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Akyhi Tyme
Child of the Moon
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You are stronger than you know, the world is yours so take it.

~Akyhi Tyme~

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Vital Information



RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon

GENDER... Female

AGE... ~19

NAMEDAY... 1st Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon




Tribe... Tais'har


RESIDENCE... The Scarlet Bloom

OCCUPATION... Hunter Adventurer

PATRON DEITY... Menphina

H & W... 52 Ilm & 82 Ponze

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Neutral

I am Huntress, I have no fear.
Akyhi’s main striking feature is her large golden eyes. In their depths many can see pain, determination, and an insatiable curiosity. Short for a female Miqo’te she looks to have been a sickly runt coming in at 52 in (1.33m). She is very flat chested, and has an overall androgynous look to her. The black hair tamed with a lavender smelling product is short and spiked up at her nape. Her bangs kept long and partly in front of her right eye. She has been known to dye her bangs with colored streaks, that bring out the striking gold color of her eyes.

Since coming to the city, she has found she enjoys expressing herself with clothing and colors. On most days the only way you can tell she of of a clan is her long black claws, and tribal paint in a band over her eyes.


As the lesser twin, Akyhi was born a runt. That mixed with the complete lack of attention given to her by her mother, she has lifelong gut problems she has to deal with every day.


The few scars that marr her gray ivory skin, each of them have a story she could tell. Most of the time she wears clothing that keeps these blemishes covered. They all are stories she does not wish to tell.

The story she holds the closest, is the one about the scar that runs down the center of her abdomen. Starts just below her xiphoid process to well below. It is a very ugly scar, telling of heated knives, and ripped stitches.

Ritual of the Unseen
When Akyhi chose to go against her Mother’s wishes and let the male who had just watched his family burn alive, go. Talrhin’s full wrath was finally leveled on her daughter, and there was nothing Isic could do to stop it. Besides the flogging that left scars on her upper back. She also had the Ritual of the Unseen performed on Akyhi. This ritual is the source of the unsightly scar on her abdomen. Removing her reproductive organs, not just from within, her but also from her flesh below.

Second set of scars is on her upper back. Chaotic sets of lines shows where a whip was once used on her. It appears to have been perhaps only once, there is plenty of healthy skin still there.

The newest scar is on her left side, clearly an attack with a dagger got through her armor there.


The mark of the Unseen.
This tattoo is the only one Akyi has. The black tear drop on her forehead, is a mark left by her Blood Clan. It marks her born on the first four days of a month, when there is no moon in the sky. They believe she has no soul, because souls are given by Mother Moon, who was asleep at the time of her birth.


Her blood clan used the painting of their face to mark rank, and purpose in the clan. The black strips that goes across her face over her eyes, and is the paint she is most commonly seen in. In her clan it marks her as ‘first hunter’, the one who would lead hunting parties. The other warpaint she has been seen wearing is ceremony paint, this paint is usually white.

Akyhi tends to be upbeat, and charismatic, though she is known to have deep thoughts that can easily turn dark. That darkness is apart of who she is, though most do not see that side of her. Stubbornness and resilience are things that define her, far beyond the pain of the past. Making her able to be happy even when things look the most dier. Above all else she is a creature of curiosity, starting her life in ignorance she seeks to learn when ever she can. Leading her to ask people questions that seem to be out of place or outlandish.

Hidden truths

In spite of all the things she strives for, Akyhi is a good liar. She is able to mimic and learn from watching, giving her the ability to assume whatever role and tone needed to get what she wants. Lacking the skill to fool any skill based roles, she can however infiltrate the underworld easily. If someone wants to see her as a person of good and light, that is likely what they will perceive, even as she tells them otherwise.


To Akyhi this word ‘Shadow’ has many meanings, she also took it as her alias when working in the Underworld. It is the ever watching unknown, nothing done is truly unseen, there is always a shadow nearby. As an information broker, she used the concept to gather information, most wrote her off as harmless, allowing her to hear secrets spoken in assumed confidence.

When consumed by the darkness Akyhi's eyes become completely black
The eyes of Akyhi's darkness.
Light & Darkness

Just as the moon has two sides so does Akyhi. The light have been often observed by others, though it is her weaker of the two. They have been said to notice a calmness when they speak to her. Leading Akyhi to use this skill in information gathering, and aid in understanding how to help others.

The more powerful side is Darkness, the thirst for the hunt, and the blood hunt of her past. She never stops hunting, beast or man. While this hunger, and need to take life, has always been there. It has intensified recently, in the beginning of the third chapter of her life. When she is consumed, her eyes turn inky black, from lid to lid.


Often seen running her fingers over table tops and playing with her red shell pendant. Akyhi enjoys the texture of things, smooth, rough, soft. Sometimes it is boredom, or the need to self sooth.


It is safe to say Akyhi is sexist. Raised in a clan were females not only did they competed for rank, but they killed for it. She assumes all females are two faced, and saying whatever they need to get to someone's vulnerabilities.

It is much much harder for females to earn her trust they have to prove themselves past this stigma. This is only made worse by aggressive females, or those who have their stomach and chests exposed. She sees such posturing as male traits and has no place for females. To show one's vulnerabilities is to ask to be struck, or to give false sense of weakness to take advantage of others.

Possessions & Gear
Collecting things from her new life, gifts tend to stay will her longer than doodads she finds. Though she has accumulated a lot of stuff, there are only a few that have meaning to her and are kept on her at all times.

Shell necklace

This incredibly strong iridescent red shell piece is clearly one small piece of a much much bigger shell. The edges have been smoothed so they are not sharp, and a whole has been bored init so it could have a bit of candle wick put through it. A gift from Briareous to her, his best friend.

Skinning knife

This is a gift from Nobu on her eighteenth name day. It has a black wooden hilt that its pommel is encrusted with a shimmering pink topaz in the shape of a crescent moon. The black wood though mostly hidden by a strip of dark gyuki leather that is secured with lavender threads. The leather is embossed with fine precise strokes of Hingan. The word on the hilt is Tsukinome, it means, the eye of the moon.

The bone carved pendant Akyhi and Ensei pass to the winner of their weekly sparing matches.
The bone pendant made by Akyhi.
The win

This pendant is made out of a spiral of bone, that Akyhi carefully carved pin prick holes into. The now dried paint has given the tiny holes color, while the rest of the bone has stayed its natural white. This pendant is traded back and forth with her friend Ensei, and usually is accompanied with a few cookies to the winner of their weekly sparring matches.


To most it will look like just another bracelet, well a set of bracelets. One thicker one, made of hand woven silk, and a few smaller ones with beads and dangles. It is however not a normal bracelet, it is Allagan tech giving Akyhi a polarized shield against ambient and healing aether.

If the bracelet has absorbed enough healing aether it might be able to make a shield. It is a risk that if she pushes the button nothing may happen. The only alert it has is a warning that it is starting to overheat.

What she takes with her to hunt us normally defined by what she set out to kill. There are a few constants that go with her to every hunt.


While Akyhi was still very sick, shortly after being adopted, she made a set of armor. Dragon scale quilted in leather. She put an additional layer of leather on her facing side for extra protection. Faysal Amatu aided her making the metal piece of her armor, pauldrons, spine guard, visor, and all the filigree.

The armor has magical seals in the pauldrons, put there my Faysal Amatu. The seal makes it so her armor does not catch fire when burned. Allowing her to repair it after an encounter with fire. Also makes it so the fire does not spread, so no need to roll in the dirt during a fight.

First aid box

Made by Kiyoshi
This small dark wood box is hand painted with the loving care. He gifted to her the night she announced she was leaving Solheim. The Hingan style of painting is of a seashore, a large full moon over head silhouetting two bunnies in the sand.

This small box contains: Two bandage rolls, set of clips for fastening bandages, numbing solution, healing salve, anti toxin, anti venom, steamed sterile- knife, needle, tweezers, and thread.

Healing potions

With her sensitivity to aether Akyhi is known for having abundance of healing potions. They taste like rolanberries, and are fairly good at numbing pain and starting the healing cycle.


This purple vial is used to coat her arrows when going up against any sort of mech. She has to use her onyx arrow heads with this acid because it is meant to do the most damage to metals.

Nettle sting

This viscous black oily looking liquid is made from extract of three different stinging plants. Akyhi normally uses this on larger dangerous creatures, and traditionally was used by her clan on mages. The sting of this poison is meant to be a distracting burning sensation. Made to hinder beasts and make mages lose focus on their spells.

The abilities she has she is very good at, expending a lot of time and effort to master just a few. Though she is picking up new skills she will never give up the time and energy she puts in to her main abilities and craft. She called these skills ‘Her Calling’ believing the gods had set her on the path to master, and enjoy those skills.

Akyhi Tyme hunting.

Before she was even old enough to run she was using the bow. This skill she has honed as her main combat ability, and what she uses to hunt beasts and man. Her bow is made by her Spring brother, a resident of the Aziem Stepps and fellow hunter.


Once the sacred act of answering a challenge, daggers were used only to spill blood of her clan to the soil. Once in the city Akyhi has been practicing with them, and going to the Limsa Lominsa fight club to learn. She feels confident enough to wear them when the terrain or buildings are not ideal for a bow.


Recently having gained access to her aether, she is not at all trained with her abilities. Her abilities are tied closely with her emotions, and if she becomes emotionally compromised she can very easily lash out without any control.

Ice Touched

When the seals were removed Akyhi finally gained access to her aether. Though it is naturally wind aspected, she has a natural affinity for ice. This may be do to the calamity and the sudden and violent ethereal shift in her home forests to ice. Though she has no control over her new found power.


This power sustains her, her hunts and fallen prey give her life. When she stops hunting for a long period of time she becomes physically cold. Slowly losing her will to the need to take life, till she would be forced to hunt. While this dark force is apart of Akyhi she only has recently been able to use it. She is still learning how to control it.

Corrupted Aether
During the calamity the sudden and violent ethereal shift in her home forests to ice. While many people who were on the plateau were turned to corrupted crystal, as aether is what all life is made of. Akyhi’s aether naturally expected to wind, was assaulted by the shift of aether and in doing so became corrupted.

While the second chapter of her life ended as the seal, that kept her from using her aether, was removed. Now able to access her aether, Lerran Nemas is working hard to treat her aether and remove the corruption. In time Akyhi will be able to use aetheryte and receive magical healing without worry of pain or sickness.


While the life of the blood clan was not ideal for hobbies, Akyhi was often sickly and had time to herself to do such things. Her blood clan did however have a few hobbies they encouraged in their kits.

Sign Language

While living in Kugane, Akyhi was at a loss for things to occupy her time. She started making friends and found one person who was unable to speak. He taught her sign language, though their friendship ended with the reveal of his imperial loyalties. There are many words she doesn't know but is constantly learning. She has to work very hard to properly sign names.

Akyhi playing her flute for her Bloom clan.
Akyhi playing her flute.

The voice of the tribe, the flute was used as the official voice to the Moon Mother, Menphina. Though most of the clan played the same sounding music during prayer, Akyhi and Isic’s tunes would be different. He helped her open her eyes and hold doubt about the way of the clan. Causing her inner song to be less about the hunt of blood, and more about the life around her.

To this day she considers the flute to be the song of her soul. She loves playing it and is even working on learning how to write in music language so she can keep songs in her book. She enjoys playing with people, hearing the music of other's souls as her soul plays along.

Drawing and Paintings

Drawing This started by a simple way of identifying pray. Drawing spots and stripes, lead to drawing the animals themselves. This however only really became a passion when she was sickly and confined to her bed. There are books hidden in the three dens of her clans of various drawings she did over the six years she was completely alone.

Leather working

Though normally a Male’s job Akyhi took interest in it as she enjoyed being around the father's of the clan much more than any of the females. Learning how to make the lime milk as well as how to preserve the furs to make the best quality pelts.

The quality of pelts she makes and sells is above average taking the time with each pelt she makes, quality over quantity.

People of note

Charismatic Akyhi makes friends easily, well at least she thinks she does. There are droves of people she calls friend if they reciprocate that feeling or not would likely never be known to her. This is some of the people who have earned her trust, and have ascended above the rank of friend.

 Faysal and Akyhi being adorable together
Faysal Amatu & Akyhi Tyme

Faysal Amatu, of The Scarlet Bloom. It was not sudden, but a slow growth into each other’s hearts. They can truly be themselves around each other, no need for ‘war paint’ or masks to hide the truth. Bringing each other in to the bright colorful world, while dancing at the edges of darkness.

Adopted Father

Draxthious Tyme, of The Scarlet Bloom. Akyhi has always been drawn to the dark, it resonates with the darkness she has always know. The gods had to have played a part in this, as Drax a dark wielder, would quickly adopt Akyhi. Soon finding that she would need guidance with her own growing darkness. While Akyhi helps him embrace who he is, while he will have to teach her how to use her birthright.


As Akyhi Talrhin has lived her life has changed in many ways. Each drastic change is a chapter of her life. Summarized is the different chapters of her life, and how her world had shifted in each new beginning.

Chapter one : The Unseen

Born into the Blood tribe Tais'har, know for their following of the blood hunt. The act of kin-killing and murder of other clans was what they were known for. Akyhi was the lesser of the two twins, however the brother’s life had ended before that sun. His cord was pinched off by her hand before they even breathed their first breath.

Being born on a moonless night, and with blood on her newborn hands, she was marked as unseen. A stealer of souls, and to her mother, not even worthy of a name. Her name was given to her by Isic, the clan’s seer. A’kyi, was what he originally intended, though the males of the clan did not let the Seeker naming stay.

Talrhin loathed her, and spent the next eleven years she made sure the runt would suffer. Isic, did everything in his power to keep her from dying. Even worse breaking under her mother's dark ambitions.

Akyhi Tyme

Three seals where places on her as she grew older, first was to block her access to aether. The clan forbid magic, and would have killed her if she manifested any aetherial aptitude. The second seal was to try to heal her mind by taking away memories, to protect her. It was the only way he could save her mind and soul from her mothers mental and physical abuse. The last seal, was put on shortly before she was eleven winters old. The sad truth that she would only know peace in death. Seeing her suffer through the Ritual of the Unseen, where her sexual organs and outer parts were removed without painkillers.

Isic was able to save Akyhi, for as long as he was alive. The hours after the Seventh Umbral Era, and the falling of Dalamud on the plateau. Coerthas’ aether violently shifted to ice, and her aether corrupted by the violent shift. In that moment hundreds died to the ‘Cold Death’ that crossed the mountain regions. Isic’s death lead to Talrhin’s choice to leave Akyhi for dead on the ice.

Chapter two : Child of the moon

Now on her own, the preteen Akyhi, made it to the lowlands and safely to Den of the Moon Mother. It was only a few sennights after the ritual, and the difficulty of the trip left her in real danger of dying. Slowly she worked night after night to clean and treat her own wounds. She had to live on what few things she could find, bugs, lizards, what slow prey wandered into the den.

Slowly over several years, she would be able to once again draw a bow. Though she was not taught how to cook, it being a male’s job with in her clan. Her guts, and a few missteps in food preparation and Akyhi was sure she would need to leave the safe solitude of the den.

Like any hunter entering dangerous territory she spent a moon studying the people. Learning mannerisms, listening and absorbing as much information as she could. Isic’s first lesson to her was ‘Adapt or Die’ and she would adapt.

Though she was unable to read the city’s words, and did not possessing any Gil, Akyhi was able to learn and soon try to trade what pelts and parts she could from her hunts. She also found an ease to underworld life, her own background made it easy for her to slip into their world and observe.

She was taken in by the people of Solheim, a trading company that took interest in the pelts she made. While she made friends, she never felt like she belonged in their home. She stayed there almost a full cycle, a nice bed and a mostly safe place for her to rest. She spent much time away from the Solheim house, finding a place with in the underworld. Soon she had to part ways with the trading company, finding it was not what she needed.

The seals had over the time she had been in the city started to deteriorate because of her corrupted aether. Her health had started to worsen while she was in Solheim, but she did not stay around the people there enough for any of them to notice.

It was luck that made her time without a home short. One sennight later Lerran Nemas saw her in Ul’da and saw the signs of suffering. he brought her to The Scarlet Bloom to try to help her.

For the first time since arriving in the city, she was invited to go on a hunt. Being treated like a huntress, and not a child made her consider staying. After two moon she was apart of the household, many unable to picture it without her there.

Quickly, The Scarlet Bloom became her clan, and the place where she belonged. Though many of them still would not truly know her, she felt at home there. Drawn to the few dark souls that lived and hunted there. One soul Faysal Amatu, became close and soon she found one person who would accepted her for who she is.

Anouther dark soul who took note of her was Draxthious Tyme. He saw the potential of her darkness, and his parental instincts kicked in before he even was aware of how he felt. As her health deteriorated, he and Akyhi started talking more, and over a few moons he asked to adopted her.

With her clan and a new name, Akyhi Tyme was fighting for her life as the seals became a threat to her health. A year and a few sennights after she first left her dens, a group of Maji lead by Faysal finally was able to remove the seals.

Chapter three : Dark side of the moon

A new chapter of her life begins, free of the seals. With a strong clan and Mate at her side, and many man and beast to hunt. Akyhi will now have to learn how to control her new found powers. Though this chapter of her life she is not alone, and there are many who love her.

To be continued...


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Running With The Wolves
Artist: AURORA
Context: Akyhi's theme song .

Your Hand In Mine
Artist: Explosions In The Sky
Context: End credit music.
Inside of You, In Spite of You
Context: The darkness within

" Arise
Artist: Flyleaf
Context: Hope for the Light
Artist: Nightcore
Context: Everything Akyhi fights for

Into The Nothing
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Context: The clan's hunting party

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