Acheron Moonchaser

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 Acheron Moonchaser
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Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 25
Orientation Bisexual
Guardian Menphina
Alias Ache'a Neydeh
Marital Status Polyamorous

Acheron Moonchaser is a Keeper of the Moon mercenary, -currently employed with Dragon's Crown. He has just returned home to Eorzea after spending some time in Kugane. Formerly employed as a bartender/trader at the Drunken Moogle.


Hair/Fur: Dark blue/azure
Skin: Olive
Eyes: Bright yellow
Height: 5'7
Build: Lean/Muscular


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Commonly heard

"He's worked as a mercenary from what I've heard" - Local drunkard
"Cocky bastard" - Wants to remain anonymous

Occasionally heard

"That guy? Didn't he use to dance in Ul'dah?" - Uldahni fellow
"Got in a fight with him, he's rather flimsy heh. All talk" - Wants to remain anonymous

Rarely heard

"I heard he was married once." - Uldahni courtesan
"Acheron? More like Ache'a, he's abandoned his tribal duties for sure." - Sirhe Neydeh.

PC Rumors (written by other players)

"He has stars in his eyes and a song in his heart. A gentle soul wrapped in loneliness. He is...dear to me. I hope he will find his happiness one day." - Hotsu Ishiku

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