Jaques Guillaume

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 Jaques Guillaume
Jaques icon4.png
'Recovering alcoholic'
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 38
Nameday Twenty-first Sun of the Third Umbral Moon.
Patron Diety Byregot, the Builder
Residence In hiding
Relationship Status Taken
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Art by Tiergan Vashir.

This guarded, scowling, and often intimidating looking Duskwight tends to keep to himself. Those observing him may notice how he seems to always move with purpose and carries himself with confidence and balance. Whatever he is wearing will typically be in good repair, although obviously well used.

armband tattoo.


Server: Balmung

Full Name: Jaques Guillaume

Name & Aliases: Jaques, Tabby, Tabby-elf (which he hates), Jack (usually as an insult or those who are after or know about the bounty.)

Pronunciation (listen to the french version): [1]

Birthplace: - The Clan Marécage caverns are located in southern Coerthas. In the mountains just north of the Yafaem Saltmoor.

Voice: Deep, mature, masculine.


Scarification banner down right side.

Jaques is on the tall and heavy side for an elezen, standing at about 6 fulms 10 ilms and roughly coming in at 240 ponz. Although he is in no way fat. In fact he's more on the well-muscled side for his kind. Instead of the typical grey and ashen skin tones of other Duskwights his is dark brown. His face is is rectangular with a thin, sharp, slightly down-turned nose, fuller lips, and a stern and pronounced brow over narrow, almond shaped bright amber eyes. He has a old scar that runs diagonally down away from his nose on his left cheek and has a fading black tribal like tattoo around his eyes that seems to only accentuate the guarded and impassive scowl that he typically wears. His thick and unruly black hair is kept braided back away from his face at pretty much all times and the thick, full beard is kept trimmed and well groomed. His ears are of slightly longer length than average and upturn slightly at the tips. The lobes are pierced and he usually wears a pair of black dangling claws fashioned into earrings. At his neck he wears a black bone and stone necklace and is otherwise unadorned with such accessories.

Jaques's clothing tends to run on the more practical and simple side rather than anything flashing and flamboyant and seems to prefer more muted and natural colour tones. He's most often seen in leathers of some variety with a pair of metal claws strapped to a heavily pouched belt. He always has a hunting knife strapped to his right boot. He sometimes is seen wearing dark plate armour and sporting a large axe strapped to his back. He is almost always seen carrying a much abused and patched pack.

His layered scarring gives away his life as a melee fighter. If one can see his legs and arms they'd see several minor scars on his knuckles, forearms, shins and knees. All of them of varying ages. He does has a few body scars. Claw rakes run parallel to the spine over his shoulder blades. There is a scar from what was probably a fairly major wound on his right side just above his pelvic bone, going from front to back. Also on his right side, starting just below the armpit and ending just above the old scar is some very fresh scarrification. A tribal-esque banner. On his left side and peck he has a fairly major but fully healed burn scar. He also has a tattoo on his left bicep. A simple thin complete black band. The bottom of the band is lined with red and has a break on the outside of the arm with red orb in the center of the break.


Motivations: Helping those in need, especially those he calls friend. Building a new life for himself and for his love.
Disposition: Quiet, cold, distrustful and stand-offish to those he first meets. However he does tend to remain polite. Protective and friendly to those he knows and calls friend.

He tends to keep to himself most times or is sometimes seen associating in smaller groups of people. He tends to be a planner, not liking to go into situations and confrontations blind. His emotions tend to be hidden behind his stern and impassive scowl. He does seem to actively avoid going into places that serve alcoholic beverages. With the only exception being the Bismarck where he occasionally works as as a fill in chef. It takes a bit to rile him but once his temper is lost he does tend to loose it violently. He can be quite opinionated on some things and doesn't have much of an issue sharing them once you can get him talking. However ask something too personal without being trusted and he'll clam right back up again.

Once he does start to open up more of his personality shines through. Such as his dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor and his protective nature. He is always seeming to want to know how those he cares about has been and how their fairing. If they're having troubles he usually will offer his assistance freely. Sometimes his protective nature can border on the obsessive and will practically force his assistance or protections on someone, whether it's fully wanted or not. He also tends to live more for others than for himself.



  • Working and being active.
  • Training.
  • When he finally understands something about overland culture.
  • Being drunk.


  • Money.
  • Wildwoods/Wood Wailers
  • Being drunk.
  • Slavers. A lot.


  • Excellent at close quarters hand-to-hand combat.
  • Fairly good shot with a bow.
  • Good at picking out edible plants vs. unedible ones.
  • Tracking
  • Hunting


  • Bias against Wood Wailers and by extension the Wildwoods for continually "escorting" him out of towns and to the very outskirts of the Shroud for "poaching" and begging in the small settlements and towns around Gridania.
  • Alcohol. He tries to avoid alcohol as he doesn't know moderation. Once he starts he usually doesn't stop until his body makes him.
  • Is very bad at judging item/service values and is bad with his money.
  • Can be very ignorant of the workings of overland society.
  • Has nightmares and doesn't sleep well unless he takes a sip of a potion Polkah taught him to make. And even then he can only take it if he knows he'll have a safe roof over his head for the next few hours.
  • Very non magical. Can do some limited aetheric manipulations through his training as a monk. But they are his personal aether he's learned to manipulate. His also very non-sensitive to aetheric fluctuations and levels of where ever he is.


  • A really good cook.
  • Fishing.
  • Gambling.

You might know him from...

When he was a wandering drunkard from the outskirts of the Shroud in the 3 years prior to game launch. Perhaps you gambled with him, gave him a handout or had a drunken brawl with him. Or perhaps you taunted him and scorned him. Or simply tried your best to ignore him.

Recently, you might have seen him in Ul'dah or Limsa. He seems to have cleaned himself up and has not been begging or drunk as far as anyone has seen.

Very recently you might know him from the Ul'dahn 150k gil bounty that had been placed on his head. The description matches Jaques but the name on the bounty has him listed as "Jack." Wanted dead or alive for harboring the fugitive Vaughn Antain, who has a bounty of 850k gil and wanted alive. These bounties are no longer active.

He is now the owner of The Desert Rose. Those from Ul'dah might have heard of the place at one time or another as a very expensive brothel located in the seedier section of Ul'dah. Current rumor is that the brothel is no longer accepting patrons although the reasons are a little vague and open for speculation.


Current Event Rumors

  • "Backstabbing bastard if you ask me. Which you are. He turned in that whore fugitive he was 'harboring'. Even took a job at the brothel the Desert Rose, which is where he returned the whore to. Then again, maybe the whore Antain deserved it. Should'a seen the list he's wanted for. If even half of 'em were able to be proven he'd be put weaponless into a deathmatch in the pits for a bit of bloodsport." --Immortal Flames clerk
  • "He's runnin' a brothel now. His business partner, Callistus, was doin' some dark magic in the basement and vanished. Vivifan had to do a cleansing. Came back mighty pissed off about the whole thing too. Something about Leviathan." --Ossuary Thaurmaturge
  • "Desert Rose? Aye, I know of the place. Expensive whores there so I aint never been. Not much traffic goin' in or out of it lately though." --Refugee in Ul'dah
  • "He's been bringin' in instructors? What whores need with learning their history I don't know." --Talk over a job offer poster for the Desert Rose

Common Rumors

  • "Jaques? Yeah, I've seen him around. Often with some Twelves damned Green. What's that about?" -Prejudiced Duskwight
  • "I've seen him walking around with weapons. claws and sometimes a big ol' axe. But I've never seen him use them. Is he any good?" -Limsian adventurer
  • "He was working to be a full-time chef at the Bismarck. But he hasn't been around much lately and it's a shame, he made the -best- steaks." -Bismarck regular
  • "Quiet. Doesn't stick around or talk much. But he always brings the catch in on time and to order." -Fisherman's guild attendant

Moderate Rumors

  • "He used to drink like a fish. Seems he's cleaned up nicely in the last few moons." -Heard around the Shroud.
  • "Jaques... Jaques... Ah. The Duskwight. He's a poaching bastard. Did you know he's got a fairly long criminal record here in Gridania? Stay away from him if you want to stay out of trouble here." - Wood Wailer
  • "I saw him being quite affectionate towards a couple of different young miqo'te girls. Dirty old man." -Disapproving hyur woman
  • "Jaques has taken a number of jobs from us that he's completed on time and efficiently. He usually takes jobs that involve a rampaging beast or doing various forms of pest control. He's a respected member of the Grand Company." - Maelstrom attendant

Rare Rumors

  • "There is this male Duskwight that sometimes gets a room here. Jock? Jack? Something like that. Anyway, he -always- shares it with this Wildwood that I thought was a woman at first, until he changed into his swim trunks. Anyroad, I had to go tell them to keep it down the last time they were here. If you know what I mean. It was so embarrassing!" gossiping Bronze Lake attendant.
  • "

Player Character Rumors (Add anything you'd like, true or untrue, just keep it IC!)

  • "He likes to keep that Green of his close. I'm not sure if it's true feelings or just as some keep their possessions." -Callistus, Stoneshaper of Ul'dah
  • "He's modest, but he's quite the teacher. I mean, I didn't even know what the terms 'Grey' or 'Green' meant outside the Rose until he explained it to me!" -Vaughn Antain
  • "Tall, dark, and... he is a lot less brooding than he looks!" -Aya Foxheart
  • "Nicer than he looks, else he wouldn't have let me live at the Phoenix Rose. Never seen him angry though, and hope I never do so." -Evangeline Primrose
  • "Eh? Yeah, I met th'guy. S'nice an' everythin' an' 'e wasn't tryin' t'hit on m'Princess. Makes him pretty much a badass in my book." -Val Nunh
  • "He is a quiet one, but worthy of every onze of my respect. His mission is one to which I shall happily lend my aid." -Ciel Wulfe
  • "A friend, yes. A good one, as well. He is a captain in a way, guiding many people. Has never led me astray or given me pause to doubt." -Jancis Milburga
  • "He's not nearly as scary as he seems. He's actually really nice." -Lyria Stormdancer
  • "Jaques? He's a great man who deserves all the respect one can give. But, Gods help you if you get on his bad side. I'm very fortunate to be working for him and to also be under his protection." Angora Khilo
  • "He is have place. Home with slave-people. They are safe from bad people. It is Rose. Another Rose. He live there and feed the people. They need more food. He remember me after long time. Good remember. I go Rose place to school. He is not teacher but he help teach me. It is because he is there. He make me think about....Volcano." - Flickering Ember



His living blood family is completely inaccessible to him due to his exile and over the last few months collected those he now considers family. He has recently discovered he has a cousin though marriage walking about in the overworld as well.


Slavers; Any who threaten those he holds dear;

Player Character Standing

Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Vaughn Antain - He is very often seen with this Wildwood, his lover. He tries to keep their relationship downplayed while out in public and around strangers. But he is, in fact, quite in love with this man. Much to the amusement of a few of their friends.
Nihka Mioni - The quiet yet surprisingly outgoing Keeper is nearly a daughter to him. He worries over her like he'd worry over his own.
R'Shesha Otharn - This Seeker is also practically a daughter. Providing comfort and a fatherly figure to the girl when she's down.
Chiane N'ardente - Another Duskwight that has ended up being his confidant in many things. He trusts and respects Chiane immensely and views her as a sister.
Talon Kane - This hyur he has many mixed feelings about. Headstrong, reckless and an ass. As well as devoted, caring, and selfless. He once viewed him as a brother of sorts. However he hasn't seen the man in some time and that may be changing given recent events and information.
Orpheus Arkouda - This often sarcastic pink-haired fighter has earned Jaques respect. Even if at their meeting they nearly came to blows over a misunderstanding. He views the Keeper as a brother of sorts.
Red Crow - He hasn't seen this beautiful Roegadyn warrior in some time. Strong, witty and caring he sort of had a crush on her for a while. But due to his own mental state at the time and the Roegadyn Burning Mountian, he never acted on the feeling. She is also one of the reasons he decided to start down the warrior path.
Devilish Sarracenia - This Roegadyn mercenary is similar to Red Crow in some ways. Strong and witty. However she doesn't seem nearly as caring. Dangerous even. He's not fully sure what to think of the woman.
Clouse Sydonis - He met this hyur under somewhat unusual circumstances when the man activated a dead linkshell that connected him and several others together through a suddenly active pearl. He thinks Clouse is crazy and reckless. But ultimately kind and honest. So he has a fair amount of respect for the man, even if he hasn't seen him much lately.
Xiaoli Vorgan - A Seeker woman he met at the same time as Orpheus and turned out to be Orpheus's close friend. Jaques threatened the two of them on their first meeting... and he still feels bad about it. Especially after learning the woman's phobia of male Elezens.
Jajara Jara - He first met Jajara by accidentally walking in on her and Orpheus getting into bed together. Which is how he found out about their relationship. And is still a point that Orpheus likes to tease him on. He's met the woman a few times since and holds her in respect.
An'nai Tir'Atha - He got quite close to Jaques but had a bit of a falling out together. He still thinks highly of the young man and hopes he's doing well and has finally found a place to belong.
Nari'il Rynik - A Keeper woman he's met a couple of times through R'shesha and Nihka. He doesn't know much about the woman and to him seems a bit too hot-headed.
Remioux Beauvais - A Duskwight mercenary. Jaques recently learned that this man was related to his late wife, making him the only true family he's had contact with in years. Although he's still not certain how much he trusts this man.
Burning Mountain - An older Roegadyn mage. The man seems honest and helpful. And got along well with Red Crow.
Matillias Goldhammer - A strange hyur paladin. He's not sure what to think of the man other than he needs to loosen up a bit. Although the uptight paladin was good for a laugh.
Kestya Nolan - A paladin woman he's run into on occasion. He thinks she's nice enough but doesn't know her well enough to really trust her or consider her friend.
Ashe En'Vale - An enemy. This reckless, self-serving, chaotic, warmongering hyur is absolutely despised by Jaques.



Personal history

After exile

Jaques had a fairly steep learning curve and a fair amount of culture shock since his exile. He did his best at first, scavenging off the land around the outskirts of the Shroud and never even set foot into a settlement. But then the first winter hit. He had no where to supply and stock provisions and he had to enter the outlying settlements else he starve or freeze to death. He'd scavenge from rubbish heaps for leftover scraps to eat and soon learned the art of begging for handouts. It was that first winter that he stared his decent into alcoholism. For the next three years he became little more than the areas wandering homeless drunkard. His life revolved on either being completely sloshed, or figuring out how to become that way.

A chance encounter with a Miqo'te named Polkah, the first person since the exile to really help. Gave him the nudge he needed to get him on a better path for himself. That story can be found here: [2]

Clan Marécage information

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