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NOTICE: My alts are Tancred Blackpool and Uther Skystrider. All three characters are connected, and will be in the same plotlines. I can't play them all at once.

Ul'dah-transparent.png Abodo Po
Abodo po.png
"And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming."
Paranormal Investigator
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Nameday 32nd Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon, (33 years old)
Deity Althyk the Keeper
Affiliations Immortal Flames, Misericorde
Server Balmung
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Basic Info

Birth Name: Abodo Po

Pronunciation: Ah-boe-doe Poe

Nicknames/Aliases: Po, Bat, Black Sheep, Dead-Eyes

Place of Birth: Ul'dah

Place of Residence: Ul'dah. Currently lost in space and time. (It's a whole thing. We get Lovecraftian here.)

Height: 3 fulms

Weight: Unknown

Hair Color: Gray

Eye Color: White

Occupation: Flame Captain, Paranormal Investigator

Skills: Abodo Po is very intelligent and excels in his fields of study. He is one of Ul'dah's top authorities on identifying, studying and combating thaumaturgy, black magic, alchemy, witchcraft, necromancy, blood rites, human sacrifice, primal worship, and general occultism. He is also a practitioner of the three former (thaumaturgy, black magic, alchemy). He uses a combination of aether-manipulation, science, and his own quick feet to investigate and battle the supernatural and unexplained forces of the world from zombies to heathen gods. In his down-time, Abodo is a champion fisherman, decent violin player, and avid reader.

Flaws: Unfortunately for Abodo, he is very much a specialist. Outside of paranormal investigation and discovery, he is not a master of anything. He can barely wield a melee weapon other than a dagger or a short sword. Despite his great speed and agility, he has very limited physical strength. His knowledge of chemical and alchemical science is very high, though his knowledge of technological science is very low by contrast. He is similarly, socially inept. He is very much an introvert, despite his best efforts to make friends and partnerships. He has no grasp of romance and is seen as creepy in both appearance and personality more often than not.


Abodo Po's life is one shrouded in mystery. Having very few friends or associates, many myths have circulated about his life. The most popular of these urban legends is the story of his birth...

Sins of the Father

Some time ago, there was an Ul'dahn loan shark and mobster known as Abubu Alazara, the Mad Merchant. Abubu cared for nothing in life outside of his money, his equally sadistic wife, and the promise of an heir to his kingdom of corruption. Known for his cruel methods of debt collection, few but the desperate were willing to deal with Alazara. One such unfortunate character is the woman known as Lady Lament. Lament was a member of the Thaumaturges' Guild in Ul'dah, but wished more for herself than simple elemental conjuration. To fund her excursion into darker arts, she had to borrow money from the Mad Merchant. Lady Lament was well on her way to paying Abubu her dues in full when the Thaumaturges' Guild learned of her disturbing practices. She was then banished from Ul'dah under threat of death. For the next few years, Lady Lament lived in a self-made hut in the far reaches of Thanalan, where she continued her work. After a while she forgot completely about the deal she had made with Abubu. Finally, one day, she was approached outside of her hut by a group of Brass Blades. The Blades claimed to be doing a routine inspection of the area. They asked her to let them in, and upon her compliance, revealed that they were on Alazara's payroll. When the Mad Merchant revealed himself, they trapped the woman in her hut and burned her alive. As she burned, she cursed Abubu and his gang. As they watched her perish, they laughed off her incantations as mere superstition and returned to Ul'dah. As months passed, each member of the involved party began to die, one by one, in mysterious and utterly gruesome circumstances. Drowning, accidental hangings, some found skinned alive, some found frightened to death, one even contracting a flesh-eating pestilence. Soon there were none left but Alazara, who was expecting his first-born son. On the night of the child's birth there was a terrible thunderstorm. Abubu was sitting in the cellar of his impressive manor, counting his coin, while his wife was in labor two floors above him. As he sat, he began seeing vivid visions of Lady Lament's demise, as if it were happening right in front of him. Attempting to shake it off, he began seeing clearer and more horrifying visions of each of his cohorts' deaths. At last he saw the death of his wife in childbirth, clear as day. Alazara could no longer dismiss his visions as mere sleep deprivation, and rushed to the room above where his wife was giving birth. As in his premonition, his wife was dying. Upon her death, the child was born. But not the child the Mad Merchant had always dreamed of. This baby boy was a monster. His skin was as black as charcoal, and his hair was as gray as ash. Permanent remnants of the crime Abubu had committed. And then there were his eyes. His eyes lacked pupil or iris. Eyes of the dead. Eyes of the damned. Staring into Abubu's very soul. The freakish monstrosity had long, imp-like ears, and it cried like a banshee as it was held by its horrible creator. In sheer terror, Alazara hurled the child out of the window. How it survived, is a mystery to this day. Abubu's visions grew worse. He began to physically feel the pain of his companions' deaths. In madness he ran out into the streets of Ul'dah, shrieking a grotesque and eerie cry that haunts the alleyways even now. In his final act, he took a lantern and set fire to his robes. Laughing in his own insanity as he passed terribly out of this world.

Current Whereabouts

Abodo Po was last seen at an outpost prison in Thanalan, where he bribed guards for Tancred Blackpool's freedom. Upon Tancred's release, Abodo gave him a linkpearl, stating "Our work is just beginning." and then disappeared. A few days later, the linkpearl went dead. Tancred brought the pearl to several experts, to find that it was much more strange than he initially thought. The pearl would not roll or bounce when dropped, and it seemed to thin the air around it and absorb heat. The current theory among Tancred and his allies, is that Abodo quite literally vanished outside of space and time, and left the pearl as a clue to finding him.

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