Barengar Armsbreaker

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Barengar Armsbreaker
"Say what ya mean, do what ya say. Ain't got time for anythin' less."
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Unaffliated
Full Name Barengar Armsbreaker
Age 31 turns
Occupation Mercenary
Height 6 fulms and 6 ilms
Weight 230 ponzes
Relatives Father: Adalbert Greyshark
Mother: Herleva Skythorn
Brother: Bertram Greyshark

Barengar Armsbreaker (Pronunciation: bear-en-gar) is an Ala Mhigan warrior currently working as a mercenary. He travels often, but where there are wealthy merchants, you can be certain there is mercenary work.




▼ Vital Records
Full Name: Barengar Armsbreaker
Citizenship: Unaffliated
Nameday: 1st Sun of Sixth Umbral Moon
Place of Birth: Ala Mhigo
Alias: None that he actively does by.
Guardian Deity: Rhalgr (lapsed faith)
▼ Physical Traits
Hair color: Sandy Blonde
Eye color: Blue-gray
Complexion: Lightly sun-touched from working outdoors but otherwise of fairer complexion.
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos:
 : Tattoos: A woad-blue depcition of a reef shark that curls around the left side of his face, hooking underneath his jaw.
 : Scars: Barengar has a small scar across his right cheek bone. He also as a relatively recent looking scar across his abdomen that is approximately the width of a small blade.
▼ Other
Alignment: Heroic Neutral
Key Items:
Vice(s): Alcohol, Violence
Favorite Food: Aldgoat Steak
Favorite Drink: Dark Porters
Favorite Color: Blue
Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ISTJ
Additional info:


▼ Likes:
A good fight
Winning a good fight
Warm, home-cooked meals
The outdoors
▼ Adores:
The ocean


▼ Dislikes:
Listening to the idealistic
▼ Loathes:
Being pressed with questions


Some might say that Barengar appears exactly as his occupation would have him. The man's sturdy build, even from early childhood, proved useful in the numerous scuffles that he found himself in and his hard set features give him a naturally fierce expression. A born fighter with the lurking fire of defiance.
Standing tall at 6'6" Barengar is rarely lost within a crowd, even if he was not habitually clad within his thick-plated armor. His fair blonde hair is almost always kept shaved down with a similar amount left on his face in a light beard. His eyes are a shade of deep blue and oft set with a dispassionate gaze.
Though he seems to bear the weight of time there is still ample youth left in Barengar's eyes, as subdued as it might seem. For a man as prone to conflict as he is, he wears very few scars, only one in plain sight upon his right cheek being worthy of note. Opposite of the scar; the woad-colored tattooing that frames the left side of Barengar’s face and hooks just above his eye is what he prizes the most. Inked at a young age in the motif of a grey reef shark to honor his father’s surname.
The quality of his equipment would not go unnoticed by any that traveled or fought for a living, though he possessed no skill to create, nor the income to purchase such fine gear. Sturdy plate armor that would break blades and armaments that could cleave a behemoth's hide. Clearly the mercenary had a fairly generous benefactor.
Barengar most often comes across as taciturn and jaded to those he does not know and only mildly less so to those that do know him. A childhood spent watching his people suffer at the hands of the Garlean Empire first hand appears to have taken its toll on the warrior's youthful idealism and boundless energy. Though the warrior feeds a growing cynicism, he still harbors a sense of honor and integrity when it comes to his word. Nor will he turn down a good drink or particularly clever joke.
His lack of faith in the people around him and disdain for those who would espouse idealism over pragmatism have kept him from forming many meaningful relationships since he arrived from Gyr Abania.



Barengar Greyshark, as he was known as a child, was the eldest son of Adalbert Greyshark and Herleva Skythorn. Though his parents were devote followers of Rhalgr during Theodorac's reign over the city, they had managed to survive the purge of followers. Barengar, while infrequently fearing for his life because of the protection of his parents, was regularly exposed to the violence of the mad-king's whims. For the young Ala Mhigan it became part and parcel with everyday life, but he maintained pride in his people because of the unwavering faith of his parents.


Though the two were never truly on their own, Barengar took his place as elder brother quite seriously, taking it upon himself to find food, water and a place to sleep when they needed it. He often encouraged his younger, smaller brother to marshal his courage so that they could both join the resistance one day.
And join the resistance the Greyshark boys did. The very moment they were of fighting strength, Barengar wasted no time in enlisting themselves into the ranks of like-minded Ala Mhigans. Both attaining the opportunity to avenge his parents and free his people.
However, as some followers of Rhalgr might tell you, nothing lasts forever.




MELEE COMBAT - ARMED - Barengar's true forte. Determined from a very young age that he would become a capable fighter, the Ala Mhigan has since become a veteran of many battlefields, familiarizing himself with a number of weapons. Favored are those of great weight such as Great Axes and Warhammers.

MELEE COMBAT - UNARMED - As a youth Barengar got himself into more fights than not, leading to the man to develop relatively fair well-practiced method of brawling. He's no technical expert, but he knows how to hit someone and make sure it hurts.
PERCEPTION - Over a decade spent moving from one battlefield to the next has gifted the highlander with a fairly well developed sense of awareness. He is quick to notice when something seems amiss, particular in times of increased danger.

AETHER MANIPULATION - Though he does not out-right lack the capacity to do so, Barengar doesn't even know where to begin in terms of manipulating aetheric energies; his own or outside batteries. A profound distrust of the practice only seems to compound his continued weakness in this regard.



Where to find this character with whom.
(Knowledge accessible to all with IC research done on the character unless stated otherwise.)


Limsa Lominsa (high probability)
The Mist (medium probability)
Ishgard (medium probability)
Ul'dah (low probability)


Rudra's Storm


Eorzean encounters.
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   Aislinn North "North"
► A childhood friend that, until recently he had never anticipated seeing again. Their relationship proves to be a curious one. Aislinn's sense of duty to "do the right thing" often runs opposite of Barengar's tendency for pragmatism. Her memories of Barengar are not the same as the man she so often employs for protection; leaving the woman wondering just what befell the man to incite such a dramatic change.
   Domri Blackblade "Blackblade"
► A childhood friend that, until recently he had never anticipated seeing again. Their relationship proves to be a curious one. Aislinn's sense of duty to "do the right thing" often runs opposite of Barengar's tendency for pragmatism. Her memories of Barengar are not the same as the man she so often employs for protection; leaving the woman wondering just what befell the man to incite such a dramatic change.
   Flora Valerian "Valerian"
► A young Ala Mhigan woman that bumped into Barengar while looking for someone else. Despite her idealism and rather fervent devotion to Rhalgr, Barengar respects her tenacity and strength as well as the aid she rendered him, regardless of what he may think of her beliefs. Flora's staunch support as a friend and ally has caused the bearish mercenary to become concerned with her safety. Recent events have lead to Flora asking that Barengar 'formally' take on the title of "Uncle" for the young woman. Despite his confusion, Barengar accepted the youthful Ala Mhigan's offer.
   Jancis Milburga "Jancis"
► A meeting of happenstance. A unwise habit of swinging his weapon recklessly led to Barengar developing a condition known as "Swimmer's Shoulder." The healer was summoned by Yishunsen Mol in order to see to the highlander's mending. Worried that the mercenary would simply undo the work that she had done, Jancis 'hired' the mercenary with the hope of keeping him away from dangerous work long enough for the wound to properly heal. Many of their surface ideals often clash, causing quiet disagreement between the two. However, time in each other's company has shown an understanding at a more profound level. A series of unexplained assaults against Jancis now leaves Barengar often concerned with her well-being.
   Kaguya Nightsong "Flower"
► An Au Ra woman that Barengar became acquainted with while in the market for supplies. While ultimately skeptical of the safety of her devices, the Ala Mhigan finds it difficult to argue with the results they produce. In the process of doing business with Flower he grew to care for the woman a great deal. However, complications in that relationship have left the bond between the two strained. The Ala Mhigan still watches out and cares for the small Au Ra, even if he no longer feels the same way that he once did.
  Camille Everardi "Everardi"
► A young midlander woman that Domri Blackblade treats as his younger sister, meeting her through his employer. Barengar does not know the woman very well, aside from occasionally being the target of her advice in both solicited and unsolicited varieties. She has proven a valuable ally in terms of her knowledge of all things aetheric, something that the Ala Mhigan appreciates despite his usually cantankerous attitude toward the girl.
  Kiera Hawkeye "Hawkeye"
► An Ala Mhigan woman that was introduced to him by Lucaell Tareth'eian. Barengar finds her tendency to involve herself in other people's affairs of mild annoyance, but he respects her ability to fight and her dedication to her son. Recent events have left Barengar's relationship with Kiera strained and the man's judgments of her in question.
  Lucaell Tareth'eian "Girl"
► A very strange young minstrel that Barengar met on the streets of Ul'dah. The man remains unconvinced that she isn't simply some magically animated doll for all the things that she says and the way that she stares. The woman's inquisitive nature and fickle whims have made for a tenuous relationship between the two. Circumstance has placed Lucaell in the unique position of being able to attain knowledge that Barengar might never have, something that she has used to leverage against him, much to his chagrin.
  Virella Douront "Douront"
► An Ishgardian woman that Barengar became acquainted with during time between jobs in Limsa Lominsa. Despite the way her Ishgardian pride grates against his own, he holds a healthy amount of respect for the woman's drive in absence of any for her ideals. Is made mildly uncomfortable at the sight of her intoxicated.
  Engelbert Deadeye "Worm"
► An enigmatic highlander that has been shadowing Barengar's movements for some time now, painstakingly keeping away from the Ala Mhigan's presence while still making contact with his friends and associates. Barengar knows very little about this man other that he would very much like to put an end to his skulking. One way or another.
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Some of these rumors might be untrue or greatly exaggerated.
(Knowledge accessible to all with IC research done on the character unless stated otherwise.)
Gdiamond.png Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Armsbreaker? He's prickly but he does good work. I don't pay sell-swords for good company anyway." -- Wealthy Ul'dahn Merchant
"Don't have time ta talk 'bout spineless cowards. Bugger off." -- Surly Ala Mhigan Resistance Fighter
"I was under the impression he was running with some mercenary company." -- Interested Client
Gdiamond.png Uncommon Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"He's one of Greyshark's boys, ain't 'e? Never let his lil' brother outta his sight that one." -- Elderly Woman of Little Ala Mhigho
"Heard he got discharged from his company for maimin' up one one of his comrades. Can't imagine why anyone would want to hire someone like that." -- Idle Brass Blade
"Rumor has it he got his name while fightin' in the Resistance, heard he'd break 'em and leave 'em for dead howlin' in pain. Gotta have a deep chip on yer shoulder to treat another man like that" -- Ul'dahn barkeep
Gdiamond.png Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I heard he sold out to the Garleans and split. Can't blame him, I'd want out too, but his own brother?" -- Self-interested Sell-sword
"Adalbert's twistin' in his grave, I'm tellin' ya. Don't ask me how a man ends up as morally bankrupt as Armsbreaker when 'e had a man as great as Greyshark fer a father, jus' don't add up." -- Veteran Resistance Fighter
Greytrinket.pngGdiamond.png Rumors from the characters of other players Gdiamond.pngGreytrinket.png
"I met him-- you have something to say? His bearing is honourable, so-- Whatever you've got to say, I don't care. Plenty of us leave the resistance-- it wouldn't happen that way, if they knew their left from right. So-- you ought to close your mouth, and leave me alone, do you hear me?" - Flora Valerian
"Tell you what, you get past that stoic demeanor of his, usually by way of a few drinks, and that man opens up, throwing jokes left and right. Throws a mean punch too. I respect that." - Kiera Hawkeye
"A man of few words, but what words spring forth from his lips, are often a joy to be heard; that is if you count out his savage growls and grunts - after all he yet remains to be an Ala Mhigan hyur. But he may pride himself to be one of the few hyur without Ishgardian heritage who isn't overly irksome and obnoxious to be around." - Virella Douront
"He grunts a lot and really likes to hide his past. I think he is dating some woman named Flora. He did say he held her dear. Wink wink, nudge nudge." - Kaguya Nightsong
Rare Rumor - "He is like the ocean. Simple and deep, open to hearing and vast going with the ebb and flow to the pull of life. Surface shines with stars and under, breaking that surface tension, is unnumbered colors and wonders of thoughts, wisdom, life. Barengar is so vibrant. Ah, forgive me, I am quite biased. I simply find him lovely and wonderful." - Kindheart
"A storm wrapped in stone wrapped in skin. I can tell from only meetin' him once. Well, I can guess, anyroad -- but I'd bet that I'm right." - Berrod Armstrong
"Now There! is a Highlander man. Gruff, quiet, and looks about ready to battle any time of the day." - Aya Foxheart
"He is completely trustworthy, never lies. Strong worker, nothing slows him down. He talks a lot; it is not obvious, but he does. The sky reflection upon Llymlaen." - Jancis Milburga
"Be you a healer? I highly suggest watching him; he tends to ignore wounds and dismiss them, but he will most likely not turn you down should you insist to look at them. And watch for his shoulder he does not have it treated often. Something of his mindset as if someone else deserves mending more." - Jancis Milburga
"He can fly. He is really good at it, too. Even in his chainmail. It makes sense that he can, though. Perfect sense. Did you want to ask him something? I can let him know right now." - Jancis Milburga
"He is good at cutting hair. He has been rarely seen this past Turn. I think he is either avoiding or looking for something. I miss him a lot." - Jancis Milburga
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