Aleria Frostheart

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 Aleria Frostheart
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"One day I'll find the biggest discovery ever and make history."
Snow White
Gender Female
Race Midlander
Clan Hyur
Citizenship Originally from Limsa Lominsa
age 22
birthday 1st sun of 6th Umbral Moon
birthyear 1556
alignment Chaotic Neutral
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"I'm not too mean a person, I think." - Aleria Frostheart

Brief Description- Aleria is Aaron's little sister of tall stature, more pale skin than her brother and retains the same natural white eye color inherited from their mother. However her eyes aren't as slitted or catlike as Aaron's. She was born with white hair just like her mother, but her black tips aren't nearly as prevalent as they are in Aaron's hair. Aleria is of athletic and smooth stature, a little shorter than 5"8 and generally wears reds and blacks. Her voice is sharp and alluring. She's considered tall for a female, being taller than almost any if not every Male Miqote around.

Voice - Maggie Flecknoe (Takagi Saya)

Theme Song -

PERSONALITY - Aleria is subtly cocky, and teasing in nature individual. She has an uncanny habit of cursing profusely at times to the point people think it's a subconscious habit. She loves teasing her friends any way she can and has a very tolerant air about her. She's not much for flirting but seems to notice when people are hitting on her, however she rarely acts like she doesn't see it, opting better to just let them flirt even if she doesn't like them back. She's very open about physical contact to an extent, letting random people hug her briefly or less sexual acts such as a quick kiss on the hand or a pat on the back, although she's not much for touching back. She cares deeply for her brother, Aaron Frostheart, and tries her best to stay on good terms with him but will also readily defend him should others talk ill. Aleria is however sensitive to her feelings at rare times, and has every now and then shown no hesitation with crying in public or cursing profusely in anger.

Fighting Style

While not physically adept in fighting, Aleria has decent physical strength despite her looks. She's manhandled Solis Claritas one time for groping her, giving the man a bloody face and a bruised rib. She's also punched a Highlander in the gut causing him to grunt in pain. Though, she's easily beaten should a real fight break out. Her true skill lies in magic and manipulation of her element ice. Capable of freezing body parts, small quantities of liquid, or shooting ice spears from her staff or sceptor. She is currently attending the school of thaumaturgy thus her current residence resides in Ul'Dah with her brother Aaron. She is specialized in ice aspected attacks, and generally afflicts her enemies with hypothermia or frostbite when attacking.

Her style seems to be a more magical version of Aaron's, she attacks with elemental weapons that rotate around her when summoned and act as both a shield and an offense. Using her aether to move and manipulate the encirclements of ice swords she creates, Aleria can make them attack her enemies or scrunch up and protect her, akin to something like telekinesis. This fast drains her energy so she can't use it for prolonged periods. Her bloodline ice aspect however is more akin to arcanism than the magic she regularly uses, her aether manifests into a icy copy of a wolf similar to Fenrir when molded. However she can't use this ability at the same time as her more thaumaturge like magics, forcing her to have to choose between.

Later on, Aleria gives up the complications of using magic for a gun, using it instead as he weapon.

Weapons & Abilities

Aleria generally doesn't have a specific weapon she uses, whatever staff she has at the moment is generally the one she uses however she's shown a strange attraction to Astrolabe staffs, implying she may actually be interested in astrology and even go to Coerthas to learn more about these divine looking contraptions.

She uses both thaumaturge and arcanism magics, but her arcane magic has her own unique little flavor to it, instead of Egis Aleria summons ice wolves ranging from 1 to 2 at max that act independently from her and work similar to dogs defending their masters from danger.

Recently however she now weilds a gun, using her aether to make bullet like ammunition when needed. This along with her starting to explore more has gave Aleria a more physically adept body and mind.


Childhood (1 - 12) -

Teenage years (13 - 17) -

Adulthood (18 - 22) -

Age 23 - Aleria comes to Ul'Dah


Iconic Family

Iris Frostheart - Aleria's Mother and the main caregiver for her. Aleria was note magically aspected and her mother saw that she got to practice her arts as a form of hobby. Aleria took it further soon after Aaron returned one day with a face scar from protecting her, saying she wanted to get stronger and no longer be the one being protected.

Cyrus Glacier - Aleria's Father, he served in the Maelstrom army when she was little, so Aleria didn't get to see much of him. He's currently still alive and out somewhere to her knowledge.

Aaron Frostheart - Aleria's older brother, the two seem to have a generally good relationship with reach other, Aleria often babysits Aarons puppy when the guy is away doing his own thing. She enjoys talking to her brother when she can and the two have shown they're very protective of each other even if one won't show it.

FRIENDS To be updated

Rumors ()

NPC rumors

Common -

"She is REALLY pretty... I wonder if she's taken."

"Her eyes remind me of snow... I love snow!"

"She's pretty tall for a Midlander... I have no complaints about this."

Rare -

"Doesn't she look like that other guy? The one with the face scar? Could they be related?"

"I know the girls arcanism magic isn't nothing too flashy... But wolves instead of carbuncles? I'm a little curious as to how she does it."

"I hear she doesn't need a real dog, her aether can be enough of a pet for her."

"She turns ice aether into swords. . . swords I tell you!"

Player rumors

"Little Aleria, I swear she's the little sister I never had. Just like her brother being the little brother I never had. I'd do what I can to maintain this and protect them both. So if you so much as look at her like you were molesting her, you better run little man because I'm already on the move." - Ramona Spencer



- Aleria, is not played by Aaron (OOC). She is the personal creation of another person and therefore, played 80% of the time by said person when Aaron is not on or busy. This is also, her RPC page advertised through Aaron's signature.

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