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 Altasia Hotgo
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xeala
Citizenship None (Not native to Aldenard)
Nameday 29th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Age 27
Orientation Bisexual
Guardian The Duskmother
Alias Alty
Marital Status Single

Short Background

A Xaela warrior, born into the Dotharl tribe, with Hotgo blood running through her veins. Unhinged from the conventional means of combat, Altasia laughs in the face of death, swinging her blade without care, and throwing magic out to stun and amaze her foes.



  • Trying out new foods, and drinks
  • Re-doing her facepaint after a long day.


  • Sudden loud sounds, especially near herself
  • People sneaking up on her
  • People attempting to touch her face


Foods: Most seafood, especially when mixed into a soup.
Drinks: Chilled "hot" cocoa
Colors: Ash, snow white


  • Repairing old dolls for others
  • Teaching others of her mothers culture (Hotgo tribe, making facepaint, and applying it)


Hair/Fur: White
Skin: Ash Grey
Eyes: White
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132lbs
Build: Athletic

Her skin is very corpse-like, grey and dead looking. She has a nice set of white fangs, and a fulm long tongue, which occasionally flits from her lips. Her face has a few scars on the cheeks, and more beneath her face paint. Her hips and thighs are somewhat large, and toned, as well.


  • Alignment

    Chaotic Neutral
  • Motivation

    A desire to surpass her sister, and brother in terms of strength and ferocity, and to live as her mother intended for her to.
  • Disposition

    Cheery, with heavy mood swings, depending on time of day, and company.
  • Outlook

    "I shall not fear death, for I shall make death fear me."
  • Positive personality traits

    Adaptable, Direct, Exciting, Free thinking, Fun loving, Friendly, Heroic, Strong.
  • Negative personality traits

    Crazy, Crude, Destructive, Impulsive, Unrestrained.
  • Miscellaneous quirks

    Air headed at times, emotionally detached (Shows the wrong emotions, in certain situations)


Birthed into the Dotharl tribe, after her mother was taken as a trophy by them, during one of their many raids on the Hotgo, she was unfortunately unable to meet the one that would be her proper father. However, the teachings of the Hotgo would not be lost on her, as her mother taught her about how to mix ingredients to make proper facial paints, which colors meant what, and most importantly, how to carry on her legacy.
However, her mothers teachings did not last too long, as she was found, and branded a traitor. Only to be executed before young Altasia's eyes, an event that sent her spiraling deeper and deeper into madness, conflicted as she grew older, does she embrace the teachings of her sister, Skara'lin, or does she take the teachings of her mother, and run. Of course, with Skara's care, she embraced her new tribe, but still practiced her paints in secret. Away from her siblings, and others that may bring her harm for continuing her tribes traditions.
As of recent however, she has made the trek into Aldenard, to seek out her long lost sister, and reconnect with her, as best she can in her current mental state, whatever happens from here on out, is a whole new story, one that she intends to carve in history.


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

Romantic Interest


Platonic Love

Skara'lin Tairahk - Sister, and mentor to Altasia, she holds a deep, personal connection with Skara. One that couldn't be broken.
Taka Raha - Her sisters mate, someone she can trust and put a lot of faith in, when her sister is not around.

Good Standing

Drohkya Dotharl - Close friend, the two of them discuss things now and again. Nothing special between them, past that.
Solin & Lunai Dotharl - Met the twins at the same tavern as Ajira, has communicated with Solin more, finds them both entertaining, but is unsure on their friendship status.
K'laena Shikhu - A strange, single tribe Miqo'te, that she met while exploring the central shroud, good friend, would prefer to know more about her.

Neutral Standing

Ajirainakisei Dotharl - Met in a tavern ran by Perpetual Requiem, attends gatherings that she is at, at the hotgo-dotharl ranch.
Kimiko Mototsuka - Met at an event held by Crescent, attempted to befriend her, but her outward appearance was deterring to the Raen.

Poor Standing

None, yet.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated, Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC Rumors! Instructions on how: Show text

Commonly heard

"I heard she's a ghost, of some soldier, I mean look at her! She looks like a walking corpse!" - Back Alley Drunkard
"I was told she doesn't even eat, or drink...or do much of anything really." - Limsan Resident
"Apparently she's got an interest in smaller Raen women...Not that I can see her bein' a romantic type." - Bar patron, in Central Thanalan

Occasionally heard

"She's probably got some real scary shite going on in her head...just look at her eyes, y' can see it. It's like, some kinda madness." - Limsan Pirate
"I heard, she once punched a yeti so hard that it broke the beasts jaw!" - Temple Knight

Rarely heard

"Apparently, she watched her mother be murdered before her eyes, and at a young age too, musta left an impression on her too...She just ain't right in th' head, after all..." - Ul'dahn trader

PC Rumors (written by other players)

None, yet.




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