Aleka Donaka

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Gridania-transparent.png Aleka Donaka
Aleka Portrait.png
The Strategist
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age ???
Job/Class Scholar
Guardian Allthyk, the Keeper
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His height is taller among other plainsfolk Lalafell. Aleka Donaka's hair is mostly green, spiked to almost resemble grass sprouting from the ground, but the roots show hints of blonde. He has two tattoos on his face, both of the same green hue, of which none know the significance to. His eyes are also of a green color, and seem to glow when they catch the light. When seen in the field, he is normally wearing scholarly vestments, but out of convenience more than as part of his calling.

Flitwit, his fairy companion, is usually close by, drabbed in normal Eos garb. Careful inspection would also reveal several pieces of non-standard jewelry, such as a tiara with a small emerald embedded within, and an amulet with an odd stone in the center.


Aleka Donaka can usually be seen with a smile on his face, unless he's annoyed with Flitwit. Most of his comments begin with a smile or positive reinforcement, suggesting that he prefers to avoid negativity. When presented with a difficult situation, the smile does falter, but is hardly replaced with a frown. Only on rare occasions have individuals witnessed his composure break down.

Flitwit tends to be seen giggling at some random thing. She likes to chase after stray moths, but loves finding and devouring cookies and apples wherever they may be.



Aleka Donaka works in tandem with his fairy companion, Flitwit. His role is to create barriers around allies while she works to mend their wounds. While he does have restorative abilities of his own, his primary focus is to prevent damage so that Flitwit can do her work, and will only assist if she becomes overwhelmed.



  • Acquiring knowledge, through any means necessary.
  • Spending time in nature, particularly the East Shroud.
  • Flitwit, his fairy companion.


  • Frost drakes... there is too much evil there to comprehend.
  • Roegadyn ladders... if he wanted to scale a mountain, he'd just climb the shelves himself.
  • Flitwit, his fairy companion... yes, this is listed twice, for good reason!


  • Botany, specifically growing new breeds of flowers as part of an experiment.
  • Researching, spending several hours buried beneath countless tomes, trying to find a small scrap of knowledge hidden within.
  • Barriers, very few can match the strength of his shielding abilities.





Aleka Donaka does not appear to have any living relatives, nor has he spoken about his family ever. His relationship with Flitwit seems to be the only one he holds on to. The Sylphs of the East Shroud are also close to him.


Primarily limited to current and previous Free Company comrades.


Outside of those that threaten Eorzea, no specific enemies.


Common Rumors

  • Flitwit can easily consume a faerie apple whole. No one understands how.
  • Aleka Donaka dislikes being pet by the taller races. It irks him something fierce.

Moderate Rumors

  • Aleka Donaka's hair seems to have changed colors over the years, from blonde with green highlights to green with blonde highlights.
  • Aleka Donaka was a founding member of the Vylbrand Academy.

Rare Rumors

  • There were both an elezen and a miqote walking around using the name Aleka Donaka for awhile. They were even in the same Free Company that he was in as well!
  • Aleka Donaka was a powerful Warrior of Light before the Calamity. However, he didn't disappear like the others did.


Aleka Donaka's time in Eorzea is currently documented to have started 2 years following the Calamity. No information exists prior to this. Records will show him travelling with a companion named Elisea Renyven, and most have attached documentation of trouble resolved and/or caused by the same individual. Aleka Donaka was an instructor at the Vylbrand Academy in Limsa Lominsa for some time, until mysteriously disappearing due to some unknown force. More recently, he has been involved with the group known as the Blood Oath Scions, and is currently head of the Free Company Seekers of Baldession.

(Additional details can be found on Lodestone under Aleka Donaka (Faerie) Blog)