at some point, that the man had been arrested some time after, albeit in recent suns, not only had she heard of his escape, but now her new Free Company has taken a contract for his retrieval, to which has supplied her with many complicated emotions.

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