Altani Dataq'Kahkol

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 Altani Dataq'Kahkol
Altani by Pechan.jpeg
Art by Pechan from DeviantArt
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela (born Dataq, raised Kahkol)
Citizenship none
"I fight t'protect folk, aye? T'protect home'n kin. ... And because it's Mother-damned fun!"



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Altani is short, scrawny, and rough looking. Her horns have nicks and gashes. Her face is covered in scars, bruises, dirt and grime ranging in age from ‘this just happened’ to ‘as long as I can remember.’ Her hair – black as her horns – is kept short, practical yet unkempt and always in need of a trim. Despite this beaten up appearance, her eyes have a certain fire in them. A quick glance is more likely to get a glare and a scowl than a smile and a nod. Of particular note is her left arm, which is positively covered in scars from her hand to her elbow. In addition, she has a particularly nasty bite scar on her right shoulder.

Altani’s clothes are as rough and simple as herself. Everything is practical, with very few frills or trinkets. The most 'decoration' about the girl is the paint that adorns her face and body.


Altani's a wanderer who is often lost in her own thoughts. It's not from rudeness that she ignores the throngs of people she pushes through without a single 'excuse me' or 'sorry,' but just the simple fact that her mind is meandering as much as her body. Because of this, she's easily surprised if someone snaps her out of her daydreams.

When Altani is feeling social, she's rough and more than a bit crude. She speaks with a bit of an Ala Mhigan accent, which thickens as she grows more stressed or uncomfortable. She also suffers from her mouth working faster than her brain, leading her to say things that really should have been kept hidden.



Altani lives to fight. Her eyes only truly light up when she’s pummeling some poor sap who thought it would be a good idea to harass the small Au Ra or when hunting too-curious beastkin poking about remote settlements. Altani prefers to fight with minimal weaponry, a pair of old metal claws or some wood shaped into crude and unwieldy knuckledusters at most. Altani’s attacks are quick and relentless, making use of her entire body. Biting, headbutting, scratching are all fair game in her eyes, while grace and honor remain foreign concepts. The end result of a fight, no matter who wins, leaves the young Au Ra looking a complete mess.



  • Fighting
  • Wandering
  • Horses


  • Whiskey
  • Crowds
  • Chocobos


  • Altani will often spend large amounts of time wandering, leaving wherever she's calling home and not returning for several suns.
  • She enjoys watching people, if from afar, even if she does freeze up when they inevitably notice her.
  • Training is by far Altani's personal passion and she can often be found hidden somewhere out of the way with a makeshift striking dummy made of whatever was handy.



Altani's family was part of a small "offshoot" of Dataq known as the Sarjad. They still viewed themselves as Dataq, but held onto traditions that didn't line up completely with the tribe as a whole.

Greatmother Mergen - Altani's late greatmother and the shaman of the Sarjad. A spiritually-minded woman who believed that every twinkling star to be the soul of an ancestor, watching their kin from the heavens. Mergen also lead her kin in the Suns Khurd ceremony, where the clan returned to where the first of their line had fallen. Staying for two whole suns, great drums boomed the entire time, scaring away foul spirits and calling the deceased to their final resting place. As her age advanced and her health failed her, Mergen was unable to participate in drumming. She succumbed to illness soon after, finally passing as she slept in the saddle of one of their family's many horses.

Oyuun Dataq - Altani's elder brother and closest friend. More of a spitfire and troublemaker than Altani herself, Oyuun would often find himself being punished by the elders of the Sarjard. Oyuun was a fierce fighter and stood at Mergen's side as her guardian. When his people were butchered by the Dotharl, Oyuun reluctant accepted the help of the Kahkol. He left one night after a heated discussion with the leaders of the Kahkol. To this day, Altani wonders if he's still alive.


Willam Hicke - An Ala Mhigan refugee who met Altani in Ul'dah five years ago. He took her in off the streets and helped her to adapt and survive in the strange new world that Altani found herself in. While they often butt heads (literally and figuratively), they're still fiercely loyal to one another.

Altasia Dotharl - WIP

Woona Snowdrop - WIP

Drohkya Dotharl - One of the few Dotharl that Altani can stand. Not quite a friend, but Altani hasn't wanted to kick her head in.


Most Dotharl - Altani possesses a strong hatred for most Dotharl, referring to them as savages or animals and even going out of her way to pick fights with them. This often ends poorly for Altani.


Common Rumors

  • I saw her looking at a sign for way too long, all squinting-like. Can't she read?
  • Some old highlander told me a story about her. Something about getting frog-drunk?
  • She's always got some bright yellow feathers and scratches on her. Is she a chocobo handler?

Moderate Rumors

  • I've not seen her around that Xaela camp in the Shroud lately. She used to be there all the time.
  • I saw her one night, looked real scared. Could've swore she had tears in her eyes, too. She was with two Xaela, didn't dare get close enough to hear what they were saying.
  • I heard that she used to eat people, thinking that she could 'take their power' that way.

Rare Rumors

  • I could have swore she had white scales a few years ago, but I only saw her for a half-moment.

PC Rumors

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Her people were ambushed by a Dotharl warband while Altani a handful of others were hunting and gathering away from the main group of Sarjad. When they heard the warhorns of the Dotharl, they rushed back to find their kin dead and dying. After killing those that clung to life and giving the Dataq victims proper burial rites, they wandered with what few supplies remained. As resources grew dangerously low, they were saved by passing Kahkol scouts, who quickly brought them into the tribe. The always-small Altani was often mocked and shoved about by the larger children, especially during times of low supplies and high tensions.

Altani found solace in her kin, particularly her older brother, who kept her tormentors at bay. She became dependent on them, ever-wary the other scattered survivors that the Kahkol picked up. However, her kin began to dwindle in number. Some left the clan of their own accord, others fell to disease, war, or age. Soon, the mockery began once again, with older male and female clanmates falling back on childish pranks. Altani snapped. A retort lead to a fight. A fight lead to a death. A death, the child of an elder, lead to an exile. The Au Ra was cast out from the clan, wandering for nearly a year before she stowed away on a ship bound for Eorzea. Further travel would send her to Thanalan and then Ul'dah, where she would remain until a chance encounter with a Qalli shaman.

Recent Events

Altani joined the Sarantduu Qalli, swearing loyalty to Kulain Qalli in an attempt to reclaim the "proper" Xaela life that she had lost years ago. She learned the traditions of the Sarantduu, face her past crimes, and almost become Qalli herself. However, a falling out lead to her leaving the clan.

Using a linkpearl given to her by a close friend who had left the traditional Xaela life behind, she found solace with the Velvet Rose. She worked as security for the establishment, remaining there for a few months before, once again, moving on.

She's currently in the employ of Alrik Dotharl and the Dragon's Crown tavern, acting as a mercenary for the Black Crowns.


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