Sukina Cassady

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Sukina Cassady
"Together, we'll go beyond our best!"

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CURRENT ALIAS... Sukina Cassady

RACE & CLAN... Hyur, Midlander

NAMEDAY... Unknown to her.

GENDER... Female

AGE... 23.

ORIENTATION... Heterosexual.



HERITAGE... Gridanian.


RESIDENCE... The Goblet, Tomial Order Hall

OCCUPATION... Tomial Order Head Officer.


HEIGHT... 5'8.

WEIGHT... 124 ponze.




Sukina is a slender, athletic woman, fit from her travels and battles around Eorzea. She possesses mismatched eyes, one green and one blue. Her hair is naturally a light brown, but is often dyed black. She often adds a spot of red streaks in honor of her former mentor. She prefers to dress comfortably in social settings and wears only light armor when in combat. She stands with confidence and pride, often carrying a sense of lightheartedness with her. She is almost always seen with a weapon at her side, even in social situations.


Suki Personality.png

Sukina is friendly with most people she encounters. She wants people around her to enjoy themselves and will go out of her way to uplift the spirits of others. She is fiercely protective of those she considers friends and will jump to their defense at a moments notice, even if she is certain they can handle themselves. Sukina possesses a mischievous side that surfaces from time to time, but she prefers if those she pranks will laugh with her and avoids anything she considers to be mean spirited. She is highly sentimental and will keep all gifts given to her even if they have become impractical.

On the other side, Sukina is stubborn to fault. While this can serve as an advantage in some situations, it can also drive others to be frustrated with her. She will be quick to blame herself when problems arise, regardless of how responsible she was for them. She is also a terrible liar and relatively easy to read. Another common problem is a complete disrespect for her own limitations. She will commonly try to tackle problems she isn't equipped for and will push herself to her absolute limit before her body throws in the towel for her.

Since his disappearance, Sukina has taken to the mannerisms of her former teacher. She speaks in his accent, uses some of his phrases, and will wear clothing similar to what he wore in some instances. Those familiar with a Limsan accent might be able to tell that what she speaks is an imitation, and not natural. These mannerisms have become a coping method, helping her remain confident and courageous as the leader position of the Tomial Order fell into her lap. She will drop these mannerisms when she feels no need to put up a front or her morale has fallen. Mannerisms or not, Sukina demeanor will shift greatly in dangerous situations, often paying respect to the amount of danger she or her allies are in. She does not hesitate in making her decisions and tries to do the best she can to see her allies through to safety.


   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity
Suki Combat.png

Sukina is an accomplished combatant with a wide skillset at her disposal. She is most talented with blades and daggers, capable of wielding them alone or dual wielding. The manner of combat she employs is referred to as Scarlet Wing, learned from Sabathius Kath'lani. It is an agility focused combat style that relies on striking the joints of an opponent to weaken them, building an advantage until the opponent is defeated. Her bladework is also very precise and she can slice small targets with relative consistency. She also works in her martial arts training with her swordplay, often adding kicks and punches to her assaults.

Sukina's aetherical abilities are practiced, though she lacks the same mastery found in her swordplay. While she doesn't learn the magical as fast as the physical, she has refined her Conjury enough to use it in the heat of battle, even with her blades. She will often use her Conjury to create openings since her magic lacks the raw power to inflict lots of damage.

Sukina's fitness make her more durable than the average hyur, but she is not tough enough to reliably take hits, preferring to evade them. Her willpower will often keep her in the fight when the going gets tough, but her body does have limits and will give out eventually. Sukina is at home in a fight and does enjoy a good spar.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

Common Rumors (Easy to overhear)

  • "Friendly enough lass. Loves to engage others in conversation and enjoy a laugh or two."
  • "Some warrior-type for certain. Never see her without some kind of weapon at her hip."

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

  • "She's a busy one. I see her talking on some linkpearl every now and then. Then she runs off."
  • "Not sure what that one's problem is. See her walk through here all cut up from time to time. You'd think she'd be more careful after awhile."
  • "She's fancy with a blade that's for certain. I think some of those spins and twirls were unnecessary, but she got the job done all the same."

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

  • "That accent of hers is fake! Heard her drop it after she turned this corner. Probably some kind con artist."
  • "Nature moves around her when she fights, like she was using conjury while swinging her blades!"
  • "Could've sworn I caught a glimmer of white coming from her eyes. Don't know what it was about."

PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)

  • "Watching her fight is fun. If I was a promoter for the Bloodsands? I'd try and bring her in in heartbeat. But I'm not." -Anonymous pink-haired Hyur
  • "She is very kind, and always willing to learn new things. It is a pleasure working with her." -Citlali Althaea
  • "Jeez... where do I even start with Sukina? She's one of the kindest and most kick-ass people I know. Wow, lemme tell ya, there was this one there where she sprang up into the air and spun towards me with both of her swords out and she was like this tornado of... steel... slice-y dice-y... death! *exhale* Yeah. She's... she's great. You'll never find a more loyal person in all of Eorzea, I'm willing to bet all of my gil on that. Well... actually that's not a lot but... Aaah you know what I mean." - Hitari Ishiyama
  • "Aheheh, uh. She's kind of amazing. I, uh- really shouldn't elaborate more or we'd be here for hours." - Stehl Helmgarde
  • "...Though my interactions with her have been few, I can say that despite her seeming disbelief in her own abilities, she is far more capable than some of the...characters I have met in my time in Eorzea. She has qualities about her that most people will never touch on, and some day I hope she sees that as well." - Lily Dawnsworn
  • "I... feel she likes me more now that I... am putting my life on the line with everyone. I'm grateful to her. She keeps me, and everyone, really... reminded that we have somewhere to go back to.” A pause. “Mayhaps... I should tell her that myself." - Mylene Wharf



  • Consideration.
  • Confidence.
  • A good sense of humor.
  • Warm, breezy weather.
  • Proving herself.
  • Loyalty
  • Triple Triad.
  • Adventure.


  • Bitter food or drinks.
  • Holding back information or skill.
  • Visible remains from the Calamity.
  • Admitting defeat.
  • Jokes at another's expense.
  • Assumptions.
  • Needing to rest.
  • Mockery of kindness or consideration.


Romantic Interest  Platonic Love  Positive  Neutral  Negative  Deceased  ? Uncertain 

Sabathius Kath'Lani "The Guiding Hand"
Sukina's previous lover and mentor, she still emulates him to this day. Memories of his strength and character still motivate her. She was hit hard by his disappearance and wished to be alone as a result. She still thinks often of him, but has begun to move on.
Hitari Ishiyama "The Feisty Sister"
A midlander Sukina has grown rather close with. Hitari is always there to back Sukina up, whether emotionally or physically. She is one of the few people Sukina will drop her typical bravado around. She often wonders what she would do if Hitari weren't around. She also appreciates Hitari's humor and will happily be on either side of a prank between the two.
Fah'ren Tolesa "The Talented Engineer"
A miqo'te Keeper that Sukina has grown to depend on. She admires his compassion and desire to understand things. She also greatly respects his ability to create new things and the solutions he will come up with along the way.
Raikemi Maiagaru "The Boastful Detective"
Sukina had a rocky start with this hyur, but that's been long behind the two of them. She values Raikemi's judgment and though she has never said it, is thankful Raikemi is willing to tell her when she's being foolish. Though she has trouble getting along with or understanding Raikemi on some days, she still considers Raikemi a true friend.
Mylene Wharf "The Reserved Adept"
This hyur was once a quiet fisher, now turned quiet peer. While they initially did not speak to each other much, Sukina always thought Mylene had the potential to be as great as she wanted to be. Since then, Sukina has watched Mylene grow under the tutelage of Raikemi and has become proud of her accomplishments. Sukina value's Mylene's heart and determination, even in the small tasks, which inspires Sukina to greater acts of bravery herself.
Alasarnil Harrison "The Plucky Scout"
A midlander that came under the employ of the Tomial Order. Though she once had a shady past, Sukina was glad to hear Alasarnil wanted to put it behind her. Sukina wouldn't have guessed, given Alsarnil's easy going nature and talents. She is amazed by her ability to juggle and is usually less worried when Alasarnil is present to help scout out for danger. The two have since started training together to further their own abilities in a fight. As a result, Sukina has gained an appreciation for Alasarnil's creative thinking when it comes to finding advantages in combat.
Chiharu Yamauchi "The Ball of Sunshine"
An outgoing Auri who Sukina enjoys spending time with. Sukina appreciates Chiharu's humor and her willingness to speak her mind. She finds Chiharu to be wise beyond her years with the conversations they've had and is always happy to speak with her.
Zikenma Arvisu "The Stalwart Sentinel"
While Sukina enjoys friendliness and humor, Zikenma is often the complete opposite of these things. Sukina views this is as a good thing however, as his opposing viewpoints can often get her to think about things from another angle. She respects his lack of a filter and knows he always has the best interests of the Order at heart. She knows together, the two of them would do anything to keep their fellow members from harm.
Lily Dawnsworn "The Fellow Blade"
A midlander Sukina harbors a great respect for. While their interaction once consisted of only a few exchanged words and a spar, Sukina has recently begun to enjoy the company of her stoic friend. There is much about Lily she doesn't understand, but she admires her sense of duty. She has taken it upon herself to try and get Lily to have more fun and enjoy life. Whether by her hand or another, she wishes to see Lily be able to hope again.
Stehl Helmgarde "The Self Forged"
A midlander woman Sukina met through other friends. Sukina's mannerisms left her rather closed off to her company, preferring to put forth a brave front at all times. She found herself able to talk with Stehl about deep and personal issues, giving her much needed relief from all she kept bottled up inside. She learned a lot about Stehl from their many talks and the hyur quickly gained trust with Sukina through a series of trying events. Overall, she enjoys the banter and jokes the two share, even if she doesn't always laugh at every joke.
Gerel Kha "The Calm Storm"
A Xaelan mother that joined the company. Sukina has been nothing short of in awe of Gerel's character and strength since getting to know her. She one day hopes to possess the same calm and thoughtfulness displayed by Gerel. She finds herself at ease around the woman, finding similarities to her own mother, and has done her best to what she can to assist her back.


Voice Claim

Face Claim

Theme Song(s):

O U T - O F - C H A R A C T E R


  • RP walk-ups, whether starting myself or receiving from others.
  • Join in for long term plotlines that make sense for the character.
  • Combat RP, preference towards freeform.
  • Most mature themes in RP are okay, though consult if they could have long term effects on my character.


  • Tolerate meta-gaming.
  • ERP, I've no problem with it, but I'm not here for it.
  • Character death, or limb removal, without my consent.
  • Would prefer not to acknowledge fantasia plot lines, as I find them be tension and immersion breaking.
  • Dragging IC issues into OOC. I do not mind clarification of course on certain things, but my character's views do not reflect my views.


This Template was ripped completely from Atlas Irvine, who took inspiration from Coatleque Crofte, Unnamed Mercenary, and Gharen Wolfsong!