Aislinn North

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 Aislinn North
Aislinn scholar.png
'Those with bad luck should at least try to balance it with good sense.'
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 27
Height 5 fulms 10 ilms
Profession Scholar and medic
Patron Deity Rhalgr
Server Balmung

Aislinn North is Hyur Highlander with a scholarly interests in medicine, archaeology, aether and aetherial flow specifically as it pertains to healing magic. She spends much of her time traveling but splits her downtime between Ul'dah and her Company's headquarters in Gridania.


Aislinn in remarkably unremarkable in appearance. She has no real distinguishing features to speak of, no scars, no tattoos. She stands at 5'10" and has the weighty bearing that belongs to many Highlanders. In other words, she isn't going to blow away in a strong wind. She looks to be in her late-twenties, with auburn hair most often pulled back and braided in a futile attempt to keep it out of her eyes. Long days out under the Thanalan sun has left her freckled and tanned.

She's a thoughtful observer, having long since learned spouting idle chatter can bring its own brand of trouble. Even so, few would mistake this woman as meek, there's clearly shrewd, intelligent life behind those green eyes. She carries herself with a calm but unmistakable air of confidence and is often known to be one steady in thought, word and deed.

Her equipment and attire often appears well-used. It all shows signs of being well-cared for but it's fairly clear the woman isn't going out and buying a new wardrobe every week. A trained eye would be able to spot the fact her robes are frequently, though skillfully, mended.


Aislinn spent much of her childhood in Ala Mhigo. She never knew her mother beyond knowing that she had been given the woman's name but she grew up learning that the subject was one she and her father could never speak of without it sparking an argument.

When Ala Mhigo fell to the Garlean Empire her father, a member of the guard when the city fell, remained and became a part of a small but growing Resistance. They stayed for several years until suddenly and without any warning that Aislinn could foresee, her father abandoned the cause and immigrated to Ul'dah, taking her along with him. Though still a child, her father's actions were viewed by Aislinn as a betrayal, both to her personally and to their people. She could not understand what would drive her father to such an act of cowardice.

In Ul'dah her father took up work as a pit-fighter in the Colosseum and Aislinn spent years ashamed and angered by what their life had become. They barely managed to scrape enough money together to put a roof over their heads, let alone afford any of the other necessities of life. Growing up among the fighting rings, Aislinn picked up a thing or two about how to throw a punch, knowledge that came in handy out on the streets where a person generally had to fight for every scrap that came their way.

A chance encounter with an Elezen mage changed he direction of Aislinn's life long before the Calamity took its toll. On a childish dare, Aislinn was attempting to pick the Elezen's pocket when she was caught. Before she could dart away, he had her in his firm grip. But curiously, instead of calling for the guards and turning her in, the mage simply studied the scrawny girl for a long moment. Too terrified to move, Aislinn was helpless to do anything but stare back. Whatever it was the mage saw in her, it took him by surprise. By some miracle he let her go and gave her his name, telling her that is she ever grew tired of taking from others and wished to see how it felt to give of herself instead, to seek him out in Gridania.

The encounter stuck with young Aislinn, his words dogging her with every coin she stole. Then, the Calamity struck. And in one burning moment everything in Aislinn's world was swallowed by chaos. To this day she can't rightly recall how she managed to survive but when the smoke had finally cleared she discovered herself very much alone. Her father, her friends, all were counted among the dead. There was nothing left.

Watching how the survivors came together to help how ever they could, how they rushed to hold loved ones close, Aislinn finally understood the Elezen mage's words. With nothing left to hold her to Ul'dah, she set out for Gridania to find out what it was he saw in her, that scrawny street urchin.

That was several years ago and now the young Highlander has become a dedicated student of magic, using her skills to heal those in need and support those the fight for Eorzea....though she hasn't forgotten how to throw a punch.


Myers Briggs Personality Type: ISFJ

Easy-going but with a stubborn streak a mile wide is how many would describe the Highlander. Once she gets an idea into her head, it's hard to dissuade her from it. She always seems to be working at one thing or another, rarely can she be found idle or relaxing. Life hasn't exactly been easy, but she has an exuberant outlook and won't allow setbacks to beat her down.

Aislinn is stingy with her trust, finding that it simply makes sense to keep people at arm's length, a habit she's acquired due to her own abandonment issues. She grew up with a father who, though he tried his best, wasn't always there. She never knew her mother and was abruptly removed from her friends and home as an adolescent. This can cause her to seem aloof but underneath this shell the Highlander is most often found to be a loyal, steadfast companion. Despite the trials life has thrown her way, she's upbeat and unruffled, laughing readily at a joke or simply life in general. However, even though she has a remarkably even temper for a Highlander and rarely lets her anger get the better of her, one sure-fire way to ruffle her feathers is to remark upon her very Midlander-sounding name as if it is a defect of some sort.

Affiliations and Known Associates

Barengar Armsbreaker - A childhood friend Aislinn has recently reconnected with. He's also a dependable mercenary when Aislinn can spare the coin.


  • Nicknames: None
  • Age: 27
    • Nameday: 5th sun of the 3rd Astral moon
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Marital Status: none
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 5 fulm 10 ilms
  • Body: Tall, lean with an athletic build
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Eyes: Green
  • Skin: Freckled and tanned
  • Clothing: Prefers light-weight robes, tunics and leggings that enable a range of movement.


  • Good conversation
  • Exploration
  • Thrill of battle
  • A good joke or a witty quip
  • Learning something new


  • Has little patience for those who complain about the slightest things
  • Cruelty
  • Seeing others berated
  • Uncomfortable in lavish settings
  • The corruption inherent in Ul'dah

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: The healing arts, summoning and pugilism
  • Crafting: Alchemy
  • Other: Though most people wouldn't guess it, she's somewhat of a scholar and spends much of her down time studying and reading the latest papers and journals. Her interests lie in medicine and the history and lore of magic-heavy societies.


  • Tenacious - It can be hard to dissuade her once she's gotten an idea into her head.
  • Hard-working - Isn't one to sit back and rest on her laurels. She's constantly striving reach the next goal she's set for herself.
  • Good-natured about most things - Doesn't see the point in letting things get under her skin. It takes a lot of prodding and instigating to push her over the edge, but if one does manage it they'll find she does indeed possess a Highlander's temper.
  • Intelligent - May not act like it but she spends a lot of time with her nose buried in books. She tends to come across as more intelligent in her writing than she does her speech. She learned early on in life it's best to blend in as well as one can.


  • Skeptical - Tends not to trust others beyond what she feels can reasonably be expected of them.
  • Abandonment Issues - Has trouble making connections with new people and sometimes subconsciously sabotages new relationships due to a conditioned fear of people she cares about leaving or dying.
  • Driven - Though in this case, it stems from the fear of slipping back into poverty if she doesn't push herself to achieve.
  • Self-contained - Often times it doesn't occur to her to ask for help, choosing instead to figure out a way to do something herself. This is a habit she developed in her youth and one she is currently trying to break.
  • Overly-bold - Aislinn often acts more confident than she feels. She acutely aware that she's completely on her own with no family to fall back on if she fails. This is one of the reasons she will work herself to the point of exhaustion if need be.

Other Notes


While not overly devote, Aislinn holds an affinity for Rhalgr, the patron deity of Ala Mhigo. The Breaker of Worlds is a constant reminder to Aislinn that everything ends. Impermanence is a part of life, without exception. Therefore she shouldn't hold to anything too tightly or become too rigid to accept change.


  • Has an odd habit of wrinkling her nose just before saying something embarrassing or self-deprecating
  • At times she eschews furniture, choosing instead to sit on the floor. She does tend to refrain from doing this in the company of others, knowing it makes her look odd.

Theme Songs

An Toll Dubh - Runrig

Song of the Caged Bird - Lindsey Stirling


The following rumours can be heard about Aislinn (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

Common rumours

  • "By the Twelve, that girl never sleeps. She's always rushing about town, on a job for someone somewhere."
  • "Don't ev'n bother tryin' ta buy the lass a drink. One compliment 'bout her backside an' she acted like I had said somethin' wrong. Has a mean right hook, too."

Uncommon rumours

  • "The thaumaturge guild kicked her out. Couldn't risk another fireball."
  • "I've seen her handing out medicine to the riff-raff in the streets. That's all we need, a do-gooder who won't just let the natural order of things take its course."

Rare rumours

  • "You know why she has tha' milk-toast Midlander name, right? Her da was so ashamed o' his little...indiscretion he wouldn't give her anythin' proper soundin'."
  • "I heard her father betrayed Ala Mhigo. Traitors always end up where they belong, in the gutter with the rest of the refuse."