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Alaqa Olkund Ffxiv 08262018 194546.png
Personal Data
Real Name: Alaqa Olkund
Known Aliases: N/A
Race: Au Ra -- Xaela
Age: 20
Name Day: 26th sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Eye Color: light violet -- pale blue limbals
Hair Color: deep rosy pink -- white tips/highlights
Occupation: Novice Arcanist--Scholar--Summoner
Marital Status: Claimed by ??
Known Relatives: N/A
Voice Claim: ------


Little Tidbits/Offsite Fun

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Set out on a journey to discover her path in the world, Alaqa has traveled far from her home amongst her tribe in the steppes to Eorzea in search of her own strengths and talents. Now finding her skills lie within the magics of arcana and summonings she has ventured to ever improve her new-found abilities and along the way make as many friends as she possibly can. Ever kind and caring she strives to help the wayward traveler best she can and learn a few things herself along the way.

Aspects That Stand Out:
She is tiny, even for an au ra female! Standing at only 4feet 2 in tall!
She is quick to make new friends, ever friendly and warm and offering new faces any help they might need.
No matter when she is seen, always she will have a book or two on her person. Reading from one, clipped to her hip, or a few in a satchel at her back.


Ever searching for new ways to better herself she never stays in one spot long.
She is a timid litle thing though she tries to overcome this by being helpful and kind to any new face she meets in her travels.
Though she has many friends, she is loyal to a select few, dishonor or insult them and you will see a side she rarely shows.


First appearances would find this small Xaela woman to be timid yet friendly. Quick to blush but also just as quick to lend a hand. She has a passion for her choosen path in combat and healing and this moves her to ever search out new places to explore and new faces to befriend.


Learning. Ever the bookworm if she can, she will try to learn anything offered to be taught to her.
Food! She loves tasting new dishes and would love to learn to cook, sadly this is a very bad idea. Things WILL explode.
Exploring! Cities, lands, people, foods, ruins -- she wants to see and do everything!


Being told he can't do something. Forget that she'll try it anyways!
Family or friends being wronged. You will incite the hidden rage of this small healer!
People petting her head. She is not a pet nor a miqo'te, stop that!


Reading! Obviously, as she is always seen with a book.
People Watching. Best way to learn the ways of the land is through observation and imitation!.
Writing and Drawing. A love of hers found originally through the need to draw and take down the spells and arcanic glyphs needed for her magic usage, now she does this as a hobby as well..


Healing arcana magics. Though she studies all the path of an arcanist has to offer, she is best at the Scholar path..
Socializing. Timid to approach people, once she has started a conversation she is quick to make friends and allies..
Learning. There is little she can not learn quickly, mastering said things is another matter entirely..


Approaching people/Starting things. She is very timid and finds it difficult to start conversations or other social activities by herself.
Navigation. Seriously, NEVER let this woman lead you anywhere...unless you favor getting into random trouble or finding yourself utterly lost!
Weapon skills. She can not use much of any sort of melee weapon or even her fists. She keeps daggers on her but they are of little use to her.


The want to get better at all she can in life. If she can, she will ever strive to improve any skills she has and learn new ones when able.
The love of making new friends and allies. People are like books, they give the chance to learn from and to teach.
The dream of finding that special someone. A bit more personal, she does aspire to fall in love and maybe one day have a family if that is her fate. If not just finding that special someone is enough for her.


A novice in the arts of an Arcanist, Alaqa is ever learning how each path works --both schcolar's and their healing, and summoner's and their offensive and defensive abilities.
Weapon: Like all other Arcanists she uses a tome, enchanted inks, and an array of glyphs to activate her magics as well as stones to channel the various paths branching from the basic Arcana path.
Weapons of Choice
Grimoire --> A book containing her spells, glyphs and the means to summon forth entities and form spells at will.
Wrist Band --> Contains the stones needed to channel the path of the Scholar and The Summoner

OOC information for YOU

Here you will find my preferences for how IC combat might happen. I am open to Alaqa taking heavy damage in a fight or battle and needing to tend the injuries over days or weeks, as is the nature of long term rp. This said I have final say in such matters though you are free to OOCly discuss your wishes and we can come to a compromise in the end.
Free Emoting Combat: This I reserve for trusted friends IC and OOC, it uses no rolling system and is simply our toons going at it as we wish. This I use when I want a fight to flow freely and can trust the other party to take as much damage as is fair and not pull a god mode moment unless agreed upon.
Role System Combat: I tend to keep this simple when in a private fight. Simple 0-500 is a miss, 501-999 is a hit. Critical hits and misses can be discussed pre-fight if this is the way the fight is being carried out.
FC/Group Rules Combat: This pertains to anything an FC or Group already has established. I will probably need some time to learn and adjust to your system but I am perfectly happy and willing to come to an agreement to make everything run smoothly and to follow your rules! Just give me some time, I usually ask to watch your FC/Group run a combat event and then will partake the following time after asking questions.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
She is just so friendly and eager to help everyone! Hopefully this eagerness doesn't come back to bite her!
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
Did you hear? She's following some sort of prophecy told to her by a shaman! That can only go good for so long before she finds trouble.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!



◢ Player Character Rumors -
"Place Rumor here " — Rumormonger.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Place Holder.. ( ) - Place Holder.
Character's Thoughts: "Place Holder."
Place Holder.



Player Note
Please keep IC and OOC as separate as possible. Playing a long term type toon, bad things and drama are bound to come up ICly! Please do not take it personally and if you do not like something, tell me and we can compromise a solution.
Personal RP Limits
I am open to just about any and all rp themes, if you are unsure of something.../tell me your concern or question and we can talk it out. 99% of the time I'll agree to what you wish to do if it is reasonable and pertains to the current plot line or adheres to something my toon would do..
I will play Almost anything that isn't described below.
I won't play Complete Death or ERP only Plots. I love story driven plots, this includes romance. Erp is fine as long as it is not every single interaction and there is an underlying story happening between our toons. That said I will /USUALLY/ only erp with my toon's determined lover unless agreements between all parties are made out.
RP Type Preference I like to stick to long term RP or plot and story driven RP when possible. That said just about any genre or theme is allowed from Mature/Extremely Dark RP to Laid Back/Casual RP
Little Tidbits.
If the rp starts to go in a way you are not comfortable or happy with, tell me please! I am more than happy to talk things out and get back on a path more enjoyable for everyone..
I enjoy long term rp, this usually means taking things in an IRL pace however this can be worked around or discussed for certain situations, i.e serious injury or other rp hindering events. That said I will not eliminate said injury or do a quick fix just to hurry other rp along.


Potential Plot Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP.
■ Novice Arcanist/Summoner/Scholar/
■ Usually seen reading a book or daydreaming
■ Always smiling and usually keeps an eye out for new faces

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