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The flat landscapes of the Plainsfolk's home islands are dotted with the clan's traditional thatched huts, beneath which lie intricate networks of underground passageways. Their distinct hair coloration - a myriad of earthy and grassy tones - mimics their native environment, and their long, pointy ears are said to be able to detect the faintest scampering of the prairie's various fauna.

The Plainsfolk have settled in La Noscea and other regions where the ground is flat and easily cultivated. Though many live the life of farmers, it is not uncommon to see Plainsfolk residing in Limsa Lominsa, holding positions in the navy or working in the fisheries. They are well known for their relaxed and carefree demeanor.

Additional Notes

Transcribed from Merewina in Limsa Lominsa

The Plainsfolk are the descendants of the Lalafell tribes who lived on the massive expanses of grasslands covering a stretch of islands far to the south of Limsa Lominsa, across the Sea of Merlthor. While their bodies are small, their ears are markedly large and developed--a trait thought to have been once necessary to locate food, as well as detect enemies in the wide expanse of the steppe.

One of the theories as to why many of them have green hair is that the color helped them blend into the tall grasses, making them more difficult to find by avian predators such as the giant rocs known to hunt the region.

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