A'zahana Eolia

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 A'zahana Eolia
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Undisclosed
Age 27
Marital Status Single
Occupation Mercenary
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Nameday 11th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon

A'zahana Eolia is a mercenary and drifter of somewhat questionable morals. She can easily be spotted about the various watering holes of each city-state, but isn't exactly picky about where she takes her drink. Buscarron's Druthers and Momodi's Quicksand seem to be her two most frequented spots.


Brutish, crass and potentially rude are the quickest ways to to describe the Lalafell mercenary in question. Without the jingle of gil for a job or a bottle of friendship to share, she is more likely than not to eye those who approach her with suspicion. Among friends, she can be well spoken, though she tends to slip into older habits of speech when annoyed or stressed. A'zahana is wise enough to hold her tongue in most situations that don't concern her, but in the heat of the moment she is more than willing to let her axe do the talking.


Her short stature and heavy armor hides the scarred body of a veteran of more than a few pitched battles. Remarkably enough, her face is free of old wounds save for one on her left temple. She deliberately keeps her blondish green hair long to hide the blemish. A'zahana still paints her face with the markings of her adoptive tribe out of habit.


A'zahana's earliest memories are of the scorching sands native to Thanalan and of the never ceasing struggle of the her isolated tribe to carve out an existence in the harsh environs of the desert. She learned with the rest of the children of the tribe to hunt and track various prey and how to avoid some of the more dangerous predators. As time passed and when the other children grew older and noticeably taller, A'zahana was left wondering why she didn't. Her lack of a tail had always bothered her and unfortunately, no one in the tribe had the heart to tell the young A'zahana that she wasn't truly one of them.

The Nunh of the tribe showed little interest in the young A'zahana, much to her dismay at the time, and with every passing summer without pairing, she resigned herself as some sort of runt or late bloomer. Whenever a new Nunh rose, they too would show little interest in A'zahana which in turn made the young girl's hope sink lower. Her adoptive mother did her best to distract the girl with more rigorous regiments of physical training and hunts. Eventually, A'zahana stopped caring about pairing and simply participated in more hunts and made herself useful in the other needs of the tribe.

It wasn't until A'zahana was a young woman did a traveling merchant inform her that she was in fact not a Miqo'te, but instead a Lalafell. Her denial rewarded the merchant with both his eyes blackened and a leg broken before her adoptive mother stopped her and recounted how she came to be with the tribe - bandits had waylaid a trade caravan and left little except for bodies and a crying babe. It was also much to her chagrin that a new Nunh had replaced the old a day before and for the first time, the new Nunh had expressed interest in A'zahana. Torn between her loyalty to the tribe and a yearning to learn more about her kind, A'zahana packed what little she had in supplies and took off during the night with only a note to her adoptive mother and never looked back.

Learning her way about civilization was a different challenge altogether and she surely would have given up had a Roegadyn mercenary captain not spotted her thrashing several thugs in Pearl Lane. He offered her work and mentorship in exchange for unquestioned loyalty. Seeing little difference in how her old tribe operated, she accepted.

Years later and after the death of her mentor during a blotched operation, A'zahana has struck out on her own and travels the land earning coin to simply keep her stomach full and her nights warm. Occasionally, if the reward is tempting enough, she links up with older colleagues with the simple understanding of completing the mission and going their separate ways once again. It's not an easy life, but it's hers.



  • Drinks. "The stronger the better. Blame the sailors of Limsa for this one."
  • Food. "Preferably good food. Buscarron's has both food and drink!"
  • Gil. "Gets you all sorts of nifty things."


  • Braggarts in Battle. "Either you do the job or you don't. No one want to hear yer flapping jaws."
  • Dead comrades. "You get used to it. Doesn't mean it gets any easier."
  • Clients pushing for more. "Unless there's more gil, you get what you pay for."


  • Adaptive. "Keeps ya alive longer."
  • Fighting. "Eh, makes a living."
  • Wilderness Survival. "Can't always be shacked up in an inn."


  • Usually has a somewhat annoyed expression drifting about on her face unless she is drinking.
  • Switches speech patterns without realizing. Mostly due to traveling extensively and adapting quickly.

Rumors and Hearsay

They say reputation is everything to a mercenary and it can make or break them. But rumors and hearsay are called as such for a reason...


"Aye, we knows the lass. Drank me under the table too!" - A Roegadyn Crew Member of the Astalicia

"A'zahana? She 'oists plenty o' pints 'ere celebratin' somat near a week" - Baderon

"I swear, good tidings are strangers to follow that girl." - Mother Miounne

"She certainly drinks here enough. Never saw another fellow Dunesfolk drink as much as she. Handles the drunks quite nicely for me too." - Momodi

"Ha! Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while. Got a bottle of my finest waiting." - Busccaron


"I knew the dunesfolk were tough, but that woman is something else..." - Brass Blade Patrolman

"You'd think she'd back down from a fight when it's four against one! Lost twenty grand of gil betting on those fools." - Coffer and Coffin Patron

"I never knew someone so small could get so angry..." - Ishgardian Squire

"Saw her take two arrows in the back from one of those Redbelly thugs and that just made her grin. Mind you, it turned her savage." - Wood Wailer near Quarrymill

"Oh her? She catcalls along with the rest of the boys. Long as she's tossin gil, I don't mind." - A Miqo'te Dancer in Ul'dah.


"Say what you will about her, she gets the job done and doesn't ask much." - Ul'dah noble

"She's cold when it comes to killing. Too cold..." - A Mercenary near Wineport

"White markings? Couldn't really tell. I mean, it's hard to tell when she's covered and grinning in gore. Lost my appetite that day for sure." - Gildon of The Rosehouse

Exceedingly Rare

"There's talk of her having worked with Garleans before... either way, I don't trust the mercenary types. It's for coin and country! Not just coin." - Flame Lieutenant

"I don't know what Jantellot sees in her, but she's just a killer, through and through." - Convictor Knight

"... she kept us alive when an avalanche caved us in. Nothing more." - A Soldier of Falcon's Nest

"The little miss? She's kind to us." - A Refugee Near Little Ala Mhigo

PC Rumors

Got Something to Say? Have at it!


Oh boy... where do we start? (That and how the bleeding hells do you do the damn bubbles, hearts and crud?)

Garrett Vinland - A lad that has the misfortune of running into A'zahana when she had picked up a "beat and greet" job targeting him. She left with no hard feelings toward the man, but she can't say the same for him. Either way, she wasn't too worried. First impressions in the mercenary business are always bad. Second ones too. Maybe even the third. In any case, A'zahana was impressed by the man's fortitude and tenacity.

Personal Words

These will be words from me, the player person. Feel free to poke and interact however you'd like. I'm in the business of weaving stories for my character and whatever happens, happens. I am unfamiliar with fighting and combat in terms of RP interaction between two PCs. I've always found it somewhat strange and would rather use something along with dice and other stuff. I hate the randomness, but I like the fact that it's a solid system that leads to less arguments.

RP wise, I am comfortable with anything pretty much. How my character will react, however, is a different story. Conflict tends to bring out interesting stories, yes? Looking primarily for something long term for a story, but short things are fine too. Spur of the moment interactions are the zest in life.

On the Topic of "E-RP" and romance, A'zahana is no stranger to these things as a life of adventure and mercenary work brings people together in unexpected ways. That being said, she isn't the kind to simply have a romp with a harlot. Fellow soldiers and mercenaries are more her go to. What better way to bond after a surviving a battle than to blow off some steam together, yeah?

More to come later when I get around to editing it in.