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Alina's home village, Yx'Lowka

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Personal Data
Real Name: Alina Cerberusira
Known Aliases: The Jade Spider
Race: Viera | Rava
Age: 120 (1,440 moons)
Name Day: 12th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Eye Color: Sea Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown with Black tipped ears
Occupation: Commander of Reacon
Marital Status: Married
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Sexuality: Heterosexual

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light just as hate cannot drive out hate, only love."
-Alina Cerberusira


Alina young.png

Alina is the image of exotic and beauty. With her sun-kissed skin and her bright sea green eyes, she definitely stands out of the crowd. She is very fit and flexible, allowing her to master the art of agility and gracefulness. For her race, she is on the shorter side, usually becoming the root of jokes while growing up. When she was younger, she adorned her family crest as a hair pin that accompanied her ponytail. Being the daughter of the chieftain, she had access to items and clothing others did not. Her favorite attire to wear was a brown leather chest piece that was engraved with intricate detail. This was paired with a soft green scarf that truly brought out the green in her eyes. The armor she chose to wear was light and flexible enough she was able to hunt and fight uninhibited and allowed her to further practice her dexterity and nimbleness. As a final touch, Alina wore white face paint, similarly to how the warriors of the tribe would wear when readying for battle. As Alina aged, she discarded her family crest, settling for a simpler black tie in which she carried her hair in a side bun, allowing the rest to flow down to her hips. Being in the sun, she has freckles that adorn her face; as if the sun too knew her beauty and wanted to kiss it. She can normally be seen wearing a beautiful and delicate black silk dress, embroidered with red roses and leaves and finished with a long, white skirt and flats. She now accessorizes with a Kugane style hairpin which her husband gave to her as a wedding gift.

Aspects That Stand Out:
Sea Green eyes.
Warm and kind smile
Long flowing Brown hair


Alina is a kind and caring person, a sort of motherly figure to those who seek reassurance and guidance. She is passionate about those close to her and is willing to give everything she has to defend those people. She is a trained killer, and knows when tough choices need to be made. Growing up in isolation as a child, she was reserved but curious about the world. She took a quiet approach to life, choosing to listen to the world rather than make her own voice heard. Alina is a dedicated wife and mother so she has an abundance of patience, which is needed both at home and in her career. Moving up the ranks within the Maelstrom, she is disciplined and strong; ready to serve any one who is in need.


Dancing with her husband
Exploring new places
The Beach
Training and Dueling


Those who mistreat others
people who are too serious
The Empire


Helping others


"Charming" Or at least her smile is.
Great at having fun and enjoying life.
Tough- both physically and mentally


Over protective of loved ones
Still running away from her past choices
Situations where strength is required over dexterity and stealth


Pursuits of freedom and pleasure


Predator has become prey.

Growing up within the hidden village of Yx’Lowka, east of The Blind Forest of Yx’Maja, Alina found herself living a life many sought after. She was the daughter of the village Chieftain, her mother Zhuraphao, and with her mother’s title, came all the perks and privileges the other members didnt have. While most of the children growing up would she her life and turn envious, she grew to hate it and sought after a simpler life. She was constantly being bred to take over her mother’s mantle as chieftain, a role she wanted no part in. She had the best trainers in all aspects of the word. Warriors training her to fight, scholars, teaching her the history and the ways of the village, botanists and miners showing her the forest and all it had to offer, it was alot for one so young to take in. She needed a guard wherever she went and could never truly find a moment of peace, that is, until night fell. At night when everyone was fast asleep, Alina would sneak out of her tent and prance through the jungle, she would dance and sing, lighting up the jungle as if it reacted to her aether. Plants would sprout and glow, flowers would bloom; it was as if her soul was one with the forest spirit. She was graceful, and very flexible, allowing her to move through the jungle with ease. She was at peace, running through the jungle, living among the wild life and plants. She would practice her dart gun on trees and small targets to help train her accuracy. The viera were a hearty race, never too worried about meeting the local wildlife during the day. The problem they faced were the Children of Darkness. They had been trying for years to find a way into the forest as to claim their land. Alina’s mother, Zhuraphao, made a pledge to never allow them to enter within the territory. Her father, hafiri, was the head Wood Warder and he too took up arms in protecting the village from these outsiders. Her father was the leader of the Wood Warders and was responsible for teaching and training the younger males when they became of age. Although the males lived a life of solitude, Hafiri was held in very high regard and seen as an honorable member of the tribe. Though her parents could not be together, her mother taught her that the distance between two bodies does not determine the distance between two souls. Alina was young, and had a temper, never really grasping the life lessons that were forced upon her so early. She hated that her life had been chosen for her before she was born and enjoyed the freedom she felt when she dance at night. At the young age of 16, she decided she was to make her own path, choose her own life. She packed up her bag, grabbed her dartgun and her dagger, and set off into the jungle. She was fast, even for a Viera, but even Alina could feel her feet carrying her faster the farther she got from the village. She glided through the jungle gracefully and swiftly, a trail of luminous plants and flowers followed behind her. She came to the edge of where two village territories meet, before she could take step to cross over, she heard a familiar voice, “Once you cross over, you may never return.” She turned around and watched her father jump down from a lower tree branch. “Alina, you have responsibilities, we must go back…” He paused, seeing the look in Alina’s eyes. “How did you know? How long…. no! No father, I don't want this life, I never asked for it!” she wiped tears from her eyes. Hafiri crouched down slightly and tilted her head up toward him. Seeing her so upset sat heavy on his heart. “You know, some of the happiest memories I have are the ones of watching you dance in the jungle as you grew and watching it come alive.” He looked at his daughter, staring into her eyes, seeing a pair of jade green eyes looking back at him with tears streaming down her face. He knew that she had a fire within to explore the world, and it killed a small piece of him knowing no matter what he said to convince her, she would ultimately not be happy coming back to the village.After a long pause, he finally said, “Just as the mountain does not bend to the will of the wind, you are the carver of your own fate.” he smiled sweetly toward her. She was shocked, having thought she would have to fight him to flee, she felt a heaviness in her heart. She glanced up at him and gave him a hug, “Im sorry father, but my place is not here. Know that I will forever hold you and mother close to my heart.” He nodded at her and watched as she stepped over the line, forever placing her out of reach and her no longer able to come back.

Journey to Kugane

Alina travels down the dark alley to hide from the masses who were quick to judge
Finding herself in the small town of Yanxia, she found herself tired, out of food, and low on water. Growing up in a secluded village, she grew up with trading being their source of exchange. When she came upon a small inn, and asked for food and drink, the innkeeper told her the amount it would cost. Alina glanced perplexed. “What is Gil? I do not have such a thing, but i have shells and ebony”. As she scattered the items, the innkeeper laughed and told Alina to leave her establishment. Confused, Alina picked up her things and continued. Further and further she traveled, finally coming to the town of Onokoro where she could travel no farther. She stumbled upon a poor farmer who was traveling toward the major city and offered Alina what little he had. His kindness assured her that she had made the right decision to leave. They chatted for a bit and then he offered to travel with her to the Major city and there they could part ways. Once crossing over into the realm of Kugane, her eyes grew wide and she embraced the sights and sounds the city had to offer. She saw all kinds of people, races and creatures she could only ever dream up, all come to reality. As she panned through the crowds, she noticed that there wasnt any viera, no one that looked like her; she then began to notice the stares coming from people. Feeling uncomfortable and slightly threatened, she ran and hid just outside of Matsuba Square. She followed the small sewer system until she stumble upon a couple of thugs. “Give us all your gil, and we will spare your life.” Alina stood her ground and had become annoyed at this point. “I do not have this gil you speak of, now leave me alone.” she turned to head back, but felt a hand grip her wrist tightly. “No gil huh? That is a likely story, but if you’re willing to die to keep what you have then so be it.” the big man reach for a sword and went to stab her abdomen with it. Alina quickly planted her feet on his chest and jumped off with a powerful kick, knocking both men over, she grabbed her dagger and lunged toward the nig man again, stabbing him through the hand and pinning him to the wall. “Come after me again and i will ensure you draw your last breath!” she said through gritted teeth, already having her other dagger at the ready. A slow clap could be heard from behind her, she whipped around and saw a tall, white veira male, dressed in very nice clothes and black leather gloves. “Excellent display young one, excellent.” Alina saw the viera and put her weapons away. She had never seen a male viera outside of her brother and father let alone one that was not in wood woarder clothing. “It is finally nice to see another of our race,” he continued. “I think i have a place where you will be right at home.” he said with a devious smile. Alina heard the word home and her ears perked up, she nodded. “A home is what i seek.” she replied to the man. He turned and started walking away, “then a home is what you shall receive, young one.”

The Jade Spider

Alina watches as the two enter the mansion

Having grown up in the bustling city of Kugane, Alina quickly learned the value of gil and how society ran off it. Kha, the white Viera, explained to her the concept of his faction, a guild of types, that would repurpose gil from the wealthy and redistribute it to the less fortunate. This was a cause Alina could get behind, as she remembered the sweet farmer that helped her when she was on her travels. Learning the ways of stealth and recon, she practiced for years finally mastering and perfecting the technique, becoming more proficient with her daggers and her dart gun, all the while the guild recruited members and clients. It started out as a small thieves guild, stealing from the wealthy and giving back to the poor. When that wasn’t lucrative, they turned their attention to stealing rare weapons and artifacts and selling them on the black market through contacts Kha made. Alina leveled in rank until she was Kha’s right hand man, the most trusted of the members. She was sent on special missions, ones that took her away from the city for days at a time. One day, as she was getting ready for a mission to assassinate a politician, she overheard a couple of the other members talking amongst themselves. She had snuck her way over to be within better earshot. “I am tired on not making alot of gil, these weapons and artifacts that we steal only bring in so much, we need to start doing bigger jobs.” one grumbled. “You mean you haven’t heard?” another replied, “Kha has taken on a contract for a big job, a job that will change the course of the guild!” he continued excitedly. “Well, spit it out, What is it?” the first man demanded. “An assassination.” he stated. Alina’s eyes grew wide, slightly horrified; this was supposed to be a redistribution guild, not a mercenary guild. Her ears perked up as they continued, “But boss says we have to wait until Alina is out of the city, he says she wouldn’t like to partake in this type of opportunity.” Alina felt betrayed and and wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. She had seen the men that Kha recruited, none of them were even remotely ready to take on assassination jobs. She deemed it necessary to follow the men and investigate them further.

As night fell, she tracked and followed the two men tasked with the job. They were both completely oblivious to the fact they were being followed, Alina moved as silently as the breeze over the grass, being sure to check where she was stepping as to not leave additional footprints. They finally came to a giant mansion, just on the outskirts of Kugane. “This is the place” one said to the other and they nodded. They climbed in through the window of the house and crawled inside. Noise could be heard from outside as items clattered and shattered around. “These two are gonna get all of us in trouble.” Alina thought to herself and decided to enter the house. There was already a commotion inside when she entered. “Who are you? Get out of my house!” a strong voice bellowed followed by a gunshot. Alina’s ears perked up and she jumped into action. As she ran around the corner, she saw one of the guild members shot in the arm and chest, struggling to recoil away from the man as he reloaded. “I’ll kill every last one of you!” he yelled. In one swift motion, Alina jumped in front of the two men, drawing her blowgun as the man finished reloading. he swept to aim at her but Alina hit the base of the barrel with her shoulder, sending the bullets toward the ceiling. She locked eyes with the man, a strong, green eyed roe who was way stronger than her. After gauging her opponent, she kicked off his chest and landed on the staircase leading toward the second story. “RUN!!” Alina commanded as she loaded up her darts. As the Roe went for the two men, Alina shot her darts into his arm and neck. This caught his attention and he left the two men to pursue her instead. Alina lunged toward the roe and used his own muscle against him as she kicked off his arm mid swing and directed it toward his face instead. The punch landed and the Roe was getting angry. “Do you know who I am?! Do you know what i will do to….” he started off yelling and then began to trail off. He staggered slightly and pulled out one of the darts from his neck. Alina walked over to the man, now on bended knee. “Wh-what are you?” he asked weakly as Alina approached and knelt before him. Alina looked him in the eye as she retrieved her second dart, “I am but a sweet memory.” the roe reached for her neck and wrapped his fingers around her but was too weak to crush her, his eyes finally rolled back and he fell unconscious. Alina went back to where the two men were, noticing one had left while the other laid there gasping. “He left me, he bloody ‘ell left me.” Alina knew he would be caught if she left him and decided to hoist him up and carry him back to base. He was heavy as she was not very strong but by sheer will power and purpose, she carried him back to the hideout. Once there, the men swarmed her, seeing and hearing about the commotion that unfolded. “He needs treatment… NOW!” she barked. The men hurried in a chaotic fit and began working on the injured man. She marched straight to Kha where she also found the man who ran. “Y-you made it… i was comi…” the man started but Alina had lunged toward him and stabbed her dagger through his lower jaw. “You ran you coward, nothing you say to me will ever be more than lies.” she pulled out her dagger and the man fell, Kha standing further away watching the event unfold. “What is this i hear of a mission while i am away, about an assassination?” she demanded Kha. He smiled at her, “well my dear, i thought you not ready for such missions, but you have all but shattered my doubts.” he stated in a velvet voice. He moved closer to her continuing, “the guild was dying, there wasn't enough gil to support the members and for all the hard work we have put into this guild, we needed to bend and grow to the demands of our clients.” he stopped just in front of her, her head hung low, staring at the man in front of her. “They weren't ready,” she whispered; she turned to look up at Kha, “You sent children to do a killers job! They weren't ready!” she yelled. “I am the only one capable of handling these types of missions, those two almost got us all in trouble, but the job is done.” He sighed and put a hand on her shoulder. “From today onward, you shall be my go to. You will become the assassin you were always meant to be.” Alina felt the disgust course through her veins, and was taken aback by the payday they received for doing that mission. Alina and Kha became a deadly force, accepting missions from all over the lands, ranging from simple stealing missions to assassinations. Alina grew wealthier than she could have ever imagined. She was the only one who could leave no trace that anyone was there. A drop of poison from two small puncture wounds her darts left became a signature of hers. Kha told Alina that the punctures looked like a spider bite. “Precisely, that was the intention I was going for.” She said through a forced smile. Kha walked over and lifted her chin, “ you shall now be known as The Jade Spider.” Alina’s eyes grew wide “the deadliest assassin to ever live.”

Joining the Maelstrom


As the years went by, more and more clients required the services of Kha and the Unseen. Word in the black market traveled fast about the Jade Spider and how she was the most efficient and deadly of assassins. Alina was not proud and only took on the role of assassin as to have the deaths be quick and painless. The poison she used would place the affected into a slumber like state, as if they fell asleep, then, once unconscious, the poison would stop the heart, killing them swiftly. She knew that even if she didn't do it, the assassinations would continue so it brought her a small peace of mind knowing that she was doing it the way she was. She was never one for torture. She also stated to Kha that children were off limits. The deeds of the parents were not to be brought unto the children to bear punishment. Kha accepted the terms and the fruit of Alina’s adventures made him a very wealthy and powerful man. It became almost a daily task for Alina to meet with Kha and for him to give details about who or where she needed to go to handle business. Stealing and selling items became the job of the other members while the assassinations, per their agreement, fell solely on Alina. She hated her work, she didn't want to become a killer, sure the pay was nice but who was she to decide who lived and who died? One day, after meeting with Kha, she was told that a particular assassination was going to take her far away. “You will be traveling to Limsa Lominsa, your target is a very powerful influence there. This will be a difficult task, one that will push even an assassin like you to the very edge of impossibility.” Kha stated to Alina. “You have served the unseen well, if you successful accomplish this mission, you will put our guild into history, the greatest guild to ever be. Please return to me in one piece” he said in a serious tone. Alina was taken aback, the only thing he loved was money; people to him were indispensable, so why was she different? She shook the thought of her head and nodded, offering a confident smile. So off she went, taking additional provisions not knowing exactly what she was getting into.

The journey was about 5 days boat ride, stopping in to rest at various inns, she kept a low profile, not flaunting the fact she was carrying about a years work of coin in her pouch. Once arriving in Limsa, Alina was in awe. The city was huge, similar to Kugane in size but it had giant towers and maelstrom seals everywhere. The city was bustling, there were people everywhere. This city seemed more welcoming to newcomers, unlike the unfriendly welcome she got when she was younger. “How times have changed.” she thought to herself. As part of her recon work, she blended in, asking the townsfolk questions about the city and different things. The information she got was incredible. Her target, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, was the leader of Limsa which was one of the three powers that made up the Alliance. She was a decorated soldier and was leader of the maelstrom army. Alina was way out of her league and knew that this was an unlikely target she would be able to kill first try. After gathering more knowledge about events and local gossip, she returned back home where she was going to gather the tools and items needed to pull off such a high profile assassination. Once she traveled back home, she was greeted to an empty hideout. There was no one in sight, everything was at it was but no people, no chatter, just dead silence. Something was up. She dropped her bag and drew her daggers, jumping up into the rafters. She stealthed around until her ears perked up upon hearing voices, they were coming from Kha’s office. She opened the door and was surprised to find no one inside, she continued listening to the voices which pulled her in further to the room, she noticed that there was a hidden hatch on the floor that was normally hidden by the giant woven rug Kha had purchased for himself. She felt along the floorboard until she found the hidden latch which propped up the door, allowing her to sneak in and closing it quietly behind her. As she crept down the stairs, the voices grew louder and louder until she could hear yelling and laughter. She crawled into a small hiding space and observed what was happening. There was a circle of men, around a girl in a chair. She was bound and beaten bloody. Alina was in shock and moved closer to see Kha standing in the middle of the circle. “She says she doesn't know gentlemen, do we believe her?” he yelled to the crowd around him. “NOO!!!" they hollered back throwing their ale and food toward her. Kha nodded and turned toward her again and in one movement, hit her across the face with the back of his hand, so hard in fact, she fell over. The men in the crowd cheered and laughed. The girl was sobbing and crying, “I-I don't know where he is, honest. P-P-Please let me go.” tears were streaming down her face. Kha grabbed her by the neck and lifted her, chair and all, and slammed her back down onto the ground. “And I told you, I don't believe you, know if you continue to lie to me, I will stop being so nice and let my friends here have a piece of you.” Alina edged closer and closer until she was practically on top of all of them. She reached for her daggers, she knew she would have to act fast.

Kha continued to rile the crowd up. He finally pulled out a knife and shouted to the girl, “If all you are going to tell me are lies, we might as well remove your tongue!” he grabbed her jaw and brought his knife up to her face. In the blink of an eye, the crowd saw Kha go from standing above the girl to being kicked over. His eyes widened and saw the silhouette of Alina standing between him and the girl. “Are you alright?”, she asked the girl, not breaking eye contact with Kha. the girl continued sobbing but was able to tell her she was. “Alina spun her daggers and sheathed them away. She looked up at the crowd, they all grew silent and backed away slowly. “Tell me how torturing this poor girl 10 to 1 is helping the guild, hmm?!” she finally shouted. “Tell me how it takes 10 grown men to keep a child bound?!” no one answered. She turned toward Kha again, this time, with tears in her eyes, “you promised me… you promised!!” Kha finally rose and glared at Alina, “How do you think we get the intel for all those assassinations? By asking people nicely? NO, this is necessary to keeping our guild alive.” He began to walk around her slowly, never breaking her gaze. “You are just as guilty for this as we are, even worse, YOU are the one who has been killing all those people, hundreds if not thousands have died at your hand.” his words piercing her. This isn't the life she wanted, she had to make a decision. “I will not continue to be your weapon, its over Kha.” he laughed manically, “over.. OVER?! My dear, we have just begun!” at this point, she had circled back around to where the girl was, Alina slowly reaching for her daggers, “Don't do it Kha, leave her alone.” she went to grab for her daggers but felt two hands grip her wrists, she turned behind her and the guild members hand moved up to restrain her. When she whipped her head back around, Kha had angled the girls head upwards and dragged his dagger along her neck. He smiled at her and Alina slowly saw the life escape the young girls eyes. “NOOOOOO!!!” Alina yelled, feeling a powerful energy build inside her.

With all her strength, she threw her arms forward, causing the two men to lose balance, once they let go of her arms, she drew her daggers and after spinning them in her hand, she pierced both through the skull, killing them instantly. Kha, unflinchingly stood before her, “then show me... show me what you've become!” he lunged forward toward her, jabbing her in the ribs a few times before she could move out of the way, he was way faster than she anticipated and could out power her. She jumped back and was met with a couple slices on her arm and back, the members had joined in the fight. She was outnumbered 8 to 1, not great odds even for one as skilled in fighting as she. She threw a smoke bomb down, creating a fog in the room. The voice of three men could be heard attempting to yell and then thudding to the ground. “Come out come out little one, fight me like a real Viera!” Kha yelled. Alina had jumped out from behind a table, but Kha already knew and was able to parry her attack. “Will this be the jade spider’s legacy?” Kha said as he spit in her face, she swung a dagger, just nicking his face, he stumbled back and wiped the fresh blood from his face. She hid back into the fog and took out 2 more men, now it was her and kha, and 3 others. Two of the men ran for the stairs, which she quickly eliminated by throwing shuriken knives at them. The final man began to cry, knowing that he couldn't fight her nor flee. A gun shot was heard throughout the room and he fell silently. Alina swiveled around and saw that Kha had shot him. “By the twelve was he annoying. Now where were we?” He lunged at her again, attempting to grab her neck but just missed, Alina used this chance to kick off him, giving her some distance. She had to get distance to use her poison but her was quick on her heels. “I know all your trick little one.” he said as he grabbed her feet and threw her against the wall. As she got up, he grabbed her by the neck and pinned her to the wall, her feet dangling. She couldn't breathe, was gasping for air. “This ends here and now! The great Alina Galanodel will fall to her master, the one who gave her the home she always wanted!” he squeezed tighter. She was on the brink of unconsciousness. Kha leaned in and whispered in her ear, “good-bye, young one.” as he went to grab his dagger, Alina summoned every last bit of strength to kick her feet up and kick him away. He staggered back, shocked and Alina fell to the floor. Kha went to pull out his gun and Alina threw a dagger at him, hitting him in the neck. He dropped to his knees, as blood poured out the wound. Alina moved toward the stairs, beaten and bruised and slightly bloody. “I will find you, you hear me! You will never be able to hide!!” Kha yelled back to Alina as she ran up the stairs and out of the hideout.

Alina asks to speak with Merlwyb

As she traveled further and further away from the hideout, a storm drew near and it began to rain. Alina fell to her knees and cried, sobbing loudly at the fact she was now alone in a world that was every bit as evil as her mother and father had warned about. She couldn't go back to the jungle, she was an outcast, and the only other family she had was an evil man who may or may not live from the wound she inflicted. All she had was the coin in her pouch, a small vile of poison with her darts and blowgun, and her jade green daggers. She picked herself up and after purchasing new clothing and passage back to Limsa, she found herself in front of the commanders office. “State ye’ bus’ness!!” declared the guard. “I wish to have an audience with the commander.” Alina stated plainly. “The command’r is busy, piss off!” he snarled. Alina removing her hood stepped forward, “i wish to speak to the commander about an assassination attempt on her life.” The guards eyes grew wide and called to 2 nearby guards. “This one ‘as information ‘bout the command’r, take ‘er away!” the guards approached Alina and she went for her daggers. “That is enough!” when she turned to look at the woman, a tall white haired roe stood before her. “I have been expecting you, but not under these circumstances.” she said to Alina. Come into my office, it seems you have quite a tale to share. The guards withdrew their weapons and followed Alina into the commanders chambers. “Your life is in danger.” Alina spoke conviction. Merlwyb looked at her and almost with a grin, asked her for the sake of others in the room, “and how would you know this?” Alina pulled out a small spider dart and placed it on the desk. “I am the jade Spider and i was sent here to kill you. You have made enemies commander, enemies who befriended an old master who i have since discontinued service. My last act i swore to do was to come here and tell you, so that i can live with as clear a conscience as possible.” Alina noticed the men in the room gasp and murmur amongst themselves. She could feel the room shift and grow uncomfortable with her presence. “The acts you have done are atrocious and criminal” she started, “you have grown the reputation of being the deadliest assassin and have generated quite a substantial reward for your capture.” she continued. She motioned the guards to leave so it was just the two of them. The guards, hesitant, knew better than the disobey orders and left reluctantly. Once the men left, she stood before Alina and finished, “so why would the greatest and most efficient assassins turn herself in?” Alina looked toward the ground for a second and then back to Merlwyb, “because i was the weapon of a man who knew only evil and spread it throughout the lands. If i am to answer for my crimes, then so be it. I have nothing else to lose.” Merlwyb nodded, pondering her answer before speaking again. “Your life, miss spider, you still have your life to lose.” she paused. “I can see you have a kind heart and understand the wrongs you have done and to be frank, if i was truly worried, i would not have asked my guards to leave me alone with you. So i offer you two options: you can either spend your life in prison, carrying out a sentence for the crimes you have committed…” Alina let out a heavy sigh, expecting the worse. “Or you can join the ranks of the Maelstrom and fight for the alliance.” Alina jolted up and locked eyes with her. “Why… how…” Alina was speechless. “Why would i want a known criminal and a successful assassin in my ranks?” she finished Alina's sentence. “Well, to put it simply, you are too dangerous to be left alone in the world. Having you in my ranks not only allows me to rest easy but you can use your martial prowess for the good of people, and not to fill someone else’s pocket with gil. Now, you will start out in the bottom of the ranks and will have to climb on your own volition. Climb high enough and you can work in our recon class to help gather intel and be sent on special missions that require your area of expertise.” She trailed off and noticed that Alina was still in shock, not really knowing what to do or say. She just looked up at Merlwyb and nodded. “Y-yes, I would like to join your ranks very much.” she finally mustered up. Merlwyb smiled and stood in front of her again, “You are still young, at least from what little I know about your race, you tend to live long lives. You don't have to let the small amount of bad decisions influence the rest of your life. You still have a chance to pull off some good in this world.” she offered her a strong smile. Alina nodded in agreement, “I can give you a personal history lesson on my culture if it is something you desire to know.” Alina smiled back. “Then consider it your first mission, report back here at 0600 tomorrow morning.” she then performed the maelstrom salute. Alina, confused by her wording, stood in a similar fashion, to offer her the same greeting. Merlwyb laughed and told her that they would practice it tomorrow. “Alina left the office with her head held high in a long time, she fled her home to find a great adventure and thought she had found it with the unseen, but now, she knew, being a part of the Maelstrom would change her life for the better.


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Family is Alina's most prized treasure. She grew up within a secluded village and never truly felt that she belonged. seeking adventure, it brought her into the arms of Kha and The Unseen, however that too wasn't a place she could call home. It wasn't until she join the Maelstrom in her past that really opened up the world for her. She had to grow up, become disciplined and poised. It is here that she met Amet Cerberusira. They met on the battlefield of Frontlines, each on an opposing team. In the total and utter chaos, Alina felt slightly at home, having to channel her sneak tactics and dexterity skills. Then she saw him, the red haired Miqo'te in his bright yellow coat, slaying those around him with his katana. He had a blood lust about him, looking between his kills and basking in the fight just won, then they locked eyes. His, a soft shade of lilac, piercing through the red blood on his face, hers, sea green. For a split second, it was just the two of them, "Who was this man?" when she finally snapped out of her daydream, he was on top of her, mid-strike of his blade. she took a nice chunk from it but maneuvered enough to not have it be a fatal strike. She turned to flee only to have him dash in front of her, she wasn't going anywhere. She drew her daggers and fought back, not only was he as dexterous as she but he had power behind his attacks. She wasn't going to win, she would die here. She gave it her all, trading blows with the Miqo'te until he finally struck her and pinned her to the ground. They were both beaten and bruised and he held his katana up to her. She locked eyes with him, accepting her fate, but he spared her, moving on to his next target. To this day, she doesn't know why he did it, but she will forever in awe of how powerful his presence was on the field of battle. They grew to spend more time together both being in the military and found a bond between them. After a short time dating, they married, in secret, in a small chapel. Shortly after that, they saved enough gil to buy a small house in the outskirt mountains of Yanxia, and lived a life in the small village.

Anastasia Grace.png

It was then a short time later, that two became three. Amet and Alina were now the proud parents of a sweetly, kind hearted Miqo'te girl named Anastasia. She had her mother's curiousity and her father's temper. She was a martial arts prodigy, grasping the technical skills needed to both study the art of the Ninja and the way of the Samurai. They put her in school to live as normal life as possible, knowing that she was going to be capable of great things. Amet and Alina would tell stories to each other of what they think she would become. Anastasia found the fastest way to her parents heart, knowing both their weaknesses and exploiting them whenever she wanted something. She was not spoiled tho, she understood that she couldn't always get her way in addition to understanding that giving back or helping others is just as wonderful as receiving. Her journey, has just begun.


As a child, Alina received daily training in both the art of the Warrior and the ways of the White Mage. She learned from an early age to use defense as an offensive technique, allowing her to use her enemies attacks against them. Alina is also well versed in stealth and recon, allowing her to use her speed, dexterity, and nimbleness to her advantage. She trained in the hidden art of the Ninja, allowing her to hone her concentration and exploit her dexterous nature. She knew that she would never be able to out power someone even though she is quite strong so she trained her body to rely on finding her opponents weak spot and exploiting that weakness. She in addition learned how to stealth which later earned her the title Commander of Recon for the Maelstrom and the Flames. She is proficient in all blades and can occasionally be seen wielding an axe like her mother had. She was never one for crafting so has decided to train her body and learn the many different fighting styles one can learn. In the end though, her heart will always be that of a Ninja.  
Weapon: Alina's daggers she carries with her everyday are razor sharp yet plain to the naked eye. They have a wooden handle and a thin steel blade. Her weapons she takes into battle are of a rare eastern metal that is black in color, making her blades dark as night. They are adorned with gold plating, red silks, and a jade bead for balance and decoration. These daggers are deadly as the rare metal allows them to be sharper than any other weapon made in the west. She take extreme care of them and sharpens both sets to ensure they are ready in case trouble strikes.
Weapons of Choice
Daggers, any kind
Fists and feet

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral ** Unsure
The Burning Odin
Amet Cerberusira, Husband. ( ) - The Red Odin
Character's Thoughts: "He was the light when all I knew was darkness"
Met on the battlefield as enemies, became master and apprentice, slowly grew a friendship and finally became romantically involved.
Hafiri Galanodel, Father. ( ** ) - The Silent
Character's Thoughts: "He was kind and loving, I wish I knew more about him"
Father loved his family dearly, but lived a life of isolation.


Zhuraphao Galanodel, Mother. ( ** ) - The Chieftain
Character's Thoughts: "She always looked out for me, since I was a child. She loved me more than life itself, that's why she was so hard on me"
Mother was prepping me for the world but i didn't want the life she wanted for me, she would sacrifice everything for her family and the village.


Kha Mirva.. ( ✖, ** ) - Kha the Cunning
Character's Thoughts: "He was the family that took me in when I needed one, but then he betrayed me in the worst way"
A Viera who wanted more out of life than protecting the woods, so he turned to the life of organized crime.



Player Note
Roleplay is meant to be fun! I'm here for all sorts of roleplay be it a long and in depth adventure, to a simple fortune telling, to a nightly romp in the woods. So long as everyone is enjoying it and leaves the roleplay feeling satisfied, I'm not particularly picky. I do ask that the lines of OOC and IC stay very clearly drawn. I am not my character, and you are not yours. What they feel for each other is not reflective of our own feelings.
Personal RP Limits
I don't have very many hardcore limits honestly as I feel consequences must be adhered to when RPing any character regardless of whom they might be. However there are a few exceptions to this and they are as follows.
I will play Sexual roleplay themes/Erp, violence, longer story lines, heavy mature themes (Drug use, illegal activity, implied rape/torture, death (npc), ect.) Lighthearted roleplay, slice of life roleplay, romance, roleplay combat.
I won't play Allow my character to be killed (at least not atm). Do most scenes involving heavy torture, mutilation or death (unless heavily discussed before hand.) Drastically change or adjust Alina to fit a specific event/plot without valid story reasons.
Little Tidbits.
I'm a strong believer in the concept of IC actions having IC consequences. If your character robs a bank, he should have a warrant. If one is badly injured, they'll need time to recover ect. It makes the roleplay a bit more believable as well as adds to the immersion for me..
Between real life, other roleplay and social obligations, and general moods, I won't always be up for roleplaying with you. Please respect that there will be times when I say "No I'm not up for it," and leave it at that. In return, I'll always respect this in you and will never push or fuss about roleplay.


Potential Plot Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP.
■ We may have met on the battle fields, same side or opposing...
■ Alina is always up for work on the side, and has been known to do odd jobs as a bodyguard and hired muscle.
■ Maybe we meet at a bar, talk about life and things
■ We dueled at the Wolves Den, and I won obviously

Alina trains before a mission


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