Aidan Khontus

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Gridania-transparent.png Aidan Khontus
Au Ra Aidan drawn by Sarah Stone
The Gentle Dragon
Gender Male
Race Elezen* (looks Auri)
Clan Wildwood/Xaela
Citizenship Gridania
Nameday 4th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Orientation Bi
Height 8'0"
Job Dragoon
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Due to his late parents having a secret history with Ishgardian heretics, Aidan was sought out and an attempted murder of him was to take place. Instead he managed to escape, but not without being forced to partake of dragons blood in the process. While he was able to keep his mind whole the after effects of the blood has left him looking strange, and so far he's been using the excuse that it was an alchemy accident or simply saying he's an Au Ra.

He still can lose himself and transform, but for the most part even in dragon form he is still in control. Usually...

Aidan currently is employed with the Twin Adders and works as a sort of emissary for hard to make deals, though it is considered he may only have the job because of his charm and good looks.

Aidan currently lives in the Lavender beds, more so on the outskirts closer to nature and further from people.


Aidan as a Dragon (art by

Tall, dark hair, and handsome. Black scales, long thick tail, athletic build, and striking blue eyes. Also I should mention the the godly endowment he possesses.

His dragon form is a black Wyvern with iridescent blue on his spines and tail.


Aidan is a rather shy and modest. He adores nature and doesn’t handle crowds very well. He can be bashful and easily smitten if you flirt with him, but he is always respectful of boundaries.


Aidan was born and raised in the wilds of the shroud with his mother and father, both exiles from Ishgard. At a young age Aidan lost his father to infection from a wound and eventually lost his mother to pneumonia. Alone he wandered depressed and starving when he was eventually found by Wynlon and soon adopted by him and his wife Yinette. Aidan was not a single child for long as his parents had 3 more children after him, sisters: Binette, Wynette, and Faylon. The hamlet Aidan grew up in was purely lalafell inhabited which eventually lead to many awkward situations after his many growth spurts.

Finally though Aidan was simply not fitting in, metaphorically and physically. Wynlon decided it was time for Aidan to be somewhere that accommodates elezen, he took Aidan to Gridania. He insisted Aidan join the adders, worried that Gridania would not be kind to a strange and gentle person such as Aidan so whether through chance or by the fact Wynlon had a wicked ability to make situation go his way Aidan was enlisted in the adders and had a place to stay. While he no longer lives at hom he still insists to send half his pay to his family.


Aidan is a trained dragoon.


Despite this he prefers to avoid conflict and isn't particularly fond of slaying dragons or anything for that matter. His actions for letting scalekin flee has been examined under much scrutiny and has placed a lot of pressure on his social standing in Ishguard territory. He also fights deceptively well as a dragon, and because of his dragoon training he can easy fend off other lancers. As a dragon he mostly uses hsi teeth and claws, but is capable of producing dragon fire and able to wield a lance with his talons.








  • Elezen Parents: Sidonia (late mother) and Astidien (late father)
  • Adoptive Lalafell family: Wynlon (dad), Yinette (mother), Binette, Wynette, and Faylon (3 younger sisters).


Tiergan Vashir



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