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Achillies Froste - The Lodestar FrosteFrontPage.png
Personal Data
Real Name: Achillies Lanceford Froste
Known Aliases: "The Lodestar"
Race: Wildwood - Elezen
Age: 28 Years Old
Name Day: Jun, 27th
Eye Color: Moonsilver
Hair Color: Winter White
Occupation: Fist of Rhalgr
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Colette Draefunont: Sister
Voice Claim: A Gruff Irish David Hayter


"You see them younglin's...
the ones no' even eld enough t' understand romance?...
Bt ye' they're swingin' swords an' axes like it's breathin'?
That is why I fight...
I figh' f'r them...
No more son's 'r daughter's ripped from their mothers...
Tha's why I' by Rhalgr should 'e bless me...

- I won' rest..till Ala Mhigo is free. -

Little Tidbits/Offsite Fun


Achillies Froste is a Fist of Rhalgr; trained and raised into the lifestyle by Gerolt Lucis Froste in the wilds of Coerthas since he could manage to walk. He is a man of emotion; carried by the thoughts and memories of those he's lost, along with those he refuses to lose. Standing with experience and emotion on his sleeve he fears very little so long as he is certain he is fighting for a proper and just cause. With a smile on his lips and fist to the sky; Achillies Froste will shout rallying calls of war and brotherhood and carry all whom answer in his heart as family until the last cannon of war is fired.

Aspects That Stand Out:
He has a removable Magitek left eye that he commonly covers with an old rag if he is not in combat.
His entire body is riddled with scars of varying shapes and sizes; implying he's seen a lot of combat in his life.
There could be described as a constant, but silent hum of aether coming off of his body at nearly all times.


Achillies Froste, born Aubrenard Draefunont, started his life in the City-State of Ishgard. A small child born of low nobility to a merchant family of some standard with a short lived stint of normality before falling victim to the plots of back room politics and dastardly plots would find the child whisked from his family and safety before he was even a year old. The child Froste being kidnapped and taken from the city into the wilderness; to be held for ransom, if only the kidnapper hadn't been mauled by a wolf when he ventured out of the small shack to relieve himself. Several Sun would come to pass as the child was left in that shack; starving and alone, until his cries would catch the ears of a traveling Highlander man and beckoning him to investigate. This man, would be Gerolt Lucis Froste, the to-be mentor and standing father figure to our elezen brat after seeing in him an impeccable will to live. He personally took the fact he found his child as a sign from his patron deity, Rhalgr: The Destroyer, to take the young Froste under his wing to train and nurture him. He would instill the arts of the Fist of Rhalgr and the culture of Ala Mhigo in his mind and heart from the moment he found him; training him to be an Ala Mhigan himself. Over the years of living in the wild and surviving, while training at the same time with his Master, he learned how to live off the lands and use even the simplest rock to his advantage.

Nearing the age of eighteen Froste was separated from Gerolt, after his Master had begin to fall to a fatal disease he could not manage to fight off. Sent away with nothing but the cyclas on his back, and the pair of Sphairai passed down to him by Gerolt; the now young man set off to face a beast he had never been trained to handle: Social living. After years of failing to find a way to fit in anywhere; he found himself enjoying the breezes and ocean of La Noscea. Though, his life of living on the shore front was relatively short lived once his eyes caught the sight of a particular Miqo'te. Enjoying the sight and having no idea how to approach a woman with any form of tact, the young vagabond found it would be a logical idea to quietly follow her. And follow her he did, unknowingly leading him into the next rocky chapter of his life. His curiosity for the unknown piquing his interests while he slipped into the manor she entered; greeted by blades and arrows with the fluidity of a downhill river. He had found his way into a profession that actively fit the skill set his was given with nativity: Mercenary Work.

The headstrong levinspark that the elezen was trained to have; paired with his natural will to fight would prove his greatest enemy over the next seven years. Going from Mercenary Company to Mercenary Company as each would fall and disband; he was a flame of hope and an unyielding force on the battlefield. The spark of life coming alive in his heart every time he was in combat and revitalizing him, most of the time not a matter to the injuries he sustained. Fighting was fun for him. It was the only fun the man truly understood being robbed of an actual childhood and being nurtured for war, he began to question everything. Fighting for nothing wouldn't feel right to him anymore and began to sour his mood and mind without understanding why. The exhaustion, the pain of loss, and the fact he had found himself a wife to care for all piled in his mind and began to change him and would bury that flame for combat he always held so close.

At the age of 27 Froste had decided to retire from mercenary work with a heavy heart. Leaving behind those he considered brothers and sisters for a calm and collected life. He would settle down with his wife and take up employment as a Hand to Hand combat instructor for the Gilded Rose Academic Institute; while taking up an active role in a group of Ala Mhigan's and other Fist's of Rhalgr he had found over his travels. This is where he had lived happily and quietly for months, just enjoying the blessings of a simple life for awhile. The rest to proved to be good for the sake of some of his old injuries and offered the elezen a chance to think and clear his mind. That was until the events of Baelsar's Wall shook the mans bones. A road that has been whispering in his ears finally taking it's strength to shout his name. A road that would take everything from him while rekindling that spark of hope in a revolution he would ignite. Being faced with the choice of a normal life and his wife, or the path he had embraced since childhood. He would leave it all behind...

"I'm comin' home."

During his time as a teacher for the Gilded Rose; h would take a month at a time to train in Gyr Abania with his second Master; Elder Singing Stream, who assisted furthering his training and initiated him to "Elder" status as a Fist of Rhaglr.
He currently leads a Guerilla Militia in the fight for Ala Mhigo's liberation with the assistance of Elder Singing Stream; by the name of "Destroyer's Dawn"
He current lives with the Ala Mhigan Resistance; returned to his roots as a vagabond in the wild.


Froste is a man who's experienced a lot over his 28 years alive and has gone through many phases of his emotional state and personality. From Naive Boy in The City; to a brooding pathless warrior with a lost calling. But he current exists as a man who fights his hardest to overcome negative emotions at all turns. Though he may fall once in awhile, he finds it difficult to remain upset while others are and takes it upon himself to overcome his own pains so he can do his part to cheer others up or assist in some fashion. You'll typically find his free-spirited heart smiling at most turns of the day; especially in or around combat where his heart truly sings in comfort and joy.Under that smile does in fact hold a heart that weighs heavy with guilt, and it is not incredibly uncommon to find Froste in a lonesome state of thought as he reviews his past to himself.


Red Heads.
Making others smile.


Flan type enemies.


More Training.


Loyalty to His Cause.
Mastered 13 of his Chakra.
Incredible Combat Skill.
A strong rally voice.
His memories.


Flirtatious to a Fault.
Pushes himself to an obsessive extent.
Tends to Martyr himself.


To Free Ala Mhigo.
A Future Without Child Soldiers.
To Earn His Right To Rest.


Froste uses the combat arts of the Fist of Rhalgr taught to him by Gerolt Froste and Elder Singing Stream. With a weave of aether in his hand to hand combat skills; he commands his personal physical aether to empower his strikes and allow him to perform incredible aetherical feats such as the Tornado Kick or Elixir Field. His combat style itself can be compared heavily to Kyokushin Karate with a mix of various Kung Fu. Grappling is a weakness of his in combat and as such prefers keeping to striking than going to the ground.
Weapon: The Fighting Techniques of the Fist's of Rhalgr.
Weapons of Choice
Fists/Unarmed Combat
A disgusting and uncalled for amount of explosives.

OOC information for YOU

Below is useful tidbits should you ever be interested in trying to attack/spar with Froste. Please note that I am very open to gore and violence and am not beyond having my character sport an injury for days to weeks on end. However! Dismemberment, permanent damage, and even death needs to be spoken about prior in vivid detail/discussion before anything will ever occur IC.
Designated Personal Systems: Everyone has their own system for group combat RP which they themselves made or they made for their Free Company. I am open to discovering, learning, and uses all kinds!
Freeform/Honor System: I will only acknowledge the honor system with people I trust or know won't be literal jerks in RP. I will often request the basic roll system (See t1) for fights with people I do not truly know but am willing to Freeform/Honor system it if you can prove you are not going to just Naruto/Bleach up the fight as well as avoid EVERYTHING thrown at you, even within less then an inch of the attack.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
He commonly throws himself too deep into heavy combat; even with severe injuries..
He has a huge appetite, despite sometimes choosing not to eat if rations are low for his comrades or allies.
Some would consider him to be a daredevil and a thrill seeker in his spare time.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
His past as a mercenary has him held as suspect in the main city-states.
He used to be rich, married to the daughter of a well off and well known Ul'dahn jewelcrafter.
Sometimes his hands, or even entire body will tremble as if in pain for no given reason.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
He was once wanted for murder in Ishard for several months; but absolved of his crimes in successful trial by combat.
He is not Ala Mhigan by blood; but was actually born in Ishgard.


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors -
"He's a fool with eyes to the sky for promises of a future he thinks to be set in stone. A fool, but a good head on his shoulders." — O'ndanya Mitu.
"That dirt ridden hobo student of mine may give a morbol a runn fer its breath, but a proud if'in I ever saw one....and I've seen em all." — Singing Stream.
"Hes a strong heart, even if I see it used most of the time on the ladies!." — Von Sayrillont.
"Yeh, words as smooth as butter but a head as unmoveable as a mountain. Oi! If'in ye see 'im toss him in a lake fer me. I just know he is escapin' bath fer his belief in Rhalgr." — Singing Stream.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Gerlot Lucis Froste, relationship. ( ) - Father.
Character's Thoughts: " He 'as cruel sometimes...but 'e was my father..."
The adoptive father and Fist of Rhalgr mentor of Froste. Died when he was 18.
Singing Stream, relationship. ( ) - Master.
Character's Thoughts: "Elder Stream?! Where?! ."
Elder Singing Stream is the current mentor of Froste and co-lead in the "Destroyer's Dawn" Resistance Movement.
Fellana Theirin, relationship. ( ) - Ex-Wife.
Character's Thoughts: "Fel?...She's a saint..."
Fellana is the ex-wife of Froste. They separated due to a conflict of life paths that drove them away from each other. Still on good (but awkward) terms.
C'Taikha Tia.. ( ) - Student.
Character's Thoughts: "No! 'Ow many times do I 'ave t' say Tai an' I are nothing alike?."
C'Taikha is an energetic Seeker aspiring to be a powerful Fist of Rhalgr. Froste is the unlucky soul that decided to teach him. They share what can be considered as a very tight brotherly bond, and Froste actively cares for Tai as if he was blood family.



Player Note
I have a very clear distinction when it comes to OOC/IC. They must remain separate at all times if we are to RP together, especially on an extended basis and I reserve the right to end interactions should this be impeded upon. I've been burnt heavily by people mistaking IC care and OOC friendship and attention with romantic regard and honestly I don't wish to go through another such debacle once more. If my character dislikes yours that does not mean I hold the same sentiment. If my character loves yours that does not translate to me feeling the same for you, though I might feel a platonic equivalent. I am not my characters and they are not me. Respect this and we shall get along famously.
Personal RP Limits
I don't have very many hardcore limits honestly as I feel consequences must be adhered to when RPing any character regardless of whom they might be. However there are a few exceptions to this and they are as follows.
I will play Almost anything.
I won't play God Plots: Plots involving PC's (That are not plot line villians) that have the physical/aetherical strength of seven primals and can effectively blow up Thanalan by snapping your fingers or are 100% Unkillable by immense power headcannon.
This game makes it easy to be a believable character that is actively super powerful without turning to straight out making a god character. As rare as God PC's are in this game as I see; this warning is here just in case. I am NOT comfortable Roleplaying with a character that invalidates the existence of every other character around them when in a plot line. I personally enjoy exploring the strengths and weaknesses of those around me, and when a character is all strength with no weaknesses. It frankly ruins the fun of it and I'm not interested.
Little Tidbits.
If you're ever uncomfortable, tell me! I don't bite! I can get pretty into RPing out consequences however and while I do my best to make sure permission is had and everyone is comfortable I'm not perfect. If you have a problem speak up.


Potential Plot Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP.
■ Proud Fist of Rhalgr
■ Often found training, fighting, helping Ala Mhigans around Gyr Abania.
■ Sometimes can be found over exhausted and passing out while trying to do chores around Rhalgr's Reach.

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