Alalan Sunanala

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Ishgard.jpg Alalan Sunanala
Alalan Sunanala.jpg
Birth Name Alalan Sunanala
Pronounced AH-lah-lahn Soon-ahn-ah-la
Nickname(s)/Alias Lan
Age 23
Birthplace Ishgard
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Ishgardian
Physique Lean muscles
Hair Medium Blonde with dark dirty-blonde highlights
Eyes Light Blue
Noteable Features Freckles
Occupation Assistant Bookkeeper to the Sunanala Household
Combat Style ROG
Non-combat BSM,ARM
Primary Weapon Daggers
Username silvermoonwings
Time Zone -7:00 UTC MST
Additional Characters Una Watanabe

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-Painfully Shy; It takes him a long time to warm up to people enough to speak more than a word or two
-Really quiet
-Very observant of what's going on around him and absorbs information quickly
-Has a good memory
-Has a strong lack of presence; it's easy to forget he's in the room
-When Nala isn't around, his expression is often completely void of emotion, unless irritated.
-It's very hard to read what he's thinking at any point in time (Nala is one of the few who can)
-Independent and can be rather stubborn
-Prefers stealth over large conflict
-Easily amused when working as a Rogue
-Likes to surprise/shock others and take them off guard
-When he jokes, it's so deadpan it's sometimes hard to tell that he's joking
-Good sense of humor, but doesn't show it well/often
-Believes strongly in Karma
-Has a strong tendency to stare unblinkingly; can come across slightly unnerving to some


-Blacksmithing/Armour working
-Salty foods
-Being taken seriously
-Rogue/stealth work
-listening to Nala sing/tell stories
-Jokes;pranks;freaking people out harmlessly
-Not as physically strong as his brothers, but is more nimble and faster than both as well. He knows how to use his size to his advantage when fighting others.


-Large Crowds
-Sanan (his eldest brother)
-People staring at him/being the center of attention
-People shouting


-Taller height for lalafells (about 70 on slider)
-Not built, but is a lean muscular
-Longer, flyaway hair is kept up in a higher ponytail
-Very blank/neutral expression all the time
-Rarely smiles
-has Freckles


-The younger brother of Una, and the youngest sibling of the five Sunanala kids.
-Lives with Nala outside of the main Sunanala house in a shared apartment not far from Suna's.
-Trained/taught by his mother to take over the books/accounting for the family business; he was taught more/better than the other siblings due to being the best at numbers. This caused some tension between him and Sanan, as Sanan is the heir to the business and wanted complete control. Sanan dislikes Lan's strong influence over the family's finances because of this.
-Picked up Rogue as a combative skill because he liked the style of fighting and the stealth of it. It also was assisted by his lack of presence
-Is closest with Nala of all the siblings, but looks up to Una and Suna greatly. He admires them both.