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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Aisha Aurica (aka Alisha Soatski, U'aisha)
[[Image:Aisha K'lank'lan.jpg|250px]]
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 25
Marital Status Single
Occupation Adventurer
Height/Weight 5'3" / 130 lbs
Orientation Bisexual
  • Aishlenn Soatski (Mother, deceased)
    • Alexia Soatski

Aisha Aurica is a miqo'te adventurer from Limsa Lominsa who is head of the Black Label Society

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Basic Info




Turning a blind eye to the disadvantaged
Clueless fashion victims


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice(s): Clothes, Shoes, Cute Boys and Girls
Favorite Food: Seared Sundrake Steak with Sabotender Nectar and Fronds
Favorite Drink: Chamomille and Mint tea, chilled.
Favorite Colors: Black, Gold, White, and Red

Appearance & Personality

At 5'3 with a gentle face and lips that seem made to be kissed, Aisha presents a deceptively demure figure. However her small stature conceals an explosive physical

power similar to a coiled spring, but with her general preference for revealing and body hugging attire it's easy to note her toned musculature and lithe grace

In her travels Aisha has seen some of the worst aspects of society however this has not dampened her cheerul demeanor and belief in people and as a result she is very

open and friendly even with the newest of strangers.

Beneath Aisha's obvious physical attributes lies an astute mind, natural tactical acumen, and an iron will. She is very intuitive and intelligent often hiding these

attributes in social situations due to her feeling it might make her unattractive or unapproachable, favoring instead to keep her words simple, her insights brief and her

clothes revealing.


Childhood 1552-1567
Adopted as an orphaned kitten by Ashlenn Soatski after her parents were found in the hold of a ship heading into Limsa Lominsa, apparently stowaway refugees escaping

Garlemald. Aishlenn takes in the squalling kitten and names her Alisha

4 years later, Aishlenn adopts another orphaned miq'ote found under similar circumstances as Alisha, she names her Alexia and Alisha takes being a big sister seriously,

in turn the rambunctious litte girl grew to adore her big sister. They become the best of friends and the Soastki house is filled with love and laughter

Soon after Alisha turns 15, Aishlenn grows ill and dies. Though devastated by the loss Alisha and Alexia both still have each other and in order to provide for her

little sister, Alisha heads into Limsa Lominsa making small change as an entertainer and jill-of-all-trades.

The "Cathouse" 1568-UE 0
While working as an entertainer in Limsa, Alisha gets caught in the sights of Gerulf Goldsong, a former gladiator from Ul'dah who escaped his bonds and fled to Limsa

Lominsa where he became a white slaver. The beautiful and entertaining Alisha was the perfect miq'ote girl to satisfy the needs of one of Gerulf's clients. As Alisha was

heading home one night after working one of Limsa's many taverns Gerulf assaulted her and spirited her away to Ul'dah. where she along with many other young miq'ote were

sold to a vile elezen noble named Dorineaux.

Dorineaux was a powerful Coerthian noble whose displays of piety in the halls of the Holy See disguised his particularly perverse tastes. His obsession for miq'ote and

great power within the Holy See allowed him to build a secret compound in the Coerthan Highlands where he kept several of them as his playthings, torturing, raping, forcing

them to mate with each other while he watched, and often using his captured slaves as "party favors" for his equally sick associates. Alisha spends 4 years in Dorineaux's

"Cathouse" enduring humiliation and torment with her only thought of escaping and reuniting with her sister. Alisha finds a small bit of hope and friendship with a fellow

captive, a warrior of the U Tribe; U'tsomii who was kidnapped while hunting in the Sagolii.

When the Calamity hits and Coerthas is thrown into disarray Alisha, U'tsomii and several others manage to overpower Dorineaux's soldiers and kill the horrid elezen,

escaping the "Cathouse" as it is burned and then buried beneath the snows of Coerthas

Alisha with U'tsomii beside her makes it back to Limsa Lominsa, but finds her childhood home in ruins and her sister nowhere to be found, heartbroken she gives up Alexia

for dead. Looking for a fresh start she decides to head back to Forgotten Springs alongside U'tsomii

Advent of the Diva UE 0-UE 5
After being accepted into the U Tribe Alisha decides to change her name to befit her new life and becomes U'aisha. Life in the Sagolii was hard but U'aisha took to it

quickly and showed a remarkable aptitude for the combat arts, quickly mastering the U Tribe's training in fist, bow, and spear. 5 years with the Rangers of the Drake forges

U'aisha into a strong and courageous woman, however there remained a stain from her old life she wished to wipe clean, bidding farewell to her sisters U'aisha returns to

Limsa Lominsa with one goal in mind. To kill Gerulf Goldsong not just for what happened to her but for the sake of all those whom Gerulf led into Dorineaux's clutches.

Walking through Melvaan's Gate with nothing but the clothes on her back U'aisha adapts and adopts a new persona; Aisha Aurica to distance the work she was about to

perform from her noble sisters in the U Tribe. She then quickly found, confronted, and killed Gerulf who had by then utilized the money from his slave trade to buy his way

into the Lominsan Underworld. After killing him Aisha decided the best way to keep people like Gerulf from exploiting those who slip between the cracks was to establish her

own group to catch them before they fell. So she took over Gerolt's gang the Black Label Boys and turned it into the Black Label Society, using the tactics and resources of

the underworld to keep innocents from being swallowed by it.

The World Warrior UE 5-Present

During her time in Limsa, founding the Black Label Society, Aisha managed to gain power and a reputation as an Arcanist and later was one of the new breed to rediscover the

art of Summoning and one of the new class of Scholars. During her expeditions into Syrcus Tower and the battle with the Mad Emperor Xande, Aisha's Book of Spades became

unweathered and fully awakened. It revealed to Aisha the power of the old Network that Books of Spades and Diamonds used to have with each other. The Book's limited

capacity for precognition lead Aisha to leave Eorzea for a time, leaving her trusted second Rona Thorne in command of the Black Label. Aisha's adventures abroad lead her into Garlemald where she assisted a band of Doman refugees in escaping from a powerful Garlean super-soldier, in return the tribe taught

her the secrets of shinobi and Aisha even fell in love with the young man of the tribe named Kiva. However, Aisha's stay was to be short lived as her Book warned her of

trouble back home in Eorzea. Not wanting to leave but knowing she had to return hom Aisha left Kiva and his tribe behind, vowing someday to return. Upon returning to Eorzea and regaining control of the Black Label Society from Rona. Aisha was met with startling news, during her tenure in charge Rona established ties

with another Free Company known as Uncharted Trails and one of the members of that company was...Alexia Soatski. Since returning Aisha has kept the knowledge of her relation to Alexia a secret as she does not know if her sister, who has become a great adenturuer in her own right needs




Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"*dreamy sigh~*" -- A former lover
"She's a whore" -- Rejected suitor
"She told me my shoes were trashy, then spent a ton of gil to buy me new clothes from Ul'dah. She's my fashion fairy!" --

Young lady on the street

◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love

     Good Standing     Poor




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