Agata Blysstahlwyn

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 Agata Blysstahlwyn
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She is bliss, tall and win!
Agata Blysstalhwyn
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa, currently in Ul'dah
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Basic Info

Agata Blysstahlwyn, Amber daughter of Steel Blossom, is seen by many as a danger, both to herself and to others. Those who really know her however, see her as a wild and unpredictable but ultimately kind-hearted woman. Her greatest pleasures in life are fighting, drinking, and glory. Most of all however, and secretly, the kind of glory she really wants is the kind only a true hero can achieve. To be adulated for her battle prowess is great, but to be adulated for heroism, to be hailed as a hero of the land, a legend to be spoken of generations later... this her heart truly aches for. Deep down, this is why she fights.


While Agata sounds like a Hyur name, it also means Amber in the Roegadyn language, and she was named so for the color of her eyes. Her mother was a pirate (Steel Blossom was her warrior name, which Agata inherited as it was obvious she was a born fighter) who settled in with a fisherman when the Admiral put some order in Limsa Lominsa. Growing up with stories of her mother's adventurous days, Agata dreamt of adventures and battles while her father tried to get his wild wife used to a more peaceful lifestyle and to raise his daughter as a good citizen. Agata, however, truly had the blood of the Sea Wolves of old flowing in her vein and never ceased to get in trouble.

Rather than trying harder and harder to break her into the life he wanted for her, Agata's father wisely decided, with his wife's mischievous approval, to pay her a trip to Ul'dah, where she do what she really wanted: fight.

Agata's first move upon reaching the city was to sign up with the Pugilist Guild. Her strength and speed, born of years of brawling with the sons of rowdy ex-pirates, and before she reached adulthood brawling with the ex-pirates themselves, allowed her to pass her first trials easily. However her lack of common sense led her into all sorts of trouble, but through luck or brawn, she managed to get out of it so far. Alternating official fights with drunken brawls, simple drinking with friends, and actually helping out against all sorts of threat, she seems to be doing well enough for herself, now.


Unsurprisingly, Agata is a party gal. If she isn't having fun, she is either knocked out, sleeping, or looking for fun. She is confident, some would say overconfident, slightly crazy, but also kind-hearted and generous. She is however not very bright. In combat, she can be quite cunning, even when drunk, but in general she simply lacks common sense and might harm others in an attempt to help them.


The Platinum Mirage and Pugilist Guild, various organized fighting circles, some more legitimate then others. She is known as Red Blossom in those circles.

Other Notes

Between her drinking habits and her study of martial arts, she may or may not be slowly developing her own devastating brand of drunken boxing.

Character Tropes

[[1]Destructive Saviour] She'll put that rampaging monster down, but she'll rampage just as much as it would while doing so. >.>

[[2]Boisterous Bruiser] cause pirate-ish Roegadyn pugilist

[[3]Amazonian Beauty] all female Roegadyn should get this one, at least if they're fighter types

[[4]Action Girl] duh

[[5]Lightning Bruiser] Fast, strong AND tough. Her weakness is she's neither particularly smart or careful... she has a few cunning tricks up her sleeve, but she didn'T think of them all by herself.

[[6]Glory Seeker]

[[7]Blood Knight] FF = Fighting Fun