Alexois Fierlaine

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 Alexois Fierlaine
359 x 599px
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Halfblood, Wildwood & Duskwight
Citizenship Ul'dah, unofficially
Height 6fulms,9ilms
Weight 207ponz
Nameday 3rd Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Age 20
Patron Deity
Server Balmung
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Alexois stands quite tall for a male of his race. His mixed heritage lends to his blended apperance also. Instead of a golden bronzed skin like his Wildwood mother, or an ashen grey pallor like his Duskwight father, Alex is more of a pale, cool toned ivory. His ears aren't as long or pointy as others of his bretheren, but rather short and rounded. He has light flaxen hair and deep, warm brown eyes.


During his years as servitor to the Black Mage Ralus, Alexois underwent strict instruction in the ways of etiquette and polite society. He was groomed to be a genial, well mannered ward. The mage said he wouldn't tolerate an unlearned clod in his presence, and saw to Alexois' education as well. Alex learned to read and write, as well as basic arithmetic. He also studied poetry, painting, and learned to play the cello. All this has left Alex quite polished and composed, he also enjoys pursuits of the mind.

His time spent with Ralus wasn't strictly pleasant however. There were plenty of instances when Alex was forced to be a test subject for Ralus' experiments. He was given countless potions and injected with many strange substances. He nearly died several times, and was horribly ill and wracked with pain. These grim trials have made Alex secretive, with a very dark side to his personality. Since he was so young when he came into Ralus' possession and has been sequestered away from others for so long, he also has a certain innocence and naïveté about the way people are. He also has a difficult time interacting with others and misses a lot of social cues that most learn early in life.


  • Nature, the outdoors
  • Advancing in his research/studies
  • Feeling needed and helpful


  • Having to stay indoors for too long
  • Parsnips


  • Alexois possesses minimal talents for aetheric manipulation, able to grasp the basics of thaumaturgy and the arcane but unable to delve the deeper mysteries of either study and unlock their true potential. He is far more adept at alchemical pursuits, proving himself a natural. Although still largely unskilled, he is teaching himself through independent research and experimentation and is learning very quickly.

Known Ailments

  • Alex is easily affected by photokeratitus and must wear protective eyewear if he's going out during the day. This condition is magnified if he is in a desert, at sea or on the snow because of the light reflecting properties of sand,snow,and water. He also has moderate myopia of the eyes, making it difficult for him to see things from a distance. Fortunately, a simple pair of eye glasses solves this problem.



Sienne Hautefort, mother (deceased)
Baramauld Fierlaine, father (deceased)


Vaughn Antain [[1]]
Jaques Guillaume [[2]]




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Alexois Fierlaine knows little of his beginnings. He was left at an orphanage near Paglth'an when he was just one winter old. With him was left a small wooden box. A note left wrapped in his blanket instructed that the box be given to Alex on his tenth Nameday.

Upon arrival of his tenth year, Alex learned from a letter inside the box of his parents' fates. It explained that his mother had been born into a wealthy family. But against her parents' wishes she fell in love with a simple Duskwight phurble shepard. Her family took her far away from him but by then she was with child. They forced her to give the baby away in order to avoid shame upon the family.The letter ended with her telling Alex that she loved him, and would see him again in the hereafter.

Upon reaching his fourteenth Nameday, Alex was forced to leave the orphanage when it was destroyed. He made his way to Ul'dah, barely surviving the journey. Once there, he spent weeks living on the steets begging and stealing what he needed. One day a seemingly kind old midlander asked if he was in need of shelter, to which Alex said yes. The man explained that he needed help around his huge estate, where he lived and worked in complete solitude. He told Alex that this would require his complete obedience and anything less wouldn't be tolerated. Alex agreed and began his new life as a servant. The old Midlander turned out to be a powerful Black Mage and alchemist, and taught Alex here and there along the way. The Calamity didn't affect them much, due to their very remote location. Alex mostly served out his time in monotonous drudgery.

After the old Mage died of unknown causes, Fierlaine returned to Ul'dah. For a time, he had taken refuge at a haven known as the Phoenix Rose. After a while however, the Rose was no longer the right place for him and he set out on his own once more.

Now he travels, living a nomadic existence. He studies, he collects, he waits. He feels something approach from beyond the horizon, but has yet to discover exactly what that is.


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