Alinh Tachi

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 Alinh Tachi
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Birth Name Alinh Tachi
Pronounced ah•LIH•nh tah•tchih
Nickname(s)/Alias Aline, Liline
Age 23
Born Year 1557 of the Sixth Astral Era
Nameday 23rd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Birthplace Mor Dhona
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Citizenship Eorzean
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Height X fulms, X ilms (XXXcm)
Weight 117 ponze (53kg)
Physique Slim but fit
Hair Bright orange, chin length
Eyes Yellow
Skin Medium blue
Scars None visible
Facial Features Darker stripes on her cheeks and forehead
Tattoos A golden paw on her left shoulder
Clothing Simple, mostly shades of brown
Keywords Unconventional, energetic, carefree, eccentric, blunt
Hobbies Exploring, having fun, dancing, trolling people, hunting
Likes Pretty crystals and stones, yellows and golds, dragons, freedom
Dislikes Party poopers, rules and regulations
Core Motivator Seeing the world, exploring, having fun
Fears Being tied down and having to settle down
Greatest Accomplishment Gaining her independence
Greatest Regret Having to move from Mor Dhona
IC Profession Adventurer / explorer
IC Jobs Pugilist and rogue
Combat skills Hand to hand combat and knives
Physical Advantages She is lithe and fast
Physical limitations Her bright orange hair and fur makes it hard to remain unseen... not that she'd want to.
Non-combat Excellent hunter, loves to dance
Primary Weapon Fists (gloves) and knives
Armor Cloth armour and pretty jewellery
Username Alnee
Time Zone UTC+1
Server Mateus
Free Company Hands of the Vagrant

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Alihn Tachi is a 23 years old female Keeper of the Moon Miqo’te. Born in Mor Dhona before the battle of Silvertears Lake, she was uprooted at 8 towards Coerthas as her family was forced to move out, then again at 15 because of the Calamity making Coerthas a snowy wasteland. Finally, she decided she had enough being uprooted by others and decided to do it herself by becoming an explorer.

She is a seemingly carefree, energetic girl who can be blunt and even rude at times.


Hair & Eyes

Alinh has wide yellow eyes with round pupils as is typical of the Keeper clan. She wears yellow eyeshadow to highlight this feature she decidedly likes.

Her hair and fur is a bright, reddish orange, but when she was little, it used to be a dark brown. Her hair brightening to an orange hue seems to be linked to the surge of Aether that occurred with the battle of Silvertear Lake.

Physique & Markings

She is slim and tall, but also fit from her life of hunting, exercising and hiking, with medium-blue skin. She has one tattoo on her left shoulder, and no notable scar.

She also has pointed canines, and a fluffy tail.

Hygiene & Attire

She appreciates being clean and taking care of her appearance. She isn't exactly vain, but she sees little point in not taking care of herself. She likes being pretty for herself, others be damned.

As far as clothes go, she isn't into skirts at all. She'd choose sturdy pants and good boots any day. She is less picky about her top, as long as it is decent. But she tends towards sleeveless tops and sturdy gloves.

She always wears yellow earrings, as well as rings. She can often be seen with a necklace as well, and she appreciate a scarf once in a while. Her preferred attire colours are various shades of earthy browns as well as black.


Psychological profile





Current history

Abilities and skills

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Fellow Envoys

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RP info

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RP limits and preferences

I am flexible and will RP virtually anything as long as it fits the character. I usually try to direct as little as possible and feel where she wants to go. As such, unexpected things may happen.

That being said, I will never force anyone into anything, so speak to me about your limits and triggers if you have any.

Plotting is love, so are random things. I don’t bite.

I will play Pretty much anything. Dark themes, light themes, angst, hurt comfort, calm stuff or adventure. I might even dabble in mature content if it takes that direction, but fair warning, it would take some building.
Ask about I’d rather be able to discuss it if our characters were to have a fight. I don’t mind her being injured, far from it, but it has to be fair. No godmodding.
I won't play . I’d rather avoid having her dying, or being permanently injured. Extreme kink are usually a no as well, but you’re free to ask. I won’t play pre-established relationships and cannot tell you yes if you ask for our characters to be romantic. That has to be built and will heavily depend on chemistry.

RP hooks

As I’m relatively new to MMO RP, I’d rather you send me a tell first, even if I have my RP tag on. I will however answer and play along without it if I’m in RP tag, but if you want more involvement on my part, OoC talking is the way to go.

When out in the field: .
When in town: .
Around the FC house: .
In general: .

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