Aekh Suhnantal

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Aekh Suhnantal
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ul'dah
Birthname Uekh'li Suhnantal
Age 24
Namesday 17th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Occupation Healer
Dalamud Priest
Marital Status Single

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Aekh Suhnantal



Like many other Keepers, Aekh is keen to wandering, exploring and has a difficult time with settling down, but the reason has little to do with his race or clan. Dividing his time between several places across the realm, he has little time to get acquainted with others or form meaningful relationships, and is often easily forgotten by those who see him pass by. Despite that, he's pleased to meet new people and appears to be friendly and polite, albeit somewhat quiet. His work as a healer grants him a favorable enough reputation among the few who remember him at all. His life seems ordinary enough to the untrained eye, yet many old shadows from a poor past still haunt the young healer, and one may soon discover he's not exactly who he seems to be...


Preferring not to stay at one place for too long, Aekh does not own a house or any place he can call home. Sleeping at inns has become a habit of his ever since he got enough money to buy his own clothes, and it remains strong long after he attained financial success and stability.


Height 5' 2
Weight 105lbs
Build Lean and small
Skin Tone White
Tail Long, not very fluffy at all
Notable Features: None
Scars None
Head / Facial Features
Hair Black
Eyes Light Green
Notable Features: Dark mark on forehead, common to many Miqo'tes


Aekh is usually polite and gentle to those he's newly acquainted with, but a sharper eye might notice traces of a forced friendliness. When in the company of friends or old acquaintances, he tends to show a bit more of emotion and talk more, even with the occasional careless blunt remark.
Feeling uncomfortable talking about his past or mostly anything regarding his life, Aekh will often lie his way out of many questions. While he can be considered a recurring liar, he also happens to be a bad one, and observant people will usually notice something is amiss. If confronted, he might either laugh it off or show irritation, the latter being more common with those who are closer to him (and a much more rare occurrence).
While not being a great liar, Aekh manages to hide his past well, and often avoids the subject. He has never opened up about his old life as a priest to anyone, but might do so if he's comfortable enough with someone - although this might take a long time -, or if a dangerous situation forces him to do so.
Despite his troubled past and mind, he seems very sure of himself and is extremely comfortable in his own skin. Those who meet him often regard him as confident in his abilities, even a tad proud of himself. However, he gets easily flustered when shown affection and blushes easily (the latter is not known by many). Still, it's very rare to see him lose his composure at all.
Aekh's occupation as a priest of Dalamud isn't something that seems to bother him at all, and he believes some people misjudge what Dalamud stands for too harshly. Still, it isn't something he'll open up about easily, as he's well-aware that most folk wouldn't take it very well. Deep down inside, he's an idealist and believes he'll be able to change a few minds about the Dalamud worshipers' terrible reputation. Being a lover of money, fine clothes and generally expensive things, Aekh can be seen as greedy and superfluous, but most of his appreciation for money derives from a very poor childhood deprived of any material comfort. Still, he prefers to joke about his own greed than discuss any of his past, and seems to enjoy being picked on.



First years
Born amidst the quiet woods of the Black Shroud, Aekh never met his parents, or any other Miqo'te he could call family - most likely due to Keepers' tendencies of wandering by themselves, he was not born in a tribe or group. It is unknown why he was abandoned as a child, or what happened to his parents. He only has a faint remembrance of someone teaching him how to say his own name - Uekh'li Suhnantal at the time -, and telling him that name was his to keep - most likely one of his parents.
The streets of Ul'dah
At a very young age, Aekh was taken in by a merchant crossing the Shroud and later entrusted to a lower servant of one of Ul'dah's rich houses, who was acquainted with the merchant. The servant, Ingri Browne - an old hyuran woman with little patience for children, but with a kind heart nonetheless - tried her best to find a place among the servants for Aekh, but her pleas were ignored by her masters, who had no use for such a young, inexperienced servant and ordered Aekh out of their house. Helpless and alone, he was forced to fend for himself as best as he could - Ingri couldn't do anything for him, being a poor woman herself, and Aekh spent his childhood years in the streets of Ul'dah.
At first, stealing was hardly an option, as he was afraid of attracting any undesired attention upon himself, and he was often seen begging for money or in a temporary shelter next to the poorest Ala Mighan refugees. Ul'dah, being a city dominated by the wealthy and powerful, was not kind to those in need, and the long years of poverty and bad experiences carved Aekh into a bitter, hateful young boy.


The kidnapping
Around 12 years of age, Aekh started to resource to thievery to feed himself, as begging was no longer getting him nearly enough to keep himself alive. Being young and agile, he successfully managed to survive for a few months like this, but his inexperience soon paid its price, and he was caught trying to steal from a merchant later on. The man took him to his master, a man from Uldah's lesser rich merchant class, while threatening to send him to the Brass Blades for punishment. The merchant's master, however - a prideful, arrogant hyuran man named Erwald Boarsblood -, took an interest in him, and commanded the boy to serve under him and attend to his every whim. Years in the streets had taught Aekh very well what men like Erwald wanted with boys like him, and he was desperate to run away at the same instant the man imprisoned him.
Only a few days later, however, there was a big commotion in Erwald's house - the very same merchant who had brought Aekh to Erwald had apparently been kidnapped, and his captors sent a note, according to the servants. He later learned that the merchant was, in fact, Erwald's cousin, and Erwald himself was to journey and rescue his relative, if only to polish his own image. Being his personal servant and rarely allowed to leave his side at all, Aekh was forced to go with the man.
Lambs of Dalamud
According to the note, the kindappers and their victim were located in a isolated area of the Sagolii Desert. Aekh was ordered to stay hidden inside the carriage and provide assistance in case Erwald and his men faced too much trouble. Still confused about how he was supposed to do anything with only a knife and barely no knowledge of how to use it, Aekh briefly heard screaming and struggling - taking a peek from the window, he recognized the limp figures of Erwald and a few of his men, while the remaining ones were rapidly subdued by cloaked figures. The distance made it hard to see if the men were still alive, but Aekh hardly cared about that; his eyes were attracted to the cloaked figures standing around them. They were largely outnumbered, and yet, all of them stood unharmed, canes in hand.
One of the figures approached the carriage, and, while he knew it was futile to hide, Aekh tried his best to disappear under one of the benches. The cloaked figure looked around for a short while, and, spotting his tail tucked near his body, dragged Aekh out of his hideout and into the open, dark desert. As Aekh struggled, another cloaked figure seemed to notice him and approached. Before she could even lower her hood, Aekh was surprised to recognize the old servant lady he met so many years ago, her face just as surprised as his. Ingri quickly took him in her arms, speaking with her colleagues in hushed voices and explaining to them she knew that child and that he was most definitely one of them. The hooded figures seemed uncertain for a moment, examining a confused Aekh from afar, but they ultimately decided to trust her judgment after some discussion of their own. Aekh knew very well the woman had just lied to save his life, and a part of him felt extremely grateful, while another darker, quieter part of him felt pleasure at the sight of Erwald's unconscious body, as Ingri mentioned the word "sacrifice" to one of her colleagues. At that moment, he noticed one of the hooded men smiling at him, as if he noticed Aekh's innermost feelings towards the situation. The sight of Aekh's contentment seemed to convince the other hooded figures that he did, indeed, belong with them, and thus he was accepted into what he later learned to be a cult called Lambs of Dalamud.
Years with the Lambs
Aekh was taught about Dalamud, the Hound, and what it meant to worship him, by Ingri. She also taught him how to read and write with other members of the cult, and, for the first time, Aekh felt accepted and loved by those surrounding him. At first, most cultists seemed distrustful of him and doubted his commitment to the Hound, but his dedication to his studies impressed most men and women around him, and they seemed to warm up to him in their own way. Through his studies, Aekh learned it was common for the Lambs to attract victims for sacrifice by means of kidnapping, which explained what was truly happening the night he met Ingri again. The hyuran herself, despite her old age, was a powerful and very skilled thaumaturge, and did her best to teach him her art, but Aekh had trouble controlling and channeling his magic properly, which most Lambs attributed to a weak connection with the Aether. Despite his frustration at not being able to properly wield destructive magic like many of the other cultists, Aekh felt happy and truly grateful to Ingri for taking him in, and quickly became an avid student and reader.
His years as a cultist also made him discover his passion for poisonous substances, turning him into a devoted researcher. Such practices brought him closer to the cultist healers, who were few in number, but had a decent level of skill; being the eager student he always was and having no success with thaumaturgy, Aekh decided to try his hand at Conjury, and soon learned his connection with the Aether wasn't weak at all, like many had told him before. He soon became one of their best healers, and, while rarely needed, he was still happy to serve, though his primary obligations as a researcher took most of his time. At the age of 16, Aekh was a full-fledged Dalamud Priest, and, while not directly involved with most sacrifices like Ingri, he often assisted other members with minor tasks, while devoting most of his time to worshiping and studying.


A short while after Aekh turned 21, Ingri perished on a confrontation during one of their ritual sacrifices. The Lambs were not afraid of death, and most considered an honor to die in the name of Dalamud - still, Aekh felt a terrible sadness after his mentor's death, and couldn't accept how his colleagues easily dismissed Ingri's death as just part of the job. From that moment on, his relationship with the Lambs strained little by little, as he often found himself questioning his adoration for Dalamud and everything he stood for. He quickly grew disgusted with the sacrifices and his work as a priest. The breaking point came after overhearing his colleagues discussing Aekh's apparent lack of faith in the last months, and how it was most likely because he wasn't part of the generations of families adoring the Hound, since he was just an orphan taken into Dalamud's embrace for pity. Leaving behind most of his few possessions - except for the old cane Ingri gave him to train his magic -, Aekh fled the cult's current hideout without a word.
Work as a Conjurer
Soon after departing, Aekh felt lost and empty, not sure of what to do with himself after being isolated from the rest of the realm for so many years. He wandered aimlessly for some time, and, after remembering what Ingri told him about the merchant who found him so many years ago at the Black Shroud, he decided to brave the unknown forests in search of whatever could soothe his broken spirit.
With no money or valuables, it wasn't easy for Aekh to find a way to make such a long journey. During one of his wandering nights, however, he stumbled upon a wounded adventurer who seemed to have gone a little too close to one of the Amalj'aa encampments, and now had an arrow buried in the flesh of his leg. The adventurer begged for help, and, unsure of what he was doing, Aekh tried to aid the man. He managed to successfully use his cane to produce a simple healing spell that seemed to soothe most of the man's pain and stop the intense bleeding while he removed the arrow with clumsy fingers. The man thanked him profusely, and, taking him for an actual healer, offered to journey to the Shroud with him in order to pay his debt.
While Aekh didn't manage to find anything regarding his origins or the merchant who first found him in the woods, he soon learned there was a lot of work to do in the Shroud, especially for a healer. Often working himself to the point of exhaustion while aiding those who fought at the Adders' front lines, he managed to make enough money to travel to the other Eorzean's city-states, and, by never staying too long in a place and taking every job he came across, he managed to amass enough money to feed his clothing vices and live comfortably, or as comfortable as a man running from a cult can be.
Even though Aekh doesn't work with the Lambs at the present, he still takes his work as a priest of Dalamud very seriously, finding a renewed passion for his faith once again after the events of the Calamity. After the Red Moon fell, Aekh felt as if he failed his God, and ended up becoming even more dedicated to Dalamud, though he no longer associates with the Lambs and their cult in particular.

Abilities and Skills



Advanced healing (Conjury): Being a student of the healing arts for some years, Aekh is highly used to taking care of severe physical injuries that require intensive treatment, but he also deals with general afflictions. Though unknown to many, his true specialty are Void-related diseases and afflictions. He also enjoys throwing stones at everything (once in a while).
Basic thaumaturge knowledge: Aekh's experience and skill with thaumaturgy is not nearly as great as with Conjury, which often leads to accidental fire balls and frustration. He greatly admires (and envies) skilled thaumaturges,



Expensive clothing and jewelry
Medical research (especially anything involving poisoning and/or living subjects)
Quiet places
Affectionate gestures (he might have a hard time admitting this one)


Cold food
Cold in general (but winter fashion is greatly appreciated)
Small spaces
Succesful Thaumaturges (he's just really jealous)
Extremely aggressive people
Not having money


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Vice(s): Shopping for new clothes, money-making
Favorite Food: Salmon Meuniere
Favorite Drink: Apple Juice (when asked, will often lie and say it's wine so he can be super cool and mature)
Favorite Color: Red



Unknown Parents (Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon)
Aekh never met his family, and is not aware of what happened to them. It is unknown if he has any siblings or living relatives at all.


Example Name (Relationship, Deseaced) (Race, Clan)
Description of Kinship


Sylveret Grimaire (Enemy, Alive) (Elezen, Duskwight)
Aekh ran into an injured Sylveret during one of his travels, and it was hate at first sight (mostly for Sylveret). The Elezen couldn't stand Aekh's forced politeness and mysterious nature, and Aekh was highly bothered by the man's aggressive behavior and rude remarks to his work as a priest. While the two of them don't care enough about each other to actively seek confrontation, it's known they wouldn't work together even if their lives depended on it - though it seems Sylveret's deep hatred for the Keeper is a bit one-sided, as Aekh doesn't feel like he cares enough about Sylveret to acknowledge his existence at all most of the time, which only makes Sylveret angrier.


Common Rumors

"Aye, I remember that tiny miqo'te healer! Pretty black hair an' all. Acts sorta like he's born to royalty, aye, all those big ol' words and manners. Wait, is he? Born rich, I mean? Cat Royal Family or sum'thin?" - Traveling Merchant
"Aekh... who...? The name seems a bit familiar, but there are just so many new faces everyday... a healer, you say? Oooh... I bet he has this really gentle aura, huh... but nothing comes to mind..." - Limsa Lominsa's Arrivals Attendant
"Mended me bones once, 'e did! 'Twas free, too! Nice little fellow, I reckon." - Maelstrom Private, Third Class
"We had him tending for the sick for a while here. Rainy season, you know? The new girls get sick easily, since they're not used to Costa. I heard one of Master Gegeruju's fancy servants paid him a nice sum, and sure as day, the girls were back on their feet in a day! He must be good. No one would pay good coin for a bad service, right?" - Costa Del Sol Courtesan
"I think he comes at least twice a week to order new clothes. I don't know where he gets the coin to pay for all the expensive linens and silks - perhaps he's a merchant? He dresses up a bit too much for my taste." - Weaver's Guild Member

Moderate Rumors

"I think I saw the fellow last week - wait, was it last week? -, taking care of the new recruits with the other healers. He had this really nasty cold, the poor sod - couldn't stop sneezing or blowing his nose, I swear -, so I was sort of weirded out. I mean, isn't he a healer? Shouldn't he be able to deal with a simple cold? Some bloke told him to get some rest, but he just ignored it and kept sneezing on a rag and healing folks. Weird one, if you ask me." - Twin Adders Private, Second Class
"Oh! Oooh! He was dining here the other day, you know? And we had this traveling bard playing us some nice songs, you know? Thing is, the bard took a liking to him, or something (giggles), 'cause he approached him all soft and nicely, harp-thing in his hand and all, you know, playing this pretty melody about love... (more giggles) and the Keeper was beet red! He was beet red, I swear! All the way to the tip of those cat ears - no, Roderick, they were red too, I know what I saw! Oh, it was so funny, you know, everyone was giggling and he was just about to explode with shyness! Couldn't look the bard in the eye! He was in such a hurry to leave, Roderick and I almost had to hold him down so he could pay for the dinner. Ooh, it was hilarious! I never saw someone so embarrassed before!" - Excited Ul'dahn Barmaid
"I do believe him to be a fine healer, and very much worth of my time and money. Still, don't you feel... something odd about him? I can't quite put a name to it. He seems quite simple-minded and gentle, and yet... Well, it's not my business to meddle in his life, but one can't help but wonder..." - Wood Wailer Sentry

Rare Rumors

"I don't recall seeing anyone so excited about getting poisoned before - trust me, I would remember. He asked me all these questions about the antidote, and my job, too, his face all green and purple from the bloody poison. Well, I certainly didn't ask how in the blazes he got poisoned; a few years in Ul'dah and you'll learn to keep yourself out of this kind of business. Still, I was a bit surprised he knew exactly what antidote he needed - asked us by name and all -, paid more than enough for a large bottle, coughed up some blood here and there, and still found the time to ask us all this stuff, like he was a kid on his favorite lesson. Healers are weird." - Alchemist's Guild Member
"There's this thing I can't get out of my head. We were dining at the Canopy, me and him, talking about our jobs - it's always nice to meet a fellow Conjurer, and a more experienced one to boot. I asked him where he learned his trade, and I could swear he tensed up, if only just a little. He told me he studied at the Conjurer's Guild, like me and most of my fellow Conjurers, and then started talking about something else. It stayed on my mind, I don't know why. Well, I guess he didn't know about the Archives - it's a big book, but it's all there, and I'm good at finding names. And his wasn't there. It just wasn't. ...Perhaps I should look again. I must have just missed it. Why would he lie about such a thing?" - Conjurer in Training
"He's still one uf us. And we take back what is ours. ...You bring him to us, and you might get something out of it." - Mysterious Traveler at Black Brush Station

PC Rumors'

"Small. Annoying. Worships imaginary demons. There's not much to say, really. I believe he thinks he's funny when he calls me 'Sylbert', but he really isn't. Why do you ask? Are you in need of a new cat-smelling carpet?" - Ser Sylveret Grimaire

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