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The Sea Wolves originally hail from the islands of the far north seas, where they still subsist as fishermen and women. Long ago, no vessel or coastal village was safe from their maritime brand of brutality. Now, it is not uncommon to see them employed as sailors or naval mercenaries on all manner of vessels.

The Sea Wolves were once feared as brutal pirates of the north seas. Now, however, they are one of the principal races of Limsa Lominsa, most often seen employed as sailors or seamen. In keeping with the old ways, the Sea Wolves bear names taken from the ancient Roegadyn language.

Additional Notes

Transcribed from Merewina in Limsa Lominsa

Every child has heard frightening bedtime tales of fearless, bloodthirsty vikings who would stalk the five seas in their longboats, mercilessly reeving and pillaging coastal villages until the ship-holds were overflowing with plunder, and the villages with their bastards.

Several hundred years ago, this was most certainly an accurate description of the Sea Wolf clan; however now, only a fraction of those characteristics remain. They are recognized by their remarkable gait and girth, booming voices, and quick tempers, while many follow (albeit loosely) in the steps of their ancestors and exceed in the art of sailing.

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