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Garlemald Flag.jpg Flynt Reddard
"The Hyena"
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): • Ninja • Warrior
Main Tradeskill: Unknown
Preferred Role: Tank
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Reputation: Notorious
Occupation: • Cleric
• Monster Hunter (Void specialist)
Education: Post-collegiate
Marital Status: Fluctuating
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guardian: N/A
Free Company
The Rising Claws
Items Carried
• A pair of glasses.
• A common utility knife
• A small, single shot ball-and-powder firearm upon his wristband.
Race: Hyur
Clan: Midlander
Age: 28 (9th Sun, First Umbral Moon, 1549 6AE)
Height: 5 fulm, 9 ilm
Weight: 160 ponze
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Complexion: Pale, very fragile-looking.
Physical Build: Thin, toned.
Notable Features: Sunken eyes with visible darkness around them.
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity
 "I will not die until I achieve something. 
    Even though the ideal is high, I never give in.
    Therefore, I never die with regrets."
  -Flynt Reddard


This character does not exist anymore in-game, all relevant plot arcs have been resolved and concluded. Therefore, this character is not available for roleplay any longer. This page serves only as a point of reference. Thank you all so kindly for putting up with all the over-the-top insanity and obnoxious character tropes for all these years. It's been a pleasure to have your characters interact with mine for such a long time, however there comes a point where you just gotta wrap it all up and start all over again! Thank you for visiting this wiki, and thank you all for the fun!

Cheers, and happy roleplaying! :)


Flynt Reddard (legally referred to as Flynt ban Reddard under Garlean annexation naming conventions), in a short statement, is a problem child. From a rather wealthy family, Flynt grew up spoiled; taught at a young age that money is power. Living by that standard, Flynt constantly seeks a means to be the center of attention, his ultimate goal being known throughout the realm. Vices get the better of him, succumbing to a compulsive need to take chances, throwing gil into gambling rings, chocobo races, and pit fights, and other assorted rabble-rousing antics. Nothing stops the man from getting off his high-horse to get his hands dirty provided he's goaded (often by his own naivete) into such situations. Rather mediocre at swordplay, self-taught; he's far from a skilled fighter, but rather dependent on cheap tricks. As time marches on, his ideals warp and fluctuate, leaving next to nothing behind of his former self.

[1.0 - 2.0, A Realm Reborn] From Ala Mhigo, he bore witness to the mass exodus of the Highlander clan at a young age, staying behind with his conforming father. Raised by Garlean laws and ideals, he was molded in their image, and therefore found sympathy among the tyranny. Drawing his love for their technology, he bears a soft spot for the Empire in his heart despite their antagonism toward the Eorzean states. Such sympathies made Flynt into a rather uncaring and passive person, strongly preferring to avoid the topic of his citizenship as much as possible knowing full well of the possible repercussions. Such Garlean predisposition also factors into Flynt's contempt toward non-hyur races as well as his torn-up psyche, a result of being subject to so many ideologies under such traumatic means. His reality is warped and he knows this, he simply tries to believe it's normal, healthy even.

[2.1 - 2.3, Into the Maelstrom, Defenders of Eorzea] Coming to Eorzea, Flynt found employ under the Fangs, a Free Company that fronted as a shipping corporation, when in reality, it was a guild for would-be pirates. That is, before the sudden disappearance of the founding members, rendering Flynt a lost cause with nowhere to run. His experience with the Fangs brought him into a fondness to knife combat, rogue methodology, and ultimately, the reformation of his Ninja training from his time in Garlean care. Seeking refuge with the Wandering Tonberry hunters guild, Flynt lived mostly in silence in their back rooms, laying low, keeping to himself with his few hobbies. During this dormant state, Flynt had established himself in the investing game.

[2.4 - 2.5, Dreams of Ice, Before the Fall] Learning of his Fangs employer Akama Kharn's progeny somewhere in Eorzea, searching for Flynt, the two come into contact and gather the remaining Fangs scattered by the sudden dissolution months prior into the new and improved Rising Claws. Leading second-in-command as a Sky Master, Flynt ran a side-business with his fortune through a gambling ring which soon collapsed in on itself, rendering Flynt not so fortunate.

[3.0 - 3.1, Heavensward, As Goes Light] Flynt, much more resolved on how he wishes to live his life,now dedicates himself to managing his nephew Orenji's crew through less-than-conventional means. Assuming the role of the opposer, Flynt dictates his lax moral code among crew, teaching them that it's completely okay to be bad, for it is required in a multitude of instances. Regained in his material wealth, Flynt spends downtime philandering, wining and dining, as well as taking personal initiative to exterminate a long-time threat to him and his comrades; the Void. As an up-and-coming Void hunter, Flynt wishes to apply his set of skills to a noble cause whilst retaining the joys of being a agent provocateur he had prior to the hobby.

Some months pass and it just seems that being a good guy isn't what the Twelve saw Flynt to be. In a relapse of old habits, Flynt took to spying on his comrades, finding every single flaw, looking for excuses to discharge them without fair trial, and therefore abusing his right as an officer. He found two traitors, the perpetually fishy Gospel and the never-present Yvain. Without a moment of hesitation, the Hyena concocted a plan to see through their excommunication without directly intervening and informing the captain, who he himself has gone a tad too soft for a merciless crew. Over the course of two nights, one was sentenced to exile for fraternizing with an alleged succubi in disguise and the other fired on the spot for abandoning his post, giving Captain Kharn the dark reminder of what it means to be resolute. Perching himself at his captain's side, Flynt the Hyena returned to the uglier side of reality, where he belonged best; a merciless liar who seeks only to further his agenda and his captain's. Only fate knows where a man so wicked may finally find balance between the madness of the Void and the personal need for success.

[3.2, The Gears of Change] Things never seem to go right for this fellow, now, does it? After a brazen dedication to his crew and captain, it was then his most precious captain and nephew turned his back on the Claws. Though not for the worse, rather, to seek what makes him happy. Such a role reversal shook Flynt deeply; his captain turning a new leaf? To what flag would the Hyena take up arms beneath? To who's boots will he kneel to? All that left in not a bang, but a whisper. What remained was an orphaned lapdog, alone in the now quiet halls of the Powder Keg. The absence of order drove him into a mania, every sin Flynt committed up to now was for naught, no payoff, no reward: only guilt. Donning his finest armory, Flynt sought to rid himself of the weight he had set upon his back for years in a desperate attempt to make right in his life. Returning to Drybone, he found work as a subcontractor of the Church of Adama Landama as a cleric. The job was simple, merely assist the Thaumaturges in putting the dead to rest, and those who return from the dead; send them back to the grave. Running from his past, even his own name makes him wince, preferring not to be called upon at all.

[Conclusion] They say that people can become better, that no ungodly deed goes unpunished, and such seems to be the case for the old hound. Born into conflict, raised by trouble, nannied by illusions of grandeur; the Reddard name lived and died in a mosaic of colorful tales both epic and tragic, now scattered as ashes through the winds of change, kept only in memory. Faded into obscurity, Flynt lives humbly in Thanalan living out his priesthood under a new name, hoping one day that he too can be the man he looked up to the most.

All gold becomes tarnished sooner or later, it's only then when they're buried to be called treasure.


Voice: (Josh Keaton) [1] [2] [3] [4]

Clothing Style: Practical, lightweight, armored only where deemed critical to maximize mobility.

Laterality: Right-dominant


  • Color: Scarlet
  • Food: Granola. Fiber is good for you.
  • Drinks: Mint water
  • Scent: Goldbile, Napalm.
  • Place: Pharos Sirius, Costa Del Sol, The Burning Wall



  • Recovering gambling addict
  • Morally conflicted
  • Mentally unstable: exhibits disassociating identities, arbitrary mood swings
  • Dangerously susceptible to motion sickness
  • Weak-willed, succumbs to his vices easily


  • Losing his privileged lifestyle
  • Though not quite a fear, his dislike for fast locomotion falls into his need to look pristine. Motion sickness will inevitably make him throw up, destroying that image.


  • Can play the piano
  • Charismatic, an alluring figure.
  • Convincing liar and manipulator.
  • Conversational in most spoken Eorzean dialects.
  • Has a sheltered love for making clothing, sewing in particular.


  • Equates to a real university-level military school education after the Garlean occupation of Ala Mhigo. Terribly censored throughout it's political views and biased in Garlean favor, an education is still an education, despite its imperfections.

Abilities and Skills


  • Steely Resolve: With his mind affixed on justice, Flynt needs to fear no more about who is the appropriate target, for they're rather plain to see. Against the Void and other offenders, Flynt feels no need to hold back, effortlessly losing himself to the flow of combat and heightening his situational awareness. Sadly such talent is much harder to replicate in arbitrary combat; spars and other nonlethal encounters hamper Flynt's effectiveness in combat, often causing him to be rather underwhelming.


  • A self-fashioned improvised flintlock firearm strapped to Flynt's right hand wrist, single ball bearing shot fired by a powder charge. Concealed beneath long sleeves. ((Shown in game as the Gordian wristband.))
  • Lombardia, Axe of The Fury; a model designed to pay tribute to the titular deity rumored to be quenched in blessed water after its forging. Large, heavy, and meticulously polished, it serves as a deterrent as well as an effective weapon. Recently, a Doman priestess has insisted Flynt name the axe in order to heighten it's potential. Compliant, Flynt named it Lombardia, finding it to be both feminine and firm.


  • Prismatic Armor: Purely cosmetic, a single set of armor with aether-sensitive crystals melded into the alloy to grant Flynt a quick change of flavor. Never killed to be dressed for the occasion, right?


Lists are ever changing and updating.

💘 Crush 💗 Sexual Desire In love with 💑 In a relationship Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing Rising Claw
  • Orenji Kharn [] Flynt's adoptive nephew, taken after his father's disappearance and Orenji's sudden emergence in Eorzea. Sky Captain of the Rising Claws. Known to favor ice cream and trigger paternal instincts within Flynt.
  • Vyse Gilder [] Another Rising Claw, one of the higher ups alongside Flynt. Alright fellow, quiet. Flynt questions his unhealthy affinity for goggles and similar eyewear.
  • Sinna Lockwood [] A woman after his brother's affections, Flynt can't help to find himself captivated at points with this little psychopath.
  • Gospel Gestalt [ ] Claws Sworn Raven, peculiar fellow. Reports say he's a dollmaker, Flynt doesn't buy a word of that for one bit. Observed carefully, but not perceived as anything of danger. Contributes to the company regularly enough to maintain Flynt's good graces.
  • Jenivieve Ravendale [] Another former lover-turned-Claw, a trait somewhat common in the Rising Claws' female populace. A highly capable spellcaster, Flynt does hold some distrust in her maternal disposition toward his nephew.
  • Vinzer Reddard [] Flynt's brother broken out of Stonesthrow under conviction of war crimes. Now a part-time Claw, nobody really knows what's his deal.
  • Warren Castille [] A man who's seen the most of Flynt through the passing years. Finally on a first-name basis, Flynt takes a strong liking to the man; finding a familiar comfort in him and his subjection to celebrity status. Perhaps of all the people Flynt befriended, Warren is somebody he really feels at home with.
  • Set Kattalakis [] Former Claw turned delegate and personal medical consultant of Flynt, the two have taken to a near familial relationship in symbiosis.
  • A'lyhhia Asah [] A blind woman Flynt takes a fancy to, to the point he uses her as a bargaining chip for his moral ambiguity; finding respite in wanting to better her as a person to better himself in turn.

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NPC Rumors

These rumors are fairly common, and can be freely referenced in character interaction with Flynt.

  • "It's said that he gambled a man out of his Chocobo, won, then walked."
  • "The man has a fetish for that rusty revolver of his, it's troublesome to recall."
  • "Those dice he has, they're something else... one thousand sides?"
  • "The man's a ghost, you will never find a picture of him, any legal documents... even his bank-notes are signed with a pseudonym."
  • "Did-- Did that man's armor just change colors on the fly...? I swore he was gold-- bronze? Now he's a bright green!"
  • "Heard some time ago a fella who looked just like him was caught in Hammerlea chewing on some Elezen's neck, I was on a caravan passing by... But it still kind of disturbs me to recall."

Player Rumors

  • "Rumor has it that he tried to kill a contestant in the Grindstone, by nearly decapitating the poor woman."
  • "I hear he bottles his farts and sells the bottled farts to the alchemist's guild for easy money. Has he no shame?" - Edda Vincents
  • "This man is like a rocket. A big one." - Lucaell Tareth'eian
  • "That man must be made of megitek or something. He sure-as-hell hits like it." - S'khai Nunh
  • "I've taken to calling him 'The Yahoo'. If you have ever met him, then you'll certainly know why." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "I owe him my life and he owes me his. My brother who ensures there's always chaos to the balance. I'd sooner kill you then let you touch him." - Akama Kharn
  • "Have I met Flynt Reddard? Look, I'm not saying I have or haven't, all I'm saying is a man matching his description asked me to 'pass gas' near a man with a fat cat and his friends." - Eorla Brynn
  • "In Gridania we don't hunt hyenas. We hunt jackals." - Gwannes Oskwell
  • "Live with somethin long enough yez forget what it was like without, or w'anything else." - Flameson Hammersmith
  • "It's not how much time you have, it's how you use it... unless you're Flynt. Then it goes back to being how much time you have." - Orenji Kharn
  • "You have to keep an open mind with Flynt. Some of the things he says and does may seem crass and other times, outright insane--but you have to think about why he's doing it, you know? Then he doesn't seem all that bad.~" - Jenivieve Ravendale
  • "The Major is an old rival of mine who's now my commanding officer....It's gonna be a fun ride..." - Nataru Rahz
  • "He's a strange one. Looks dif'rent than what I remembuh. Acts dif'rent too. I feel a bit on edge lookin' at him, but at the same time, clariteh." - Nazyl Tharazyl
  • "His own Boss pays -me- over two million to kill him. Heh, let him talk all he wants. For two million, I'll deal with his prattle as I kill him." - S'Kiear Grimsong
  • "The gambling bastard's dice are not rigged, but they certainly fall the way he desires more oft than naught." - Sigurd Sundsteigen
  • "Why does he call me Private Snowball?!" - Yasashii Borlaaq
  • "The boy's got Lady Luck wrapped around his finger. Bravo to the one who breaks it." - Amedee Delacroix
  • "Eeh, weak, frail, narcissistic, complete man child." - Atette Calort
  • "Narcissistic spoiled brat comes ta mind when I think 'o Flynt, but 'e's still a Claw an' someone I hold respect fer." - Nahare Mergrey
  • "The guy is an idiot and a fool, but he might only do that to fool others." -P'rita Kali
  • "Would you believe he and I relate on a number of things? A lot of people meet him and come to a conclusion, I think, but there's more going on there than he'd let on." - Warren Castille
  • "Oh, Chuckles? Rubs you off the wrong way at first but he's completely harmless. Headstrong but fun to mess with. He's as precious as a baby... A baby hyena." - Madam Seraphine
  • "That fella? Saw 'im bein' all weird in th'Quicksand. Talks a lotta gibberish. Think 'e's even from this planet?" - Rhel'ir Tayuun
  • "Some people 're charmin', some people 're wise, and some people 're both. Then, there's Flynt." - Tamm'lin Maertena

Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.


Name and Lifestyle


  • The Hyena: A name given to Flynt by former employer and best friend Akama Kharn due to Flynt's exhibition of resourcefulness in a pinch, that akin to a hyena's knack for scavenging.
  • Chuckles: A subsidiary of the prior moniker, granted by an otherworldly lady who lives in the Powder Keg, or so Flynt believes. Regardless, the pet name is secretly adored, taking the stress out of the more often muttered Hyena.
  • Gambler/Swindler: A title turned nickname, those unfamiliar with Flynt's other prefixes often refer to him as the thing he's known best for doing; lying, cheating, stealing.

Current Residence

An apartment in the Mists, tucked neatly in the spare rooms of the arms manufacturing bed and breakfast, the Powder Keg.

Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Raised to be the heir of his father's corporate empire, Flynt was a spoiled child, put through rigorous schooling despite numerous shortcomings.

Teen Years

Received a formal education until the age of 24, learning that school is for weiners and winners break the bank. Upon graduation, Flynt booked a ship right on out of town.



  • Deal With The Devil/Absurdly High-Stakes Game - When the gil runs dry, Flynt can and will play you for something worth more than meager coins.
  • Villainous Breakdown - It's all shits and giggles until somebody giggles and shits.
  • Good Is Not Nice - Devoted to the cause, Flynt doesn't take too kindly to being distracted, nor does his sense of justice quite make him a law-abiding citizen.
  • Highly Conspicuous Uniform - A person decision to dress in such a way, Flynt seems to overlook the the fact he sticks out like a sore thumb, rationalizing it to being a way to hold attention as the tank in parties.
  • Sentai - Yeah.