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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Aaron Frostheart
Snowflake/Silver Fox
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"I'm a bit of a jerk, I've been told."
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Mercenary
Main Tradeskill: Unknown
Preferred Role: Unknown
Server: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Reputation: Unknown
Occupation: Merc for Agent Free Company
Education: Educated
Marital Status: Unknown
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guardian: Halone
Free Company
Items Carried
A silver cross necklace
Race: Hyur
Clan: Midlander
Age: 22 (2nd Sun of the 12th Umbral Moon)
Height: 5 fulm 11 ilm.
Weight: 155 ponz
Eyes: Snow white / Silverish
Hair: Snow White with blackish faded highlights
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Athletic and lean
Notable Features: Eyes glow slightly
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

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"The people who have a problem with me generally are the same ones I don't pay attention to." - Aaron Frostheart

Voice Actor - Johnny Young Bosch (Ichigo from Bleach or Nero from DMC)

Physical Description -

Aaron is a Midlander Hyur, standing at 5" 11 and of lean, muscular build. He was born and raised in Limsa Lominsa with his parents and little sister Iris Frostheart. He has short white spiky hair that favors the right side of his face and pale silver eyes. He at one point had a long scar running across his face which has now been healed over, something he acquired after getting into a fight with a few other kids and one of them pulling a knife on him. He has a fondness of black clothes and wears them all the time simply because he likes the color, yet others assume its because he's moody. His expressions on a daily are almost nonexistent or distant. As he views everything mainly as a joke. He's been noted to be very insensitive to people's views and feelings, which gives the impression he's a jerk (which he has no problem accepting.)

Personality -

Aaron initially was shy and timid, prone to crying and over sensitivity, a trait he would acquire from the constant bullying he suffered as a kid due to being introverted and a late developer. He likes to be by himself and do things without help, a trait also inherited by the teasing thus many call Aaron a introvert and depressing when he in reality is just hung up on how he was picked on as a kid.

He enjoys the company of animals, especially dogs and used to always want one as a pet, as they always brought him peace of mind and company when the other kids wouldn't acknowledge him. But was quick to stand up for himself and his family when needed, constantly showcased by the beatings he would take defending his little sister over the years. His mom always calling him her knight in armor and his father always praising Aaron's resolve when it came to defending his family.

As an adult after the calamity, Aaron is more calm and relaxed, rather taking the lazy way out of situations or simply opting to not get involved unless needed. His attitude drastically different from when he were a child. He is nonchalant, casual and speaks in a pretty carefree and apathetic voice almost constantly akin to monotone. Most of his sentences no matter how serious lack any real emotion to which he gives off the impression he sees everything as a joke. He has little to no drive for violence (anymore), opting to let himself lose or give up should he see it fit although several people on multiple occasions note Aaron had a natural talent for fighting under his semi-pacifist demeanor. Despite this almost borderline bland take on life, Aaron on several occasions has shown he can be very serious and merciless when push comes to shove especially regarding family or friends, however he will always stop himself before doing something he regrets, almost giving the impression he was in full control of his actions.

His most noticeable catch phrase seems to be "I'll pass." or "I'm leaving." Something he's know to say commonly right before he abruptly leaves the conversation. This extremely passive mood however, commonly gives him the bad reputation of being pompous, arrogant, or just plain rude to people and thus his first impression is generally negative. But once you get to know him, one can see Aaron fundamentally is a nice guy who only shows his true emotions to those he doesn't see as irrelevant strangers.


Aaron as a kid and adult doesn't like fighting, he had gotten more than enough of violence growing up and fighting other kids constantly in self-defense. But because of his constant and rather violent childhood, Aaron learned most of his hand to hand combat through first hand experience, mimicry, and trial by error. When he eventually ran into a Rogue named Calen, Aaron began learning how to use blades, which over the course of his life has steadily increased in size from small daggers to a large two handed unorthodox Gunsword he now currently wields and is self taught with using. Because of his lazy attitude, many have gone to assume Aaron is taunting them or insulting them when he fights in Grindstone or Runestone because more often than not his attitude showcases just how serious he's taking a rather serious tournament. It's rumored he only joins any fighting tournament when hes low on Gil and he generally just hopes luck allows him to win without hurting himself. Although when he gets serious (RNG seems to bless him tbh) Aaron has shown he's easily able to deal debilitating blows, forewarned by him assuming a low stance and telling his enemy he "Hopes you dodge this."

Despite all this, on multiple occasions Aaron has shown that he is well versed in using swords of all sizes and kenjutsu, ranging from one handed swords, to two handed great swords, and even dual wielding although most of his skill is self taught through live combat. His style no matter what type of weapon he uses all weave aether into them (to make up for his lack of real martial sword training outside of what Calen taught him and his own experience), his notable specialty being the use of his ice affinity. He has been noted to be a capable opponent (when he wants to be) and has even been called a prodigy in some aspects. Despite all of this, Aaron still has much to learn before he can truly be deemed a master of anything. Aaron's ice magic seems to cause self inflicted damage on him as well for some reason, a trait which makes him very reluctant to actually use it or go all out. This may be one of the reasons he's taken a lazy approach to fighting.

As Aaron has become more accustomed to slaying large beasts as his hunt marks, his combat ability against smaller and more agile people has somewhat deteriorated. Now carrying around a great sword with a gun attachment in it, and he can wield it with one or both hands, though he usually uses the former, only using two hands when he's getting serious. Which almost never happens.

His most used weapon nowadays is a large retracting great sword (Subduer in game) with a built in gun attachment on it, the barrel extending up inner side of the blades edge stopping inches from the tip of the blade, and the trigger being Aaron twisting the hilt to release a heavy slug round up close. The ammunition used are made from his own ice aether which collects in the barrel forming a jagged needle like ice bullet that pierces even the toughest of animal hides, while highly inefficient to use against smaller more agile human or beast humans, Aaron remarks the blade itself is not even meant to kill humans, but to deliver the final blow to beasts after he impaled them through with the blade due to its large size. Nevertheless, Aaron has in certain instances shown this blade can easily wound a human as well if needed.

Tendencies & Habits


- Vanilla Ice cream

- Blades collecting

- Sleeping

- Dogs

- The color black

- Sarcasm

- His white hair


- People who tease others

- The color red

- Rain

- Obnoxious people

- Needles


- Aaron likes to lightly tug at his hair when he's having difficulty replying to a question, tired, or just plain annoyed.

- Aaron has a habit of acting defensive when people talk about him, due to past experiences

- Aaron has a subconscious habit of using sarcasm and making snide remarks, a trait he acquired by accident through his teasing as a kid.


- Sword fighting

- Sleeping

- Hunting


Aaron was always shy as a child, contrary to most of his family. He was always considered the silent type, preferring to hang by himself and hated going anywhere for fear of being teased. He took ctitisism of his body and small stature overly hard, often even breaking out in tears and crying to either his mom or even his little sister. Over time, he'd finally decide to stand up for himself and at one point confronted a bully who had tried to mess with his sister one day when they were walking together. The two fought, Aaron and the bully, and although Aaron was beaten up in the end, he managed to bloody the other kids nose with a good punch causing him to leave Aaron and his sister alone for the time being. After that, feeling proud he was able to defend his sister and himself for once. The young hyur started to develop some self esteem and confidence and would begin to cry less and less when kids picked on him.

However it wasn't that cut and dry, a couple weeks later, after Aaron had turned 12, he ran into the bully whos nose he had broken again, and his friends. They began to jump Aaron in an alleyway. One even pulling a knife out on the white-haired kid and slashing his face giving him the scar he has to this day. Aaron futiley fought back, managing to hurt the bully again this time, breaking one of his teeth when the hyur smashed a rock he had grabbed off the ground into the bully's face. Bloodied up enough himself, and having injured his assaulter making him madder, Aaron continued to fight with the group hopelessly until a man wearing green and white appeared from the shadows and broke up the fight, chasing off the bullies and then helping Aaron to his feet, congratulating the kid for managing to hold his own despite being jumped. Aaron, wiping blood from his nose said thank you, and was starting to limp home, when the man asked Aaron why he had been jumped. Aaron turned and replied "It was because I defended my sister a few weeks ago.", to which the man seemed suddenly impressed. In return Aaron would ask the man what he was doing in a alleyway to start with, to which the man simply laughed and said he was wondering why those kids were back here, and that he found his answer. The man said his name was Calen, and it was nice to meet Aaron. Calen would then offer to walk Aaron back home to make sure he wasn't jumped again, to which Aaron politely declined and said that he'll be fine. Calendar would laugh again and say farewell to the young kid and that they would see each other again quite soon. Aaron, looking of no importance to the mans words, simply said whatever and walked away. A bloody gash running down his face.

After he returned home and had his wound dressed and healed now leaving a prominent scar, Aaron would have his mother look for ways of teaching Aaron self defense. While his little sister said she would get stronger so Aaron doesn't have to always get beat up to protect her. Over time, Aaron would continue to boldy stand up to bullies, no longer being as shy and wimpy as he used to be, but still having the reluctant personality he possesses to this day. One day, while hanging around the Fisherman's guild of Limsa, Aaron would catch Calen walking to the Dutiful Sisters place, and run up to meet him. The two exchanged brief conversation, Calen asking if Aaron was still getting beat up by everyone and Aaron replying he was just defending himself and his family. Taking an odd interest in how both Aaron acted and so readily defended people, Calen offered to teach Aaron a move or two saying the kid had the right stuff. Initially reluctant to trust a stranger, the white-haired kid eventually agreed, saying he'd rather learn fighting from a stranger than continuously get his ass beat scuffing with kids. Calen would ask Aaron if he's ever fought with a knife before or heard of a Rogue. Aaron said no to both, and Calen said that was a good reply.

Over the course of the next few years, even through the Calamity incident through until Aaron was the ripe age of 19, he and Calen had a apprentice and teacher type relationship, Aaron learning how to fight and defend himself using blades and his body, and Calen growing attached to Aaron's personality, calling the kid a reluctant goody two shoes. A name Aaron hated venomously, the two would hang out whenever Aaron wasn't with his family or busy, or Calen wasn't off doing whatever it was he did. Their relationship started off awkward and accidentally and evolved into borderline big brother and little brother status. Aaron adopting his sarcastic behavior and laziness from Calen. The question would finally pop up, Aaron asking what it was Calen did for a living one day when they were hanging out together at the Drowning Wench, the man replying "Well, remember when I asked if you knew what a rogue was?" To which Aaron said yeah and Calen said "Well there you go, try to keep quiet."

Surprised and at the same time excited to hear this, Aaron would beg Calen to let him be a Rogue to which Calen replied Aaron didn't have the right mindset to do what they did. He would say Rogues take from the rich and give to the poor, while Aaron simply wants to defend himself and those close to him, and that Aaron being a Rogue wouldn't work out. Annoyed, Aaron would argue with Calen before eventually giving up and agreeing with his stance. Calen cheered the teen up by saying he at least could fight like a rogue now and that he should be proud.

A few weeks later, Aaron would receive news that Calen was leaving Limsa for bigger and better things, and that he wanted to say goodbye to Aaron. The two would hang out one last time at the Wench, reminiscent of when they first met with Aaron getting jumped in a alley to them now. Telling "Remember when" stories and the similar till sunset. Where they had one final conversation at the gate leading to Middle La Noscea. As they said their goodbyes Calen would pull out a case he'd hidden by the gate, handing it to Aaron. In it contained a pair of Misericordes, weapons that Calen thought would be the perfect parting gift, and weapons which would also peak Aaron's interest in blades with moving parts. The two would have a brief platonic hug, before Aaron waved goodbye as Calen walked out the gates, Calen telling Aaron they'd see each other again one day.

No longer being extremely shy and timid, and adopting a lot of the attitude of Calen, being sarcastic, lazy, and indifferent most of the time. Aarons mother Aleria, and his sister Iris, would eventually venture off like Calen when the two siblings were old enough to care for themselves, leaving Aaron behind in Limsa pre calamity. To which afterwards he would arrive in Ul'Dah and frequent there a lot till this day.

Very recently, Aaron's lack of training and increased sense of lazy has deteriorated his fighting skills, it's been said that Aaron is much weaker than he used to be due to lack of any real practice. Deciding to at least keep some skill should he ever need it in a dire situation, Aaron decided to become a Hunter of beasts, and for this new job he turned to larger two handed great swords for the task.

In the time of his new job Aaron came into the possession of a Great Sword modeled after the gunblade wielded by Garleans, using it with extreme proficiency despite its rather ungainly appearance. When asked how he could wield such a weapon, Aaron remarks that the swords much lighter than it looks.


Pets -

Fenrir the Wolf Pup -

Iconic Family

Aleria Frostheart - Aaron's mother, and perhaps the most iconic figure in his life. She taught him how to be proud of himself as a child and to accept his flaws. She and Aaron were close, and the young man awaits her return wherever she may be. She constantly said Aaron would grow up to be an extremely handsome young man.

Cyrus Glacier - Aaron's father, the two didn't talk much as his dad was always gone with the Lominsan army but nevertheless they had a strong bond, spending time together joking of just talking whenever they could. Aaron says his dads still alive just like his mom, and is a soldier in the Lominsan army whom he visits periodically to catch up.

Iris Frostheart - Aaron's sister, so far nothing is known about her as Aaron only recently acknowledged his sister was coming to Ul'Dah to meet him after several years and also to begin her Paladin training. Even though Aaron never even once mentioned her, he apparently cares deeply for her as he went up to Crofte, a well known Paladin, despite never even being seen in the company of a Paladin before and asking her to keep an eye out for his sister. Later it was discovered Aleria was no longer looking to be a Paladin, and instead took on the role of a thaumaturge, much to Aaron's surprise. The two would rarely get time to hang with each other, as Aleria was always studying or Aaron was always on the move rarely visiting her. The two seem to acknowledge each others precense when they can and even Aaron has shown he is very protective of his little sister, getting easily provoked when she is mentioned in a negative light.


Aerostein Epitaph - One of Aaron's closest friends and perhaps the one he talks to the most. Aerostein seems to be the one who understands Aaron's personality the most despite knowing very little about him and his past. The two regularly hang out and it would seem they are best friends or close. Many of Aeros friends however question if Aaron really is a friend of Aero's especially Deverell Jinx after asking Aaron if he even cared whether Aerostein had died if his sword had impaled him a bit lower from the shoulder doing their duel to which Aaron just walked away without giving a reply. After Aerostein and Aaron patched up their relationship it would seem another obstacle lately has pushed them into borderline enemies but that would change once Aerostein happened to come across S'imba and Aaron in Zanr'ak exhausted and bruised. After they escaped the two would become friends again. Lately however, the two have grown very distant through not seeing each other much. Aaron wonders how he is doing every so often.

Nysarias Ylrah - Perhaps the closest person to Aaron out of everyone. Aaron met Nysarias in the quicksand while talking to another friend. The two share a close relationship that Aaron is so strong about he got extremely depressed when he couldn't save Nysarias from her imprisonment along with Zanz and Aran. Despite their family like relationship people assume that Aaron and Nysa have a "thing" going on between the two despite the fact that Nysa has already been in a relationship with a roe named Zanz even before she met Aaron. Nevertheless Aaron views the Miq'ote as "The sister I never had." And is very protective of her. Aaron doesn't seem to know how he truly feels about Nysa, at one point they grew so close they had even kissed and probably more, but Aaron had stopped for some reason. Probably because he doesn't want to jeopardize the relationship they already have as friends. However Aaron most likely himself doesn't even know what he views Nysa as.

Solis Claritas - A guy Aaron met when Aaron was at Niklas grave sight, the mailbreaker sword in his possesion a sort of tribute for the man, Solis would venture out accidentally from Ala Mhigo and run into Aaron paying his respects, after a briefly comedic attempt at an discussion failed, Solis would watch as Aaron adamantly tried to ignore the man and walk away. Aaron would eventually warm up to the guy and the two have become decent friends, though not near as good of friends as Aaron was with Nik.

Berrod Armstrong - Not initially exactly good friends but Aaron has a high deal of respect for Berrod especially after he and the Highlands tore each other to pieces in a fight. Though Berrod said it was a draw after the battle, Aaron however believes deep down he lost and thus wants a rematch. He also noticed he and Berrod act a lot alike. Aaron would eventually get work as an affiliate of Berrods FC "Agent" however so far Aaron seems to be the outcast being one of the only people with Berrods linkpearl who isn't a official member. Thus he seems to be under the impression everyone is judging him harder than they would each other. Aaron seems to have great respect for Berrod, the highlander being one of very few people Aaron will not readily talk back to or disrespect. Over time under his FC as a affiliate Aaron has grown to see the man as a teacher as well as a good friend.

S'vett Tia - Not much to say on Aaron and S'vett friendship other than the fact Aaron likes to tease S'vett about his fear of monsters and how he's always running around the place like he's lost his mind. The two do hang out with another Miq'ote named S'imba when they have time though. Lately however Aaron hasn't really seen S'vett anymore even thinking the poor man died.

S'imba Tia - Aaron views S'imba as a borderline little brother after they're recent hanging out. At first the two didn't seem to like each other at the least but they've been getting acquainted with tolerating each other and even became friends. They would soon venture out together to lead a tag team assault on Zanr'ak against the Amaljee and their quest would take a wild turn after they got captured. Still even when it looked bleak the two stuck through the hard times and eventually escaped with Aerostein Epitaph and Crisiet. Because of S'imba Aaron would also become good friends with the Miq'ote Vash Ashford and Raik Samil.

Niklas Gran - Aaron came across Nik one day at the quicksand as the guy wanted Aaron to help kick start his FC. Once the thing was set up at first Aaron didn't seem to tolerate Niks upbeat attitude much even calling him a spoiled brat, but after a faire in Limsa Aaron began to see Nik wasn't as bad as he thought, even to the point Aaron would go up against a opponent Nik lost to in the grindstone just to make the guy happy. However when Nik challenged Aaron to a spar afterwards Aaron already deteriorating in fighting spirit and his resolve due to personality problems and a moral crisis, would take on Nik knowing he was in no mental condition to carry out a fight which would ultimately cause Aaron to lose. This loss pissed Aaron off and now he's got a bit of animosity towards Nik for beating him. Aaron steady believes Nik caught him on a bad day and will not rest until he gets his rematch. Their spar showcased the darker side of Aaron as during the bout Aaron yelled out to Nik enormously that the two are not equals and that Aaron is superior. It is unknown as of now on what's causing this attitude in Aaron. The two would eventually fight again after Nik saw Aaron beat Merrick at grindstone, and Aaron almost was about to kill Nik for hurting his friend Nysarias. However after the battle Nik apologized, prompting Aaron to forgive him. The two seem to be on a good standing now. The two have a complicated relationship. Aaron even once readily tried to kill Niklas once he realized his own life was in danger. This leads most to wonder if Aaron despite being called Niks brother and friend, really views the man in the same light. After Niks death which was soon followed by his sister Rena shory after Aaron has grown quieter and more nihilistic on the reality of life and death. After Aaron's return however he seems to have let it all go and even grow a bit nicer.

Ramona Spencer - A edgy white haired girl who unlike Aaron recieved her snow white hair color from some unknown accident, the two seem to get along fairly well and have even gotten a brother/sister relationship going on as well, Aaron is highly intolerant of her attention seeking "blame her for everything" attitude however and once she starts up with it, he will either tell her to shut up outright or he'll become intent on avoiding her for a unknown amount of time.


Rumors (Editable by anyone, go nuts people)

NPC rumors

Player rumors

  • He claims to want to be like a big brother to me but doesn't seem to have my back when I'm in trouble. I'd never tell him this but he's one of my friends I'd die for to protect. - S'imba Tia
  • "I miss little Aaron. He's like the little brother I never wanted." *Snickers* "But, joking aside I do wonder what he's been doing with his life..." - Aerostein Epitaph
  • "I do try to listen when Sir Frostheart speaks; he does so rarely and it is profound. I wish I could say as much in few words as he." - Jancis Milburga
  • "I see potential in him. Far be it from me to nurture, I will watch him, and guide him when I can. He needn't know that I'm invested." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "Frost? He's a pretty nice guy. I don't see why people say he is moody. He seems pretty normal to me. And nice!" - Yuki Kurenai
  • "Well Erin's a great guy. He looks after the people around him and I honestly don't see why people think he's a bad guy. I guess he just has to break the ice so to speak so there's that." - Ramona Spencer
  • "Ennyone who carries blades and says they don't intend to cause harm is a liar. Whether or not they know it yet s'nother matter." - Flameson Hammersmith
  • "Aaron? He foolishly entranced himself with a voidsent blade and got himself fired for it. It took a handful of adventurers to pry it off of him. I shall not forget the fury upon Katiti's face when she verbally gave him the pink slip - mine's too if I recall it correctly." - Dresden Voltaire
  • "Ron? A man who is funny as he is fierce in combat. He doesn't seem to do much nowadays... Regardless, I still consider him to be not only a strong opponent, but a good friend overall!" - Altonio Salaphonte
  • "I do not think he likes water.... I tried to push him off of the bridge and into the water during a tournament. He didn't want to go in..." - Tazara Terumi Yuuki
  • "As far as I think, Aaron is probably one of the people I like to talk to the most. I don't get why people think bad of him. He's just a tad lazy!" - Leih Rhun
  • "He shot my toe at the Grindstone, so I stabbed his. I'd call us even." - Oliver Amaranth
  • "A rather strange man. I wonder what is in his mind... On second thought... No, I do not." - Altani Olkund


Agent - Aaron is currently affiliated officially with the Astral Agents, a free company run by his friend and leader Berrod Armstrong, while at first feeling as if he didn't fit in, Aaron soon felt at home with the group, calling them the family he's never wanted.

Arcadeus - Aaron used to be affiliated with Arcadeus, but left due to personal reasons.

Notes and Tropes

- Aaron is based off several things mainly my love of the element Ice and love of creatures such as wolves and eagles.

- Aaron is what I figure a living ice element would resemble.

Trope Time (Ayyy)

Big Fucking Sword - Aaron carries a sword nearly as large as him, A Gunsword to be exact.

Dual Wielding - Aaron is capable of dual wielding one handed swords and daggers.

Superheros wear black - Aaron's favorite color is black, and he wears it constantly and non stop, from head to toe.

Mystical White Hair - Aaron was born with snow white hair and initially deep black highlights, the latter has faded over time.

Mix & Match Weapon - Aaron wields a Gun Greatsword, pretty fucking ridiculous when you think about it in real life, but it's based on an Actually real series of gunswords, just made bigger because well, the beasts are bigger.