Alex Windfist

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 Alex Windfist
Alex Windfist.png
Allow me to ramble on about alchemy or plants...
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 41
Nameday 25th of the 3rd AM, 1539 6 AE
Occupation Monk, mercenary leader, botanist, alchemist
Nicknames (none)



Alex, just as his twin sister Grace, are both proud of their heritage as Windfists but also pay homage to their father and his rather unorthodox name for a highlander. As a result, Alex has interchanged between Windfist or Spiegel.


Alex stands an average height for highlanders, his eyes a strong green color adorned with constant bags/dark spots. His hair is rather long, to his lower back if not braided, but he usually wears his hair in a traditional highlander braid adorned with beads and bones rather than hair clips. He wears a necklace made of various bones as well as fang earrings.

His hands and feet are calloused over a lifetime of constant physical conditioning as well as his work as a botanist and alchemist. More often than not his hands are stained with remnants of various chemicals. Alex's build is that of a defined athlete balancing speed, power and flexibility. He has a non-descriptive scar on his left forearm and a single scar from a dagger across his right breast.

Behavior / Personality

Alex comes off as dry or distant most of the time, especially during interviews or serious instances. Those that have spent time around him know him to be quite warm and compassionate. Much like his father, he has quite a sense of humor though usually along the veins of a play on words or a complex metaphor as opposed to 'laughs by any means necessary'.

He, like many highlanders, places great pride in his homeland and heritage. Unlike many of his kinsmen, he is not brash and bullheaded on rushing to die such as in the Ala Mhigan Resistance. He, along with his sister, are biding their time to return whence they came and revive the Windfist sect -- vowing to let the style die if their homeland still lay out of grasp.

He has a tendency to overwork himself and, though probably unrelated, has rare bouts of migraines or nosebleeds he believes is attributed to his chakras.

He is the current leader of the mercenary free company Crystalline and keeps a steady flow of jobs for the members as well as takes the occasional job to simply blow off steam. He detests paperwork but is determined to never have the mess of it as it was when he took over.



Alex was raised as a Fist of Rhalgr. His body, mind and spirit tempered to turn himself into the Destroyer's Aspect, Rhalgr's Revenge, or whatever name people wish to call one who destroys his foes with their chakra. He is by no means the strongest monk but possesses a studious nature which, at one time, lead him to collect a plethora of pamphlets and books of old or theoretical fighting styles.

As his surname of Windfist suggests, altering of one's chakra for speed or attacks of wind are his sect's specialty.



  • Watching fights.
  • Training.
  • His loved ones.
  • Reading.


  • Paperwork
  • Garleans or any subjugators
  • His family being disrespected


  • Finds a reason to not wear a shirt and doesn't wear a shirt.
  • Talent for being horrible at parties I guess.



  • John Spiegel: -- Father - Rather complex feelings but there's all love there. Along with Grace, Alex forgot their names and faces for five long years following Dalamud's Fall.
  • Grace Windfist: -- Twin sister - Equal if not above Alex's fighting ability. She's the firecracker of the two. Either through years of meditation, training, being twins or all of the above, Alex and Grace can usually know when the other's troubled but that's the extent. She was at the Battle on Carteneau Flats, separate of her father.
  • Yashaix Ki'lari: -- motherly figure? - Though absent for most of his life, Alex recognizes Ki'lari's dedication to him and his sister and by all accounts treats Ki'lari as if she was his own blood.
  • Knotted Ivy: -- girlfriend - They fell for each other rather quick, possible encouragement to the Hellsguard from one nosy greyhair'd keeper might have sparked it all. She brought him comfort, seeing through his stoic strength that he was just downright tired.
  • Cartie Grimshadow: - Respects her knowledge of goldsmithing and magicks, but not the booms she makes at the Crystalline Headquarters.
  • U'xi and her sisters: - Recent additions to his home in the Goblet via Ki'lari, Alex is dedicated to help them along their journey anyway he can.

Friends and Company

To his knowledge, Alex has a good relationship with all of those in the free company and has on various occasions made it apparent he is rather approachable.

  • Aanzo Dinzo: - Alex respects Aanzo's work ethic, by far one of Crystalline's top job-takers.
  • Sindri Warren: - Once she and Valimir came along and became established, they proved to be good folks and kicked many folks of theirs towards Crystalline. Sindri is a kinswoman with a head on her shoulders and a good heart. Once she annouced pregnancy, Alex insisted she take up housekeeping at Crystalline's HQ so her pride could remain intact and earn her keep.
  • Tasa Rhyzul: - The usual perpetrator in insulting his way of the monk, though she doesn't mean to.

Rumor Mill

  • Meh, don't feel like it.