Alasarnil Harrison

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Alasarnil Harrison
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Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Height 5'7"
Build Lean
Eyes Red
Age Early 20's

"So uh, there's a lot of bad stuff that happens. Some of it is on us, some of it we can't control. Either way, it all still happens. We can help people out though, in small ways just as well as large. Five minutes of entertainment can go a long way for some people. Sometimes all someone needs is a couple of nice words and someone who can understand them, or at least just listen to them. Doesn't take much, not always. Bit optimistic, I get it. Still, I'd like to think we can make things just a bit better, just a bit."

Basic Info

Alasarnil Harrison stood at five fulms and seven ilms. With a lean form, she fit in perfectly with the typical crowd of rogues. She had fair skin, black hair, and red eyes. Often times, her lips defaulted into a small smile as she looked upon the world with awe. Her fingers were never stagnant, they often twitched and curled at her side. Her usual movements were loose, animated, and frequent. When she spoke, she carried a youthful tone and accompanied her words with various hand motions and expressions.

A sociable loner, Alasarnil can often be seen wandering alone; though sometimes it only lasts for a few days, other times it lasts for weeks. Despite this, she eventually stops in a city, town, or small encampment. Once inside any sort of civilization, she spends her time making friends and learning about the people in the area before eventually moving on once again. As a result, she has been given plenty of wisdom and advice from various cultures, and does her best to incorporate all of them.


Born into a large family, Alasarnil was the second youngest of eight children. As a result she often found herself neglected, though not out of malice, it was simply a natural and unintentional problem of such a large family. After eight years, she decided she lacked a place within the family and ran off to join the circus. In the circus, she spent seven years as a juggler, acrobat, and knife thrower. For reasons not advertised to the public, she left and went to Limsa Lominsa.

Within Limsa Lominsa, she began undocumented work under an ambiguous organization of shady people. After a few years, she left and did her best to avoid the business altogether. Still lacking a place in the world, she began to wander Eorzea, taking the occasional odd-job to supply herself with food and drink to keep up her wandering. During this time, she re-established contact with the family she ran away from with mixed feelings.

Currently, she works with the Tomial Order for lack of better things to do. She can often be found still wandering Eorzea and rambling to random passerbys who never asked for a conversation in the first place.



  • Zerier Romeaux - A friend she holds in high regard. In the time she knew him, she found him to be a generous man who ensured those he cared for were in good health. Nil refers to him as "Masks."
  • Sukina Cassady - Her current boss, yet still a friend. She is under the impression that the woman puts no small measure of faith in her and her abilities, which she deeply appreciates. Nil refers to her as "Coats."
  • Kimiko Mototsuka - Some watch Nil's performances and simply applaud her and move on. Occasionally, there are others who are willing to learn some of the tricks Nil mastered. Kimiko was one such person. Beyond her nack for juggling, however, the thing Nil enjoys the most about the woman is how pleasant it is to have a conversation with her. Nil refers to her as "Kimi," as she could not come up with a nickname.
  • Teylia Kaul - A friend very dissimilar to Nil in almost every possible aspect. They bonded over a similar past, one of the only things they held in common. Nil refers to her as "Teylia," as the first nickname she came up with was considered a bit distasteful, so it was done away with.
  • Tylona Doencwinwyd - A boisterous cheese merchant Alasarnil met by chance. She is one of the more interesting friends Nil has made. Tylona carried a vastly different perspective in life than Nil, despite their similar tendencies to travel the world. This only made her all the more interesting in the eyes of Nil. Nil refers to her as "Cheesemonger."
  • Gerel Kha - A calm, thoughtful soul. Her advice and insight is appreciated, as it gives the perspective of someone with years of experience that Nil has yet to achieve. The warrior and mother still admits to a need to learn and become better, which has earned her further admiration from Nil. Nil refers to her as "Blue."
  • Medina Hinton - A green-haired Midlander with a penchant for skirts. A trusted companion that Nil can always rely on. Medina is, in many ways, very different from Nil. In every important matter, however, they are very similar. Nil has no nickname for the woman, so she merely refers to her as "Medi."


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  • "Should see th' lass juggle. Don't think there's any limit t' th' amount of things she can keep aloft. Outside o' that, she's dependable and a good friend. I'd walk into battle or share a drink with her any day." - Sukina Cassady
  • "We all call her Nil! She... picks the strangest names for everyone, though. I wonder, if it's because she has trouble remembering real names." A pause. "She seems to have a lot of secrets, and a lot of stories. I hope I'll get to hear some of them one day..." - Mylene Wharf
  • "If you're looking for someone who can say a lot, she's your girl." - Medina Hinton

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