Alicia Thornwyn

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Gridania-transparent.png Alicia Thornwyn
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Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Gridania
Age 23
Namesday 8th Sun of the 12th Moon
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer

Alicia Thornwyn is a young Roegadyn woman who is training as a Conjurer. She is the daughter of a Hellsguard woman and a Sea Wolf man, her appearance leaning more towards that of her father. Currently she has taken up the 'hobby' of adventuring, her aim to explore Eorzea and give help where it's needed, while still practicing her Conjurer skills.



Birth Name: Inspiring Rose

Full Name: Alicia Thornwyn

Nicknames: Ali, Thorn

Pronunciation: Ah-lee-sha Thorn-ween


Height: Short for a Roegadyn, height totalling around 6'1".

Weight: Average for her race and height.

Body: Alicia's body lacks the defined muscle that many Roegadyn bodies carry. Though she is still tall and broad compared to the other races, when compared to her own kind she looks a little scrawny.

Hair: A light shade of pink that falls loosely down her back. She clips her fringe to one side of her face to keep it out of her eyes. It is usually brushed straight, though in the rain several strands turn curly, causing a messy look.

Eyes: Dark purple.

Skin: A pale blue colour, marking her as a Sea Wolf Roegadyn.

Clothing: Alicia is normally seen in light weight clothing. Robes, tunics and slacks are the types of things she often wears. Her tastes are simple, though she always wears two pieces of jewellery that look rather expensive - a golden ring on her ring finger, and a silver necklace.


Parents and Birth

Alicia's story begins with the meeting of Wishful Thorn, a Hellsguard mercenary woman, and Ahtmas Ahldberksyn, a Sea Wolf Captain.

Her parents originally met when Wishful Thorn was seeking work and she agreed to protect Ahtmas' crew on a trip to a set of unnamed islands. The trip took many months and, despite finding Ahtmas arrogant, rude and disgusting, his repeated attempts to lure Wishful Thorn into his bed ended up working. The two began what can only be described as a 'silent' relationship, where they neither spoke to each other or anyone else about their evening antics.

Despite the circumstances, both of them enjoyed their relationship greatly until Wishful Thorn discovered something that horrified her. After several days of confirming her fears, she realised that she had fallen pregnant with Ahtmas' child. She approached him in private and, after an incredibly brief and aggressive discussion, Ahtmas' ship began sailing back to Limsa Lominsa.

Upon arrival, Wishful Thorn left the ship without collecting her payment or sending her regards to the crew or it's Captain. With the little money she had left, she boarded an airship to the destination that would take her as far away from the city as possible - Gridania.

Several months later, Wishful Thorn had begun living in a small village located in the Twelveswood. The villagers were wary at first, viewing her as an outsider and doing their best to get her to leave. However, her sword skills and the help she gave around the village slowly turned their opinions of her. Though still not fully accepted, she was allowed to stay and began planning her new life here.

It was in this village that Wishful Thorn finally gave birth to a baby girl. At the same time, across Eorzea, Ahtmas Ahldberksyn was laying in his bed with a young Miqo'te lady, having forgotten all about the Hellsguard mercenary who was pregnant with his daughter.

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Moving Forwards




Magical: Alicia's combat focus is on magical abilities, more specifically the healing abilities of a Conjurer.

  • Conjury: Alicia can be described as a novice Conjurer, having access to basic offensive spells and slightly more advanced recovery spells.

Sword: While not as skilled as she is in Conjury, Alicia also has some training in using a one handed sword. It is a rare sight to see her with this weapon as she avoids close combat as often as she can.


  • Loyalty - One of the most important things to Alicia is finding friends she considers loyal and trustworthy.
  • Stories - Either listening to one or reading one for herself, Alicia adores stories.
  • Jokes.
  • Charity - After the Calamity, Alicia has been known to be quite charitable, helping those who need it when she can. She also enjoys seeing this trait in other people.


  • Mindless Violence.
  • Arrogance.
  • Selfishness - She strongly dislikes those who have comfortable lives but refuse to help those who need it.




  • Mother: Wishful Thorn (Deceased) - Alicia's mother. A Hellsguard mercenary who worked on Ahtmas Ahldberksyn's ship when she fell pregnant with Alicia.
  • 'Aunt':   Alicia Foeslayer (Unknown) - Alicia's 'aunt'. A Highlander Conjurer responsible for saving Wishful Thorn's life, who became her lover soon after. Though not related by blood, Alicia Thornwyn considers her family and calls her 'Aunt'.
  • Father: Ahtmas Ahldberksyn - Alicia's father. A Sea Wolf captain known for his womanising ways. Though she knows his name, she has never met him and has no idea where he may be.


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